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Love is still in the air between Raya

yap love is in the air n will be there more stay tune...
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Tempting preview Wink
very curious to read the update.
pls do it soon

yes yeh toh sirf trailer hai picture abhi baki hai... so wait for tonight will update soon...
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nice preview
continue soon

will do update by tonight...
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bpre so long time .pls updt soon.n pls pm me when u updt

yap after really long I m updating all thanks to Sandy so juast wait & watch will update soon.
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Awesome preview!!!
Plzz continue ASAP!!

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waiting for update Smile

yap update will be up by tonight stay tune...
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sorry double post.

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Ok guys I know it's been so long I didn't updated I know it been more than year I didn't updated but will try my best now to give u updates on time. Along with it wants to dedicate the credit to continue this story specially goes to sandhyasn a.k.a Shandhya a.k.a Sandy who continually asked me to update this story & if today I could able to continue this story so all credit goes to her & all other forum members who asked me to continue this. Therefore, thank you people to love my small work so much & all time encourage me to write more Sandy this is especially for u... so now here we go...


Ram: Priya it's not true... u don't know the truth... this is not truth. (He tries to convince Priya to hear him as he don't know what she know but that is not defiantly full truth which he want to clear to her)

Priya: enough Mr. Kapoor I know what truth is & what is not... now I don't want to hear anything else I think I should leave now. (She tires to gets up from there, as she believes Ram is wrong with whole way & any excuses can't make him right in any way)

Ram: (he holds her hand before she can gets up) Just like, before again u r running from truth Priya again u are just trying to prove that u have no connection with me but not just me ur heart even knows the truth that u still cares for me Priya... u loves me. (He said in anger to show her life's real mirror of their relationship, which made Priya angrier as she throws Ram's hand away with teary eyes)

Priya: If u thinks so Mr. Kapoor then u living in ur dreams b'coz, I don't love u & I don't have any feelings for u that's the only truth I know even no one can change it too so stay away from me it will be gud for both of us. (She gets up from their in anger & wet eyes)

Ram seeing her going shadow with teary eyes getting hurt once again.


Part 19 - Juda hoke bhi... tu mujh me kahin baki hain...

Here at the same time seeing Priya not at home Sanju rush back into house to find out something abt RaYa & their past, as she very well knows if Priya is around in the house, she won't be ever able to do it. She directly went into her & Priya's room where she starts to search for some clue so by that she can find out abt RaYa's relation in past also what is that thing which is stopping Priya to be with Ram. She was still searching the whole room but unfortunately, she yet didn't found anything not a single clue as Priya is very smart. She knows her mother regularly cleans her room with or without her presences in room so she never wanted her mother to get to know abt her & Ram that's why she never leaves her personal things without lock but by Sanju's good luck or may be by Priya's mistake that day Priya left her personal drawer unlocked. That drawer is the same where Priya keeps her dairies & her memories (her & Ram's picture).

Finally Sanju got dejected after the whole search she came near writing table being upset & sits on chair with sadness when suddenly her eyes falls on Priya's personal drawer. Sanju remembers that Priya opened it last night to put something inside it in hurry but as soon as she sees Sanju awake last night. She knows her Dee very well she was sure this will must be locked but she praying to god to be unlocked b'coz her heart were in strongly believes & her six senses says in that she will surly find something in this.

She took the god's name & pulls the drawer out with the click sound smile carved around her lips as drawer is open now she thanks to her god leaving deep breath closing her eyes with broad smile. She looked around the room no one was there she quickly open the drawer fully where she found bunch of dairies & photographs some of RaYa & some of Ram's alone. She knew very well her Dee writes dairies from childhood  but Priya never allows anyone to read it as she pours her heart out in this not even to Sanju too but today Sanju got hold over it. She took the pictures in hand & saw them with smile even she noticed how much Priya was happy with Ram in pictures. She then put them down in the table. Then she seen lost of dairies in bunch with number of series of last few years. She seen all the diaries & bring out the dairy of year 2007 means the dairy of 6 years ago written by Priya this was same the year. When RaYa had that big fight in prom party of their graduation year after that Priya in next few days left for US with broken heart for her further studies but reality was she wants to go away from Ram. She wants to be away from him... wants to stay sometime alone. She was completely broken from what had Ram did that night.

