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thnx. Hug
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Written updates <MY WAY>

Last episode 

The episode starts wid DC going to Mandhari mata. She tells dat sum1 very close to him n whose name starts wid 'M" s gonna betray him. Tejal n dc reach home . DC in thots. 

Tejal says ur frend 'Mahesh' (doctor) mite betray u.
Here MK in room n she was about to leave for sum work. Shashwat comes n tells her , that they r going to Honeymoon. Shashwat very happy wid d news of her pregnancy.
MK going n DC holds her hand.
MK n DC fight over money. MK says i m going to give money to rahul . DC says: who is Rahul. MK says ,u dun even know the name of the guy who made ur daughter pregnant. 

She s very upset.
Suddenly lights are on. Tejal , sushi n entrie family standing.
tejal confronts her n tells every1 dat MK was d one who was creating Misunderstandings in the family. Shaswat crying. He says :'What s d problem MK..i loved u , trusted u 

blindly  n dis s wat u returned'
Sanki gives a big lecture to MK. 

Then MK breaks down. She had a tragic past. Her mom left her wen she was young . She says:'My mom left me for sum other rich man..i was brought up by my father , who is 

a thug. I always learnt d chapters of Betrayal, Hatred . After my mom , i trusted rahul after my mom n he also betrayed me. He left me wen i needed him. I m not at all 

ashamed of wat i did because i learnt dis thing from d whole world.'

DC tries to run but he s stopped by aniket. 
Here MK goes to her room n starts packing her luggage. B4 she cud leave , she suffers from sever stomach ache. Every1 comes n herlps her out. She realizes d true meaning of 

love n affection. 

Next day:
MK was about to leave. Shashwat comes n infrms every1 that he tried a lot to stop her , but she s  adamant on going. MK comes with her bag. She says :'I dont even deserve 

to touch my elder's feet n take ur blessings' Nikhilesh stops him . 
Followed by nikoo , Binoy n sushi also try to stop him .

Finally Sanki comes n says:(I loved her dialogs, at this point); ' No 1 will stop her, MK want to repent for her mistakes but ...MK u know y dese people are trying to stop u 

..because dey r a family which is nurtured by love, affection , trust. ' (Mk crying). Sanki further says:'MK , dese words are meaningless for u ..but dey r very important. I 

know u were not given a right upbringing but God gave u a chance to meet dis family n to b happy always. U mk missed dat chance once. Do u seriously want to miss it another 

time ...I think u shud not go.'
MK breaks down . She runs n hugs Sanki . 
Sushi tejal Join d hug session .

1 year later,:

Tejal in her room , She shouts n says:'Bhabhi maa i cant prepare breakfast today.'
Sushi :'Tejal ben i m also busy'
MK says :'Bhabhi dun worry ..i will try to cook breakfast.'
Forum:'No ,.wen mk bhabhi prepares breakfast...sumthing go wrong.'

MK upset about it but Sanki consoles n says :'No MK will prepare Breakfast...sum day she will b a gr8 cook'
MK very happy. 
Here Binoy - sushi romancing in dere room. 

Tejal comes with 2 cradles. In one a boy was dere n in other a girl.
Boy was Shashwat's son.
Girl is Kanishka ...Binoy sushi 's child.

Tejal :'Shashwat ur son always cries.' Shashwat:'No my son cries wen u cum in front of him'

Here Aniket become a superstar, forum is working as his secretary. Shashwat running after aniket for n interview. 

Aniket very busy. Shashwat pleading for a interview.

Here MK again ruins breakfast.
Every body laughs.

Every1 sings n dances on EDKHPH Title track n hence a happy ending.

[FLASH Width=50 Height=30]http://www.freefileconvert.com/converted/50a799f76b654/Happy_Ending__BollyExclusive.com_.swf

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Posted: 2012-11-17T11:48:36Z
Its really painful to know that the serial is over. Talented cast , started with high pitch but ended at no where. Writers and crew should be blamed for this.  However, thanks debalina and tani for nice written updates.
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Posted: 2012-11-17T13:18:47Z
Thanks Debalina n Tani for WU...This was indeed a good serial,but spoiled in between,but still better than other serials which is  running. Edited by Beena_g - 2012-11-17T13:18:48Z
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Posted: 2012-11-17T13:23:08Z
Thnxx for the written update

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Posted: 2012-11-18T05:46:26Z
U all are welcome.. Tongue
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Posted: 2012-11-18T23:21:26Z
thanks for the full and final update :D

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