OS: Jab Mile Thodi Fursat, Mujhse Karle Mahobbat ;

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Hiya!! Big smileWink So I'm back with another OS as happy as I am with the little confrontation between RaYa on yesterdays episode It still didn't totally live up to my expectations especially with all the promos and updates that it was going to be a dhamaka things were still missing... I thought of possible things that could've happen and then I spent ALOT of time on youtube watching old episodes and fell in love with all the cute scenes!! THERES SO MANY! LOL I realize now that January was the month of cute scenes!!! Anyways here's a little something from me starting from KC scene including a few cute scenes from the past Wink Hope you guys like it!! Embarrassed (Excuse my hindi it sucks lol)

The scene starts from when Ram tells priya that he married ayesha only for her and priya tells ram that she too did all this only for him..

As priya turns to get something from the table ram grabs her wrist.
Ram: You didn't tell me why you kept this vrauth
Priya: (looking deep into his eyes; reading them) I am fasting for the same reason that you're here to break it..
Priyas eyes filled with tears and Ram relaxes his facial expressions just staring at her. Both lost in a eye lock. Words and feelings that they have both been wanting to express to each other for so long have found their own way to express themselves. A lonely tear escapes from priyas eye which brings her back to reality. She loosens rams grip on her wrist and wipes her tear, looks up at the moon, she turns to the table and picks up the thaali with the sweets and lota of water and turns back to Ram.
Priya: the moon is still out lets break your fast too and go inside
Ram: (Stunned) what? what makes you think im fasting? (looks at the thaali in her hand)
Priya: (gives him a I-Know-All look) Mr.kapoor.. Ive told you 5 years ago and i'll tell you again.. from the day we got married all I have ever done was notice you. When you're happy I notice the glow in your eyes, when you're mad I notice your hands instantly fist, when you get shy not only does your face show it but even your ears... (she take her ring finger and dabs it into the tikka part on the thaali and puts a tikka on his forehead) and when you lie.. you avoid eye contact but even before u said anything I read it in your eyes because your eyes speak louder than your words...Day Dreaming
Priya takes the lota of water and gives him a sip of water, both staring at each other with more love than ever before. She's about to break a piece of ladoo to feed him but then stops and looks up at him. Ram still staring at priya with tears in his eyes seeing the love she still has for him after all these years. She takes the full piece of ladoo and feeds him it 
Priya: I could only imagine how you've spent the day without eatingLOL
She teases him trying to loosen up the atmosphere, they both giggle and smile at each other. Pihu seeing her parents smiling with each other was a definite first for her. she walked up to her parents.
Pihu: Happy Karva Chauth papa! (Holds both ram and priyas hands) Chalo aaj raath aap humare saath hi rahenge mumma ne na bauth saara khanna banaya hai aur mamma ne kaha hai ki mujhe alu ki paratha bhi kelonge aur voh bhi extra makhan ke saath!!!
Ram stares at priya in surprise and also waiting to see her reaction to him staying over.
Priya: aree pihu!! When did I say that! I made a lot of food yes and alu paratha I have to make but only one paratha and ex-tra makhan?! 
Ram laughs and priya gets irratted at his reaction
Pihu: but mamma todays kc right? In dubai you said that after you see the moon and break your fast you eat all of papas favorite food which is also my favorite food which includes alu paratha and that to WITH extra butter!
Priya: pihu- 
Priya was about to continue the argument further when ram cut in
Ram: laughs and says ok ok stop fighting you two! Remember what pihu said "No shouting no fighting, only smiling and only hugging" he picks up pihu in his arms and holds out his hand for priya she hesitantly tells them to go ahead while she grabs the pooja stuff.

They enter priyas house pihu all the way from the roof top of the building to the apartment kept talking non-stop showing her excitement of all the things they're going to do 
Priya: bas bas pihu! kitne baathe karte ho app go quickly change into your nighty its almost your bed time and you still have to eat dinner too go go quickly mumma is very hungry aur aap ke papa ki pet mein na chuwe dhor rahe hai 
priya giggles and so does pihu "ha-ha very funny" says ram. Pihu goes into her room to change Priya tells Ram to have a seat while she quickly sets the table and makes the parathas but before she does she'll bring him a glass of water.
Ram: umm.. Priya? 
Priya: Ji?
Ram: pihu said to sleep over but.. well.. I mean if.. you know.. (hesitating not knowing what to say)
Priya: (smiles) Mr.kapoor its okay. I don't mind after all aap hi ki beti hai you two can sleep in pihus room and ill sleep in nehas room tonight she said she won't be back til tomorrow morning because the kids really wanted her stay and spend time with her.

