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OS: For STDiwani Special update.

Ram: looking at ayesha.. I will meet you at the party.. chalo Priya..
Ram walks out and Priya follows looking away avoiding the pain.. 
As they walk down the stairs where all of them watch them and smile.. 
Ram watching his steps: Kaise jaarahi ho?
Priya looking at her watch: Cab ya auto mein.. 
They reach down.. Soumya looks at Priya: Bhabi.. Aapne.. Looks at her with guilt questioning if..
Priya goes and hugs her.. And whispers.. Nahi..
Ram looking at Krishuji: Mein Priya ko drop karke aatha hu.. 
Priya: Are.. Iski kya zaroorath hai Mr. Kapoor.. mein khud chali jaaungi.. 
Daad: Oye priya puttar! Golu tumhe drop kardega.. Chup chaap chalo tum dono..
Everyone giggles.. Ram smiles at priya who looks down biting her lips as they walk out..
They look at the sky...
Ram: Taare.. Bohoth pyaare hai na..?
Priya looks up and smiles..
There is complete silence between them.. They have nothing to say.. Ram drives away stealing glances at Priya.. She unclips her hair.. and looks outside the window.. The air blows by her face and she closes her eyes.. Strands of hair cover her face blocking Rams view..
Ram moves them aside with his left hand.. Priya opens her eyes looking at Ram.. Ram stops the car.. Priya breaks the eye contact..
Priya: gaadi kyu rokhdi aapne?
Ram: clicks her seatbelt open.. Pointing outside.. Woh dekho..
They have arrived.. Both of them step out.. priys turns to walk away.. 
Ram: Priya..
She turns.. he looks at her hair playing with the wing.. He wants to feel the silky strands again.. He smiles.. Ek nimboo paani.. Pointing at a rekhdiwala..
 Priya smiles..The walk to the rekhdiwala..
Ram: Ek nimbu paani.. 
He takes it and gives it to Priya..
Priya sips some.. 
Ram: Priya tum aaj bohot acchi lag rahi ho.. And looks away.. 
Priya turns pink.. An awkwardness peaks in her mind.. 
She looks at his eyes.. The anger is gone.. She can see love overflowing.. 
Priya looking away thinking.. Priya.. Ram ab Ayesha ke pati hai..
Priya: Mujhe chalna chahiye.. Zyada piyungi toh gala shayad kharab hojaayega.. And hands him the glass. He looks at her lipstick mark.. And smiles.. priya notices this..
Ram: Toh.. He looks at her.. Thinking.. Kash mein tumhe ghar lejaasaktha..
Priya: Good Night..
Ram: Good night.. 
Priya walks away.. Ram turns and looks at the glass.. Priya looks at him before entering the apartment.. Ram finishes the nimboo pani.. Piya smiles.. And leaves..
Ram gets a phone call..
Ram: haan Vikram kaha hai tu?
Vik: Mein aur neha kuch disscuss karrahe he.. Ab ghar pohonchrahe hai..
Ram: Oh toh Neha ab tumhaare saath hai.. 
Vik: Haan tu Priya ko batadena.. Woh phone nahi lagrahi.. Gharpe kiya.. Toh daadi ne bataaya ki tu Priya ke saath hai..
Ram: haan.. Batadunga.. 
Rams phone beeps.. low battery..
He locks the car and walks to the apartment.. He gets into the lift thinking.. Shayad Priya ke paas charger hoga.. Aur yeh Vik Neha saath mein.. Hmm.. He is lost as the elevator beeps.. He gets out.. He rings the bell.. Priya with the safty lash opens the door little peeping out.. 
Ram: mein hu.. and smiles..
Priya looking at him confused.. : Woh Mr. Kapoor.. Aap abhi kyu.. 
Ramin a little angry tone: Aare.. Darwaza kholo pehele.. Phir..
Priya: opes the lash.. As he walks in.. She turns him away.. Aap udar hi dekhiye.. And locks the door..
Ram facing his back to her.. Yeh kya.. Paagal hogayi ho kya? And turns to her.. 
Shes wearing a black robe.. 
Ram smiles.. And starts walking to her.. Thinking.. Hayye mein marjaawaan.. Galathi ki hai.. Toh sazaa toh milni chahiye.. And grins.. 
Priya takes steps back as he approaches her.. : Mr. Kapoor aap.. Yeh.. Looking in his eyes..
Ram smiles naughtily.. Priya tum aise raath ko kya kar rahi thi.. 
Priya: Woh mein nahaane.. She keeps stepping  back and she hits the wall..
Ram smirks.. Bhagne se thak nahi jaathi tum..
Priya looks at his eyes and : Kitnki baar maafi maangu Ram.. I mean Mr. Kapoor..
Ram: Kya kaha abhi?
Priya turns pink: Woh mein.. 
Ram neatly brushes the hair strands behind her ear..She looks at his eyes which are lost in her..
Priya interrupts.. Woh.. clearing her throat.. Aapko party jaana tha.. Looking away.. Aapki biwi ke saat.. There is pain in her eyes..
Ram feels awkward.. Hes upset.. 
Priya tries to walk away.. Ram puts his palms on the wall near her shoulders.. Ram: Haan.. Meri biwi ke saat.. Smirking.. Jisne abhi kuch zyada pehena nahi hai.. 
Priya: Yeh.. Aap.. Aise..
Ram leans closer.. Whispers in her ears.. Aise kya..?
Priya: Gulps.. Thier proximity sends butterflies in her stomach..
Ram lowers his right hand.. To the thread of the robe.. And holds it..
Priya puts her hand holding it tight.. Aap yeh kya.. 

To be continued..

This OS will be updated everyday this week.. Hope you enjoyed it!
Ab jaldi chahiye tha.. Toh todi short hogayi.. Kal long waala pakka! Thankyou for your wishes! I had a great journey.. Aur haan I will definately share the experience in my FF with you and my RAYA..

Good Night Sweet Dreams!

Lots of Love,
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Posted: 2013-01-08T09:20:24Z
this os is awesome, please continue soon.

u r back from ur trip, i hope u enjoyed itSmile

please update d other ff of urs as well :)
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Posted: 2013-01-08T09:22:56Z
bang on baby...to gud dea... isse acha hot ki kal mein do update ek saat hi pad leti.. uf!!!!Big smileBig smile muje nahi wait karni.. jaldi updt=ate do na... sowie 4gt.. take sme rest n thn update it...Big smileBig smileClapClapClapClapClap Edited by Mahaalwayscool - 2013-01-08T09:21:25Z
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Posted: 2013-01-08T09:26:59Z
yaar that not fair kal tak humkise wait kareinEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2013-01-08T09:34:46Z
 aww  lovely  c nite  before confession..   waiting for next part already
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Posted: 2013-01-08T09:34:52Z
lol kahan rok diya yaar
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Posted: 2013-01-08T09:41:46Z
Nice update...continue soon!!!
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Posted: 2013-01-08T09:53:03Z
Awesome plz continue soon
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