o.s i want priya to be mrs prk

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friends this is continuation from hospital scene
priya will request ram to come to his flat by telling pihu name pihu will feel gud if u come to my flat
ram will agree for pihu
dr will give priya instructions regarding food to be give medicines in every 3 hrs even during night
ram will come to priya flat
priya will make him seat on the bed
pihu will seat beside ram
priya caresses ram very nicely and pamper him like a small kid
priya will ask him do u want to eat something
ram tells nothing
priya will again ask him samething so he will tell tomato soup
priya will make soup for ram
ram hands will be paining becoz of injections so priya will feed him
priya will feed ram from breakfast to dinner
ram face will be filled with emotions
at night pihu will sleep beside ram and priya will sleep on sofa in the same room
dr told for every 3 hrs he should be given tablets
priya will wake up for every 3 hrs and give ram tablets
ram will see how much priya loves him
priya will keep ram hands on her waist and take him to hall becz he wanted to walk becoz he is fed of sleeping on the bed
next day morning priya will do all home work like cleaning home cooking sending pihu to school ram will be just seeing her just like that
after all the work priya will seat beside ram and will talk to him so that ram will not feel bored and ram enjoys her company
dr will come and check ram and will sat that he should give an injection to ram
ram will fear asually but priya will tell to ram to look into her eyes ram will see when injection is given to ram priya will see his pain and get tears into her eyes and ram notices this tears and will smile
dr leaves ram will tell iam so happy
ram: becoz seeing my pain u got tears in your eyes this show how much u love me
priya will smile
ram will sleep
mean time priya will send rajat shop keys with neha to rajat house
rajju will enter her house
priya will be working in kitchen rajju will enter
rajju:priya wt is this keys
priya will close ram room door
priya : whatever u wanted to tell u told in the party and wt ever i wanted to tell i told u sir plz don't again interfere in  my life
rajju: wt
priya: sir i respect u but i cannot reciprocate ur feelings becoz i love my husband madly i cannot tolerate my husband pain
rajju: i know
priya: sir i cannot meet u in future but i will surely clear ur loans
rajju: we can be atleast friends
priya: sir i love my husband all this 5 yrs i was leaving for my daughter, pihu is mr kapoor and mine love symbol so i was just living to keep my love alive i love my husband a lot even am ready to take a bullet for my husband am ready to die for him becoz i love mr kapoor madly even if mr kapoor is angry  on  me its justified becoz i told him a lie and even kept pihu away from him mrkapoor is right in his angry becoz he feels he is betrayed by me  its true its my fault that i mis understood mr kapoor wrongly and  i stayed away from him 5 yrs and kept pihu away from him
but  i love him till my last breath i only love 1 person that is mr kapoor
while  taking  7 pheras in my marriage i and mr kapoor promised in front of fire that we both will leave for each other i know i was leaving away from my husband for 5 yrs but i kept my promise by living in his memories  and even my husband kept his promise becoz he was living in my memories since 5 yrs mr.kapoor is angry on me and he hurts me but after hurting me mr.kapoor will get more pain than me becoz he have hurted the person that is me who is so close to mr.kapoor heart
 if again i continue friendship with u it is an insult to my husband becz my husband doesn't like my friendship with u
sir u may be thinking i took so much help from u all this days and now iam speaking this way but if i wuld know that all this days u helped becoz of a motive then i would have never taken help from u sir all this 5 yrs my  husband  does nt know that iam alive and i failed to fulfill my duty as a wife but now he knows iam alive now as a wife i should behave according to my husband  wishes as a wife who loves her husband my husband wish  will be my wish so i cannot do anything against my husband wish i respect u and ur help but i cannot continue my friendship with u sir becoz we can never find a friend in a person who loves u
becoz if accept ur friendship it will be an insult to my husband so i cannot continue sorry sir

rajat will leave for dubai tata bye bye Clap

all this words ram will be listeningSmile
ram will be happy SmileSmileSmile

hope u all r enjoying Smile

thank u for reading

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Sigh* how I wish Priya could throw those lines straight on Rajjo's face, that would kick him out of his daydreamAngry but you know this Priya Sharma...she is sooo mahan that it's ok with her to continue that so called friendship with him even after all this massaccre! She is least bothered if it will hurt her husband or not :@ Instead of cutting of contacts with him, she is crying infront him like abala naari & saying that he always stood by herAngry
well imo, Rajjo isn't a friend, rather he is a fiendAngry I can't fathom how a man can love a woman and be just a friend at the same time, totally crap!
And Ram on otherside is not doing any gracious thing... He is so blinded by his ego and custody crap that he is not acknowledging the fact ~ fact that his adament behavior is granting that slimy Rajjo a golden chance to loiter around Priya all the time and act as a selfless man! YUCK!!!

I came to comment on your thoughts but ended up ranting & raving to my heart's content :-# Sorry about that :-(Edited by -evan- - 2012-12-15T05:00:44Z
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Posted: 2012-12-15T05:00:25Z
its ok
but i wish the cvs would have shown the plot in my version of story
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Posted: 2012-12-15T05:18:58Z
if only something like this happened in the shwi wud hav whistled ,clapped ,danced n wat not
ram wud be just melt into puddle by this showering of love frm priya which he is craving frm ages 
awesome dialogues sangeetha
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Posted: 2012-12-15T05:25:56Z
Originally posted by ramsakshiroxxx

if only something like this happened in the shwi wud hav whistled ,clapped ,danced n wat not
ram wud be just melt into puddle by this showering of love frm priya which he is craving frm ages
awesome dialogues sangeetha

But i guess CVs are hell bent on making us cry and agitated :|
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Posted: 2012-12-15T05:29:46Z
no yr rajat ko sab dubai bhejne pr kyun insist krrahe ho...i like rajat wo kisi ke beech aag to nhi lga raha bhejna hai to ayesha ko bhejo not rajjo...
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Posted: 2012-12-15T05:30:33Z
Big smile Cutely written.Thanx.
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Posted: 2012-12-15T05:35:18Z
hope atleast i day cvs will fulfill the plot wt we are expecting since july
its high time yaar raya ko reunite kardo cvs ektamai
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