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OS Passion

Soumya and Rishab's room in KM

Sowmya thought about the function that was planned for tomorrow at the Hilton. She thought about how she and Rishabh hadn't spent quality time with each other in such a long time. She came up with a plan and smiled mischievously.

Priya's flat

Daijan was insisting that Priya come to the party. "Priya" she said" it is for Kady. She will be heartbroken if you do not come. I know why you are hesitating but please come for Kady 's sake."

Ram was talking on the phone to kady. Kady was insisting that ram come to her party. " You became my friend in Dubai" she said "and I value that very much so please do say yes, otherwise I will be very hurt."

Hilton party

Priya came into the hall very hesitantly. She wanted to wish Kady and make a quick exit. The waiter was coming with drinks. She stumbled and the drinks spilled on her dress. Daijan noticed her and advised her to go to the room that Daijan had booked for Kady in the hotel so that she could get dressed for the party. She asked Priya to go and get her clothes cleaned quickly.  Priya was smelling like she  just had a bath in wine so she quickly told Natasha to take care of Pihu so that she could ask someone at the hotel to clean her clothes.
Priya went to the front desk and asked for keys to the room 321. The hotel clerk said Mrs. Kapoor. Priya nodded. She handed her the keys. Priya went to the room and got out of her clothes and wondered what to wear. Just then she saw a couple of nightgowns hanging in the cupboard. Wondering about Kady's taste in nightclothes she slipped into one while she waited for the clean clothes.

Ram reluctantly entered the party. He did not want to see Priya and Rajat together. Just then Pihu ran to hug him with hands full of the yummy chocolate that she had just eaten. Ram's pant was totally messed up. Ram hugged his rockstar and pacified her saying that he has many pants and she does not have to feel bad. Just then Soumya, who had seen the little mishap,told ram to change in the room that she had booked for herself and Rishabh , suite 312 .  Ram went up to the room and headed straight to the washroom to change into a bathrobe  before calling hotel laundry service. As he walked into the room adjoining the washroom he saw a figure sitting on the bed. His senses suddenly awakened at the lovely sight.

"What are u doing here" he bellowed and "why are u wearing a red nightdress." 
Priya looked up from the book she was reading.  "Mr. Kapoor" she exclaimed "oh no, the front desk must have made a mistake and given me the wrong key".
 " Oh "said Ram" you were waiting for someone else? i think i can guess" looking at her up and down.
" No, no" she said " I came here to change my clothes as it got spoilt. 
"And I am suppose to believe that" said Ram angrily.
 "Oh I don't care, I am leaving, I don't want to hear any more insults." said Priya with a mixture of anger and hurt. 

As she started to head towards the door ram pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately. All the pent up love and passion of 5 long years rushed out. She responded with equal fervour as her ardour and adoration couldn 't be repressed with his onslaught. There was no thought of past or future. It was just the present, the fiery feeling of desire that coursed through them which had to be quenched. He pulled the strap of her nightgown down and kissed her shoulder and neck. With the passion was also the anger of her depriving him of this ecstacy which led him to leave marks on her body and blood on her lips. But she didn't mind, all she wanted was to feel his hands and lips all over her. They both tumbled to the bed moaning, caressing and loving one another. They were of one body, one mind and one soul at that moment. They lay entwined with each other, her head on his chest and his arms wrapped around her. Time stood still. They were at peace. Tomorrow would be another day but this moment was their's to cherish forever.
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its  hot n romanticBig smile
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Thanks for your encouraging responses. I am posting a brief update. Hope you like it.

Priya's eyes suddenly opened. She had been languishing in the warmth of Ram's embrace but reality hit her as the phone rang. She extricated herself and  answered Natasha's call and replied that she would be home soon. She turned to see ram sleeping with a smile on his face. Oh how much she loved him and his love making. She hid her head in her hands and started to cry silently. How could she have given in to her passion. In the eyes of society  Ram was another woman's husband. She had no rights on him after leaving him 5 years ago. She knew that ram loved her but he was not hers anymore. She wanted to hold him, hug him, make him put his arms around her again but her conscience would not let her shake away the feeling of guilt and shame. She opened the door of the bedroom and entered into the living area of the hotel suite where she found her cleaned dress. Priya moved silently so as to not wake Ram up and quickly exited the room.
    Ram felt a little chill. He turned around to hug his love for warmth but his hands were not able to grasp anything. He suddenly opened his eyes to find the space next to him empty. A tiny fear ran through him. He called out her name a few times and when there was no answer he realized that she had gone ;Run away again. He put his head in his hands and tried to crush the pain and anger. How could he do this to himself again. She had hurt him once already why was he foolish to fall into her trap once again.  He was on a high after their sensuous love making having visions of them together, being a happy family with Pihu. While she slept in his arms he thought of how he would pour out his heart to her, tell her that she means the world to him, that he is hers and only hers. Tell her that his so called "marriage" was just a sham to fool everyone into thinking that he was actually married. But now it was too late for all that. He again had to bear the pain of his crushed heart. She had gone leaving him alone again.  But no more , not again. He was going to take matters into his own hands. Enough of her doing what she wanted. She would do what he wanted now. He was now calm and controlled and a steely glint shone in his eyes and he walked out of the room with determination.
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nice update.. continue soon:)
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awesum update and continue soon!!!!!

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very nice what next will ram brings back priya...
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Wow! It was so hot and romantic! Embarrassed Loved the update too! Can't wait to read how Ram's gonna confront Priya.. Plz update soon!
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