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Ok guys I I know its been so long I didn't updated & quick catch up on story I m posting her "Summary of story so far..." its just summarized story f last 15 updates… so u will connect with story well…

The story takes on with Ram's loving family & friends (You will the character sketch in next part of this post). In his family, he is very close to everyone. He have step mom who loves him like her own son. He has even stepsibling yonger1 bro and 1 sis who loves & adores him a lot. He even has elder bro Dharamraj Kapoor (Dm) who is very close to Ram as the ground of emotional. He is not just elder bro but like father to Ram. Here at Priya's family also get introduce she is the only child of her parents & always is very pampered by them all the time. She also has one cousin younger sister Sanjana (Sanju) who stays in US with her parents & very close to Priya. Ram & Priya's family is business partner from long time & after Amarnath Kapoor's (Ram's father); death & due bad health of Priya's father RaYa is handling the business. RaYa is together still mills a part. Here story takes round up of one award function where Ram & Priya both nominated for the same award. The question in who will win this award along with this RaYa's light nok-jhok also continues with their best friend Neha & Vikram's marriage talk. Vikram is RaYa's best friend & soon tie to knot with Neha in arranged marriage. Here Vikram sees some spark in btw RaYa even shares with Ram but Ram just ignore it with laughing loud later on it disclose that there is some very big secretes hides in RaYa's last 6 years. Who made them stranger from to the best friends as they were sharing very beautiful & strong bond in past called as beast childhood friends which Dm knows very well.

As either from RaYa's family or friends, no one knows. Dm went for some business work at UK here after coming back from UK to India at the airport he mistakenly fight with Sanju here both starts their love to hate relationship with each other b'coz after this when ever they meet they just love to fight with each other.

Sanju hates Dm as she feels his is arrogant manner less guy where Dm hates Sanju as he find she is the only girl who give him back in all this years with so much attitude as any girl never treated him like this.

Here after meeting to Ram alone Dm disclose that Ram loves Priya but he is hiding his love for her due to RaYa's past & he should get out of it & proposes Priya but Ram is too much sacred as he thoughts his past won't let him to get closer to Priya again ever. Here the award function day comes.

Kapoor's & Sharma's gathered to party hall with family every one happy to see RaYa winning award together here RaYa shares some light romantic beautiful moments together along with some past memories which were hunting them again & again. Here Nuts (Ram's sis) also shares some special bond with Kartik her college friend & for whom she have secrete feelings but didn't disclose to him yet. Even here Sid (Ram's bro) tries to flirt with Ritz (Sanju's best friend came with her from US) as Neha comes in between. Here Priya also witnessed the big fight in between NeVik, which made her to shake her hands with Ram for to solve after keeping their disputes side her disputes with Ram. Here SanRaj witnessed RaYa's unconditional love in party & then later on car too, which made them determined to get RaYa together for lifetime. In car, even SanRaj witnessed some more unsaid love by RaYa for each other & they try their best to bring RaYa together by one way or other way later on Ram & Dm left Priya & Sanju at their home.

I hope guys I have succeeds by trying my best to put whole 15 parts story in this & hope u will get easy now to connect with story so far as now I m going to start with fresh new part.


Really very sorry guys wasn't able to update new part soon was dam busy with marriage preparation so right now juts this for u all hope u will like it so without wasting much time here we go…

plz bare with this what ever crap u feel i have written on RaYa along with SanRaj...  if u feel i m drugging the story be feel ur self free to comment on it... next will surly up in soon  so till then enjoys this… hope u like it Smile


Part 16 –  I know my way of life...

