Tumko Dekha Toh.. PG 71 note

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FF: Tumko Dekha Toh..

All the family members have thrown a huge party for Ram Kapoor.. The most powerful industrialist in the country.. The 40th Birthday party is as grand as ever.. Everyone is there to get a glimpse of the man himself.. and more over to build their contacts.. The biggest names in the industry are all here.. But Ram is no where to be seen.. Vik and Neha are wondering where he is..

Vik: Neha Ram kaha hai yaar?
Neha: Sab ne wish kardiya.. Toh..
Vik understands.. Ram is a man of few words.. He likes to keep to himself.. They both decide not to disturb him.. And play good hosts to the guests..

Ram on the other hand has left the party hall.. He is walking towards the parking lot.. It's a starry night he exhales.. He looks back at the party hall.. And smiles thinking.. Sab kush hai.. aur kya chahiye.. Chalo Ram ghar chalo.. He walks to his car.. Asks the driver to go home.. And drives away.. He doesnt want to go home.. So he decides to go on a long drive..
He has everything in the world.. Solitude has been a part of his life for so long now.. He feels empty.. And to throw away his emptiness he tries to make his family happy.. But today.. There is something different.. Being a taurian.. He is instinctive.. He decides to drive to the posh locality of Juhu.. As he is driving he enjoys the wind blowing by his face.. For a while he forgets everything in the world.. As he drives through the streets of Juhu.. He looks at a beautiful House.. A large one.. So beautifull Its all white.. he is not able to see much because of the high compound walls.. He passes the house.. But something strikes his mind.. He wants to buy it.. He drives his cars to the gate.. The high security gate is guarded by a security check..
Ram thinking.. Itna security? Yeh kya hai.. office ya ghar.. Dekhne mein toh ek bunglow jaisa dikhtha hai.. He lowers the window..
Guards recognise him immediately..
Guard: Ram Kapoor!! (After all he's all over the news paper) ? Sir aap yaha?
Ram: Haan.. Yaha kaun rehetha hai? Kya mein andar jaasaktha hu?
Guard: Humaare malkin.. Ek min sir.. He calls.. Malkin.. Ram Kapoor aaye hai.. Andar bhejdu..
Woman: Nahi.. Mein abhi kaam karrahi hu.. Kal aanekeliye boldena..
Guard: Tik hai.. Looking at Ram.. Sir sorry.. Woh kaam karrahi hai.. Aap nahi jaasakthe..
Ram: Kya mein unse baat karsaktha hu.. ?
They are unable to say no to such a big man.. And so he dials the number again..
Guard: Malkin ek minute.. Gives the phone to Ram..
Woman: Kaun?
She doesnt seem to be angry at all.. She has a beautiful voice.. Husky and mesmerizing..
Ram: Suniye.. Mein Ram Kapoor bol raha hu.. Can we talk.. Plz.. zyada waqt nahi lunga..
Woman: Mr. Kapoor aap yaha.. Tik hai.. Park the car to your right and wait there..
Ram: Thankyou..
Guards open the gate and Ram Drives in.. He is awestruck at the beauty of the place.. Al white.. With a beautiful Japanese garder.. Water ways.. Peering below small bridges.. He parks his car.. There is just one other car in the Parking lot.. And that too an Audi Q7..
Ram gets out of the car.. Its dark all around.. he looks around.. stone pargolas.. Flowers all around.. The fresh waters keeping the air humid and cold.. As he stands there.. He sees a woman coming to him.. Clad in a beautiful white saree.. neatly pressed.. Her silky straight hair let down.. Holding a candle in her hand.. She has no makeup on.. Her beautiful doe eyes lightly defined by kohl twinkle as she smiles.. She has beautiful full lips red with a small mole on top.. He notices that shes wearing payal.. A simple one which jingles as she walks towards him.. The wind playing with her hair.. She looks like an angel..
For the first time in his life he is actually attracted to someone.. She was nothing like the women around him, who were decked up with makeup wearing flashy clothes to please the world..
He smiles as she comes to him..
Woman: Puts her hand forward and says.. Architect Priya Sharma..
Ram shakes her hand The touch of her hand so soft brings a smile on his face.. Her skin was like feather touch.. But it lasted just for a moment..He looks at her and says.. Ram.. Ram Kapoor..
Priya: Aayiye..
He follows her.. There is a circular sit out levelled will pillars all around.. A white marble table.. Just enough for two..
Priya: Have a seat Mr. Kapoor..
Ram sits down.. As he watches her place the candle in the middle of the table.. He cant take his eyes off hers.. They twinkle in the candle light..
Priya: Woh aaj fuse udgaya.. Toh I'm sorry..
Ram: Its ok..Ms. Sharma.. Very nice house..
Priya smiles.. Toh aap yaha.. ?
Ram: Haan... Kya yeh aapka ghar hai?
Priya: Ji..
Ram: I'm sorry.. meie baahar se dekha.. I wanted to buy this house.. Tho..
Priya smiles.. Im sorry Mr. Kapoor lekin this house is not for sale.
</div><div>She gets a phone call..
Priya: Kaun?.. And continues talking after apologizing to him through her eyes for disturbance..
Ram looks at her.. He has seen her before.. but where.. ? He's wondering.. Did she say she was an architect.. ?
Suddenly it hits him.. How could he have been so naive? She was india's youngest and the most popular Architect.. She had appeared just once in the media when she won a National Award for designing her trust's Orphanage.. And here he was wanting to buy her house..
Priya: I'm sorry.. aap kuch lenge?
Ram: feeling embarrassed.. Woh.. mein.. I'm sorry I did'nt recognise you..
Priya: Smiles.. It's ok.. Actually accha laga.. So yeh ghar toh mein nahi desakthi.. Toh..
Feeling a little awkward because neither of them had anything to say..
Ram: It's late.. Mein chaltha hu.. Some where inside he did'nt want to leave..
Priya: Ji..
They walk towards the parking lot when Priya gets a call from the security guard..
Guard: Malkin woh press wale aagaye hai.. Ghar ke baahar.. And aap news par bhi aarahe hai..
Ram also gets a call..
Vik: Tum yeh kya kar rahe ho Ram.. Koi itni raat ko ek ajnabhi ke ghar jaatha hai kya.. You are all over the news channels..
Ram and Priya look at eachother.. They are a little worried..
Priya: Aap kuch der keliye andar aajaayiye.. The press have crowded around the house..
Ram: Ji.. I'm so sorry.. meri wajah se aapko itna taklief..
Priya reassures him that it's ok with a smile.. She take hm through a beautiful pathway to her house.. Its a living come dining with a kitchen.. All's white.. His favorite colour.. Everything is so clean just as he likes it..
Priya: Aap apne jute utaarsakthe hai.. Ususally no one is allowed here.. So.
Ram smiles and removes his shoe and socks.. He places it in the stand and washes his hand..and legs following what Priya is doing.. She walks in And he steps in.. The touch of his feet to the cold white marble floor makes him smile.. He feels relaxed.. She asks him to sit down.. She walks to the kitchen while he looks around the house.. Its dark and decorated with candles..
He finds an open book in front of him on the teapoy.. He takes it in his hand..
There is a beautiful handwriting.. It reads..

