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why priya why you do this to me? why you hurt me so much? what is my fault? why u married to me? why? i need the answer right now... for god sake say some thing i cant tolerate ur silence anymore Ram say all this in a very loud voice his sound is vibrate whole the room...
Mr kapoor it is not your fault, what can i do tell me? i love him so much but my parents are not accepted it... they said if i wanted see them alive i would marry you... for the sake of their happiness i sacrifice my happiness... i always tried my best to keep your family and you happy... its also hurt me mr kapoor to pretend with you that i m happy... tell me what is my fault? why my parents forced me to marry you? why? i lost him mr kapoor for ever... i lost my love... my dreams are shattered in a pieces...  what can i do tell me mr kapoor when my parents told me to choose their live or my happiness i choose their live coz its mean a lot to me... i cant see them suffer... but yes i made a big mistake not telling you the truth...

this the prologue if u like it i will continue it... Edited by aiyathasan - 2013-03-26T12:21:47Z
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Nice please do continue
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Posted: 2013-01-20T23:42:46Z
ur FF reminds me the news which I read today in the paper, the news is really sad but ur concept seems interesting, go ahead, continue ASAP
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Posted: 2013-01-21T05:54:30Z
very intresting start pls cntinue soon
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part 1

A truth can destroy everything again sometimes it bring to people together.  sometimes a truth can make a smooth road for two people.. again it can make a rough road form them...The truth of the priya s past changes everything...what can he said now he has no word to say anything to himself or to priya... it is his fault that he had agreed to marry her without talking with her.. if he had communicated with her before marriage then now he and she will not face this problem... it is his and her fault that they accepted their parents demand... what can they do now? they are now tied with the most beautiful relationship husband and wife... they cant leave each other they vowed that they will live together forever... now they have to accept this compromise marriage.. priya always think its a compromise marriage but for ram it has not a compromise marriage.. but now all things have changed... Ram now accept the fact that priya will never love him... if priya doing anything for him it will be her sympathy for him... what can he do now, only he know how much he has attached with priya after their marriage ram totally dependent on her... its true that they dont share any physical intimacy but at heart ram always wanted to take their marriage another level, just ram tried to give some space to priya so that she can open easily before him.. but now ram understand what is the things that always bothering priya... whenever he wanted to go near priya she always give some lamp excuse that she has some work to do... now all the things are clear to ram... he knows what priya wants...  what can he do he cant live without her, he cant think his morning without her... he wanted to cry he wanted to run from there... whenever he is thinking that priya is belong to someones else he felt a pang in  his heart... why God always play this selfish game with him... is he deserve it? there is so many questions has roaming in his head... but there is nobody to give the answer there are nobody for him... he needs a lap for cry he need a arm which he wanted to hold tightly...

priya is sitting on couch her face cover with her hand she dont wanted to face ram.. yes she made a big mistake.. she destroys ram s and her life... she knows that ram need her now but she has not enough courage to face ram. what is his fault... he always tried his best for making me happy but how can i happy? i love someones else whenever ram tried to come near me i felt that i m betraying with myself and ram... i know ram will never believe me anymore.. i m a such a selfish woman...

ram break the silence priya what you want now?
priya: i does not understand what u say?
ram : i said what u want?
priya : its really matter what i want? if it is then our life will not mess like this..
ram: it is not the point what i wanted to discuss with you
priya : mr kapoor i have nothing to say whatever i wanted to say i told you.. now its up to you, what you want?
ram : i dont know.. what i want but yes i need some times to think what can i do to make our life better..
priya: whatever u decide i m with you... i have a request?
am : tell me..
priya: i dont want ki ma dadi anybody in this house will know what happened between us..
ram : ok dont worry ... now go and wash your face... you not look good when u cry...
priya : mr kapoor r u not mad at me?
ram : yes and not... it is not only ur fault... priya i just need sometimes to make the right decision..
priya : i thing you know Mr kapoor... u r one of the most understandable person i have ever met...
ram: thank you for your compliment... one thing i wanted to say that i want to see you happy always.. i know ur happiness is not with me but trust me i will bring ur happiness in you r life just give me sometimes..
priya: tnx but what you mean that you will bring my happiness in my life?
ram: priya this is not the  right time to answer the question...but yes i will defiantly answer it..
priya : tnx Mr kapoor... now i m feeling relieve from the burden that i carried from the day first of our marriage...
ram: its ok priya now go... now i have to go to my study room i have some urgent work there... and plz dont wait for me , u will take ur dinner... i will not able to join with u.."
priya ( thinking) this is the first time after our marriage that u r not joint with me at dinner, i know i have no right to ask you anything... but i dont know why i m feeling sad that u r not eat with me.. its ok mr kapoor u carry on...
ram: tnx priya saying that ram left his room... priya is still sitting on the couch... everything will be changed from tomorrow... now i will not feel guilty anymore nor i have to pretend before ram that i m happy... yes now i free from everything... but now really i m happy with this? yes i will miss ram... i will miss his smile... i will miss his caring nature... yes i will miss everything...  but now i will miss his presence... lets go priya now there is nobody for caring about you... coming from the bath room priya goes to her mother in law s room
priya: ma can i come in?
kk? yes beta off course... beta plz aggese permission leneyki jorrurot nahi hain.. aiya tomara ghar hain tum jab chaho tab a sakte ho... so no formalities...kiya huin a beta r u ok? why r u looking so pale? is everything ok between u and ram?
priya: relax ma everything is fine between me and  ram... ma can i ask you something?
kk: yes be
priya: i dont know what to do ma... i m not a good wife... i fail to make ram happy... ma i share my past with him, at first i thought he will be mad at me but he did not said a word to me... i know i hurt him so much... but ma i cannt see pain in his eyes... he is a such a nice person... ma i m feeling very low...
kk: priya beta i dont wanted know about your past... and beta plz dont jump to conclusion... you should give sometimes to ram... ram will never share his problem or his feeling with you u have to find it...
priya: tnx ma... will you take your medicine?
kk; no beta..
priya: ma what is this... u should take ur medicine in time.. otherwise u will fall ill and you know if ram find this that u will not take ur medicine in time he will shout at me..
kk: tum jab ram bolte huin na tab mujhe bohot accha lagta hain..
now priya is feeling shy... ma o mein jakar dekta huin  mr kapoor kamre mein ayie yeia nahi...
kk smiling ok beta...

piya left the room and slowly she moves towards the study room... the study room door is slightly open priya stand near the door and peeping at the room... she saw  ram standing near the window and looking at the outside...he is lost in his thought... priya takes some baby steps and stands behind ram...

precape ...priya: plz dont punish urself mr kapoor...

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Posted: 2013-01-21T11:07:21Z
what ram going to do now...he hurt himself??? Waiting for nxt part update soon..
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Posted: 2013-01-21T22:35:38Z
Originally posted by anuraya

what ram going to do now...he hurt himself??? Waiting for nxt part update soon..
dont worry dear ram will not hurt himself... i will update soon...
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Posted: 2013-01-21T23:00:52Z
good going...update soon
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