Arhi FF: CheckMate! T3- Epilogue updated

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Checkmate! Thread 3
From the author's desk: wohoo! 3rd thread! thanks a lot to all of you who have stuck with this story for this long!
Here I have a small request and a small tribute of thanks to all of you wonderful readers.. Smile
Most of you have reacted wonderfully to the twists in the story, which is very obvious in your comments, thanks so much for that kindness, please continue to do so!Big smile
For those lovely readers who restrict themselves with two word comments, next time when you comment,  please do let me know in your comment why you think the update is a nice one- just a one liner on which part of the update made you think it was a fab update or a wonderful update would do... Embarrassed
For my shy readers- the silent ones and the ones who leave only likes- please do let me know your thoughts too- I would love to read your thoughts- and I promise I wont bite you... LOL
I might have not been able to answer all your queries or answer all your comments- But I do read every one of them and cherish them- I do make it a point to send out a pm to those comments I think needs an explanation.Tongue
Most important of all, I do accept criticisms too, so feel free to leave a feedback- those are the only measures which help me as a writer and improve myself.
Scroll down for the index! and further updates...
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Index for Checkmate thread 3

First thread with parts 1 to 36:53142700
Second thread with parts 37 to 60: 67509029
part 61: 74152463   part 62: 74170097   Part 63:74551073  part 64:74886701 
Part 65: 75001737   part 66: 75317382   Part 67:75502584   part68:75940027  
Part 69: 75994848   part 70: 76117981     Part 71:76191632  part72:76545741 
Part 73: 76889863    Part 74: 77198819   Part 75:77666563    Epilogue: 77996716
and here is my index with a link to all my works:51533738  
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From the author's desk: Back from vacation-
yeah I know this update is long due... herez the update and thanks to all of you who have been patient enough and stuck with the story until this point- you all have been wonderful readers- thanks for all the feedbacks!
For people who are complaining it is a short update, I have a good news, Lookout for a second update todayBig smile
Happy reading!
part 61:
The air was filled with tension as Gayathri approached Arnav. While the elder pair of eyes was overwhelmed with warmth and
kindness, the younger ones were glaring at the other pair, overcome with hurt of yester years of suffering.
Kushi slid her hand on top of Arnav's clenched ones, but she realised that he didnt relax it like he normally did to her touch. She
murmered softly to him to relax as Sid placed himself in a position to act if necessary, as he watched Arnav with a curious expression on his face.
Gayathri maa stopped a few feet away from Arnav, her kind eyes smiling at Arnav and then at Kushi.
"Hi Kushi, hi ASR"  La greeted them as she also sensed the tension in the air.
But Arnav and Gayathri had eyes on eachother.
"I never thought I would get to meet you in a situation like this Arnav- but I am happy we are meeting at last" Gayathri took the initiative to strike up a conversation. But Arnav didnt respond back to her.  He looked at her steadily and may be he half nodded at her as he awkwardly looked away.
Gayathri didnt feel hurt by his irresponsive attitude
" you resemble your father so much! " She said softly smiling at him as she looked all over his face lovingly.
But Arnav didnt smile back at her as he looked back at her.There was too much hurt in there to let everything go easily and on top of that, an instant rage shot up as he heard her comment about his features. She, his father's mistress, had the audacity to remark about his resemblence to his father- her lover. As the thoughts left a very taste on his mouth, he looked away from her feeling disgusted.
Kushi tried to ease the tension as she attempted to smile at Gayathri
"Gayathri Maa, I didnt think I would meet you and Dadi here... "
"Kushi! " Gayathri called out with affection as she held out both her hands for her
As Kushi attempted to reciprocate the affection back to gayathri and put forward her foot, Arnav immediately put his hand on hers stopping her from crossing him towards gayathri, his eyes steadily glaring at Gayathri.
All reasons for the visit lost, Kushi and Dadi looked uneasy as Sid and La exchanges glances. 
There was an uneasy silence where the small group looked at eachother, not knowing what to say. Kushi tried again to make it seem less awkward... She started another conversation as she forced a smile at Gayathri, who looked a little hurt by Arnav's actions.
"When did you both reach here?  you should have come home" Kushi told them both. Gayathri who had gone quiet because of the cold attitude of Arnav made an effort to smile.
"We reached today morning only Kushi, Sid didnt tell us too... we came to know yesterday night only" Gayathri spoke out grateful that the topic atleast changed.
"I sensed something should be wrong because, Shyam didnt call and talk to me- He knew I will find out if ever tried to talk to me-
So after intense grilling from Gayathri's side, Sid finally spilled the beans yesterday night" Dadi told her
"hmm.. enough of defaming me- I was only trying to be a good friend" Sid told them.
"Yeah- only you would rate this as being good" Kushi teased him.
