** SS Rules & Regulations **

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Posted: 7 years ago
Welcome to Sensational South Forum! We sincerely hope you have a pleasent time on the forum. We would like to take this opportunity to share the rules and regulations formed specifically for this forum, which consists of various different regional languages. We kindly request everyone to go through the rules and adapt to them for the betterment and expansion of our forum. Thank you for your continuous support.
**Sensationl South Rules & Regulations**
Major Point to Note:  Forum Policing
The development Team of the section is there to deal with any issues emerging in the forum and do the needful, hence all members are simply requested to report any posts they come across rather than taking matters in their own hand.   Please simply report the topic or PM MP_Radha.
Also, please be adviced that we now have a volunteering team to coordinate various activities.  If you are interested in doing an activity, please contact the Development Team, which at the time being is MP_Radha.  We will also have a Suggestions Thread, that you could provide your ideas with and we will contact you shortly after.   Otherwise, we would have a lot of repetitive activities!
There are a lot of ideas that have been presented to us and the more appealing ones are being worked on!  We hope to have everyone's patience! 
1. Bashing vs. Constructive Criticism:
* Bashing: an act of verbal abuse or the use of foul language that can be provocative or offensive!
* Constructive Criticism: any feedback that is purely intended to improve someone else's work in future endeavors!

India-forums.com Code of Conduct strictly forbids members from bashing celebrities, the characters they portray on screen and fellow members! This includes the use of foul language, as well as any personal remarks, i.e. how the actor looks like, as they have no control over it! We welcome members to share their constructive criticism on the absurdity of the movie's story line and character, as well as to discuss the actor's talents, however, please refrain from engaging in any kind of bashing, which may have severe consequences.

2. Personal attacks and Posting harsh /hurting comments.

* Each and everyone are entitled to having their own point of view, likes and dislikes. Differences in opinions are bound to exist in a forum like India-forums.com. However, this does not permit one to attack their fellow members for not sharing the same point of view. Let us respect our fellow members and refrain from making any provocative statements, which may only lead to unnecessary quarrels. Hence any abusive, derogatory, insulting or sarcastic comments that hurt the sentiments of fellow members will be dealt with severity.


3. Multiple ID (MID)
India-forums.com Code of Conduct strictly prohibits members from having multipe IDs. Please refrain from making MIDs, especially to bash celebrities, characters and/ or member. If ever convicted with having MIDs, all except the most active ID will be inactiviated, followed by a raise in W/L to the active ID.
4. Writing in caps

The use of capital letters to write the entire sentence is forbidden!!! Please refrain from using all CAPITAL letters as it is considered to be the equivalent of shouting on the internet!

5. Quoting post /chatting


*Please refrain from quoting long posts and/or multiple posts at once, as it lengthens the posts and may also alter the codes, making it difficult for the readers. If you wish to reply to a post by someone else, simply quote the member's post and delete the parts other than the ones you wish to address. You may also use @ followed by the member's name (for example: @Ravi.: your point).

*Please refrain from chatting in the discussion threads, which are meant exclusively for the topics in discussion. However, there will be various chat threads for members to unwind in and relax!

6.  Advertising

Advertising other websites/ forums/ blogs is strictly prohibited on India-forums.com.

7. Repeated Topics

Please avoid posting the same article/ topics/ movie review more than once. We kindly request everyone to check the section (through the search feature) if the article/ topic/ movie review you intend to post has already been posted or not prior to proceeding.

Please make use of the various common threads, such as Creativity Thread, Introduction Thread, various Actor Fan Club in SS section.

8. Report Button

If you come across any issue on the forum that may require immediate attention, please use the REPORT button to report to the development team rather than trying to solve the matter yourself. The development team will look into the matter as soon as possible!

9. Important Thread Verification: Given that we have a team of volunteers who are already coordinating with the Development Team members to bring forth various activites as well as birthday threads, we would kinly appreciate if the members could contact MP_Radha if they wish to do a particular thread!
All Birthday Threads based on the new calender will be opened by the Volunteer Team, however, if you wish to offer a helping hand please contact MP_Radha ahead of time. This way we can ensure no one's effort goes in vain. On the other hand, our team will also contact any close friends of the birthday members in advace to organize a treat!
If you have any ideas or suggestions, please post them in the Suggestion/ Feedback/ Helpdesk thread! We'll be glad to help you make the thread to be posted by you, if the idea is welcomed by majority.
We hereby request our members to abide by the rules. If anyone breaks the rules, the Development Team will give a verbal warning. If the member continues to break the rules, they will receive a written warning via Private Message from the Development Team, followed by subsequent raises (20% at a time) in warning meter! If the warning level reaches up to 100%, it automatically leads to a BAN! The Development Team members are always available to help you.
Please feel free to contact any one of us with any genuine problems or issues. We will get back to you at the earliest. We wish you all a pleasant journey here, and have a great time interacting and making new friends here.

Thank you!!!

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