MohitSanaya-Two Bodies, One Soul!

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Posted: 8 years ago

I always wanted to do a tribute to Mohit and Sanaya, as individual actors and as a jodi. So I thought about making a seperate post, one for Mohit and one for Sanaya but then thought: they are two bodies, one soul so why make two topics? Blushing So I combined all of it in one and made it a small tribute. It's Mohit's birthday and I already did one for him on his birthday thread, but this is for Mohit, Sanaya, SaJan and MoNaya. Hope I don't put you to sleep and I apologize if I do Embarrassed

Mohit Sehgal, the actor
My journey with MJHT started when I came back from work  one day and started flipping channels. I came across this amazing show called MJHT. It was the scene where Nupur is doubting Samrat's intentions and thinks Samrat wants Gunjan to wear a mini dress and he's one of "those guys". This show clicked with me immediately but more than that, Samrat was what got me hooked. His chocolate boy looks, his charm, his smile, his flirtatious habits, everything was so amazing and I fell in love with this character immediately. Not only that, it was written so well. Mohit's portrayal of Samrat was excellent. I think it's safe to say that had it been any other person playing the character of Samrat, it would not have been the same. Mohit brought life to the character like no one else could. He portrayed Samrat like no one else could. He was perfect for the role! It was like tailor made for him. As a person, Mohit is an amazing human being. You can tell. His honesty, his down to earth nature, his always present smile. He is a happy loving guy and I love that about him. You won't see him upset. He will always be smiling and the more you get to know him, the more you love him!
Sanaya Irani, the actress
 Her innocence, shyness, her brilliant portrayal of Gunjan. Sanaya is a person who I did not fall in love with immediately, I will admit. It took me some time. I absolutely loved the way she portrayed Gunjan though, especially because that character was so different from her real personality. Kahan uchal ti kudti Sanaya aur kahan bholi, bhaali Gunjan! What a vast difference, yet Sanaya gave her 100% to this show. Her acting was not flawed, she was always bang on. And till this day, even in IPK, Sanaya continues to give brilliant performances! Whether MJHT, IPK or whatever show it is, you can always count on her to give her utmost. The consistency in her performances is one of the strongest points about her an actress.  Her versatality and her ability portray any scene given to her to perfection, is another. As a person, like I said it took me some time to understand her. I am used to seeing quite, shy actresses so when I saw Sanaya and her loud nature, I was ... shocked a bit! Slowly as time went by, I began to understand that this is Sanaya. She is a bubbly, full of life girl who never sits still and is not shy in stating her opinions. She is not one to hide her feelings or thoughts. In short, she is forthright. And this is exactly what made me fall in love with her. Her honesty, her humble nature, her intelligence, her confidence, her ability to take criticism. And I don't think I've ever seen her not smile! She's an amazing human being. Someone very rightly said about her, it takes time to understand Sanaya but once you do, you just can't stop loving her!
Samrat&Gunjan-the onscreen jodi
The magic they created cannot be recreated and I have always said this. I don't know what it was about Samrat and Gunjan that will always live on. Maybe it was the purity in their love, their longing for each other when not together. The way they fought everything and everyone and found their way back to each other. Whatever it was, SaJan can never be replaced. Gunjan's trust on Samrat despite knowing how he's such a flirt, fighting with her own sister to be with the man she loves. Samrat always doing his best to make Gunjan happy, not caring about what others think about her. Their chemistry, their scenes, their jodi everything was perfect. To this day, even when I watch MJHT again, I can never get bored of their scenes. I have them memorized but still, everytime I watch, they are more magical than ever!
Mohit&Sanaya - the januables
 No matter how much is said about them, it's still not enough. They started together in MJHT. They met, became friends and it turned to more than just friendship. Mohit proposed but Sanaya waited to answer wondering if it's just attraction or real love. She took her sweet time alright! 3 MONTHS! I would have said "yes" right there and then Blushing! But we all know how intelligent our doll is and I'm glad she took the time to think and give him a long awaited 'yes'. MoNaya journey has been amazing and they have said, it's exactly like SaJan's. When SaJan would have a fight, so would MoNaya. When SaJan got together, so did MoNaya. Whatever we would see onscreen in SaJan's life would be what was happening offscreen in MoNaya's! SaJan and MoNaya have been linked.
I adore the love and the bond MoNaya share. It's not just two lovers. They are best friends and what is better than falling in love with your best friend? Mohit being the shy and introvert guy has never been like that with Sanaya. Sanaya being the loud and bubbly girl has never been like that with Mohit. Quite different from their personalities, Mohit has always been vocal about his feelings for Sanaya and Sanaya is the one who doesn't talk much about it at all. For him, it's enough to see her even smile. For Sanaya, she is not at all expressive about her feelings. She may not say it but she shows it. Actions speak louder than words don't they? She celebrated her birthday with no one else but the man she loves Wink She could have spent it with her friends, co-stars, family but she spent it with her boyfriend. The little things MoNaya do for each other are beautiful. They are two amazing people who god brought together. They have so many differences yet they are so alike. They complete each other. Two bodies, one soul Heart
 I would love if you all could also share your feelings, your thoughts about these two amazing people and add what ever you want. Embarrassed
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Posted: 8 years ago
HEy dear thanks a ton firstly for pming me 
I was thinking last day to make a monaya post n here u done it
So thank you for giving me opportunity to write about Our Januable <3 <3
                  Mohit Seghal As Samrat Shergill :

