OS:Ke dil kare haye! 'End Part' pg.13 (30/11/12)

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Hello! I am writing the OS for the 1st time but will try to complete this in two parts. The scene starts with Thursday's precap (father & daughter are snoring). Loved the precap so felt like writing something on it. Waiting for your comments.Kyon ki next part commens pe depended hain. LOLEmbarrassed 

Part-2 on pg. 4
Part-3 on pg. 7

Priya enters in the room & to her surprise; the beautiful sight is waiting for her. Her face beams with joy, her smile gets wider & wider. Her little princess is sleeping peacefully next to her Golu Papa who is also looking more peaceful in the sleeping mode than he would look otherwise nowadays, she thinks. She feels her increased heartbeats as her eyes remain transfixed looking at Ram- Peehu while simultaneously observing their snoring. The father - daughter are still in their deep sleep; their synchronized snoring has stunned Priya. Since Peehu's birth, Priya knows that her daughter is exact replica of Ram. She had always happily amazed at every moment when Peehu had behaved like her father or shown  likes-dislikes which are exactly like Ram though being away from him. Those were the moments Priya missed Ram the most, only she could do was tried to imagine how Ram would have reacted on those instances when seeing his daughter reflecting his behavioral to eating patterns. So much likeness in father & daughter!          Here for the 1st time she is watching her two Polar Bears snoring together. The sweet memory with Ram when she took the snoring video of him stealthily, flashed in her mind which brought a naughty smile to her face. 

 Unknowingly her eyes searched for her cell phone, she started to shoot a video. At the same time Ram's phone beeps & his eyes open at the sound. Priya nervously tries to hide the phone, pretending she came there just before he woke up.  Rubbing his eyes Ram sits resting his back against the bed backrest.

Priya: Good morning!

Ram: (Looking at Peehu who is still sleeping) Humm! Good morning! (Couldn't hold his smile looking at snoring Peehu)

Priya: Did you sleep well? 'Pillows' comfortable the na? (Caringly)

Ram: Hummm'I slept late though the 'Pillows' were comfortable.

Priya: Meine AC on rakha tha.

Ram: Ha lekin AC ke koi problem nahi thi.

Priya: (Thinks Ram is not happy) Sorry, who Peehu thodi stubborn hai. Aapko uss ke zidd ke wajah se yahan rukna padha. (Face saddens)

Ram: Don't complain. Meri bacchi ke khushi kay liye mein kuch bhi kar sakta hun.

Priya: (Goes towards Peehu, sits on the other side of bed) Mein jaanti hun. (Starts to wake her up ) Peehu! Peehu beta utha jaao. Aap school kay liye late ho jaaogi. (Slowly holds her in her arms)

Ram: Ohh  God! Time kya hua hai? (Picking up his wristwatch from the side table looks for the time)

Tum mujhe utha nahi sakti thi? Mein bhi office kay liye late ho sakta hun. (Sulking)

Priya: Mujhe lagga aap naraaz ho jaayengay.Aur socha waise bhi itnay perfectionist ho toh apanay cell phone pe alarm fix kiya hoga(Caresses Peehu's head who is still half asleep)

Ram: 5 saal mein kya kuch nahi badla par yeh taaney maarney ki aadat nahi gayi.

Priya: Aadatein toh aap ki bhi nahi badali, abhi bhi kharatein letay ho. Laggta hai Peehu iss liye abhit tak uthi nahi hai. Shayad aap ke kharatonke wajah se.

(Ram interrupts her)   

Ram: (Blurts) Mujhe neend nahi aa rahi thi, Peehu kay kharatonse. (Realizes he is complaining, bites his tongue, lowers his gaze) Mein 'Complain' nahi kar raha hun par yeh roz aisehe puri raat bhar kharatein leti hai?(Looking at  Priya)

Priya: Haa..aur mujhe aadat ho gayi hain. (Looking into his eyes) Yeh 'Kharatein' na ho toh mujhe neend nahi aati hai. (Lowers her gaze)

Their eye lock continues for some time. Both get lost remembering the past memories of them with Ram's snoring habit. Something strikes to him.   

Suddenly, remembers Priya's image (who was holding her mobile phone) when he was waking up today.

