MG..INSANE LOVER#3..note pg 119

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hi guys how are u all???????? yaa i know i deserve lots of galliyan jhutiyan rotten veggies and so on..but i already told u guys i have some personal work so updates may be continue till 1 jan..sorry guys but u all have to bear it..

                                               PART 22


geet run to maan'who is standing in living room impatiently'in her madness she miss to see her mom who is standing on door with aarti but geet avoid her and runs to maan and hug him tight.her body when touchd his he felt lively after 3 months...even maan get shock with her sudden hug.he too hugged her back in happiness lifting her in air n twirled her.. but he  gained conscious soon and made her stand on her feet'both lost in the hug..for maan its 3 months 10 days 7 hours 13 min and 10 sec..and geet in emotions that he pamper her to this extend that he steal her dream to make it true'.

Rano nakul and every other servant stand there with shocking expression no one gone a believe what just geet hug maan and he return it with same love'.

Maan cupped her face..princess how r u?

Geet:king..i missed u missed u..missed u so much..she extended her hands wide n again hugged him making all shock..but rano was embarressed seeing their closeness


Maan cupped her face..princess how r u?

Geet:king..i missed u missed u..missed u so much..she extended her hands wide n next moment gives him kisses all over the faces

Geet: thank u so much for  such a wonderful lunch.

She  again hugged him making all shock.some feared thinking what will happen if maan got angry on her...

Rano was all shocked to see geet's behavior .she was  worried how will  she explain geet's behavior to maan..he is already doing a lot for them and this will not be approved by society'a girl hugging a man..when both are young..what will all say..she looked around n say the servants gapping the scene infront of them..she felt very ashamed..its all becoz of geet..maan knew her childish behaviour or may be the respect n love he has for only he is not shoving geet away'or not getting angry on her..

Rano walked towards geet and pulled geet by arms towards her..the force of geet being pulled away from him made  maan angry'but he some how controlled it because he knows its not right time n that too before rano maa he cant get hyper..

Geet got scared by sudden pull and look rano who is looking her with anger and disapproving

Rano: gudia ye kya tarika hain maan bte se baat karne ka...ur a big girl now behave like one ,not like kid'do u understand it..

Rano said in a stern voice..geet who thought her mom may hug her ,kiss her n shower her love as they are meeting after several months was disappointed..her mom did not speak to her with love rather she raised her voice on hurted already hurted geet..geet shoved away her moms hand..

Geet: I hate u'.u don't love me. I'll not talk with u'she ran from there to garden leaving a shocked rano behind..rano is confused with geet's strange behavior..

Rano was still looking at the suroundings..maan looked at the servants n shouted

Maan:i am not paying u all for looking at me..go n do ur works..if u r not interested..u all can go home permanently..

All went back to their works immediately..



Maan beta I m really sorry on geet's behavior .don't know what happened to her'.

rano said to maan thinking maan may not like geets behaviour that way..maan though felt bad seeing rano's face shrunk n hurted with geets behaviour,he thought:i am sry maa..i cant see u hurted same i cant lose my love too..compared to u both,i love i made her distance from you without thinking how hurt u may be when u both face each other..but in one way i am happy..she came to me avoiding ur presence..


He thought to console rano in his own way..

Maan:maa its ok'she is excited ..u don't worry ..I will handle her.. u go and look after dadi'let me see her..wo shayad aapse naraj hain'mei samjaungi usei..

Rano: thank u so much beta'u r already doing  lot for us.. how can I repay u..more than all geets bachpana bhi..iam sry behalf of her.'god bless u beta... she said folding her hands in front of him..

Maan held her hands n stopped her..

Maan: pls maa no need to thank me.n create a distance between us ...ok now let me see pri'I mean geet'and yaa one more thing she is my friend not maid ..she can behave like friend with me..dont scold her ever again'i like her  the way she dont scold her for that..

he said firmly but with stern expression

rano:ji beta..



Maan came out from mansion and saw geet sitting by pool side with teary eyes'

he gave a look to the servants cleaning there..all dipped their head n went leaving maneet alone..maan went and sat next to her'he encircled his hand around her waist  n pulled her close to him..geet put her head on his shoulder and said..

