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hello everyone. i have been a silent reader here. here, goes my first post ! 

The story starts from the morning scene where ram is discharged from the hospital. 

Ram's bed room ' 

Bansi kaka knocked at the door. Sir "there is a letter for you." 
Ram ' "ok, give it to me." But suddenly soumya interrupted in their conversation ' "kaka, I forbade you nah that not to disturb bappa now."
Bansi kaka ' I m really sorry mam'. But as it is from priya mam', so I thought it would be important. 
Soumya & ram both look at each other. Ram seems a little bit worried. Soumya then asks bansi kaka to give the paper. 
Ram opens it and what he sees there, that leaves him utterly confused. He asks soumya to leave him alone for sometime. 
Ram opens the letter again and he says to him "the handwriting is the same as it was, five years ago. Neat & clean, just like her! " 
He tries to read it again. He mumbled to himself "it's the third time I am reading it. But still I can't believe my eyes that it's actually written here."
Ram remembers the FB scene where he was shot. He feels the same pain again but this time he feels the pain in his heart!!!
Then he reads the letter again & again as he feels attracted to it. Now even he can't remember that how many times he has read it. Every time he reads it, he finds a fresh feeling in it. 

Priya's flat ' 

She is in her favorite chair, reading the same letter again & again and keeps saying to herself "why am I reading it thousand times? What is new in it? "

But she doesn't know that ram is finding the same letter even more fresher every time when he opens it!!! 

Ram's bed room - 

there is pin drop silence. It seems only the clock is running'.
It was almost 9.30 am when ram received the letter and now its 4.45 pm. Still he has that paper in his hand & the same question in his mind. Ram asks himself "wow, beta. When you have become such an obedient student? Can you remember last time when you give so much importance to a piece of paper? Have you ever read a business proposal twice?"
Then he tries to recall the memory and he can't remember that when he read any news twice. He finds it surprising that he has memorized the letter like a school kid! Then he says to himself "very bad ram, you have taken almost seven hours to memorize three simple lines? Even Your daughter can do it only in a few minutes!" 
Then he looks at the table. Soumya had kept his lunch there and left the room as he refused to have lunch. Ram decides to not to think about the letter again. 
he decides to think about himself ! "what do I actually want? I should be happy with the letter, In fact I should throw a party for it but why I am sad? "Should I ask vikram that why I am sad? He always gives the right answer!" "No I shouldn't. He is already troubled with so many problems." Then he remembers that formula where vikram told him to close his eyes to know what he actually wants. Then he closes his eyes for a second. There is a light smile in his face slowly the smile widens. 

Coming up next ' ram at priya's flat.

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Posted: 2012-12-19T03:58:57Z
Hey written very well...Thumbs UpPlzzz continue...Loved it...Clap
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Posted: 2012-12-19T04:06:10Z
What suspense are u up to now?, please open it, continue soon, seems interesting and btw welcome to the forum Edited by jineejiggs - 2012-12-19T04:05:35Z
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Posted: 2012-12-19T04:35:10Z
welcome 2 the forum.. nice begining n plz open the letter soon.. Wink
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Posted: 2012-12-19T05:02:18Z
wow really nice it seems someting gud in the latter but what it is waiting to read do the post next soon... plz... waiting...
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Posted: 2012-12-19T05:33:02Z
Welcome to the forum! Very interesting start!! Love the way you build up the suspense.. Can't wait to read the next part!
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Posted: 2012-12-19T05:37:05Z
nice start cont soon
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Posted: 2012-12-19T06:11:56Z
StarWelcome Maliha.First post and such a lovely FF.You seem to be trained  writer..Keep it coming mate. Edited by sahana747 - 2012-12-19T06:10:35Z
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