Sanju understands why 6 years ago her Dee came so sudden after saying no many times to her that she don't want to leave her parents alone in India so that's why she is not coming to US. Yes, Priya didn't want to go US before her prom party of graduation even after Sanju's thousand pleadings she decided she won't go but when in prom night that incident took place between RaYa Priya leaved in hurry for US in next few days. At that time Sanju wasn't understand the reason but today after reading this dairy she got all the things clear in her mind as she opened Priya's dairy & starts to read it also she got one latter from dairy, which was given to Priya by Ashwin which Priya got threw email in US it was paper copy of that email. She opened the latter & got shocked reading what is wrote in it. She can't believe on her eyes she can't believe Ram could do such things but still all the evidence were against Ram looking at them first anyone can believes what ever Ram was did was so wrong even at some extend Sanju also feels the same that Ram is wrong. Somehow she don't want to jump on conclusion so soon as she knows well this matter is very sensitive... it was the talk of her Dee's life... her Dee's love... she don't wanted to take any risk as its already spoiled & she don't want to ruin it more. She decided to first confront all this truth with someone but not with RaYa for sure. She was in thoughts with which she can discuss these things b'coz there is no one who knows abt RaYa when suddenly her mind all of sudden stuck on thought of DM & his last night efforts to bring RaYa close. She feels she can get some help from him even after her conversation with him in this morning. She immediately put all pictures & dairies back in Priya's drawer that she brought out expect the latter but she felt it's not gud to keep it with her. What if Priya comes to know abt it so she immediately scan that latter connecting with her Lappy & makes another copy of it & keep it with her then she kept real latter in Priya's that dairy again where it was before. She makes everything perfect like before then hurriedly left for KI.

Here at out of caf when Priya runs out to go Ram also runs behind her he wanted his answers today. He can't let her go like that only. Priya was trying to stop cab but no one was stopping when Ram comes out & sees Priya still standing there in restlessness. Ram is already in anger like ragging bull he moves to Priya & holds her hand harshly. Priya shocks with sudden hold Ram made her turn to him she seen his red anger eyes & for moment she got sacred of him as she knows his anger is dangerous he can at any extend in anger.

Ram looks around & pull Priya with him till to his car he made her sit in car before Priya could say anything or can protest then he even lock the door so she can't get out from car he went to driver seat & getting into car started drove off the car. Priya were still sacred but now she opens her mouth after claiming herself.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor... (She looks at Ram who was so engrossed in driving & his thoughts so she calls him again) Mr. Kapoor plz stop the car (this time Ram turns his face to her giving her deadly stare but didn't stop the car which made Priya furious) what the hell u think of ur self u will do anything & I will obey u silently (she said in more loud pick). No these will not going to happen now I said just stop the car. (Ram didn't stop the car he was just driving ignoring Priya this was making Priya more & more angry)

Priya: u can't force me like this kya lagte hain aap mere kuch nahi... suna aapne kuch nahi... (What r u mean for me nothing... got it nothing...).

This makes Ram deadly angry he stops the car in jerk at the middle way but at the side of road. He holds Priya by her face in between his both palms & pulls her to him before Priya could understand she was very near to Ram. RaYa's lips were just inches a part both is breathing heavily lost for the moment in each other's eyes RaYa's breath were caressing each others lips which were making havoc in each other's nerves.

Priya still can't meet her eyes with him she is feeling the desire in his eyes even for that she is also waiting from years but both knows it can't be fulfill without each other's wish. They can't go further without approval of each other. Ram sees in Priya deep kohled eyes she lowered her gaze, as she can't meet up her eyes with him seeing his desire... his seductive gaze on her luscious lips. Ram gulped his thought while controlling his emotion he took deep breath. Priya is still looking down holding back her emotions.

Ram: right now I can show u what I mean for u (still anger in his voice but now in slowly breathing heavily their lips still away of inches) by claiming my right on u which is mine... just mine (referring towards her lips... her soul Priya is still looking down deeply lost in her thoughts). Even I know u won't able to stop me (Now Ram's this words makes her look straight into his eyes) but u know I won't do that as u knows the reason very well Priya I won't do anything which u consider as wrong. (Priya got her rage back in her she was burning from the inside of her hate & love emotions.)