Geet:king u r right mama doesn't love me.. see even today I met with her after so many days, but she scold me .she doesn't love me..she is not good..she complain like kid'maan smirks inwardly because this is what he want geet all for himself..he don't want to share her love with anyone'

Maan: princess ,y u want anyone else to love u when I m there for u na .. to love u insanely'beyond any limits.. hmm'I m the only one who has right to be love u and loved by u..samjhi

Chalo now stop crying and give me a smile u know na I don't like when u cry'

Geet like an obedient kid obeyed maan and wipes her tears and smile'

Maan pulled her both chubby cheeks..n kissed her softly...thats like my princess..

Maan: waise princess, u didn't tell me, how u find our new home u like it?'

Geet: are haan I m excited because of it only'it looks like u stealed my dreams and plot it in front of me'like i read in my fairy tales..its really like a palace ..

Maan: really u like it'.

Geet :like it no I just love it..this is far better then our last palace..

Maan:would u like me to show u our new home princess..ur king is waiting for u to take a tour around the palace ..he said very lovingly..

Geet immediately jumped n came out of her grumpy mood to a chirpy mood

Geet:king..chalo chalo..lets go..i want to see all places..


Maan first took her to the garden..the big lawn,the water fountain,the big trees,every place was green...he then took to another place in the had all kinds of roses..geet loves roses a lot..

Maan plucked a red rose from the plant n gave to geet..thinking she may knew what he want to say by rose..

Geet took it..she was about to say thank u.then she remembered how maan prefers her she kissed his cheeks ..

i love it.. many roses..

Maan smiled feeling her lips on his aroused his need for she is here..all for i will have her enough today..

She kept the rose on her hair..she ran here n there touching n smelling the roses..

Maan took her n showed other flowers too..she smiled n jumped seeing all her favourite flowers there..

Maan:ok..princess lets go inside..


She held his hand n both came to the front portion of house..there was also a big lawn n geet saw his jet there..when she entered she was in dreamland thinking about maan..she did not notice..

geet:wow..this is called king..u have ur own plane here..

then saw different cars lined up in sheds in one corner..

Geet:king,itni saari,only u r a king..aapke pass plane bi bhi hai..

Then they both walked inside the living room..she did not give a look when she entered..her enthusiasm was only on him that she looked around ..her mouth opened wide seeing the decors of living room..the well furnished sofa sets.the chandliers,the artificial flowers n hangings

Geet looked everything with her mouth wide opened..

Maan showed her the dining area,


her  moms room.. Rano tried to talk with her..but geet looked at her with grumpy face.. maan asked rano about dadi..

She said  dadi is he took her to the first floor..


There was a huge hall in centre ..fully marbled with white large sofa n red flower type sofas on sides..geet jumped in joy..everything looked dream for her..

Maan":now time for surprise...

He closed her eyes n took inside a room.which he kept locked till now..even rano didnot know about it.. maan closed the door n locked it with the remote.its modern technology,but he is using for his purpose...he cant wait more to have her in his arms..he wants privacy for to be with geet..she opened her eyes n saw it was beautifully decorated with violet and pink coloured stuffs..with galaxy on roof..on other side cartoon pictures as wall hangings..

Maan:my princess room..

as expected geet jumped in joy..

maan:princess,will u be happy jumping or will u give happiness to ur king also..i am waiting for ur gift..he showed his lips..geet presses her lips in his mouthing

thank thanku thank u i love it...i love it..

maan pulled her more close..his desire for her now was more..he took her lips kissing her passionately,,,he tried to control his oozing out passion..what if some one find geets swollen lips..maan opened her shirt ..

maan:ur curves has grown looking perfect..he said shamelessly..geet looked at him.trying to register his words..why he is saying so...his dark eyes drink the beauty before him..then he  took her globes feasting it..

maans st:he will take his passion where others cant see..

oh princess..i was waiting for u..i missed u so much..he pushed her in bed n started to kiss her madly..he was out of one swift moment he made her upper bare n his upper bare..both body touched each other n both felt current passing on them..her hand went on its own accord on his bare back..she was also awaken equally by him..her body needed was love for him..for her its her body's reaction.. she arched her back,giving him more access to take her globes fully in his mouth ..maan played with his tongue.. then he took her bud in his teeth..he did same to other..feeling in his broad palm n teething her bud...she digged her nails on his back...maan flinched in pain.n was bought back to reality...he thought rano may come here any moment ..n what if she,he thought to take his passion at night..he gave another soft kiss on her lips n kissed her cheeks..

maan:its enough for now..

she was still in effect of his kiss n passion..her body was jelly..

geet :hmm..she said in meek voice..