With that she leaves and goes toward the kitchen. Ram stands with a slight smile on his face watching her walk away. He sits on the couch priya brings him a glass of water and starts to quickly makes the parathas and set the table, Meanwhile Ram watches her intently from the living room lost in his thoughts about all that just happened not that long ago...

They all sit down to eat dinner Priya serves both pihu and ram and then takes her own food out and all start eating together. Laughing, joking, pihu telling ram about everything and anything that comes to mind shes so excited her papas staying the night over, both ram and priya glancing at each other every now and then and quickly looking away when the other catches them. Priya starts to feed pihu her food as shes talking too much and not eating she wipes pihus mouth with a cloth

Priya: okay pihu its really late now go quickly brush your teeth and wash up get ready for bed 
pihu: but mamma I don't want to sleep I want play with papa
Ram: pihu beta look mamma is right its quite late and you have school in the morning and papa has to go to the office and mamma has to go to the cafe and plus I'm not going anywhere Ill always be here whenever you want to play

Pihu still doesn't want to sleep but reluctantly gets up and goes. Priya starts to clear the table and ram helps her Priya tries to tell him to leave it as she'll do it all but Ram insists and priya gives in she tells him to empty the dish washer while she packs the food away in the fridge. Each dish ram picks up he asks "where does this go?" "and this one?" "whats this? and where does it go" while making loud noises as the dishes bang and clink together. Overwhelmed with the constant questions and noises and fear of her dishes breaking shes quickly puts all the food away in the fridge and turns to help ram just then Ram turns around with a few handis in his hand looking helpless and afraid to ask her where to put these again Priya smiles at his cute antic pulls out a step stool and tells ram that the rest go up on the top shelves she'll put them away he just has to pass them to her. Ram finally grabs the last pot and goes to priya and hands her it she puts it away. She leans back a little bit to close the cupboard door but looses her balance, lets out a tiny scream but of course she falls right into the arms of Ram. Her eyes shut tight and her hands gripped tightly on his blazer Ram lost in her beauty and the closeness, his feelings come rushing back to him. Priya slowly opens her eyes and looks up at Ram his arms wrapped around her securing her from falling. Their faces just a couple inches away from each other gazing into each other eyes (BG plays: In Dino- Life in a metro). Ram bring his hand up to her face to move her bangs away from her face. The closeness, the touch, the feeling. Priya stands properly and unfists her hands on his blazer flat on his chest coincidentally her left hand rests a little on his heart, she could feel the beat of it racing. Still neither of them took their eyes away from the others. 5 long years later here they were, in each others arms, where they belong where they fit in the best, where the world stands still and all that matters is them, Ram-Priya. Ram brings the back of his hand to her face and caresses it from temple down her cheek slowly and cups her chin inbetween his index finger and thumb slowly closing the distance inbetween. Priya closes her eyes "v-voh pihu" she says slowly, hesitantly and barely audible. Ram freezes and priya slowly opens her eyes to meet Rams gazing down at her they slowly break apart and look at each other

Priya: (thinking) How much i've missed being in your arms Ram, only I know. Jab mera haath aap ke dil pe rakhi thi muje acche lagta hai. Main janthi hoon ki aap mujse bhooth naraaz hai lekin mein yeh bhi janthi hoon ki aap jithne nafraat karthi hoon usee bhi kahin zaada pyaar bhi karthi hoon. Aur maine yeh bhi expect kiya hai ki kabhi na kabhi kisi na kisi din aap mujse yeh kahenge ki haan priya tum meri zindagi ka hissa tha, hissa hai aur hamesha hi mera zindagi ki hissa ragonge. In paanch saalo mein mere har din ki shuruvat aur mere har din ka anth aap ki hi naam se tha. Maine kaha tha ki koi aap ke saath de ya na de main aap ki saath hamesha doonge aur hamesha aap ki saath rahonge aap ki dil mein.. Lekin Chakar bhi mein aap ke paas nahi aa sakti kyunki aap ab meri nahi ho... chahe mera dil ya aap ka dil ek doosre se hi juda hai saach toh yeh hai ki aap ab kisi aur ke saath bhi juda hai.

