os: peehu : i wish i never met papa(lst prt upd8d)

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m not a writter.. just trying my hand

peehu observing her parents fighting gets more depressed and prefer staying alone in class which disturb's kush
school gets over every 1 leaves but kush looking for his sister & he finds her sitting alone in play ground

kush(shouting & runing towards her ): peehu.. peehuuu
pehuu looks at kush but doesnt answer & look's down
kush : peehu chalo ghar chalte hain
peehu : no kush i dont wana go
kush : then you will stay in school? :o :(
peehu : no i wana go to mumma.. i dont want to live with papa..i want my mumma
kush : tum fir khabhi aaoge mere ghar
peehu : nai kush i wont come to your house
kush(feeling bad for peehu) : asks if she has her mum's house address
peehu : say's yes, mumma humesha mere bag mein ghar ka address rakhte h
kush : chalo fir hum waha chalte h ( as he dont wana leave peehu alone)
peehu : yes , chalo n hugs kush & (while crying) thank him for being there for her
kush :  peehu u r my sister dont cry.. i am there for you

(i found rajat more understanding than RAM reason 1: he can atleast judge who is wrong n who is right.. 2: he is understanding no matter what his equation is with RAM or PRIYA i knw ppl gona hate me but m sorry this is how i felt)
both of them are walking on road on a red light
rajat saw peehu & asks driver to stop &  moves towards her

rajat : hey rockstar
peehu(with a sad face) : hello rajat uncle
peehu to kush : kush ye rajat uncle hain
kush : hello uncle
rajat : hey champ, where are you guys going
peehu( still depress & stammering answers) : mumma ke pass
rajat(observes change in peehu , & feels bad) : but beta , why are you guys going alone?
kush : because uncle , papa & priya angel didnt came to pick us up
rajat : no problem champ , can i drop you guys home
peehu : uncle aap mujhe mama pass le chaloge?
rajat : yes rockstar, chalo chalte h

scene shifted to car
rajat : hey rockstar , would you like to have choclate shake?
peehu (stammering) : no.. unclee
rajat : asks hey champ what happen..why my rockstar is so sad?
kush : uncle peehu is depressed bcz of what happen today in class & tells him how aayesha break the news
rajat (controlled his anger) : hey my rockstar is sad bcz of such a silly incident.. u know when i was in 5th , i also wet my bed
kush n peehu looked at rajat n said : sachi uncle
rajat (making a funny face) : yes , & you knw what i myself told my friends & they made fun of me but i was not depress as my papa told me, people would make fun of you, no matter what.. so stay happy n let people think what they wish to
peehu : (looking at rajat ) gave a weak smile
rajat : & my rockstar has such a lovely smile & she is caring about people.. is not a good idea.. my rockstar is a strong bacha..hena..(& tickel's her)
peehu : thank you uncle & hugs him

car stops & 3 of them gets down @sharma locality
shipra saw them & walks towards them
kush : naniii & hugs her
peehu : stays near rajat
shipra : peehu bacha nani pass nai aaoge?
peehu (just stares @ her)
rajat : hello shipra g
shipra : hello rajat
rajat : wo peehu ko priya ke pass jana tha
shipra (observing peehu ) : hmm..chaliye upar chalte hain
kids run towards priya's apartment
shipra asks rajat : what happen to peehu why she is acting so strange
rajat tells her about aayesha incident..which angers shipra
& she excused her self

scene is shifted to priya , kush peehu & rajat
priya opens the door & is shocked to see kids with rajat
priya : bacha ap log yaha kya kar rahe ho?
kush : hi , priya angel , peehu ko apke pass ana tha so i accompnied her as i am her brother , i cant leave her alone na
priya (gives a hug to kush & a kiss) : thanku bacha for caring about peehu
peehu silently move towards priya & hugs her n starts sobing
priya (asks rajat to sit) & takes peehu with her inside to talk with her