Priya watches Ram while leaving until his shadow fades off with heavy heart she back in to house. Ram sits next to Dm & both drove off towards house. Here in Priya's room she back from washroom after changes in her night suit she is all alone in room. Ram looking out from the window with memories of tonight & all the beautiful moment he spent with Priya. Here Priya brings out Ram's photo from her dairy. She even lost in her beautiful past memories with Ram. While closing his eyes he remembering all the beautiful memories of dance when suddenly something stuck in his mind & he open his eyes with heavy heart remembering how being hurt Priya pushed him back after dance then how she suddenly push her hand back in car sometime ago. He almost had tears in eyes still trying to hide it he said to himself. "I know Priya why u pulling ur self back for coming closer to me, why u trying to be away from me… but trust me Priya that was my just one mistake I was really didn't mean to it… don't punish me like this Priya that it even become difficult for me to ignores u". He took long amount of breath in side him for stopping all thoughts in his mind.

Here Priya hold Ram's picture near to her heart remembering her happy days with Ram as if she is holding him... hugging him suddenly she got the worst memory alive in front of her eyes… of that night when first time she tightly slept Ram on his face& Ram seeing at her fuming in anger like volcano. She was even on fire of hurt. She remembered clearly, what she said to Ram that night with completely brooked heart.

Priya: until now whatever relationship was between us Ram from today… right now… right here I m breaking all that… & from now I don't know u nor u know me if we meet ever we will meet but just like strangers nothing more then that… (Saying this she left that place in anger & tear filled eyes, which broke down from her eyes after she left her Ram)

It was that incident's part, which separated RaYa 6 years ago & what damages that incident made which never healed by anything ever. Priya looks at Ram's picture then says. "How ever I try Ram I always fails to forgot that incident … Ram when ever I remember that night it just broke my soul into pieces Ram… how could u do that Ram… how??? Girl can forget anything but not what u did… (After a pause controlling her sob with tears then looks again at picture of love of life) I don't know Ram wither ever I will able to forgot abt that night or not…

wither I will fable to forgive u or not but I know one thing Ram… that I just loved u & I will always love u only Ram… just to u… u was… u are & u will be only my soul mate for rest of my life my Golu". She hugged Ram's picture tightly again with tears brimming eyes & in between silent sobs. She cried a loud in heart with so much pain while thinking of Ram & here in car Ram is all lost in Priya's thoughts with closed eyes & happy crossed lips craved into smile. Dm looks at him & smiles he didn't wanted to disturb him so he be quite & continue his driving. Here while lost in thoughts of Priya suddenly tears drop starts to falling from Ram's eyes he starts to feeling uneasy. Dm feels Ram's restless & looks at him with question looks.

Dm: Ram, what happen? (Dm looks worriedly at him) is everything ok? (Trying to find out what is going threw in his heart seeing at restless Ram)

Ram: yes bhai but don't know why feeling very restless & uneasy. (Ram talks to himself, "hope everything is ok with u Priya… I just hope" he took deep breath closing his eyes rested his hade back on seat here at the same time Priya were in tears too holding Ram's picture near to her heart)

RaYa were remembering all the past memories that they spend with each other with pain of now they r not together any more. It was quite late when Sanju back into room while tying her hair into pony & sees Priya standing near window alone lost in her thoughts. She wonders while moves near to Priya with smile but Priya had tears of past in her eyes while remembering Ram & her old golden memories with him. Sanju shakes Priya with shoulder Priya back into present with jerk & wipe her tears filled eyes immediately hiding Ram's picture away from Sanju putting it in her book, which was in her hand but Sanju noticed it still kept quite.

Sanju: what happen? Di r u feeling ok, Is anything wrong? (She makes turn Priya facing to her)Why ur eyes r swollen & red? Was u crying (after pause) why what happen? (Sanju tensed seeing Priya's red eyes)

Priya: No nothing, it was just b'coz I m tired & had little bit headache too. (She smiled try to avoided seeing in Sanju's eyes to hide her feelings… her pain from her little sister)

Sanju: (but Sanju not convinced with her answer) no di I know u r lying to me something is wrong with u… di is u hiding something from me? (She looked at the book in Priya's hand, which Priya noticed with Sanju's moving eyes) Plz di tell me what is wrong there? (She looked in Priya's eyes demanding answer)

