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Winning him back'


Hi sweeties.. I am Pooja. Writing for the first time. Yesterday's Ram-Vik convo made me think something and I am trying to pen it down. Please tell me how it is. I know it is not the best. This forum has so many amazing writers . but please bare with me. And do like and comment. That means a lot to me'

Part 1 

Priya, Neha standing outside the Ram's room. Vikram and doctors are inside the Room. Ram is gaining consciousness.

Dr:- Welcome back Mr. Kapoor. We have removed the bullet. You are absolutely fine. Don't worry at all.

Ram:-  Thanks doctor. So when are you discharging me?

Dr:-  Sorry sir not so soon. You need complete bed rest for next 48 hrs. So discharge only after that.

Saying this Doctor goes outside leaving two best friends alone.

Ram trying to convince Vikram..

Ram:- Vikram yaar. Please tell them. I have imp case tomorrow. And I have to be there.

Vikram:- Ram no arguments. There is no case important than your life. Just stay here and take rest. Vikram denied his request completely.

Meanwhile outside the Ram's room.

Seeing dr coming out, Neha and Priya goes hurriedly towards them.

Priya: - Dr, Mr. Kapoor kaise hai? Is he alright?

Dr:- Don't worry Mrs. Kapoor. HE is perfectly fine. Just now he woke up. Don't worry. You can meet him.

Priya felt so relieved after hearing it. She thanked doctor and ran towards her life that was lying inside. But she stopped in midway at doorsteps hearing Ram and vikram's argument.

Ram was shouting on Vikram.. "I am going Vikram. Don't try to stop me." Ram tried to remove drip. But Vikram hold his hand and scolded him. "Ram baas kar yaar! Kya bachpana hai. You are hit by a bullet. Don't be so unreasonable. Take rest. You need it."

"Vikram Peehu ke custody ka case hai. I need to be there. I can't let go the opportunity."

"Ram, you have hired the best lawyers in the city for this case. They can handle the situation. And if they can't I will take you personally in the court tomorrow. Trust me. And please now take rest."

Ram looked assured at this. He just lied down and looked at door waiting for Priya.

Priya felt heart pinch hearing a convo. She is feeling lot of guilt. She couldn't take it. "No, I can't face him" she spoke to herself and ran from there. Neha and Rajat looked at her shockingly. Neha couldn't comprehend the reaction. She tried to stop Priya but in vain.

Neha went inside the room. Vikram and Ram looked at her questioningly. Both are expecting Priya to come.

"How are you fatty?" She asked with tears in her eyes. "You pagal.. agar tumhe kuch ho jata to?"

"Par hua nahi na darling. Ab rona band karo. Mai thik hun." Ram said smilingly but his eyes searching for Priya. Neha understood it. But she has no daring to break his heart once again. She was not sure why Priya left so hurriedly. Vikram was about to ask the question but then KK, Somuya and Nuts entered the room. So Vikram stopped in between.


Here Priya standing outside the hospital waiting for auto. Rajat came behind her and looking at her. But she is looking too determined. He could not understand what happened to her in just few mins. She was crying for Ram's life. And when dr told her to meet him she ran from there. What exactly is happening in her mind? He needs to know. He goes near her and tapped her shoulder.

"Priya what happened? "

"Rajat sir aap? Kuch nahi. I am fine. Ghar ja rahhi hun. Peehu akeli hai."

"Ohh.. Tum ram se mile bina ja rahi ho, thoda ajeeb laga. Isliye puch raha hun."

Priya thought for a second.

"Hmm. I will meet him but before that I need to sort few things. Let me ask you the question Rajat Sir. And I want very honest answer."

Rajat looked confused but nod a head," Ok ask Priya."

"Sir, are you in with love me?" Priya asked it too bluntly and directly.

Rajat was too shocked to react. He never expected this way. It was bouncer by Priya and he was not at all prepared. He stammered while answering.

"Priya'. Aisa kyun puch rahi ho? What happened?" He tried to beat around the bush.

But Priya was not in a mood to listen any nonsense. "Sir, please I want honest answer."

"Yes." He said it in lowered voice and Priya closed her eyes in frustration and anger. She knew she has lot many things to mend. Rajat tried to guess the Priya's reaction, but couldn't understand.

"Sir will you please leave me alone? I don't want to be with you." She said in cold voice.

Rajat had no choice than to agree with her. He left from there.

Priya stands there with weight of her own words said to Mr. Kapoor. She couldn't understand herself. What mess she has done!!!! Oh god' How she is going to sort all these things? She just closed her eyes and she saw the face of her man, defeated, hurt and jealous. She was so guilty. She wants to run from all these mess and hug Ram. But she knows first she has to do few things then only she can face Mr. Kapoor. Priya knows whatever she might be doing now, Nothing is comparable to facing bullet for a wife who dumped the man for five years. But she knows she has to try. Ram has shown his love for many times. Now it's her turn to show him that she cares for him. She loves him and she can do anything for him.

Part2 :-http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3330409&TPN=2


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amazing pls cntinue
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nice continue soon dear..
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Nice one.. Smile plss continue it...
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Continue please, sounds interesting
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wow fantastic n this is want i want in the show too
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Originally posted by lpsakshi

amazing pls cntinue

Thanks dear..Embarrassed
Will try to update before today's episode.
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Originally posted by farwasneha

wow... continue
Thanks dear..
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