OS From precap of where ram hears rajats conversa

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OS  From precap of where ram hears rajats conversation with priya of the hospital


Ram hears what rajat said. He couldn't wait another minute. He rushed to his car started driving to the hospital. Getting nostalgic and remembering those BC scare days. He is angry with her for leaving him but he cant loose her again.

While driving and talking to himself. " Ram you threw her out of your life and now you want to throw her out of your daughters life too. Then why are you worried. " " I don't know  what I want anymore, but I know I can not loose her again. I cannot live without her." " But You are living without her Ram " " Yes she is not present in my life or my house, but there is one place from where I have no right to throw her out from. " " Yes I know you have no control over me. But right now because of your actions I have no control over myself. Sometime you listen to your brain and sometimes me. Who do you really want to follow ? " " When I say the word Priya you are the first one reminding me how much I love her. You beat harder and stronger than I have ever felt you beat. I don't know what I want. But I know one thing, I can not loose her again. " And just then he snaps out of his thoughts. After Priya was gone he often would talk to himself. And it always felt to him that his heart was this different soul inside him. He could question and argue with it. He decides to call Vikram to ask him if he knows where Neha is.

Vik : Hi Ram. Bol kaisa hai tu.

Ram : Vikram Neha kaha hai ?

Vik: Who Priya ke caf mein hogi. Madam business kar rahe hai na Priya ke saath. Kyun kya hua ?

Ram : Priya City hospital mein hai. Mujhe aisa lag raha hai jaise use kuch hua hai. Neha uske saath hi hogi.

Vikram : Mein bhi waha pahuchta hoon. Don't worry ok ?

Ram : Thanks yaar.

After a while Ram and Vikram reach the hospital and just then Rajat also reaches there. They all go in together. Ram is really furious to see Rajat there.

Rajat : Ram tu yaha kaise?

Ram : Kyun mein nahi aa sakta?

Rajat : Arre nahi aisa nahi hai. Par tujhe kaise pata chala ki Priya yahan hai ?

Ram : Tujhe phone pe baat karte sun liya.

Rajat : Oh to ab tu mere phone calls bhi sunne laga.

Ram : Rajat can we not talk about this right now. As you know Priya is here and I would really like to save all my energy for her.

Rajat : Sure this way I got her a VIP room.

Ram : Vikram Go to the reception and fill up the form AGAIN and get the billing on my name.

Vikram : Yup on my way. Tu ja kar Priya ko dekh pehle.

Ram :  Gives a check mate look to Rajat starts going to her room.

Neha is sitting outside with Kady and they are waiting for the Doc to finish her dressing.

Ram : Kya hua Priya ko ?

Neha looks at him and gets surprised. Arre fatty tu yahan kaise ?

Ram : Neha what is wrong with Priya ?

Neha : Arre from past few days she has been worried dead for the custody, so she was pouring expresso coffee in a mug and absent mindedly she burnt her hand. Jyada kuch nahi hai. She will be fine.

Ram : What jyada kuch nahi hai. She has burnt her hand and you are saying jyada kuch nahi hai. Heights yaar Neha. I am going in.

Ram enters the room and she sees her hand. The top skin of her palm is completely burnt and the doctor is taking the dead skin of her hand. And she screams. Ram rusher to her side and holds her other hand.

Ram : Priya, Idhar dekho don't look that side. Look at me.

Priya gets shocked to see him there but at the same time she is thankful that He is there. She holds his hand tight while the doc finishes the dressing.

Priya : Aap Kyun aaye yahan par?

Ram  stares in her eyes and she does not ask a question after that. Just then Priya screams Ouch. Ram shouts at the Doc, Doc can you please frigging pay attention.  

Doc : Her burns are a little deep she needs Anti biotics. I will give her one injection right but then she will be very sleepy.

Priya : No Doctor I have a lot of work to do. Aap mujhe tablets de dijiye mein raat ko khal loongi. My daughter will be coming home now and I have to go and pick her up also.

Ram  : Doc please give d injection. He looks at Priya with those fiery eyes and she knows its best to just shut up. While the doctor checks the injection for bubbles Ram looks at the d needle and holds Priya's hand really tight.

Ouchhh Mr. Kapoor its for me not for you. Stop breaking my working hand yaar. Ram : Sorry Sorry.

Ram : Doctor ek hi injection haina ?

Doc : Mr. Kapoor I have to give two.

Ram : Doctor aap log itna aage badh gaye hai technologically par abhi bhi yeh baba adam ke zamaane ka injection ka koi aur solution nahi invent kiya.

Priya  :  Mr. Kapoor can you let him finish it. I need to go home also.

Ram : Yaah sorry doc. Ho gaya ?

Doc : Yes its done. But Ms. Sharma

Ram : no Mrs. Ram Kapoor

Doc : Oh ok. Mrs. Kapoor please make sure you rest now for atleast few hours. The anti biotics are strong and you will be dizzy.

Ram : Don't worry I will take care of her.

Doc : Mrs. Kapoor aapne morning se kya khaya hai ?