Ram knows her very well if might be he kissed her she would not stop him but later she must be felt guilty which he isn't it want o make her feelHere Priya was back again in to her angry mood tears were ready to flow from her eyes anytime but before it could happen Priya composed herself. She tries to be strong & push Ram away from her ram loosen the grip over her going back again to his seat. She immediately runs out from the car & behind her Ram also comes out from car as he wanted to talk with Priya over the issue. He can't bare that Ashwin is again coming between them he wanted to clear this matter as soon as possible with her. Priya stands at some distance of car her back facing him. Ram took the big amount of air inside him were here she trying to stop her tears inhaling deep breath inside her looking at other side. Ram goes near her & holds her arm tightly turns her to him roughly, which actually created pain in Priya.

Ram: what u think Priya is I m fool or what why u r doing all this? (He said in low but in ragging voice, as he was unable to hold pain now inside him still holding her tight).

Priya: what I m doing? No I m doing nothing its u who r doing everything Mr. Kapoor. (She makes herself free from Ram's grip looking with same rage into his eyes answering him back).

Ram: I did... (with shock) what I did haan tell me Priya... (he hold her back again by her shoulder) u know what its not me its you who did it... (looking into her questioning eyes with a pain) what is ur problem why u r bringing that men in our life back again & again. (Priya can see the pain in his eyes which was hurting him deeply) Why u can't just forget abt him? (Priya makes his hands away from her shoulder & reply in stubbornness with killing looks hiding her pain in her).

Priya: I can't & you know why? (She said very slowly inhaling deep breath in her where Ram just looking at her blankly) B'coz whenever I see ur face I always remembers him Mr. Kapoor. I got all the memories back what u did that night & what u did with him. (She said sternly harder voice having her all anger in voice that is giving Ram's heart wound deeply from inside)

Ram: what I did with him... (he had slight water in his eyes) u can see what wrong I did with him but you can't see what did with us. (he looks straight into her eyes for her reply with his question gaze on her face to read her reaction)

Priya: I don't want to listen anything Mr. Kapoor (she looks side way didn't meet her eyes with him while saying). I told u before also everything which was between us is over now (she looks back into his eyes deeply with anger) b'coz now nothing can be like before our paths r now parted Mr. Kapoor which can't met ever. (Ram smiles lightly seeing her, as she still can't lie to him looking straight into his eyes he knows nothing is got over between them still something is surly there which let them connected still in those years of separation but his smile made Priya amazed & irritated too).

Ram: u r lying Priya... a white lie b'coz not just me u also know this heart still just beats for me... u still loves me Priya... just me... (he comes closer to her fixing his gaze on her eyes as he knows her eyes is mirror of her heart any lie can't hide there her eyes says just truth & her eyes clearly showing him she is in deeply love with him he hold her aging pulling her closer to him.) & I will make sure one day I will get u back with ur wish... with ur acceptance Priya I will make it. (Priya can see love & pain in his eyes deeply engrossed in his heart but her hate gets hold back on her she pushed him away from her).

Priya: that will be remain just ur dream it won't ever happen b'coz I won't let it happen never ever b'coz I hate u Ram... I hate u... (Priya while giving him her deadly stare turns to go away from him).

Ram: only destiny will decide Priya that my love is will make u with me or ur hate will make us separate for forever & I will make u back into my life Priya I will. (she looks deeply in to his eyes till then he completes then both starts to walk away in opposite direction).

(At the background imagine Juda hoke bhi... song is playing fromKalyug)



 Ram starts to move towards his car where Priya starts to moves opposite side of Ram their back r witnessing other's walking away. Ram reached to the car but before to get into the car he looks back at Priya who is still walking ahead towards the standing cab. Ram with sadness & moisture eyes sits into car then took the u-turn of car to go. Here Priya reached near the cab but before get into she also looks back to Ram but until the he already took the u-turn & started the car to move she also gets into cab & moves towards her house. RaYa were just lost in each other's thoughts their sheared moments with each other.

Juda hoke bhi... tu mujh main kahin baki hai...

Even after separation... your remains are still there in me,

Palkon pe banke aansu... tu chali aati hai...

You now come in the form of tears in my eyelids,

Juda hoke bhi... Even after separation...