Priya: I told u Sanju there is nothing I m perfectly fine trust me. (She kept the book on table & hold Sanju's arms trying to assures Sanju with her touch & warmth but Sanju still not convinced)

Sanju: (she also hold Priya's hand in her) no di u trust me… tell me di what's wrong? (Priya turns her eyes away being annoyed) I am seeing u from last 6 years u r no more like my di… (Priya looks in Sanju's eyes helplessly & surprisingly) I mean u have been got changed… something is there I m missing in u from last 6 years di. (Sanju looks so upset & also had tears in her eyes seeing her Di like this) I know di u always shears everything with me but is something happen before those last 6 years… before u came to US that u hasn't shared with me? Tell me di what's wrong? (Priya is so miserable still don't want to answers Sanju as she knows she won't able to understand all this things might be she will but she can't say it right now its not correct time she will share with her on right time. Priya tensed hearing all this from Sanju; still tries to cover up with her so-called lie just don't want to break down front of Sanju)

Priya: I telling u Sanju nothing is wrong… (Sanju takes her eyes away being irritate) nothing was happen btw us plz try to understand. (Priya looks down lost in her thought of Ram didn't realized what she just said, she just mentioned Ram's name without knowledge which Sanju catch up)

Sanju: di I didn't said something happen btw u & someone (she asks scarcely to Priya with surprise look as she caught her) is there is someone who is part of ur past? (Priya looks uneasy & restless with her demanding questions coming from Sanju) Is that someone is Ram sir. (Priya's heart like skip a beat hearing Ram's name from Sanju's mouth it is as if Sanju again scratched her old scare… Priya fuming with anger)

Priya: just stop it Sanju… (She pushes Sanju's hand, which was holding her until now) just stop it… I m telling u nothing is there then why u bringing Mr. Kapoor in all this mess (Priya burning in anger which Sanju can feel easily) even who give u this right? (Sanju looks at her with disbelief what made Priya so angry on Ram's name) Ur r teenage so talk, behave like teenage don't try to be grandmother just go & sleep now. (Pointing towards bad staring at Sanju in anger Sanju just fail to understand anything with surprised look looking at Priya with so many questions)

Sanju: but di listen to… (Before she cloud complete Priya cuts her in middle with more anger in her tone)

Priya: I don't want to listen anything Sanju just go & sleep right now. (Priya just gazing at Sanju angrily)

Sanju finds to being quite will be batter then to arguing with her furious di as she won't listen her now at all. She need to give time to Priya to get over from all this but still she fails to understand what was went wrong when she was talking abt Ram. She tuck herself in to bad while thinking all the RaYa moments she was witnessed in party & then in to car one after one. She can easily feels RaYa's love in each other's eyes then what went wrong that had part this lovely couple… why when I see love for Ram sir in Di's eyes it is somewhere hided behind the pain. She looked at Priya's back who stare lovingly at her book, which is having Ram's picture in it while keeping her book into drawer. When Sanju feel Priya is turning to her, she shut her eyes as if she is falls in sleep. Priya wipe her tears that were uncontrollably falling from her eyes.

Priya moves to bad seeing sleeping Sanju as if she thought she fall in sleep. Priya lovingly move her palm on her head over Sanju's hair while wiping her own tear with other hand. She smiles lightly & said in low voice while planting kiss on her little sis's forehead. Priya says "I am sorry baby u r not just little sister for me but like my daughter, I know u have been hurt as I shouted on u…I scolded u without any ur flute… even I behaved with u very rudely but trust me I don't wanted to do. I don't want to do it with my heart… but I guess sometimes we need to do something which we don't want like my & Ram's past is among of it. I can't forgot it nor can I change it so its batter I don't face it b'coz I don't have that much strength in me to face it. Even I know my baby u can't be angry with me for so long & I guess when I will weak up in morning will only get back my little naughty bubbly sister b'coz without ur lovely smile I can't imagine my lovely morning to start baby so good night & have sugary dreams." She kisses once more time on Sanju's forehead with smile before slip down under the devout next to Sanju. Priya closed her eyes when Sanju opens her eyes with slight smile.