Rajat comes in and intervenes. Doc Priya ne morning se kuch bhi nahi khaya hai. Infact kal se kuch nahi khaya hai.

Ram : Rajat excuse tumhe kaise maloon hai yeh sab.

Rajat : Because I call her often to make sure she is taking of herself along with Peehu.

Ram : Ooohhh good friend huh

He looks at Rajat as if he wants to kill him right there with injections.

Rajat : Wo kya hai aur kisiko to uski padi nahi hai. Naa uski maa ko aur na hi uske…Ahem ahem anyway. Priya come I will drop you.

Ram : Oye Hello. Mein kya yaha ward boy banne ayaa hoon.

Rajat : Nahi tu ward boy kaise ban sakta. Tujhe toh injections se itna dar lagta hai ki…and he starts chuckling.

Ram : Ok Ok. Priya I will take you home. Come on let me help you get up.

Priya : Oh thank you aap dono ko yeh to yaad ayaa ki mein bhi isi room mein hoon. What about Peehu. Ram : Rishabh and Soumya will pick her up don't worry. Chalo abhi.

Ram holds her good hand and makes her get up and he gives her support while she is walking.

They come out while Vikram finishes the discharge and payment.

Vikram : Ram tu kyun use le jaa raha hai. Neha will take her home don't worry. Tu chal tujhe custody case ke liye kaam hoga na. ( Taunting ram with a smirk on his face )

Ram : Looks at Vikram and just takes priya in d car. Makes her sit and starts driving without saying a word to others.

Priya is sweating with pain but not saying anything. Ram keeps looking at her and he notices she is sweating. He is sure she is in pain. He stops the car and takes his hanky and wipes her face. Then holds her good hand in his hand and starts driving again.

Priya : Mr. Kapoor aap yeh sab kyun kar rahe hain ?

Ram : Says nothing just keeps driving.

Soon they reach home. And there is the monkey Rajat also behind them in his car. By now Priya is already dizzy. Ram helps her out and she feels very weak right now cause of the anti biotics and no food. Ram notices it and takes her in his lap. To his luck the lift is working. He walks to the lift with her in his lap and cant press the button.

Rajat : May I ?

Ram : looks irritated but he needs his help too. Rajat quietly presses the button and they both take her to her house. Ram takes her to her bedroom and makes her lie down.

Ram : Tum yaha se hilogi bhi nahi. You understand that.

Priya : Aap itna gussa kyun kar rahe hai mujh par ?

Ram looks at Rajat standing right behind him.

Ram : Ahem Rajat this is her bedroom. She is Okay I am here to take care of her now. You can leave.

Rajat : Priya are you ok ?

Priya : Sir you carry on I will be Okay. Mr. Kapoor you can also leave if you wish.

Ram : Priya shut up and lie own. Rajat come I will leave to the Door.

Ram see offs Rajat and comes back in the room. He notices she is very weak and he remembers She has not eaten anything. He quickly calls Westin and orders everything she likes.

In few minutes the order is at the door step. After all its Ram Kapoor's order. He takes the order and puts some food in a place with a glass of juice and goes inside.

Priya is sleeping by then. He thinks she has to eat before she sleeps. He wakes her up and makes her sit properly. He tries to feed her but she insists she will eat on her own. She tries to but she cant hold with her left hand.

Ram : Zaroori hai yeh sab karna abhi. Can you please just let me feed you. Open your mouth.

He feeds her food and then hands her a glass of  watermelon juice.

Priya : I like Orange juice Mr. Kapoor

Ram : I know that. Citrus is not good right now. So just drink this.

Priya  drinks the juice. Ram goes to put the plates back and comes back inside. Sits next to her on the bed. Priya is still sweating in pain. Ram wipes off the sweat. And holds her hand.

Ram : Priya try to sleep please. Pain will be less if you sleep.

Priya : I am trying but the burn is still burning.

Ram  goes closer to her and holds her by shoulder. Makes her lie down in his lap.

Ram : Ab thik hai.

With a smile she says yes. This was a bliss.

He puts his hand on her head caressing her. And in no time Priya is fast sleep. Ram looks at her hand and he feels very sad. Somewhere he feels that because of him this happened. He wants to hug her sooo tight but cant. His ego which is converted to anger stops him. And ram also sleeps while sitting up.

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hay... kya os hein yaar.. kaash aisa hotha...
grrr.. i l kill this haddi...
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Posted: 2012-11-28T00:41:34Z
Awesme!! No words to explain!
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i loveit ram jealouse bhi and caring bhiBig smileBig smileBig smile poor soul Embarrassedwhat he do that rajat out of priya lifeWinkWink
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Posted: 2012-11-28T00:48:11Z
Hey that one was cute ... 
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Posted: 2012-11-28T00:48:25Z
Oye wat a superb OS... Thanks for wonderful OS... Plz plz plz plz continue..
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Posted: 2012-11-28T00:56:55Z
Thanks to all for reading. Will update sooonish
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Posted: 2012-11-28T01:05:55Z
Heyyy really awww OS.

Sigh so bady wanted this TLC fr PK by RK...asal mein to mila nahin. But yu made my wish come true.

Thanks a ton
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