My journey started when I saw  Guy in black saying soory on stage as his friend didnt come up to sing on stage..and as he saw her glance..the naughtiness in his eyes n smile...was never less to ignore..N since then MJHT become Special for me..Yeh Zindagi song become my favourite song..n at that time i was not aware that i wil fall in love with this character.Samrat Shergill.. the one whos name is enough to convince :) 

I hated flirt nature n that why didnt liked him in was new year party when i actually got teary on hearing his convo wid nupur..n i was just like aww that yah this one we can  call a real guy .. :) n since then many ups n downs n my fav character was samrat shergill.. the reaction to any news..helping for friend...
Sarmat shergill as friend to everyone..Samrat Shergill as a bb champ n cool dude...Samrat Shergill as best friend for Gunjan..n then lover ... n An extremly loveable boyfriend...devdas avatr..omg i was actualy got impressed in season two...he was awesome in those scenes where hurt pain he showed.. I cried with Samrat...Smiled with him...Laughed with him...loved his mischievous acts..

for me in MJHT  Samrat was always my favourite beside i love Sanaya n Gunjan more even then..I m still unable to decide hehe..sometimes its samrat n some times its gunjan..but i thnk Sajan is da one who make me fall in love wid just one scene when sarmat gave him white flower on talent parade...
Now as SIdhant i am again fall in love with that chracter to whom we have to still discover..but yet as son n boyfriend/fiance.he is so much lovable..a smile apears as saw him on screen..waiting eagerly when actually we could see him in this avatar making us more crazy :)
It was sunday when i caught up with previous all epis in one go n then it started the actual journey which lasted forever <3


Like in reel Caring Loving , Mohit seghal is same...i got to knew in various interviews later..First as friend ...i adored him in real...Mohit seghal brilliant actor..the way he showed me different shades of a person...I really adore this guy :) Never came across such a genuine honest friend...n as boyfriend...n most importantly as person...recently gauri words were enough to let u know that he is so much down to earth guy...God Bless him ..
                                Sanaya Irani as Gunjan Bhushan...

Gunjan was the one who made me fall in love wid second scene as i hated indian serials always it was my czn who made me itnro wid this n it was scene from diwali night...i was not in mood may be at that time or was angry at her coz she was more interested in serial than meso i just said her to close...She had told me story in brief..n it was talent parade epi..when i said her did she sang or not ? i saw the scene when she was stuck in precape..n it was so much difficult for me to wait for next..n dat day i was first to watch lol..and i had always watched it on YT coz of not cable at home..n thats why used to wait for long indeed...n she was etheral in dat golden dress..i called out my mom n sis..this is dress i want next n i used to say after every dress gunjan wear..I loved her in dat epi...n since dn it was my craze to watch MJHT just for Gunjan...
Sanaya Irani,this girl made me go crazy..i Was obssessed with gunjan s spectaclesn i thought without them who is she..but her great photoshoot...made me fall for Sanaya irani n Mohit seghal...

