When the tide turned .MithviFF-Part 17 updt Pg32 - Page 3

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Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by LadyMacbeth

Ushadi , I'm banging my head , trust me , I couldn't make the 1st  reply on your post , aajhi mere netko kharab hona tha ! Angry
Brilliant di , fantastic language . Please continue . Day Dreaming

Gargi ... Hug .. Honestly I was waiting for you to read ... Blushing ...
Jaldi update karungi ... ! 
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by mariyakamran

OMG this is great. Eagerly waiting for more! :)

Thanks Mariya ! I so happy you liked it ! Big smile
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by liza81

GREAT usha di.. wonderful post . Thumbs Up
OMG Day Dreaming plz update soon

Thanks Liza ...  Hug ... will update soon ! Big smile
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by Parm.

Wonderfully written.  I think you wrote this better than the CV's.  I definitely think that should have been Prithvi's reaction to hearing the truth rather than standing around simmering and then waiting to be ordered to go and find her.  I also love the way you described his anxiety in finding her.  Awesome job, can't wait to see part 2 and where this will lead Mithvi...Clap

Awww ... Parm Blushing ... Thanks for the kind words ! Hug

I was not too happy about the way Prithvi reacted to the truth ... hence my version ! Smile

Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by hangok

very well written, you have to continue soon , 

Thank you dear ... will continue soon ! Smile
Posted: 9 years ago
Here's the second part  ... hope it meets your expectations ! Smile


RECAP: "Here, apply this on her wounds and you wife will be better in a couple of hours", he said.

Prithvi opened his mouth to deny the relationship, then decided against it, he didn't want to worry the old man. Following the priest's instructions he applied the paste over her wounds and on her forehead.

"The storm outside is ferocious" said the priest. "I have not seen the likes of it for the last 20 years. I had just gone to the village to get a few supplies; I thought I'd never reach home. I suggest you and your wife spend the night here, and you can take her to village in the morning".

Prithvi had to agree, though he was unhappy with the situation. She needed to see a doctor. He sighed and walked over to the priest who was rolling out his bedding at the other corner of the room, Would you please keep an eye on her? I want to check what's wrong with my jeep."

"Sure", agreed the old man. And I've also heated up some rice and dal, make sure you have it later. I doubt if your wife will wake up during the night. I'll make her some porridge in the morning", he said.

Gratefully Prithvi thanked him and went out to check on his jeep. But, outside the wind was blowing fiercely and he could hardly see anything, dry leaves and loose soil swirled in the courtyard and stung his eyes. Giving up on the idea, he returned inside.

The priest had dimmed the lantern and turned in for the night. He didn't feel like having a meal, so he just went up to the sleeping girl and stood by her side.  Her face looked pale and drawn, but at least she was asleep. He sat down on the ground by the charpoy, leaning against it and tried to sleep.

Sleep eluded him, the moment he closed his eyes he had visions of him throwing her off the cliff and her battered body lying on the branch. Never in his whole life had he felt so helpless before. 

Why? Why didn't he cross-check with Datha Takur before he decided to kill her. He knew it just wasn't like Datha to order him to do such a heinous deed. But years of unwavering obedience had conditioned him not to question Datha and he had committed a reprehensible crime.

The sounds of a sweeping broom woke him up. It was dawn. He stretched his long frame, loosened his stiff neck muscles. Gently he touched her forehead and sighed with relief, the fever had subsided. 

The priest was cleaning the courtyard which was covered with leaves and other debris left behind by the storm. He offered to clear it up and set about the task. He then drew water from the well and washed and cleaned himself as best as he could. Then he set off to check on his jeep. It was covered with dirt and leaves, fortunately no serious damage. He opened the hood and tinkered around. Then he tried starting it and it purred to life!  He breathed a sigh of relief and with a small smile patted the hood affectionately !

 Meanwhile the priest had made some tea and porridge.

"Come here, my boy, have some tea. Then you must wake your wife and feed her some porridge, I will give her another dose of herbal tonic to keep the fever down".

Gingerly Prithvi placed his hand on her shoulder," Meera", he called, "Wake up, you need to eat something now". She moaned and slowly her eyes fluttered open.

Seeing Prithvi bending over her, concern writ large over his face, she mumbled," I knew you would come back for me". Prithvi clenched his fist and closed his eyes, he felt like such a low-life.

"Your husband has been worried sick about you", said the priest. Hearing this Meera jerked up and immediately cried out in pain holding her head. In a trice, Prithvi was at her side and gently made her lie down, "Sshhh, he said" Please don't exert yourself, we'll talk about all this later." 

Meera realized, the old man knew nothing about Prithvi's shameful deed; she gave him an angry look and clamped her mouth shut. Prithvi brought the porridge and told her, "Please have some of this, you need to take some medicine to keep the fever down. Then we'll be on our way back."

Meera was incensed at his behavior, just last evening he tried to kill her and here he was offering porridge and acting all worried about her. She resolutely looked away from him.

Sighing, Prithvi sat down beside her and spoke softly," Please Meera, the Priest thinks we are husband and wife. Please eat some of this, then I promise I'll accept any punishment you deem fit for what I did to you. Also we have to get back now and I want you to regain your strength for the drive back".

He scooped some porridge and held the spoon to her lips, she glared at him balefully and took a small sip of the hot liquid. It tasted incredibly good and she realized she was hungry. "I'll feed myself", she said and tried to take the bowl from his hands. "No, you're too weak", he protested.  One angry glare from her silenced him and he gave her the bowl.

"Now you have some porridge too", said the Priest told Prithvi, You have not had anything since last night. Meera looked at him and he avoided her eyes. If you think this noble act is going to make me forget what you did, you're mistaken Mr. Prithvi, she thought grimly.

Soon they had bid goodbye to the priest and started on their journey back to Baragaon.  After driving for fifteen minutes or so, Prithvi stopped the jeep at a small clearing in the woods.

Turning to her, he said" Look, about yesterday..."

"SHUT UP", she yelled." I don't want to hear any of your sorry excuses, Once again you tried to kill me and nothing you say or do will change that, just start the jeep and drive back, I'm going let Datha Thakur know about the callous and cruel behavior of his trusted lieutenant".


Phew ... there it's done ... so, what's the verdict ? Embarrassed

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Posted: 9 years ago
Superb. Mithvi as hubby-wife LOL. they really act sometime as husband wife and indeed priest thought the same. Oh no now Prithvi will be in trouble. Hope nothing major happens. Please update soon Smile

Posted: 9 years ago
AWESOME writing.Clap..luved both the parts...Please do conitnue...

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