Sanju looks at Priya's closed eyes "I knew di & I was right… ur past was non other then Mr. Ram Kapoor… yes he is the one the reason of ur ur happiness… ur sadness… ur every beat of emotion. Di today when u was with Ram sir, I seen that smile on ur lips… I seen that peace in ur eyes which was lost years ago when 6 years ago u came to US to complete ur further studies I had lost my Dii but today I found her back. I don't know Dii what was happen between u & Ram sir 6 years  ago but I know one thing very well that, u were so happy… so much in peace & lost in ur own world with smile across ur lips when u was with Ram sir. Now I promise to my self Dii I will make sure that smile will always across ur lips until the rest of life. Which will lead with togetherness of Ram sir and yes Dii I will make these to happen, b'coz this was the only reason I came here in India to bring my old Dii back to me & now I will make my this wish real by the one way or other way."

She smiles looking at Priya with peaceful look. Then slowly drift to sleep along with her Dii.

Next morning Priya get up early & gets quickly bath then goes into kitchen to bring Sanju's special adrakwali tea made by her own hand. Here Sanju still sleeping under her devote when Priya comes into room with ginger tea & her sparking smile. She looks at Sanju who sleeping like small baby with slight grin on her lips. Priya moves towards to bad with tea tray then kept it on side table & goes to near window open the curtains.

Priya: come on Sanju… (She open the curtains) get p baby see its full morning now. (She moves to bad sits next to Sanju removing devote from her head)

Sanju: di plz let me sleep na… (Showing her first two fingers still in sleep) more 2 min plzzz (she brings devote again on her while sleeping)

Priya: no baby get up right now it's been really late in morning get up lazy bone. (She hold Sanju's hand & make her get up on bad pulling devote away getting up folding the devote)

Sanju: what is this Dii u r such Hitler yaar… (She lost in her thought as Ram's voice rings in her ear) U starts ur Hitlergiri in morning it self if u will do same thing with ur husband don't know how will he manages. (With sad mood Sanju moves off to washroom leaving Priya behind with her thoughts)

Priya remembers how Ram used to tell her the same things whenever she goes to weak up him in morning to his room during their college exams. Always Ram weak up in morning late as he used to awake late in night for studies due to morning exams. Therefore, Priya used to come at Ram's home to make him awake in early morning & then they both left house together to give exams. Therefore, she directly landed into his room & awakes him with same way she did with Sanju today ginger tea in her hand for Ram made by herself.

Priya opens the door of Ram's room & enters with smile after seeing the scene front of her, which every time left her amazed. She sees Ram sleeping on bad in very wired way like half sitting on bad & half laying resting his back on bad edged position… book in his hand laying on his chest… his half mouth is open & full of snoring fast a sleep. He is wrapped half in devote until to his waist with slight smile carved around his lips.

Priya moves closer to Ram's bad whole room is dark as yet curtains r closed she kept tea tray on side table of bad & then looks at sleeping Ram. She bites her lower lip seeing at sleeping Ram (imagine her best expression whenever she thinks or sees Ram). Priya smiles ear to ear then thinks "Dadi is so right while sleeping Ram is just looking like Golu… so cute" she bites her lower lip once again smiling shyly then she bands  a bit towards Ram he is still fast a sleep. Priya still smiling slowly she takes the book from Ram's hand & put it on side. Then looking at cute chubby sleeping polar bear with her charming smile she thinks again "but uff yeh kharate" (ohh god this snoring). She made annoyed face & then moves to window. She turns back & smiles looking at Ram naughtily as she knows what is coming next when she will open the curtains a raging bull whose sleep yet didn't finished as weakling up him in early morning. She opens the curtains with wild grin Ram's peaceful sleep break as sun's morning shining ray drops their sparkles on Ram's eyes.

