FAN FICTION...Angad's confession to Kripa

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Alright guys, this scene may not happen in KYPH since we are well aware of ekta maayee's antics which make her audience cry rivers but then imagination is imagination.So, here goes Angad's confession and proposal to Kripa....yeah, before Prithvi fan-fiction at least.

Prithvi  calls Kripa to some  moon-lit/candle-lit/tubelight-lit  fancy restaurant  and is waiting for her with a violin and a bouquet of carnations. He has booked the whole place just for himself and Kripa so that he can formally propose to her and ask  for her hand.ALL smiles and dreams he is waiting for her to come.

Kripa, completely unaware of what Prithvi has in mind heads for the restaurant in the evening.Just as she is about to leave the Outhouse, she recieves a call from guess who...........ANGAD!

Angad: "Mujhe tumse abhi milna hai."

Kripa ( angry and hurt):" I don't give a damn! Meri beizzati karne mein koi kamee reh gayee hai kya? Ab kya chahte ho? Mujhe tumse nahiin milna, main tumhe zindagi mein dobaara kabhi nahiin dekhna chaahti."

Trying hard to control her troubled heart, she slams the phone down and bursts into tears.Still, she gathers herself up and leaves in the car sent exclusively by Prithvi.

Angad, who is less angry and more concerned about Kripa  finds out from Kripa's parents ( who are staying with selfish Khannas , thanks to Damini Bose but Kripa still chose the Outhouse..ahem..ahem..ahem) that Kripa has gone to meet Prithvi at a certain restaurant.

Once again, Angad gets all flared-up and furious in jealousy and follows  Kripa in his  car.

It is a stormy evening and the sky is overcast, quite reflecting the state of our gorgeous two-some.

Angad is very upset, jealous, angry...everything and he drives rash and bad enough to stop Kripa !  He overtakes her car and screeches the car to a halt right in front of Prithvi's car. The driver is forced to stop the car.Kripa is literally shocked out of her wits to see him and is actually struck by the blazing intensity of his face.

Angad approaches her car and Kripa recovering from the initial shock of seeing Angad comes out of the car and screams at him...

Kripa(usual fiery self): "Jo us raat kiya, kya wo kaafi nahiin tha jo ab tum mera raasta bhi rokne lage? Kyun aaye ho tum mere peechhe? Sirf ye dekhne ke liye ki main kahaan ja rahi hoon..kisse mil rahi hoon? Alright, main Prithvi se milne ja rahi hoon. Sun liya? ab hato mere raaste se."

Angad continues to look at her and without looking away from her face, he tells Prithvi's driver in a strong icy tone....

Angad( to the driver): Tum ja sakte ho yahaan se. Prithvi se kehna ki Kripa khud pahonch jayyegi...use kucch kaam tha.Go...right now!"

Poor guy is in no mood to wrestle with Angad and inspite of Kripa's protests, he leaves.

It starts to rain heavily but none of the two moves even an inch.

Kripa( seeing the driver go): "Tum poore paagal ho ye to mujhe usi rat pata chal gaya tha jab tumne meri maang bharkar mere aatm-sammaan ka mazaak udaaya tha(these EK heroines, I tell you)...tum mujhe jhukana chaahte the, haraana chaaahte the, mujhse badla lena chaahte the na? To wo sab to ho chuka hai, right? To ab kyun aaye ho?Mujhe jaane do."

Kripa has tears streaming down her cheeks and she turns to leave but Angad pulls her back to face him and looking intently into her eyes, he tells her...

Angad( all emotion but laced with egotismAngry): Maine tumse pehle bhi kaha hai aur aaj phir keh raha hoon. When i want to speak to you, it means i want to speak to you. tumhara attitude or gussa hai na, yehi mujhe wo sab karne ke liye majboor karta hai jo main nahiin karna chaahta. Chalo mere saath."

Kripa is so dazed by Angad's strange behaviour that she follows him and she feels too  shattered and wrung-out to oppose him. Angad takes her to the sea-side and yeah, it's still raining and A-K are pretty well-drenched.

Angad faces the sea-shore and walks towards it while a confused and sad Kripa continues to stand near the car.

Angad: " Tumhaare aane se pehle meri zindagi bahot alag thi Kripa. Us zindagi mein main khush tha ya to nahiin pata lekin jaisa chal raha tha, uski mujhe aadat ho gayi thi. Aur phir tum aa gayee.....tumne wo har kaam kiya jisse mujhe nafrat thi....mujhe hamesha yahi lagta tha ki tum mere sath khade rehne ke bhi laayak nahiin ho......phir bhi pata nahiin kyun..tumhari har baat se mujhe farak padta tha. Tumhari khushi se mujhe khushi hoti thi..tumhari takleef se mujhe takleef hoti thi."