maan got up from her..n handed her bra n shirt..he weared his..

geet was still looking at him not wearing her dress..maan looked her..she was looking at her nipples which has turned blue by now..


he sucked slowly making her pain less..

geet:u always do this n say sry..

she complained..

maan:ok..when u feel pain..tell me i will stop..n princess if u say this to mama she will scold u again..u saw ur mama scolded u when u kissed me in living,never say i kiss u or i kissed u...n now u r a big girl..u will bath urselves,,if ur mama gives u bath she will ask whats this..then u must say u kissed me n i kissed u..then she will scold u..n u will be sent to hostel again..i want u near me..u too want ur king na..

maan brain washed her fully..n made her believe rano will scold her for sure..

geet:then i wont say anything about us..

maan:thats like a gud girl..he took her dress from her hands n he himself dressed her..

he cupped her face..king loves u..princess

geet:i like u too king..i will follow all ur words..n will keep in my mind too..

maan :go n see ur washroom..she opened n saw was red in colour with bath tub..

its so beautiful..she came near him..

maan opened her wardrobe n she was so much excited to see so many dresses n sandals n matchings..


they both heared a knock on door..maan unlocked with remote keeping safe distance from geet..

maan:geet,u can watch tv now in ur own room..this is dvd..i ve all collections of ur cartoons here..he opened the draw beside the huge l.e.d tv..

rano who entered heared this..

rano:beta,whats all this..she saw them entering this room so,she came with juice for maan..n milk for geet..

never she expected this room is made for her daughter geet..all things were is too much to expect from him..what will servants say..a maids daughter getting importance .

maan:i told u maa..dont stop me doing things for geet..i am doing it at my own wish..

he said a little harsh,which made rano shut easily..she knew maan's temper..if he got angry,n told them to leave the job..where shall she go..n who will take care of dadi..maan also loves her like his mother..she sighed..evrytime i lose before this for gud or daughter being pampered..only god knows..

geet:aur daato,king..she dont love me..she doesnt care for me..nowadays..see she is not doing anything for me..but she is stopping u also..

rano felt very bad..n dont know how to convince her daughter..

rano:no geet..mama loves u..more than my life..i am not scolding u beta..she touched her shoulder..geet moved n came to maan..

geet:mujei nehi baath karnahai mama se..say her king..

rano:i wont scold u again..

geet turned her face..

rano:beta,pls say her to talk with me..

maan just nodded his head..but want to play safe..

he dont want this two peoples to go away from him..

maan:pri..he stopped..

maan:hmm..geet..mama says na..she wont scold u..

geet:ok..for u i will talk with condition..


Geet:u wont stop king from bringing gifts to me...or u wont say behave me gud to him..he is my friend..

Rano looked at maan.who was happy inside n jumping in joy..his princess made condition for him that too to her mama..\maan signalled to say yes..


Geet:so from now this is princess geet's u agree..

Rano was shocked seeing geets changing she was ordering her.

Maan:yes..this is princess room..n geet come with me i will show u another one room..

He opened a door in mid..

geet entered it n saw a big library..more bigger than maans previous house..with study table in corner n sofas at centre..if u want u can read books relaxing there.. many all favourite story books are here..oh my spidaer dora..buji..haai..jungle book..she took every books n looked at it..

Maan:yup..ur favourites..n its ur study room also..


Rano looked geet..she is till a child..

Maan:hmm..maa..see if dadi has woken up..dadi will be happy to see her..


Tour is till there..maans room..maans huge swimming pool nseperate place for playing basket ball volley ball,tennis...

precap : Ouch:geet kissing maan before dadi..without knowing its dadi's room they are standing...

p.s. for more mansion pic see below...

plz ignore spelling and grammerSmile

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Awesome wonderful
but i m scared for geet
maan is selfish no no insane
yaar what r u planing
itna mat darr
hum kamzor dil ke bache
but all emotions r perfect
that why i m start hating maan little
i m feeling pity for rano
really wonderful written story
this is ur sucess that ur writing making us shiver
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hai dears,welcome to ruvalmaneets third thread
thank you for ur support..
n be with us always..
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Congrats:-) waiting 4 the update :-)
Posted: 7 years ago
me waiting fr the update
this is my new name is if frds
cant able to see the pics dear
did u posted or yet to post valli
loved the update dear
me posting some more pics
of dadi and kichena nd garden
just check and give them dear




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Congrats on new thread. Eagerly waiting!!!

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