scene is shifted to sharma's

shipra enter's in anger as nuts give her way

nutz: kya hua mummy g
shipra : asks her to take her & kush to kapoor mension
 nutz : but mummy g hua kya h?
 shipra : bas chalo
 & both cum to priya's apartment & take kush with them to kapoor mension
 shipra shouting for aayesha enter's kapoor mension natasha cum's with kush with a confused face
 RAM & aayesha both come
 aayesha : what happen mom
 shipra(slaps her twice)
 aayesha(shocked) : what the hell
 shipra : how dare you ?
 aayesha(with a dumb face) : what?
 shipra narates what rajat told her & slap's her again
 RAM is hell shocked still defends her
 RAM : apko priya ne bola kuch?
 kush : nai papa nani toh priya angel se mili he nai & narates what actually happened in school
RAM : shit! i need to go
looking at aayesha : leave my house before i do anything & dare not of thinking kush with you as legally i m his father.. just leave

& moves out for priya's apartment

scene is shifted to priya , peehu & rajat

peehu(sobbing & stammering) : mumma i wana go back to dubai
priya (shocked) par kyu bacha.. yaha papa h apko unke pass nai jana ?
peehu ran towards rajat & says
peehu : uncle can we go back to dubai you,me,kaddy,dai jaa & mamma
rajat (shocked) but beta apke papa toh yaha hai


i would like to stop here
as i m unaware of my feeling's
i.e RAM never trusted PRIYA & now i dont found him as a understanding father( i found him as typical indian mentality men i.e by purchasing a kid with best & costly gadgets makes you super dad.. he failed as a father to kush as well as peehu)
anyways , i wrote what i felt
your views are welcome
& even galia's for making rajat super hero & ram villan
ps : plz avoid the spelling mistake

so many views..still no reply.. may b its horrible.. sorry

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Posted: 2013-01-09T15:31:44Z
Y u apologize wen CVS demselves made him villain but best part is u can redeem ram n even priya in ur story so make dem realise crave n den throw aye out n reunion
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Posted: 2013-01-09T19:01:18Z
Swati, very nice OSStar frankly, I am with you on this one...I too, have not found Ram to be an understanding and caring father ever with Peehu. He is good with her at times just like he has been with Rahul or Kady but there is no emotional attempt from his part. He lets her sleep alone, lets Ayesha or soumaya tuck her in and take care of her needs...buying expensive toys, gadgets and taking kids out for dinner doesn't help in bonding with your childConfused. He is certainly portrayed as a person who's always arguing and yelling at her mom ( why would she like him). She was a happy and content child enjoying his company as her Golu uncle before he turned into a self pitying, detached dad. I feel very sorry for Peehu as she is clearly trying to keep her promises to her mom but is losing herself in this ordealCry
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Posted: 2013-01-09T22:48:25Z
its very good
please complete the story
dont stop in between. I really wanted to know how Ram will handle this
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Posted: 2013-01-09T22:50:48Z
you are right ram completely failed as a father...

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Posted: 2013-01-10T00:28:18Z
yaar  i love rajat character i love priya i love pihu i know many people not like it but what i feel i feel Embarrassedram dont  understand a kid Angryyaar ram know how priya pemper pihu then he also want to do these thing only saying this mian usse jaane ki koshish kar raha hoon Angry not so good idea  kids need love  time and care  what i more say me also say she never met her papaCryCry
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Posted: 2013-01-10T03:58:37Z
i m not sure what to write
sope here it goes

