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Hey friends given the precap...my thoughtflow went on n on n finally ended up writing this...

ram climbing stairs and some one says ur wifey calling boss's and big boss rushes into his room thinking haila kaunsi biwi with fingers crossed n brains praying ot hasss to be my priya... Now ram in room lights off lady at window showing her back to him az a puzzle for him n us to guess... ;) He moves to her... Heavy breathing ram takes  few more steps bit close to her... Tries to put his hand on her but hesitates... The lady could feel his presence with his hissing n closeness while he is trying to move away turning...she catches his hand n covers round her damn waist...ram with that act recollect how priya did during their first wala consummation night...closes his eyes with deep diving passion and tries to come bit more closer saying priya... I was waiting for you to open up n come close to me as i know it takes time for you to comeback to me as me like a duffer married ur sis ...
Though o m married to her i never had any intentions of showing my right as a hubby n unite with her ahe is just n just saaali for my brains n heart then now n forever she is only biwi ki behan and my saaali... Beyond this i have nothing for her... U know she also never had anything in her mind the other day to know what she thinks of me i played a prank of getting close to her but she pushed me back which gave me a sigh of relief and i decided to divorce her n free hef from this fake relation n wanted to give u ur right...

The lady who is silently listening to all this ram leela katha finally turns to face him and suddenly lightening in the sky throws some light on her face and ram fuse out to find it to be ayesha mathe... Ayesha tum yaha... Aur Tu ne mera haat ko... Tu kaise matlab ... Woh usss din Tu ne hi toh...

Looking at this confused ram ayesha leaves like naaagin shaking her face body lolz and while ayesha is stepping out and priya comes across and looking at priya... Ayesha changes her vrsion diii dekhiyena ram bhi mujhe aaj kal itna pyaaar karne lage ...akele rehne hi nahi dete...??  sharmaofyingly leaves and ram comes out... And priya shocked with ram coming out from the room and priya hurtttu :'( and leaves while ram stands there looking at priya confused...

From down stairs vikki dada calls ram n neha saheba calls priya...and finally makes them move their waist n step for a beautiful song... Aage bhi jaane na tuu... Peeche bhi jaaane na Tu... Jo bhi hai bas yahi ek pal hai... Anjaane saaayon ka wk pal ka dera hai...:) Aww amazing song na...

Looking at these love birds dancing for such a song naagin couldn't refrain from doing nautanki... As she got a current shock of ram touching though she touched him...this girl spikes a drink n wants to crawl over him n starts executing what she wants and gives attender that glass n asks him to serve to Ram but while dancing priyas gets hick ups and as the attender comes there with so called amrit ka glasss ram offers that to priya... Ayesha--> maaro goli apni magaz ko...chi chi chi lol and here priya feels dizzy and pfcourse she doesn't feel well n slowly seems to be getting talli... As she feels like vomiting hence ram accompanies her to their room where she pukes out but feels damn weak...
Ram asks her to make herself comfortable and take a nap... She falls asleep and he comes downstairs n informs everyone that he will be with her till she gets up and asks every one to continue ...

Goes back to room looks at her as to make sure she is fine n sleeping and sits on the same bed taking her hand into his n caressing her hair... Reminiscing all the loving moments they spent in that room and admiring at her beauty...

Its late in the night downstairs marriage rituals started... Slowly priya gains conscious and looks at ram taking a nap sitting next to her on their bed whith her hand in his and she looks at him feeling guilty for what she did in the previous days slowly gets up n comes close to his forehead n tries to kiss him and ram opens his eyes to see priya...
Priya taaken aback she movez back and takes off her hand and gets up from bed... Stands moves away with her back to him...nervously with guilt in her face... Ram looking at her gets up n says woh actually Tu so raho thi toh mein socha ko yahi pe ruk jau...

Priya: that's ok Mr. Kapoor  ram tries to go out ...
Priya: Mr. Kapoor. Mujhe aap se kuch kehni thi woh pichle kuch dono Mein Meinne aaap ko bohot kuch kehdiya aur bohot hurt ko thi woh Mein apne aapse nazre bhi nahi milaparahi hu... Mein Galat thi aur aap ko sunati ayi hu... Galati pe galati karti aayi hu par aapne kuch nahi kaha aur mere papa ke samman bachaya hai... Aur meri jaan bhi Mein khud ko kabhi maaf nahi karpaungi shayad... Pls Mr. Kapoor. Agar ho sake toh mujhe maaf kijiye... Mein jaanto hu ki mein maafo ke layak nahi hu...par phir bhi ..maaf kijiye...

ram: priya pls nahi eh tum kya bole jarahi ho... Tune kuch galat nahi kiya aur mujhe kuch bhi bura nahi laga... Trust me priya...therez no fault of yours... You thought i cant take care of peehu like you as that's the truth  and u have. Taken back peehu and coming to flat issue i did all that becpz sudhir ji is ur father my priyas father and i cant allow him to shed a single tear as his tears will make ur eyes shed tears which i cant bear...

By saying,g this ram moves towards priya and priya staring at ram and couldn't refrain from expressing her love for him...and she too moves towards ram...
Priya: i was hurting u insulting u blaming u   but still u say u cant c single drop of tear in my eyes...with all teary teary wet eyes catches his blazer n asks y Mr. Kapoor. Why???? What did u get out of this other than insult hurt n pain...
After a few seconds of silence...Ram says : coz even to I madly n unconditionally love you priya... I love you priya
Priya: feels like she is in her paradise with her prince next to her and confesses : i love you too Mr.kapoor...and hugs him tight...
They embrace. Each other with unconditional love which blossoms into a romantic shower which paves the way for both of them to live their every single moment of that night with mind heart and soul getting lost in the bliss of  showering their love for each other with no other thoughts except they n their love and unites intimately...


Friends  i think this will do ... As the next part goes talli over talli... The continuation of intimacy part if u want me to write i will...but to relieve my self from precap confusion i wrote this

Please do share ur views on my thought of this one shot ...love u all

plese hit like button ifcu really liked my OS...thanks for reading :-)
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Posted: 2013-01-25T22:14:15Z
update yaar

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Posted: 2013-01-25T22:37:01Z
fabulous update.Big smile.after reading this i m somewhat relieved before watching monday's episode
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Posted: 2013-01-25T22:58:15Z
the story may go this way.. i think cv are having an eye on the stories and copying itLOL 
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Posted: 2013-01-25T23:10:41Z
sure and definitely continue, nice one, in fact am kind of relieved after reading all of urs writings, do continue
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Posted: 2013-01-26T00:03:07Z
awesome !! do continue
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Posted: 2013-01-26T00:42:47Z

nice os Star

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Posted: 2013-01-26T01:13:16Z
its very good, giving me little strength to watch monday's episode
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