.n then i looked forward towards off screen itnerviews..n was just left in aww with that girl.. bubly chirpy..decent..n straight forward...hoenst...the way she gets friendly to everyone...way with arjun or anyother co star n crew member...adorable n loveable girl..
And then beside being a friend...with Mohit..she is totally different..the honest outspoken gentle girl turn into a shy one..the blush n smile..that special one whenever she is arrond mohit or being teased by his name...aww. that made me fall in love with her again n again..she is truly best in everything..

An actrss i thnk no one need to say because she proved it ..being gunjan n then looking for her new role impatiently...
                                     Sajan My First love...
Sajan.I dont know how much i love them..that still today no day without them spent...their friendship was so much adorable..
.the way samrat got his best friend in gunjan..who discovers the real samrat...n gunjan who got his special friend...for both of them happiness of each other was more important...

the day gunjan got to know about her love for samrat...i felt my eyes teary..on just thinking ..that how much she wil be hurt on knowing he doesnt love her..or at least didnt realize yet...
the way she still managed to fulfil her promises as friend..n the way samrat trust her as friend...n supported her when she was being accussed..n dn he actually realzied n how lovingly he compansate for his mistakes in future was awesme..boyfriend n girlfriend.

.awe they were just out of world..SO oppostie yet so perfect match..gunjan s trust was commendable where at same time samrat s support for her when she neded at the most time...Sajan were hevanly couple..they took time to realize their confess it..n then even to marry Fate decided it in different way...the crippled gunjan ...dat holi scene when samrat looked after her as she is princess..omg made me teary all dat pur their love was...da way gunjan trusted him when nupur was wrong ...da way samrat supported her while doing her movie...they both realized their mistake soon...da possessive lovers...n dn second season was dreadfull
And second season made us feel passion of sajan love..da way samrat was determined to get her love back..n da way gunjan was guilty n confused...da way she loved him still she lost her sister like mother...when gunjan got him back..she made it sure to make him responsible in his life...the way they got back in memories..nothing was unchanged in their love..they were da same crazy for each other...da time she realize her mistake n tried to make it up with him..was januable...n adorable ...
THey took time in everything yet it was the most beautiful tale i ever saw n felt...The magic the inocence ...cuteness..adorable..loveable is Just cant be recreated..

.It was just beyond perfection...n touched our hearts..can never leave them...they are with me everytime i think of something really cute n adorable..seing friendship or love..i just recall sajan..i just think if sarmat had done something like gunjan n how they gona react n vice versa...m just obssessed of them so much ...that reading every story i imagine samrat n gunjan...They are my life...Watching dm daily is like habit :) the only reason of being on IF is them :) 
                                  Monaya My Craze !!
Monaya...i had wish them to be together in real life..but i never assumed them n like that..coz i had really clear vision of real n reel..n seriously i m not a match maker or all dat...thats why i never had think like that to assume them as couple..even had wished to see them in real always..coz they were first one with whom i fall in love so much ...methi churi seg i had saw later may be..i thnk...whenever i had watch them i had always adore their friendship...n had just wished of seeing dm together...but never thought that really they would...during morena track the seg was so lovable..n dn in same way the seg when Adhani had entred..i just left in aww..they are so perfect with each other...Reading their interviews...their segments...n dn da most i love is when mohit proposed her when she was in white gown...i was just speechless..till dn i heard him masti kar raha tha..n i was in tears..dat aww thats its not true.?? it should be ..Why was like incomplete dream...till mjht ended mean journey with sajan ended..first fear was Monaya..unko dekhney ko ni miley ga sath mein..but when i saw confessing video i cried..n dn my dream got completed...n then the two best friends i had got to i was seeing them as girl friend n boy friend...their segments were treat to cherish sajan too..the way they both were different individually ...n da same way each other presence effected each other just lovable to watch..the shyness of Sanaya..n Care of Mohit seghal...In love you forget the rest of world being so much involved in ur Love...Monaya is perfect example of this...NOw watching thier off screen old interviews n sajan on screen scenes its just like...Watching reel couples falling in love in Real...I watched a real life Love Story..n I feel so blessed n lucky to have monaya an intergral part of  my life ...I used to wait for valentines just coz to see their single glimpse...everthing starts with them n ends at them...They are the most perfect adorable n lovable couple...Sweetness n Cuteness is copyright of this couple... Janauable :) The word says everything...