Aap se gila, Aapki kasam,
Sochthe rahe, Karsake na hum..

Uski kya katha,Laa dawa hai gham..
Kyu gila kare, chaaraghar se hum..

Aapse gila..

Priya walks in and places the plate with hot tea on the teapoy..
Ram: Aap bohot acchi likthi hai..
Priya pouring tea into his cup.. Kisi ka Diary padna acchi baath nahi hai.. And smiles at him..
Ram thinking.. How can she not be angry with me..She just smiles all the time.. and says sorry..
Priya puts on the telivision..
Reporter: Business tycoon Aur mashoor Architect.. Dono ke janam din ek hi din pe hai aur dono ek saath ek jagah pe mana rahe hai..
They look open mouthed shocked.. Priya changes to another news channel..
Reporter: Business tycoon dumps his birthday party to go and wish Architect Priya Sharma.. I think finally the two of India's biggest names will be coming together soon..
Priya switches off the telivision..
Ram: I'm going to sue each and everyone of them.. How dare they create rumours without verifying facts.. He starts getting agitated and starts making calls..
Priya: She justs sits there sipping tea.. She picks up her phone.. And sends an sms..
Ram: Disconnecting the phone.. Looks at Priya who is texting someone.. He is just amazed at how calm she is..
Priya: Mr. Kapoor.. The moment she says that his nerves seem to calm down.. Dont worry.. I have informed the main media authorities.. That we are discussing about a project.. They have confirmed that they will clear the rumours out..
Ram: Thankyou and sips the tea.. Its delicious.. He's blown away with the fragrance and flavour of the tea.. Kisne banaya hai ?
Priya: Meine.. I suggest ki aap todi der yaha rukhiye.. It'll take a while for the media to leave..

Just then Karthik comes running..
Karthik: Hi di and hugs her.. Lifting her up and swinging her around.. Di meine chun liya.. and puts her down.. Priya just smiles nodding her head..
Priya: Karthik yeh kya bolrahe ho?
Karthik: Looks at Ram.. Sir aap yaha..
Ram: Hi Karthik.. Karthik bends and takes his aashirwaad..
Priya is a little confused..
Ram hugs Karthik.. and says.. Choti bohot khush hai..
Karthik: Looking at Priya.. Di Meine bataya tha na Nutz ke baare mein.. Woh Ram sir ki choti behen hai..
Priya looks at Ram.. Toh hum ab samdi hai..
Ram: Mujhe chalna chahiye.. Kal Hum sab aapke yaha shagun leekar aayenge..
Karthik: Ji sir..
Karthik walks Ram out.. Telling him how much he loves Natasha.. Ram turns back to look at Priya.. She is walking away with the dishes towards the kitchen.. He smiles to himself..
He leaves...
Priya comes back and picks up her diary.. Ram had added to her writing..

Yeh agar nahi, Yaar ke gali..
Chaltechalte kyun.. Rukh gaye kadam..
Aapse gila, Aapki kasam..
Sochthe rahe.. Karsake na hum..

She smiles at this.. And walks to her bed room..

To be continued..

Ram and Priya lost in each other's thoughts..

Hi everyone.. How did you like this? If you give a go ahead.. Ill continue..
Waiting for your Comments and criticism..


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Posted: 2012-12-12T01:15:29Z
Kya bath hai ? kya bath hai ?/Nice start dear ...
The pems were soo good ..Loved the way priya handled the issue /...
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Posted: 2012-12-12T02:22:12Z
hey nice concept cont soon
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Posted: 2012-12-12T02:31:29Z
Wow yaar...It is really good...Plsss continue...Jsut loving the story...
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Posted: 2012-12-12T03:07:06Z
wow! just wow! it's really amazing Star though it has only a little connection with balh, still the RaYa magic is there- m loving it Heart plz do continue asap Smile
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Posted: 2012-12-12T03:14:32Z
Wow! Lovely start!! Nicely written! Plz continue soon..
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Posted: 2012-12-12T03:37:26Z
LOL Neha accha Prasad diya hamein.Keep it coming.Join the band(its).
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Posted: 2012-12-12T03:51:17Z
Concept badi fresh hain, loved the poems, yes plz do continue, somewhere am having the feeling that it would be simple and pure mature love story like BALH
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