OS: week 2

Posted: 2013-01-17T07:20:37Z
Week 2:


Ram runs out of Ayeshas room and happily walks out of the living room smiling.. 
Everyone is surprised.. 
Kk: Byeh Ram ko kya hua?
Soumya: Pata nahi ma.. I think hume unhe space dena chahiye.. 
KK: haan beta.. Chalo.. 
They leave to their rooms..

In apartment: Priyas bed room..
Pihu is in the bed and Priya takes a book from the shelf..
Pihu: Mumma mujhe kal school nahi jana..
Priya turns and walks to Pihu.. She smiles saying.. Ok mere baccha kal chutti.. And sits beside her..
Pihu hugs her.. In a low voice.. Sacchi..?
Priya hugs her tight.. Haan baby sacchi..
Pihu: Aap mujhe kabhi chodke mat jao mumma..
Priya has tears in her eyes.. Nahi jaungi. She swallows hard and makes pihu lie down and slips in..
Pihu hugs her and dozez off quickly.. Priya moves her hand on her head..thinking.. Aaj story ke liye bhi nahi pucha.. She cuddles closer to pihu and sleeps..

In shergill house:
Ram knocks the door multiple times.. 
Neha opens.. Arre fatty ? Surprised to see him happy.. 
Ram: Neha Vik kaha hai.. He swiftly walks in Neha closes the door and calls Vik.. 
Ram sits on the sofa.. Jaldi aao yaar dono!
Vik and Neha come and sit..
Vik: haan bol.. Itna khush kyu hai?
Ram: dekho mujhe samaj aagaya. I want my wife back.. 
Vik: great bolo hume kya karna hai..
Ram: tum dono phirse shaadi karo..
Neha: what?
Ram interrupts: arre suno.. Aur tumhe aise situations create karna hai..
Vik: done!
Ram: great kal shaadi.. Sab arrange horaha hai.. Tum plan karo and hurriedly walks off..
Vik and Neha giggle and disscuss plans.. 

At Priyas apartment:

Ram waiting at the door knocks.. He feels bad womdering if Priya will forgive him..
Priya opens the door.. And looks at him.. Her eyes red..She turns away.. 
Ram: kal vik aur Neha ki shaadi hai.. Hume subah unki ghar jaana hai..
Priya stops.. 
Ram: mein yaha sojau?
Priya looks at him her eyes red and briming..she walks to him and takes his hand in anger and places pictures.. 
Ram looks at them.. They are pictures of Ayesha and him.. 
Ram is shocked.. Priya yeh sach nahi hai.. 
Priya looks at him in anger: oh.. Really. Aapko sharam nahi aathi biwi ko chodke aadhi raat ko mere ghar aathe hue..?
Ram is enraged.. How dare she thinks that way.. He rushed in.. 
And closed the door.. Mein yaha hi rahunga.. Kya karogi tum?
Priya: Do as you please.. Mujhe kya.. And turns away.. Ram holds her hand.. 
Ram: Oh problem horahi hai.. Aage kya hua nahi jaana chahthi?
Priya closes her eyes trying to control her tears.. The thought of another woman the pictures.. She swallows..
Ram: tumhe koi farak nahi padtha na.. Toh suno.. 
Priya clenches her fist.. He tightens his grip on her hand.. 
Ramwalkes to her slipping his hand on her waist.. Priyas heart beats fast.. pain and pleasure of his touch..Huskily in her ears.. Apni biwi ko aise chua.. Aur nudging her head.. Aur yeh bhi kiya.. Brushed his lip from her jawline to her neck and bit her neck.. She closed her eyes tight.. Her hands clenching tighter.. The pain thinking of what he did to Ayesha.. The pleasure of what he was doing to her.. Shetook his hands away and broke free.. Aapko sharam nahi aayi.. Chi.. Turning away.. 
Ram holds her hand pulling her closer.. And holding it back.. Toh kya galat kiya.. Biwi hai meri.. Aur.. Whispers in her ear.. Yeh bhi kiya.. She closes her eyes.. He comes back and kisses her forehead.. She opens her eyes.. 
Priya in anger: Great aage nahi janna hai mujhe. Good night.. Breaks free and rushed to her room closing the door.. Ram giggle and sleeps on the sofa..

To be continued.. 
Precap Neh Vik shaadi.. Raya ki sulaayi! ;)
Hehe sorry for the short one.. Will update soon.. Till then enjoy!

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Posted: 2013-01-17T07:34:11Z
Hey...nice update...continue soon!!!
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Posted: 2013-01-17T07:34:21Z
Whoa! Explosive start!! LOL Loved it! Can't wait for the next part! Big smile
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Posted: 2013-01-17T07:48:13Z
TongueSmileEmbarrassed suprb 
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Posted: 2013-01-17T09:20:28Z
I'm loving this Ram avatar
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Posted: 2013-01-17T12:28:48Z
great start continue soon...
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Posted: 2013-01-17T13:39:10Z
ye ram priya ko pana chahata h k khona LOL
superb update continue soonBig smile
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Posted: 2013-01-17T13:46:37Z
Really loved the way Ram is playing with P and taking advantage of her jealousy ;') cont asap...
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