" Little Arush is always in our minds.. How is he doing?" Gayathri asked as Arnav gritted his teeth. Surely she had met his son.. how could Kushi behave so friendly with this lady?
"He is getting naughtier by the day" Kushi told her "wait till you meet him- You both will be coming home after this wont you? "
Kushi's question went unanswered for a while as Gayathri sharply looked at Dadi and then at Arnav before she turned and smiled at Kushi..
"Maaji would come for sure...- I have a little other work to be taken care of here... I am not sure Kushi... but I will try " She said politely
Arnav impatiently shifted his legs as he looked around, He wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. It was as if he was living the nightmares of the past again- How much ever, his logical mind tried to give the lady before him the benefit of doubt, he was not able to overcome the thought that this lady had wronged his mother- she was the reason for his and his sister's horrid childhood.  How dare she addressed his Dadi as Maaji? How can Dadi let her address her the same way his mom did?
As the uneasy silence settled in again, Kushi looked at Sid and La asking them silently to help her out with another conversation as she for the first time in years didnt know how to start another conversation. Sid and La who had decently stayed out of most of family conversation nodded at her.
"Whats on your face Kushi? something bit you?" Sid asked abruptly as Kushi stared at him, kicking herself for asking him to start a topic in the first place. He grinned at her enjoying her discomfort.
"Haan yes.. What happened to your face Kushi?" Dadi asked kushi as she touched Kushi's marks on her face as Sid's question conveniently dragged all of their attention to her hickies on her face and neck.
Already being embarrassed in front of the family in the morning, (though none of them asked her what it was, they had only exchanged smirkes as they looked at her for the first time in the morning) Kushi grew cherry red again.
"Hmm.. May be Makeup kit allergy" La told them in a teasing tone.
"Hmm.. yeah- Arnav's new line of cosmetics products isn't ?- seems that it needs a little bit of fine tuning- gives allergy to all the testers" Sid commented suggestively
"Allergy? make up kit? " Dadi asked as she looked bewildered not getting the teasing tones of La and Sid, La continued...
"Yeah, the last time Sid tried it- he got an allergy too"
"You tried the same makeup kit?" dadi asked Sid getting more confused
"Anything for a friend Dadi" Sid said smiling coyly at Arnav " I tried a hand moisturizer... and this time I think Kushi tried out a Lip care product- isnt it kushi?"
Kushi reddened more as if it was even possible- Not able to meet anyone's eyes, she squeezed Arnav's hand silently begging him to put a stop to this merciless teasing. Arnav who was in no mood to be teased in the first place at a situation like this, was only happy to cut him short.
"Its 15 mins past 10 already, We should get going and meet Shyam" , Arnav told them all curtly
"oh yeah, He is in the ICU ward over there" Sid told  as he moved towards the other side of the corridor, leading the way.
There was an increased aura of antiseptic severity as they approached the ICU corridor and they could see the buzz of activity as nurses dressed in Blue skirts and white stockings walked around from one place to another with increased tempo.
Sid crossed a few of the ICU wards and stopped at one door, pausing to turn back to his companions he directly looked at Arnav- his previous teasing manner totally replaced by a serious outlook.
"Kushi might need little assitance when she sees Shyam. Stay close to her" he murmered to him as he gestured La to stay close to Dadi. La nodded at him as he turned back, opened the door and stood aside to let them all in first.
To be continued ...
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i have been following this story since it was on chapter 32!!! you went on a long break, and then returned with a boom!!! i totally love the concept, most importantly the part played by shyam. i just wish cv's see your story and make it as ipkknd-2.cuz it has all the necessary ingredients for "nafrat paas aane na de, mohabbat door jaane na de!!"
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That was really good!
Wish ASR keeps an open mind and listens to what others have to say!
Whaen he sees his Dadi letting Gayathri call her Maaji and it has peirced his mind, then he should confront her and get her side of the story!
Hope Shyam survives!
What sort of burns he is having I wonder!
Glad that Kushi didn't cross Arnav Rekha!
That'll give her scope to make him listen to reasoning!
Looking for the next update!

Why have you res. another post?
Next update is it?

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Posted: 6 years ago
 Oops! I am sorry!

I realize  now that this is a new thread and your next post reserved is for index!!!

Hope you had a good week travelling!

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that was an awesome update again!!! and i love how you have portrayed Arnav...true to his self...he still cant get over his hatred for that woman...and how its like fuel to the fire when she mentions his similarity to her ex-lover Angry

Sid finally got back to Kushi and Arnav didnt he Smile cosmetic allergy...hehehe
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Posted: 6 years ago
Congrats on new thread.
lovely update.
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