Things that Annoy IPKKNDians

Posted: 6 years ago

Hello fellow IPKKNDians,

We have got so close to this Show- So obsessed that we still visit and talk about the show and care to keep it alive in our minds and I thought, for fun sake, lets list those things which the non admirers of this show say- which will make us so angry, that we would react in ways that we normally wouldnt do...

The following are the list of things which will annoy us for sure- it will irk us so much that we would want to fight, scream, scratch, push them down, pull their hair- or react like a kid throwing tantrum in all ways possible..

here are the 25 things that will annoy IPKKNDians- help me with some more lets make it to 50- I got this inspiration from Harry potter forum- My another obsession!

1. Say that IPKKND was a copy of another Show
2. Say that someother actor would have been better than Barun as ASR
3. Say that Someother actoress would have suited Kushi's role than Sanaya
4. mispronounce Arnav as Arnab
5. mispronounce Kushi as Koosi
6. mispronounce Raizada as Raijada
7. Say that Barun left the show for movies
8. say that the fans of IPk are very wild that they shut the show down themselves
9. pair up Kushi with NK or anyone else other than Arnav
10. Pair up Arnav with Sheetal or anyone else other than Kushi
11.Say that the jodi awards for the leads were all fluke
12.Say that the fans of this show had no lives and their only job was to vote for the leads all possible polls available
13. Say that Shantivan is a haunted house with no proper plan
14.Say that during the course of the show, Arnav Singh Raizada transformed from a rich man look to a pauper look
15. Remind about the 15/20/45 days leave leading to kidnapping track
16.say that Shyam and Anjali had better chemistry than Arnav and Kushi
17.Say that Barun and Sanaya doesnt know how to act
18. Ask them what is Rabbavey
19. sing kyun dard hai itna with wrong lyrics
20. Sing rabbavey/Kyun dard hai itna -out of tune
21. disturb them from their dream world when teri meri is telecasted either in TV or radio
22. tell them that the almost missed diwali kiss was not so perfect
23. keep irritating with "tum teek ho?" whenever you get a chance
24. say that Arnav and kushi on screen/ off screen chemistry is not that good
25. Ask them how come HP brothers get a facial plastic surgery every month

Few more...
26. Tell them that Manorma mami and Masala Mama dedective giri was much better than Kushi and NK's team
27. tell them that Kushi's character was mostly OTT
28. tell them that ASR converted from a Kadoos Laad governor to a cheesy lover boy towards the end of the show
29. Tell them that ArHi's tajmahal-aka the pool was a dirty one
30. Tell them that the Romance quotient of Arnav and Kushi reduced drastically after their second wedding
31. Ask them when the show was telecasted and in which channel
32. Ask them who Barun Sobti/Sanaya Irani is
33. Ask them if Kushi cant walk in the show, why does Arnav keep carrying her always
34. Tell them that the baniyan that Arnav wore during kidnapping track was auctioned to detergent companies
35. Claim that you know more about the show than them
36. Tell them that you know some spoiler about the show and then say it is a secret and you cant tell them
37. Tell them that Arnav- Sheetal -Arav looked more like a family than Arnav- Kushi - Arav
38. Tell them that Arnav loved Anjali more that he loved Kushi
39. Ask them why Arnav doesnt eat sweets- Is he diet conscious like women?
40. Ask them if the fashion house owner is not sensible enough to get some more dresses for himself or nicer ones for his wife
41. Ask them what is the real age of Arnav/Kushi in the show
42. Tell them that Arnav graduated from haridwar and not Harvard
43. Tell them that 'What the', 'Dammit', 'unbelievable' or any other magical dialogues are not proprietory dialogues of Arnav/Kushi and can be used in other shows (courtesy- samin096)
44. Curse or bash one of the members of the crew of IPKKND(courtesy- samin096)
45. tell them that you have met someone from the cast/ or saw the entire cast dine somewhere and when they ask you show pictures tell that that you were only making fun of them...
Ok.. Now help me add more- lets take it to 50Wink

Now last but not the least, there should be some use for this exercise right? hence forth shall we pledge that when someone instigates us with these, we would not get into anything violent but only shrug it off, laugh a bit and say, Are you also obsessed with IPK, that you keep talking about things related to it?  yeah if what they said to annoy you hadnt been added here, we will add it to the annoyance list!


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Posted: 6 years ago
we shud make sign board of this ..for all those who want to cum to our forum..!!Thumbs Up Edited by amisha98 - 6 years ago
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Posted: 6 years ago
LOL So true...
Awesome post dear...
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by amisha98

we shud make sign board of this ..for all those who want to cum to our forum..!!Thumbs Up
Haha.. we need to thank those who annoyed us too.. otherwise this post wouldnt be possible!
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by chandana.s

LOL So true...
Awesome post dear...
Thanks so much !
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Posted: 6 years ago
A very good post! Thumbs Up
Let me see if I can contribute to the list! Smile
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Posted: 6 years ago

Awesome post dear

good jobClapClapClapEdited by siva2901 - 6 years ago
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Omoraboti

A very good post! Thumbs Up
Let me see if I can contribute to the list! Smile
Thanks and yeah.. tells us more ... we have a lot of experience getting annoy for IPK's sake isnt it Tongue
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