Geet ff:LOVE OF MY LIFE pg:83 LASt part up - Page 27

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Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by angelic_cute

wow sweet update 

geet wore the saree which maan has given her

i think without seeing the document sameera  sighed n there will be some clause which will regret later by sameera

maan slapped sameera 

thanks for pm

May be di sure sam will realise her foolishnessStarStar!!
will Maan keep quiet seing his Life taunted by some chipkaliShocked

oh ho Maan didnt slap her its some1 elseShockedShocked
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by goldenmoon

awesome update
geet back in her bubbly self..
grrr sameera
waiting for the face off...

wow di 4 lines of comment from u!! Am happpiiieeeParty
am honouredClap
thank u!!!!!!!Big smileBig smile

Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by preeti555

awesome update
geet in her bubbly self
maan slapping sameera
waiting for their confrontation
update soon
thanks dearBig smile
oh ho maan slapping sam????OuchOuchOuch
no ways its som1 elseClapClap
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by spvd

part 12
nice part...
so that witch had made Geet to feel so...
wow awesome slaps...
cont soon dear...

thanks dearBig smileBig smile
she is such a devilAngryAngryAngry
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by Ash1991

hate this sam how dare she say all that to geet...
she deserved the slaps...
loved it...

same pinch dear i loathe her..Angry
thank uBig smileBig smile
Posted: 9 years ago
                         PART 13

Geet was numb hearing the same set of words again from Sameera.She stumbled back when she was caught by a pair of strong arms.Before she could realize who is holding her she heard a loud thud followed by a yelp.



Geet turnrd to see Sameera holding her cheeks which has a hand mark now.Again the first slap was followd by second,third and fourth.Geet was shocked to see the person who is slapping Sameera.

Geet's eyes were clouded by tears.Never in life she dreamed she would become a orphan.But hearing this word again and again from Sameera kept her haunting.The surrounding stood still.Is she a orphan?Doesn't she have anyone for her.??She didn't realize that a pair of hands is holding her still to prevent her from falling.
Hearing the loud thud of slaps she averted her eyes and shocked seeing Annie giving slaps to Sameera and Sameera standing with a shocked expression there.

Annie followed Geet to help her in taking the pooja material and 
Maan followed Geet since he saw Sameera going behind her.

Maan was holding Geet close to himself fearing she might just dissolve into air.His eyes were blood shot.He was seething in anger.Before he could hear his voice his so sweet sister did the needful.

"Dare you b**** once again say my BHABHI as orphan I'll kill you with my own hands.What do you think of yourself uh?How can you dream of yourself as Bahu of this house?Do you know what is the culture and traditions of Khurana?Not even in your dreams my Maan Bhai will marry you.And don't even thinkof coming near my Bahbhi.If I see you again then think that is the last breath you take.Thnak your stars today since I was the one to make up the talking.My Bhai has been bought up my the most wonderfull Maa who taught him to respect girls if not now you would been a dead corpse lying in this floor.Your a lizard clinging to Maan bhai.What do you know about him and his love towards Geet.Geet cannot be a orphan because she is soon going to be the Bahu of Khurana Kandhan.She is the  Princess of Khuranas.Dare you even think to rise your voice against her then that is the end of your life.Now get the hell out of here."

Annie burtsed out.Even Maan was shocked to see his so calm sister make such an out burst.By this time everyone gathered around her and where shocked to see the sight infront.
Sameera tried to pacify Maan saying "Maan she has taken me wrong I never argued with Geet.It was she who was saying that she isgoing to trap you."

Before she could utter a word Annie slapped her again.

"Just shut your mouth tight Sam..I had an doubt that it must be you bcos of which my mishty lost her muskura'You made a great mistake by dealing with mAnn's jaan.I advise you to just leave this here.just try to continue with this stupid idiot of geeting inti Khurana mansion as my wife then you will see who the real MSK is..As Annie said am keeping my hands off you since you're a girl .Dont test my patience Sameera."

"But Maan.."

She tried again but this time daadi interrupted her.

"Enough Sameera Malhotra.Now no more words against my Bahu."

Sameera was shocked to see everyone taking up Geet's side.Adi was now standing by Maan's side giving water to Geet who was shocked even to register what is happening around her.The worst shock was so calm Annie who will be quiet for the ragging which Sam;s gang do to her in coll has dared to slap her 5 times.And this old crap eve she is raising voice against me.