I never looked for off screen but i remember i saw the first off screen interview later was Da same quick interview of Mohit seghal n Sanaya Irani during shot of Talent Parade..Great photoshoot n dn i got to watch new year one n dn valentines one...these were enough to made me fall in love with Mohit Seghal n Sanaya Irani...

N i got a bit shockk seeing them opposite in their real life. Mohit seghal a shy introvert personality..I never never admire any actor or guy except my Dad..So it was like okay..Sanaya irani a bubly chirpy girl ..who gets friendly with everyone...
        4/100 of monaya
They just left me awful everytime i look at them together...
Their sweet gestures we came to read n watch...their birthday surprises..valentines speical..the kinshuk marriage pic in which sanaya was wearing mohit s coat omg.. seeing them u just think u r watching a fairy tale...
The way mohit used to make her feel special by his lovable gestures sending her gifts n all that..the sweetest gesture i read of sendind special bouquet n once when sanaya mentioned about his gift at midnight 12 on her bday the special folower bouquet omg..n da sanaya gift i yell coz i do care..n da way she said in one day int dat i didnt called u so dat dont distrub ur sleep aww..n da way they used to call each other baby...felt my cheeks blushBlushing...
Just wish for them to have wonderful Life with each other...Hope to see them now soon As MR.Seghal n Mrs.Seghal <3 <3 Waiting for the day when they tye knot with each other.. 
A fairy tale which is too good to be true :) They are Amazing the way they are... A wonderful Couple having so much down to earth personality n golden pure heart...Almighty Bless them ..!!!

Hey dear thank you so much for wonderful post giving us opportunity to read about our januables n to say our love about our januables.. :) the post was wonderful indeed made me teary..Agreed to everything..hope i didnt bored u with my post lol thanks a ton. u done awesome job hats off to you...they are so januable... unhey kisi k buri nazar na lagey kbhi bhe MASHAALlah ...Hope to get them see together on screen n off screen Soon <3 <3

PICS credit goes to its maker !! Thanks a ton !!!

Marie <3
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Posted: 8 years ago
Mohit and Sanaya make such a cute couple..Embarrassed
God bless them both..Smile
Posted: 8 years ago
Awesome post!Clap
You really described each and every part so well ApproveBlushing
Posted: 8 years ago
Standing ovation to u for such an excellent post. I am going to write in detail later but I adore Mohit and Sanaya as individuals and as a jodi. I love Mohit's shy, introvert personality but I adore how he is not shy when it comes to Sanaya. He doesnt hold back one bit Blushing As a human being, as a person, as an actor, he is the best. I love Mohit!
Sanaya is the most angelic person I have ever seen. My angel Blushing She's a flawless actress, and a beautiful human being. I love how she doesnt talk about Mohit as much as he does but instead she shows it.
MoNaya are the most beautiful jodi ever, and SaJan are truly missed. They will always remain the best for me no matter what Embarrassed This is such an excellent post Embarrassed
Posted: 8 years ago
MY JOURNEY WITH SAJAN:- The very first promo of MJHT made me fall in love with Gunjan.Gunjan,a simple,sweet shy girl...Gunjan,a self-esteemed person who has not only d guts to make a person like Samrat understand d importance of studies by being so helpful,but knows very well how to avoid samrat  by distancing herself 4rm him.She was so different 4rm d girls he always saw around him.I WAS SO OBSESSED WITH HER CHARACTER that I wanted to beat Samrat whenever he caused her pain.But after Sajan's confession,I realised d beauty of this character.Sajan dwell deep down my heart.I'll always love d purity n serenity in their relationship.
 SORRY,Januable Monaya...I m helpless...i can continue like crazy...but...tum per reham aagayaWinkLOL
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Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by bonibright

Mohit and Sanaya make such a cute couple..Embarrassed
God bless them both..Smile
They do! They are beautiful together Heart
Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by romiebee2002

Awesome post!Clap
You really described each and every part so well ApproveBlushing
Awww Blushing Thank you so much!

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