Ram is driving his car with tears who r continually rolling down from his eyes. He is trying again & again to wipe out them his stubborn tears r not ready to stop. Here Priya also broke downs into tears looking out of the window of cab. She is trying hard but she is now unable to control her emotions.

RaYa were remembering their past memories that they spend with each other while crying bitterly it was hurting them a lot. Priya reached to her house she straight runs towards her room no one was there to see her. She closed the door of her room while resting her back & head on, door she was crying bitterly she just sits there holding her folded leg with closed eyes. Here Ram just still driving with absent mind just lost in his thoughts he is just going have no clue where he was just moving on in his pain with broken crying heart.


Waise zinda hun ae zindagi... bin tere main...

Although I'm still alive o my life without you,

Dard hi dard baki raha hai... seene main...

Only pining pains are there in my heart,

Saans lena bhar bhi yahaan jeena nahi hai...

Only to breathe does not imply as being alive,

Ab toh aadat si hai mujhko aise jeene main...

Now I'm used to this kind of living...

Juda hoke bhi... tu mujh main kahin baki hai...

Even after separation... your remains are still there in me,

Palkon pe banke aansu... tu chali aati hai...

You now come in the form of tears in my eyelids...

It was raining out side heavily it is looking like sky even crying with RaYa. Priya were standing near the window while crying resting her head on window door. She was looking outside of the window deeply lost in her thoughts thinking abt just Ram. When suddenly someone is came & hold her shoulder from back tightly. She slowly turns her face to person & found Ram coming from behind in front of her wearing white shirt & blue jeans. Priya's lips curved into smile seeing her men front of her Ram made sad face said not to cry to Priya while moving his head from left to right. Priya while crying straight landed in his arms where she actually belongs to wrapping him in to her bear hug tightly her fresh tears starts to flow from her eyes. Ram even caught her tightly in between his strong arms as if he wants her to hide in his heart for forever.

 Then Ram slowly breaks the hug & makes Priya to looks at him he very gently wipes her tears on her cheek while cupping her neck & cheek in between his both palms. RaYa were just locks in each other's eyes for while then he slowly starts to move forwards to Priya were she is moving back. Ram's eyes just on her luscious lips were seeing the passion in his eyes Priya closed her eyes feeling decreasing gap between them. Their both lips were just abt to meet... both were breathing heavily both can feel other's breath on their lips which is making them crazy Priya still going back as Ram moving close to her at the point she reached back to the window door with sound of thunder her dreams back. She opens her eyes & tries to find Ram but he was vanished nowhere to found. She touch her cheek tears mark were still there realizing it was her dream now form of  new tears back in her swollen eyes ready to roll down from her cheek she is weeping badly.


Saath mere hai tu har pal shab ke andhere main...

Yoy're there with me every time in the darkness of night,

Pass mere hai tu har dum ujale savere main...

Yoy're there with me every time in the shining morning,

Dil se dhadhkan bhula dena aasan nahi hai...

Its not easy to forgot heart best from heart,

Ab toh aadat si hai mujhko aise jeene main...

Now I'm used to this kind of living...

Juda hoke bhi... tu mujh main kahin baki hai...

Even after separation... your remains are still there in me,

Palkon pe banke aansu... tu chali aati hai...

You now come in the form of tears in my eyelids...

Here Ram is walking on the beach it is the same beach were RaYa used to be come on their college days. Spending all the happy & sad times here alone just being with each other. Ram is walking on the sand in heavy rain thinking & lost in Priya's thoughts his tears were mixing with the water drops hitting on his face. He was walking as if he has no soul left in himself. He was moving ahead were he sees two big stones where he & Priya used to sit whenever Ram is upset & Priya is trying to cheer up him. He imagines those memories again as he revisited in his happy past. She always does funny tactics & seeing at her innocent acts Ram burst out in laughter looking at her. Priya just keep gazing at him seeing him laughing so cutely.

Priya can't resist herself while pulls his cheek like small cute chubby boy seeing this Ram gets irritated & try to catch hold on Priya but before he could catch Priya she just runs off from there. Here present Ram sees all this & starts grinning broadly looking at their past happy times. Here he sees again Priya is running were Ram is also running behind her try to catch her (that time Ram was not so fatty he was just plum like the starting of the show). At the some distance finally Ram gets hold on her & picks her up in the air by holding her from her waist from backside he circles her in 360* in the air both laughs whole heartedly. Then Ram puts her down on earth she faces him & hugs him tightly Ram also holds her very close to him. All this things happen in the rain suddenly everything vanished from Ram's eyes. He looks here & there searching desperately for Priya's image but she no were to found Ram again broke down in the tears.