"I would like to say this spl news to everyone.The very reason of arranging this pooja is to announce the world that no more Maan is an eligible bachelor.He is engaged to Geet Handa.Soon there will be an official engagement followed by Grand wedding and reception.Now sorry for the ,mess crated by the intruder.Now pleas excuse us"

With the above said words of daddi every one started to move out with the happy news of Maan geeting married soon to Geet Handa.Who will not be to see atlast the rude business fellow settling down with the sweet girl like Geet Handa.

"Now Samera Khurans don't have the habit of throwing someone out of their house .But sensing your chahrcter I would lke to allow my security to accompany you till the gate." Said Daadi seething with anger.

"Security security Get Sameera mam to the gate.She would love to be accompanied by you" Adi added sarcastically.
Sameer by now lost all her temper."I will make each nad every one of you to pay for the insult you have caused me."
With that she stromed out of KM.

"Maan take Geet to her room" Dadi ordered him.
Maan made Geet to move to her room.But she was tired mentally that she was not able to make up a step.He suddenly swept up her In his arms.Geet securely wrapped her arms aroud his neck.He was trying hard to keep his tears.He know what he has to do with Sameera to make up for what she did to Geetu.

Geet was looking at his face.She was longingly looking at him to look at her ang give her a assuring nod to her but he was travelling in his guilt that one look at her sad face he would break down.

After tucking her in her bed he was about to move when geet stooped him by holding his hands.
He turned to look at her only to be welcomed by her hazel eyes brimming with tears

"Maan be with me .please"
She pleaded like a small child.Maan cupped her cheeks and hugged her tightly assuring her nothing more will happen to her.

"Maan you will not leave me na" she was clinging to him in her half sitting position in her bed.

He was really angry on himself to makehis love undergo this much level of insecurity.Cupping her cheeks he spoke softly controlling his rage

"No baby ..never in my life I'll leave you alone.Now pleas don't cry na?your good girl haina?Will maa and paa happy seeing you in teras?"

She nodded no like a obedient child."Maan am I a orphan??Why mamma and papa left me?Am so bad girl for them haina ?that's why they left me all alone.mei bahuth bura hu?!meri liye koi ek nahi hai..please thum mujhe chod nahi?I'll be a good obedient girl.I wil not fight with you.Sachi!!(pinching her throat)Please don't leave me Maan"

"Baby baby look at me in my eyes.Your not orphan.Mei hu thumare saath.Mumma and papa wanted their princess to be happy with me they know if they are not with you I'll be there for you.Mei thumse bohut Pyaar karthi hui mishty.Thum hei meri zindagi.Thum hei meri pyar.Mei thumse kabi nai chodiye.Samje app.Rona math sona.It hurts me baby."

"Sachi Maan you will not leave me na..Thum mujhe nahii poochne ke liye apne ghar sei bahar jaana hoga na?"

"Sachi thumhara ghar hai sona.Mei thumse kabi naye poochne ghar sei bahar jaana.Why do you speak such way shona.Eveyone loves you here.We are going to get married na?"

"Par Sameera said thum ussae vivah karne jah rahi hai."
"Chup bilkul Chup.My life has place for you and only you.Even if you are not ready you don't have way to ecsape from your Dusht Dhanav"

"Sachi haina ?"

"Muchi" with that he kissed her nose.

"What  all did that b**** said you?Why didn't you say me baby?"
Maan asked her after making her lie in his lap and threading her hair

"Am sorry Maan.Par on that day she threatened me saying she will throw me out if I say anything to you."

"When baby?"

"On the day of Mumma and Pappa's funreal"

PRECAP:The truthAngry

 Sry fr Grammar and spelling mistakes.Do leave your comments and likes..Buddy me for PmStar
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Edited by Rami92 - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
it was such bomb blastic update
sam ki ko thapad pe thapad lage
it was soo much of fun while reading this
u won't believe i m smiling like a fool
nd sab ne joh insult kiya hai
it was giving me a strange happiness
i just love it
the annie sweet nd calm girl
just slap 5 times to chudial sam
love maaneet moments
poor geet she was feeling so insecure all this time
nd the way maan consoled her was soo touchy
haayee i m in love with their love
waiting for truth

Posted: 9 years ago
a heart touchin update...
Waiting for nxt one,...
Continue soon...

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