Mamma!! Papa!! Pihu yells with her hands on her hips they both come back to reality look at her, both of you kept telling me its time to go pihu, its time to change pihu, its time eat, its time to sleep, jaldi jaldi, and here I am fed, washed, clean, changed and I brushed my teeth all alone too and ive been standing here for so long kab se dekta hoon aap dono ko! Ek dosre ki dekte hi rahonge ya soyenge bhi?! Aap dono ko muje yaad hi nahi raha (she pouts)

Ram and Priya smile at their cute little chota packet taken back by her choice of words and the wonder how long they've been standing there for. Both walk over to pihu quickly comforting her Ram says "aree app toh hum dono ki gudiya rani hai" as he bends down on his knees. Priya also gets down on her knees and holds pihus shoulder and says "sorry meri maa! how can we forget you? Aap toh mummy papa ka pyari si pari hai na?" 
Pihu: Ok ok bas! Mera Naam Pihu hai aur Ab chalo bhi! Muje sona hai aur kahani bhi sun na hai chalo!

She takes Ram and priyas hands in hers and drags them up to stand and into her room. She climbs into bed and pats down each side "mumma aap ee side pe aur papa aap ee side pe" Ram and priya stare at her and then at each other dumbstruck 
Priya: but pihu if mummy papa both sleep here where will happy and tiger sleep? Although ram doesn't want priya to sleep somewhere else he nodds in agreement
Pihu: I've already put Tiger and happy to sleep in neha auntys room I want to sleep with both of you please mumma ppleaaseee
Ram and priya look at each other wondering what to do. Ram doesn't want priya to leave but he doesn't want to force her nor say anything and priya doesn't want to sleep alone without pihu nor does she want to sleep in another room away from ram when hes so close to her in her presence she wants to live in the moment but she doesn't trust herself. But seeing pihu so adamant they give in. They slip into bed with pihu and she grabs Ram and priyas hands into hers she entwines her right hand into rams right hand and her left hand into priyas left hand holding it close to her heart. Ram and priya see the longing in her eyes and the happiness this moment has brought their daughter they couldn't even describe the feeling they were having at this moment. They forget everything and cuddle in closer to their daughter kissing her cheek. Priya begins the bedtime story of Rajkumar and rajkumari. Pihu dozes off to sleep instantly, priya doesn't notice until she hears a small snore she looks at pihu and sees her fast asleep with her mouth slightly open, she smiles at her cute little daughter when suddenly she hears a much louder snore overtaking pihus, she looks at ram stunned and couldn't help but laugh at both father and daughter snoring away looking at them in complete awe "Jaise baap waise beti" she thought. She kisses pihus forehead snuggles into bed closer to pihu staring at ram while he sleeps and slowly she too drifts off to sleep.

Its 6am the next morning and pihu wakes up first she sees her mumma and papa still sound asleep. Ram on his back and priya still sleeping on her right side. She notices that she tossed and turned in her sleep as her head rested on rams stomach slowly moving up and down and her legs on priyas waist and they've left no more room inbetween for her to go back in the middle on the verge of crying as shes still tired and wants to sleep but isn't comfortable she hears the sounds of keys jingling afar and then the sound of a door open and then struggling to close she gets worried as tears fill her eyes just as shes about to wake up her parents her room door opens and she see neha standing in the door way. Nehas shocked at the scene but couldn't be more happier she then looks at pihu who looks like shes about to burst out crying she quickly goes into the room and holds her hands out to pihu and takes her into her arms and takes her out of the room just as shes about to close the door she turns back and looks at ram and priya as they both unknowingly move closer to each other at the loss of warmth that was inbetween them ram moves his hands around priyas waist and priya snuggles closer to Ram her head resting on his shoulder. She smiles at them and then looking up to god and silently mouthing a 'thank you' she takes one last look and closes the door behind her . . . . .

The End!

I know Ram doesn't really have much to say nor have I really put any words in for Ram but I just couldn't think of anything for him Ouch Also As I was proof-reading it I totally forgot to add an important part LOL I don't even think I'll have time to write at all til monday or tuesday but ill try its a short small part so we'll see anyways hope you guys liked it!
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Fabulous job yaar...
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what will be their reaction when they wake upLOL
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Originally posted by namrocksss

Fabulousjob yaar...

Thank youu! Big smile Embarrassed
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Originally posted by shamavi

what will be their reaction when they wake upLOL

Hahaha even I don't know LOL Tongue
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awsome update yaarClapClap... tooo gud... plz update the missed 1 sooon.Big smileBig smile
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subhaa kiaa huaa?? yehh touu batao!!!!!!!!!
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super..smashing...beautiful...i know all these words are too small in comparison...but i dnt know what else to say...
heart full thanks rani...it was lovely
Hey waiting for that important part ...Tongue
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