 Ram: (Suddenly bends near her grabs Priya's arm) Meray sawal ka jawab nahi diya? Kyon rakha tha 'fast'? (Making an intense eye lock)

Priya: (Holding half asleep Peehu) Meine kahan na aap jiss wajahse yahan aaye the ussi wajahse fast rakha tha.

Ram: Ok. I believe that.

Priya: (Amused) Kya? I don't know what you are thinking Ram.

Ram: Tum apnay liye toh kabhi kuch karti nahi ho.'Fast' bhi kisi ka mann rakhne kay liye rakha hoga.

Priya: Daadiji aur mummyji sargi lekar aayi thi iss liye (Lies)   

Ram: Mein Peehu kay bulaney par yahan aaya tha.

 Priya: (Her eyes fills with tears, she lowers her gaze) Mein jaanti hun aap Peehu kay liye yahan aaye the.

Ram: (Tries to keep his voice low but his pain & anger evident) are you sure? Tumne Daadi aur mummy ka mann rakhne kay liye 'fast' rakha tha?

Are you sure?  Kal mein sirf Peehu ki wajahse yahan aaya tha?  (Slightly tightening his hold)

Priya: Mr. Kapoor you are hurting me. (Shouts in pain trying to keep her voice low)  

Priya tries to move away her hand from his tightening grip making Peehu wake up. Ram still holding Priya's arm & Ram 'Priya lost in each other's eyes unaware of Peehu.

Peehu: Papa aapko alu-paratha accha laggta hai na? (Rubbing her eyes) Morning breakfast!

Ram:  Rockstar tum toh papa kay baarey mein sab jaanti ho. (Moves away his hand which was holding Priya's arm)

Peehu: Kyon ki mein aap ke jaise hun na. (Looking upward at Priya) Mummyne aap ki sab baatein kahi hai. Hain na mummy?

Priya: (Kisses on Peehu's forehead) Haa..mera baccha! aap bilkul papa jaise ho (Smiles then stares at Ram)

Ram keeps looking at both.

Peehu: Papa agar hum yuhi baatein kartey rahain toh phir school kay liye late hongay (Starts to get up hastily)

Priya: Arre Peehu sambhal kay'

Peehu: (Turns around after reaching at the door) Ohhh'mein ek important baat bhul gayi.

Papa aap ko mummy ka ghar matlab humara 'House' accha lagga? (Comes back & stands near Ram)

Ram: Haa..rockstar'(showing thumps up) aur Peehu hai who ghar papa ke liye special he hoga.

(Takes her closer by his hands)

Peehu: Papa aap mujhe milney yuhi aaogay na? Mujhe accha lggta hai jabb aap humare saath hotey ho(Both Ram & Priya looks at each other)

Ram: (Looking at Peehu) Hey Rock star! Papako bhi aap kay saath accha laggta hai. Tumhe jab bhi Papa ki yaad aayegi Papa run-run karkay aap kay pass aa jaayegay (Kisses on her forehead, she runs to get ready for the school before that hugs him looking at Priya with beaming face)



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loved the mng convo n haaye itne saare eyelocksEmbarrassed n hand holding hands tooBig smile very cute next part jaldi jaldi n plz let priya know abt ram's vrat tooEdited by ramsakshiroxxx - 2012-11-17T01:47:29Z
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Posted: 2012-11-17T01:51:33Z
Awww that was superb dear ... when he hels her arm i hought he is about to ask for her mobile .. LOLLOL LOL
But he asked about the answer from her .. too good Trupti ji ..waiting for next one and you always surprised me with the update ...
and update your FF tooo
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awesoem... waiting waiting :p
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Posted: 2012-11-17T02:14:07Z
Haaye...Day DreamingThat was an awesome OS Trupti...HeartLoved the convo between Ram and Priya...HeartYou have done a fab job yaar...HugPlzzz continue ASAP...ClapClapClap
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Posted: 2012-11-17T02:43:53Z
Pm me when you update !
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Posted: 2012-11-17T02:51:23Z
Lovely FF Clap

Continue soon Smile wanna know what's next... Smile

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Posted: 2012-11-17T02:51:45Z
awsome update dear.. luvd there convo.. wen he hold her hands i thout he ws searching 4 the fone.. continue soon...
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