Tumhari Disha MOVIE!

Posted: 2005-05-12T23:36:34Z

lol guys...there is no such movie coming up .....Its just that I am writing  a movie based on TD..with all the filmi songs and ladai jhagda , rhona thona, and naturally romantic scenes..

So here its goes...sit back and Get some popcorn !

         It's a HOTTIE Presentation

         & ;nbs p;  A Film By DKADDICTS

Introducing Ashish Nayyar as DK
and Chavi Mittal as Disha

Reema laago (Sumitra)
Hemani Shiv Puri (Suhas)
Alok Nath (Vijendra)
Jimmy Shergill (Vedant)
Tushar Kapoor (Inder)
Mamta Kulkarni (Rano)

         & ;nbs p;                  Lyrics : Sameer
         & ;nbs p;         &nbs p;       Music: Jatin -Lalit

         & ;nbs p;               Inspiration: Hottie! 

         & ;nbs p;            Produced by Ashish Fans!

      Story, Screenplay, Written, Copied & Directed                  by  Bomby and Karan Johar


Its a huge hall where a huge party is going on. People are dancing and drinking and having fun. There is a huge group of girls chit-chatting on the right.

Dolly :  Ab to 8 baj gaye, lekin woh abhi tak nahi aaya!

Payal: Woh to hamesha late hi aata hain...Saari ladkiya uska intezaar karti hain...aur woh hain ke...

Sonia: Gosh ..This party is sooo boring...woh kab aaye ga?

Tanya who is in the circle but is unaware of who they are refering to.

Tanya: Yeh tum log kiski baat kar rahe ho? Kaun aane wala hain? Kya koi film star aane wala hain?

All the girls crack up.

Sheena: Arre nahi baba woh koi filmstar nahi hain. Lekin usne hum sab ke dillo ko chora liya hain..OH..he is SOOOOO Handsome(Khayalo mein)

Shruti: OH and He is soooooooooooooooo HOT...tum usse dekhogi na to behosh ho jaogi...(khayalo mein) Oh my HERO!

Ritu: Aur uski aankhein......Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii (khayalo mein)

Tanya: bus bus...ab tum sab uski taarif hi karoonge yah uska naam bhi batoge?

Payal : Uska naam hain D….

(Just then lights go off)

People : "Yeh lights ko kya hua?" "Hey someone get the lights on!" "Lights ko kya hua???"

(While the lights are off , someone from the mike says " Hey all u Beautiful girls…main aa gaya ho" ) The girls go CRAZYYY …They all scream DKKKKKKKKKKKK…Just then a spotlight appears on the center of the hall and there we see the HOT, the tempting , the most handsomest  hunk, the hero of this movie standing  with his arms wide apart. He is wearing a black shiny jacket with black shiny pants. {BTW the jacket is sleeveless and he is not wearing a shirt…and the jacket is open so one could see killing CHESTWink) before, Dk could say or do anything , all the girls scream on top of their voices and run towards him and almost jump on him.

Now our HERO is surrounded by 100-150 girls…or should I say he is stuck in a traffic jam where every girl is trying to push the other girl off so they  could give some smooches to Dk! Poor Dk, who is on the floor  is trying to get some air…but these girls are literally on top of him that he cant even move. .LOL

What happens next??? Wait for the next scene to find out how Dk rescued his life!

While Dk is crushed under all the girls, Dk's body guards come to his rescue! They shoo off the girls. Dk, who is now shirtless.. ..as the girls have stolen his jacket…finally stands up only to notice that the body guards are having a hard time controlling the girls. DK laughs to himself and then tells the body guards to let the girls go…all the girls scream with joy…they all jump on Dk again and surprisingly instead of crushing him, they pick him….about 10 -20 girls are holding him high up in the air…while all the other girls are just screaming and cheering in joy around dk…Just then the music starts to play in the background…And ALL the girls start dancing…they put Dk down and all the girls surround him …hoping that they would get a chance to dance with him…(silly girls) Just then someone from the back throws a guitar to Dk…and he catches it..He starts palying the guitar…and now the girls are getting crazier…(I tell u these girls are completely crazy….crazy about him….wonder who they remind me of….US! ..lolz) Our smartie understands these girls will not be able to control themselves anymoreLOL (as he is shirtless already!)…so he throws the guitar somewhere in the crowd….and some crazy gril cathes it.. all of a sudden...Dk starts getting the girls close to him

Dk : Ishq hain kya, kuch nahi hain mohabatt … kal kuch nahi  bus yahi hain hakekat ( pulls another girl from the crowd) nazre chura na na ( turns and twists her around and then throws her back ) Yuh dil jala na ( plays around dolly) nazre churana na ( 4 girls put their arms around his neck) Yuh dil jala na  Aaa mere nasdeek aaaa…Love me Love me Just for the day …

All the girls repeat " Love me love me just for the day"

Dk (playing around with the girls) hey LOVE Me ..Love me JUST for the day…Come on..love me love …….JUST FOR THE DAY

Dk : mein to Hasino ka hu deewana …dil kash ADAYEHHHH mera nishana … Kehti hain tere hoto ki laali…..Aaaa PYASS meri bhujaa. Achi lage mujhe teri shararat  kal kuch nahi bus abhi hain hakekat…nazre churana na yuh dil jala na  aaaa mere nasdeek aaaaaaaa..Love me Love just for the day

Girls repeat "Love me Love me just for the day" and they start kissing him all over ..his chest, cheeks..etc…Just then we realize that Dk is on the floor…again with whole bunch of girls on top of him…

Dk : Love me Love me….(he starts to play around with whoever who is the closest) Just for the day..Hey Love me love me just for the day! JUST FOR THE DAY BABY!

LOL guys…so that was the first scene of this movie…the hero's 's Introduction…I will introduce the  heroine in the next scene or soon…It will be compltely filmi..so it wont be exactly like teh TD story..just a liitl diffWink...but it will focus on the love story...so how do u guys like the begining ??

Do u guys want more???Wink


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Posted: 2005-05-12T23:52:38Z
wow Bomby.. I couldn't stop laughing!!  I can't wait for the heroine intro.. please do continue.. you're too good LOLLOL
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Posted: 2005-05-13T00:24:01Z


heheheheeh lol i am in stitches....Dk with leather pants hehehhehehehehhehehe lolLOLLOLLOL filmi or what?


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Posted: 2005-05-13T04:15:03Z

LOL BOMBY THAT WAS AWESOME  mate keepp it going heyyy since u are the producer of the movie and friend  ..............will u do me a favour mujhe disha ka role dedho just for a day Embarrassedehehheheh.........................LOL please hehehehe.............me and hottie what couple Wink hottie aur asian princess lolll hehehehehh..............LOL

Love Asian Princess

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Posted: 2005-05-13T04:49:42Z
LOLLOLLOL hey bomby keep it up its great, yaarLOLCry LOL
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Posted: 2005-05-13T06:26:55Z
Clap Clap Clap   LOL LOL LOL
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Posted: 2005-05-13T06:56:05Z

good one girl... LOL you made my day hahahaha I nearly dropped my tea mug..

yaar but I think Music is by Annu Mallik and produced by Bhatts.

My My My.. they have now even started copying/stealing from Indian TV Serial .. hahahhahaha

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Posted: 2005-05-13T07:05:25Z
Clapgreat story Clap
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