Ram: aa gayi Hitler phir shubha shubha (ohh god Hitler is back again in the morning) (Ram closed his eyes more tightly in sleep as the way sunrise drops on his face) Priya let me sleep na yaar… (He pulls his devote on him with huff without even bother to look at Priya he rolls on bad & sleeps again showing his back to Priya, here Priya looks at him with disbelief shaking her head right to left).

Priya: no Ram see at the clock it's almost 7 am we have exam on 9 am & if u will sleep like this we will be late for exam (Priya moves to Ram's bad sitting next to him & shaking him to waking him but Ram refuses to get up Priya makes annoyed face seeing him) get up now lazy bones. (She sakes Ram to weak up)

Ram: what is this Priya u r such Hitler yaar… (Seeing Ram not getting up Priya pulls off devote from his head & Ram is now facing her still with closed eyes) U starts ur Hitlergiri in morning it self like always (He is still sleeping on bad but now facing to Priya with open eyes & irritates looks) u know if u will do same thing with ur husband he will run away leaving u alone. (Seeing raging Priya, he gets up on bad while sitting resting his back on bad still trying to sleep while sitting with closed eyes)

Priya: ohh really then u know when ur wife hears ur full of snoring in whole night she will also run away leaving u alone. (She taunts Ram being angry while hearing this Ram gets more annoyed he opens his eyes giving roaring looks to Priya in anger)

Ram: ohh hello I don't snore ok just don't make up stories… (Almost like shouting on her). (Seeing Priya in getting fuming in anger like roaring tigress hearing that his indirectly telling her lire Ram tries to change the topic as he says with a bit claim voice.) also if I do what is the problem this is my room… this is my bad…. & this is my sleep if she have to stay with me she will have to obey me or I know very well how to make her obey. (He said very proudly in his husky arrogant voice with attitude as he was to much annoyed due to disturbance in his sleep which he never likes)

Priya: ohhh but if u will get girl like me she is not going to obey ur this dominating nature she will run away leaving u understand. (Getting more irritate, as she knows very well how much Ram is stubborn)

Ram: If I will let her to leave me then only she will na but why I m wasting my precious time with u now I want more sleep so bye. (He pulls his devote back again on him wile laying on bad)

Priya: Ram this is not fair, come on get up yaar. (He pulls back his devote on him again)

Ram: Priya… (He shouted loudly getting up sitting on bad being irritate but what he show next to him he completely dumbstruck)

It was present time & Ram was sleeping on his bad facing Dm in front of him with wiled grin hearing Priya's name from Ram. Yes, Ram was dreaming of Priya while in sleep thinking of their old time.

Dm: I didn't knew Ram I m looking that beautiful that u starts to calling me Priya (while teasing way sitting on bad naughtily looking at Ram) or u were really missing Priya that u forgot… (He made his real remark on Ram's condition & wants to make him face reality of his life)

Ram: bhai plz don't start it again nothing is like that it was just old habit & I m trying to change it. (He said it with very cold voice with pain as he was really missing Priya at the moment but didn't wanted to let Dm know but Dm very well knowing his heart state right now)

Dm: (after pause) it says Golu that u should not change ur old gud habits but with the time u should to make it more batter so more batter things will happen with u in life. (He sees Ram's disappointed & sad face he didn't wanted to make him sad so he quickly said) now come on get up we have to go at office too either ur Hitler will reach to office & unfortunately her dinosaur will miss the golden chance to talk to her in name of scolding, come down soon.. (He smiles teasing Ram even Ram is to blushing hearing abt Hitler & Dinosaur)

Dm left the room with that smile & dimples on his cheek leaving blushing Ram who is still sitting on his bad thinking abt Priya & there Priya is thinking abt Ram both RaYa were lost in each other's thought.


To be continuing…


Recap: Ram got Priya msg "will meet u in CCD at sharp 7 pm." Some how Dm finds it out & encourage ram to talk with Priya & clear the disputes make her realizes of his love for her.


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