Ab toh aadat si hai mujhko aise jeene main...

Now I'm used to this kind of living...

Ram brakes down in tears his pain now getting unable for him to bare he falls down on sand on his knees & screamed out loudly "Priyaaa..." looking at the crying sky remembering her with so much pain. Here Priya also gets up from her sleep shouting"Rammm..." as she was sitting on bad & falls in sleep with tiredness.


Yeh jo yaaddain hain... Sabhi kataain hai...

All these memories... All are pining thorns...

Hataan do inhe... hataan do inhe... Mita do inhe... mita do inhe...

Make away all of them... Destroy them all...


Ab toh aadat si hai mujhko...

Now I'm used to this kind...

Ram here crying badly while remembering all memories with Priya while saying,"Come back to me Priya... I can't live without u... I just can't..." here Priya looking horrified & sacred she feels something is wrong with Ram there she just prays to god, "god plz keep in safe to my Ram... plz keep him safe..."

Here Ram is crying badly weeping in rain were new form of tears geared up in Priya's eyes.


Here at the same evening Sanju were moving towards Kapoor Industries in her car. She had many thought & lots of question whose answer she wanted now itself. She reached to KI & entered inside it with her purse. Here in his cabin Dm is working on his lappy when he gets a call from Sally (his secretary). She informs Dm some one has come to meet him while talking he gets to know its Sanju. He smiles & asked Sally to sand her inside the cabin. He keeps his work aside that was he doing & sits landing back on his chair with his thoughts & slight smile waiting for Sanju. Here Sanju knocked cabin's door Dm smiles & ask her to come in. Sanju enter in the cabin opening the door moving to Dm. He asks her to sit down on chair.

Sanju: I wanted to talk to u something very important. (While seating on chair which is front of Dm's chair)

Dm: I know what u wants to talk u came here to know abt Ram & Priya right. (He said by flaunting his dimple & Sanju looked amazed)

Sanju: yes but how do u know that I came for that. (With question looks in her eyes)

Dm: it's simply my intrusion I had feeling u will come back to completed our morning talk which were left in between due to Priya. (He looks straight in her eyes with smile & Sanju got her answer right back)

Sanju: then u must be known, that I came here to know only the truth nothing else (she had some determined thoughts) & I want to know whole truth b'coz this is the matter of someone's life or death. (She said in sternly voice with some of rudeness which Dm could easily feels in her voice)

Dm: I will... I will surly tell u everything by the way seeing u I don't think u know abt them anything isn't it? (Sanju sees in his eyes & nods in no) So tell me from were u will want to here. (He still smiles to her with question look)

Sanju: I only like everything to know from start... from start to its end. (She said ruthlessly & attitude, which can kill anyone there, Dm smiles seeing this & nods in yes)

Dm: Yeh un do logon ki kahaani jo bade yeh sikhte hue ki dosti kya hoti hai aur usi dosti ko nibhate chale gaye par na jane kaise kab kaha woh toh sochte hi reh gaye aur unhe pyar ho gaya... (The two people who grown up together, while learning what is friendship & while living that friendship they never have to know how, when & where they fall in love...)

To be continuing...

Precap - no Preview as I still didn't wrote it but the way I will complete it will post it as promo.

PS: I know guys u all must be waiting to know the dark past of RaYa's life which is actually gonna disclose in next for sure so just stay tune for next will update soon.

If u like this part or story plz comment on it & like the post of update... it will give me more encouragement to write also will increased the activity of forum so I request to silent readers too plz comment or else forum with close soon... so plz reply...

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Wow leena .. After long time you updated But still you left the mystery just like that 
eagerly waiting to knw that whats the mystery behind this unbearable separation . 
I love how Ram and priya craving for each other yet wants to make distance 
why priya was hurt so badly that even though she loves him she dont want him in the present 

sanraj was lovely scenes , RAYA were in so much pain .. bring back them together .. 
wiating for that 

Hope this time you will update soon 
wonderful update Clap

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