He turns to look at Kripa who is pleasantly surprised by all that Angad is saying. He walks towards her  and very gently he wipes those tears off her face . He takes her hands in his hands and holding them softly , he continues......

Angad( all romantic intensity): Main tumhaare liye kya mehsoos karta hoon, ye mujhe us din samajh mein aaya jab pehli baar tumhe Prithvi ke haath kho dene ka darr mere andar paida hua. I mean, us raat maine kya kiya, kyun kiya mujhe nahiin pata. Pyaar kya hai, kise kehte hain, mujhe to theek se pata bhi nahiin. Sirf itna jaanta hoon, ki main tumhaare bina nahiin reh sakta....tum mujhse door ho jao, ye bardaasht nahiin kar sakta. Agar ise pyar kehte hain to yahi sahee. Haan, main tumse pyar karta hoon aur aaj meri samajh mein aaya ki maine tumhaari maang isliye bhari kyunki main tumhe kho dene ke darr ko mitaana chaahta tha. Agar jo main tumhaare liye mehsoos karta hoon, use hi pyar kehte hain...fine, I LOVE YOU. I Love you more than anything , Kripa."

Kripa is speechless but her face is a vibgyor of overwhelmed emotions. Even Angad's eyes are tearful now . He leaves her hands and walks away saying....

Angad: "Bas mujhe tumse yahi kehna tha. Agar tum ab bhi mujhse nafarat karti ho, to tum yahaan se ja sakti ho....aur agar nahiin..."

SIGH! Angad opens his arms and Kripa , hesitant for asecond goes running into his arms and hugs him...all the while crying and saying," I hate you, Angad, I really hate you"

Angad smiles and kisses her forhead," It's okay...I LOVE YOU."

And the downpour stopped with the sun showing up with a beautiful rainbow!Clap

Prithvi got the message.
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Posted: 2005-05-14T05:10:11Z
By the way, continue Prithvi's track. whta will he do now at the restaurant since A-K are hugging each other at the sea-shore! A sexier ans sassier Harshini, perhaps.Wink

Thanks Dinku. I hope the actual A-K confession and proposal is ten times more romantic.Embarrassed
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Posted: 2005-05-14T05:13:43Z

very much romantic


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Posted: 2005-05-14T05:16:42Z

pure cholately fluff nits its' soooo romantic its' adorable


perfecto Smile


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Posted: 2005-05-14T05:23:03Z
Chocolatey fluff? WO-WO-WO. If I can make Angad look chocolatey, i can probably do anything.LOLLOLLOL
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Posted: 2005-05-14T05:26:46Z
By the way, Prithvi ka track to continue karo sweethearts.
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Posted: 2005-05-14T05:51:34Z

ok... prithvi is waiting the candles are melting the violin is discarded... when finally his cell rings..

kripa: "Oh Prithvi Mujhe maaf kardo main aaj nahin aa paongi. hum kal mile...?"

Prithvi (sad but understanding) : "teekh hai, kal cafe mein..."

Kripa: "thanks for understanding, i'll see you tommorow"

Kripa keeps the phone down, Angad is standing behind her,

Angad: "bol diya apne dost ko?"

Kripa: " haan, I still can't believe you thought prithvi was my boyfriend. woh toh Harshini se pyaar sarta hai. he wrote such a romantic letter to her" sigh

Angad sits down and pulls her down on his lap

Angad (frowns and teases) : ha prithvi romantic or main nahi. waise bhi tumhi ne toh kaha tha prithvi tumhara boyfriend tha

Kripa: woh toh tumse sach bulwane ke liye tha. Nahi toh tum toh...

Angad: teekh hai teekha hai, kal main bhi chaloonga tumhre saath use thank you bolne

Kripa smiles and we fade out.

Prithvi comes home with the roses looking all dejected. mishti gets up and goes to him

Mishthi : "kya hua? Kripa ne...mana toh nahi kiya right?"

Prithvi : (shakes his head) "woh toh aayi hi nahi."

Mishthi: "huh? oh haa... aaj toh uske parents aa rahe the. shayad isiliye..."

Prithvi (small smile on his face) : "you think so?"

Mishthi : "of course why won't she come for a date with my darling brother huh?"

brother & sister smile and hug

backwaas i know but can someone write the breakfast meeting...?



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Posted: 2005-05-14T05:57:18Z
Heyyy that was absolutely fantastic!!!.........certainly if i could i would give u ekta'z job!...great work!!......awwww i reallly hope that happened!!....keep up the wkd wrk!!...frm.....aish! Wink Clap
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