RAM enter's & move towards Peehu
ram : rockstar
peehu(run's towards rajat)
ram(feel's bad) & try again
priya : Mr kapoor we need to talk

both of them move towards priya's room

RAM : priya i'm sorry for not trusting you & trusting aayesha
priya : nothing new in that mr kappor , you trust whole world but not me
ram : priya , i am really sorry
priya(cutting him in btw) : Mr kapoor , i'm not concerned of you trusting me or not i'm concerned about my daughter
Ram : priya , wo merre bhi bete hai
priya : acha i thought wo nai h tabhi apko uska bed wet , uska  stammer karna choti se baat laga
ram : look priya i'm trying to understand her
priya : your trail period is spoiling my daughter
ram : look i'm sorry i will take care of her , plz let me
priya : sorry mr kapoor , damage has already done , now i can't take more risk
ram : matlab kya h tumhara priya?
priya : its simple mr kapoor , you have right over peehu.. you can meet her but she wont be staying away from me
ram : tum hote kun ho ye decide karne wale?
priya : peehu ke MAA , i'm not ur wife , but i'm her mother & i cant take any more risk
    aap uske haalat dhekh rahe h.. aaj se phele mane usse itna sad nai dhekha..
ram : its environmental change which is effecting her , you are getting hyper
priya : ohh!! really it is environmental change? we shifted from dubai to bombay i didnt found her so depressed then.. she stayed away from me at papa mama's house.. she never reacted that way even then
ram(depressed & still with his big ego) : then i will c u in court
just then peehu enter's & say
peehu : mamma can we go back to dubai with rajat uncle , kaddy didi & dai jaa
ram : rockstar  , you dont want to live with papa?
peehu : no papa , i was happy in dubai & was happy with my golu uncle
ram : but rockstar , papa loves you
peehu : papa does'nt love me as if he does'nt love's peehu's mama n doesn't allow peehu to live with her mamma
priya : this is not the truth bacha , papa loves you
ram (look's at priya & then at peehu ) : rockstar i'm sorry
peehu : papa i want to live with you both , but not in your house
priya : bacha but i that house you have chachu , dadi , chachi , badi dadi & KUSH
peehu : no mama, i only want you & papa
ram(feeling dejecting)  : ok rockstar as you say
peehu : so papa you would be living with us
ram : yes my rockstar
peehu : can you get kush also here , his mother doesn't loves him she beats him
ram (shocked knowing this) : rockstar , i will get kush with me dont worry.. now smile
peehu (giving a smile hugs RAM)  : thank you papa , i luv you

priya : mera bacha ALOO prantha kahayega?
peehu : yes mamma .. i missed you & ur prantha's (hugs priya)
priya (kisses peehu) : you play with papa , i will get you your fav pratha's

priya joins back rajat in living room

priya : sorry sir , for keeping you waiting here  & thanks for getting both the kids home safely
rajat : hey priya , rockstar is my friend too..plz no formality
priya (smiles) :  sir can i help you with some tea or coffee?
rajat : no thanks priya , i would be leaving , plz take care of peehu :)

& he leave's
just then natasha enter's with RAM , kush & Peehu's  belonging's & kush [ram made a call 2 her :P]
priya : thanxs nuts
nuts : no prob
priya to kush : baby go to that room peehu is waiting for you
kush : thanx you priya angel & move's towards peehu  

priya maintained her distance with RAM

at night ram approached priya

ram : priya we need to talk
priya : yes say , mr kapoor
ram : i m divorcing aayesha
priya (cuts him in btw ) : its your personal matter mr kapoor
                i'm just concerned about my kids(peehu & kush) , i dont have any right over your life( viceversa)
ram : tum mere baat toh suno
priya : nahi mr kapoor bhaut baate hogaye aap bas itna jaan le mein peehu ke maa hun & peehu ke pita aap h uske alwa humare beech mein ab aur koi rishta nai h
& moves towards couch & sleep
ram (depressed) goes to peehu & kissed both the kids & sleep by there side

the end

i know i made a mess
but now i dont feel ram deserve priya or peehu.. but a father is a father..sope i ended it this way..hope you like it
ur comments are welcome..take care

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Posted: 2013-01-10T04:02:13Z
Originally posted by ramsakshiroxxx

Y u apologize wen CVS demselves made him villain but best part is u can redeem ram n even priya in ur story so make dem realise crave n den throw aye out n reunion

i tried my level best , but i dont want a reunion
as ram doesnt deserve priya acc to me
newaz hope u like last upd8..

take care Smile
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