OS- Scars of love

Posted: 2012-11-14T13:38:10Z
NOTE:- This OS isn't based on the current situation, this isn't a romantic OS or something but a little sad one, so read at your own risk!Stern Smile

It was already mid-night, every employee had left while she sat in her cabin, searching some piece of work, with heavy eye-lids, just to avoid going back home. Disappointed, not finding anything, she finally heed back to the Kapoor mansion but not before popping two-three various types of meds in her mouth.

She drove back as silently as her life was now. She questioned to herself like everyday "Till when do i have to bear all this?" She reached the place, she didn't consider her home anymore. As expected, everyone had long gone to sleep and only Bansi Kaka, who was serving the family for more than 25 years, was waiting for her.

"I have had dinner with one of my clients, kaka" she said, lying clearly "aur aap meri itni chinta mat kiya kariye...ab aadat nahi rahi..." He nodded, like everyday, and went.

She dragged herself up, to her room, their room, which was dark, absolutely dark reflecting her life. She changed and sat on the big large couch, they used to sit together on, looked at the king-size photo just above their bed, and poured herself a glass of wine, then one more and then another.

She peeped outside, into the emptiness, reminiscing the old days. Her brain ordered her to sleep while her heart refused to accept. It was a special day after all. It was the day they got married. "Main kaisi lag rhi hun" "Han? han ye yellow aur green tumhe bahut suit karta hai" "Oh wow! But sad, i am not dressed that way Mr. Kapoor" A lovely but sad smile creeped on her face as the scene played in her mind. Who knew she'd someday madly, crazily and truly love the man she was marrying then just for her brother?!

She must sleep, she thought, remembring what her doctor had recommanded, "Priya if u do not eat, do not sleep, i am really worried if you'd be able to fulfil your duties, as you say, you are living for" With the rememberance, she popped in two

Tired and annoyed of the games, she sneaked out a sharp knife from the drawer. Like a sadist, she slit her wrist, mercilessly, leaving her three day old wounds, open and bare. She winced in pain. And laughed out loud, supressing her shrill cry, as the warm blood oozed out from her veins and formed a pool on the floor.

She needn't turn around or check, but she knew, he was sitting beside her. She threw herself in his arms and sobbed...hard.

"Why do you hurt yourself so much?" She looked up, ruffled his hair, touched his right cheek affectionately and complemented, "Do they have better cosmetics there eh? You look even more handsome now!"

He made her look at him, directly into his eyes, "Why, Priya, why? Tum janti ho main tumhe is dard mei nahi dekh sakta" he said, in a chocked voice.

She replied, with utmost seriousness and teary eyes, "Ram, this pain... this pain gives me pleasure Ram, it brings you to me damn". He was holding her injured arm, touching her scars, as if relieving her from her pain, and taking it all to himself.

"Priya, last time you promised me, you won't do this again, do you remember?"

"I do Ram...but I..I can't help it" she stammered through her emotions "and let us not talk of promises when you forgot vows you took exactly a year before, on our wedding,and left me alone... do you remember?"

He sushed her by placing a finger on her lips. "Priya" he said pointing upwards, "he asked me to choose between you and my life, and that wasn't even an option!...how could have i let Maa kill you?"

She couldn't take it anymore. Tears trickled down her cheeks , causing her vision to blur. She cried out loud and weaped hard on his chest. Between her sobs he heard her saying, "So you took the bullet directed towards me, on you? Kya aapne ek baar socha Ram ki aapke bina toh main vase bhi mar jaungi...jaise ab mar rhi hun, har pal har lamha. Azaad kar dijiye na mujhe is jahan se..." she pleaded.

He wiped her tears affectionately, "Arre aisa thodi na kehte hain. Dekho i am always there with you, har pal tumhare paas hi toh hun" he spoke again in a convincing tone, patting her back," Aur phir itne log hain ghar mein, Dadi, Rishab, Natasha...Rajat...Err...by the way, i heard love can always happen twice, didn't you?"

"Ram, i know where your pointing at, par ye samajh lijiye ki maine agar kisi se saccha pyaar kiya toh sirf aap se, agar is waqt jinda hun toh sirf aapke liye, agar aaj tak kisi ke bare me socha hai toh sairf aapko...Ram aap aisa aage sochna bhi mat..." she cried again,harder.

"I never meant to hurt you Priya...par sari jindgi aise toh nahi kategi na? "Sari jindgi katni bhi kisne hai?...just some duties are left and i'd be free...anyways lets forget everything and count stars, whoever counts more, wins!"

Just then the sky was filled with melodious sound of flute. "I gotta go Priya...he's calling me, my time's over...and yeh don't do that again..please for me" He cupped her face as he said, and kissed her gently on her forehead and left.

"Raaammm nooo don't leave me...Raaammm" were her last words before she was waken up by the alarming sound of her phone. She gathered she had a important meeting in the early morning, so picked herself up from the big couch. She needed to get ready, cover her scars up, and spend another lifeless day...

I am sorry if somebody didn't like the conceptErmmit was just a thought, and myself wouldn't like to see this in BALH.

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Posted: 2012-11-14T14:07:07Z
This is painful but love always dnt give happiness naa... A very intense thought and beautifully pen down... What can i say it was just awesome...
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Posted: 2012-11-14T15:15:31Z
Have read a similar FF here..Same parts she slitting her wrist for him.He dead.similar i wld say..But how did u think on dis?Omg!! thinking sumthing like dis vid RaYa impossible atleast for me.. But must say well written.Love can give u pain too..
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Posted: 2012-11-14T17:09:46Z
Very sad but very awesome OS. I have tears reading this storyCry. RaYa separated forever...it's as sad as it can get.
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Posted: 2012-11-14T23:00:09Z
CryCryCryCry i dont like sad storyCryCry
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Posted: 2012-11-14T23:03:23Z
Originally posted by love4raya

Have read a similar FF here..Same parts she slitting her wrist for him.He dead.similar i wld say..But how did u think on dis?Omg!! thinking sumthing like dis vid RaYa impossible atleast for me.. But must say well written.Love can give u pain too..

Are u talking about the FF Mausam? Yeah i have read and loved it too. Would recommand everyone to read it as well.
No but believe me while writing i didnt think of itSmile
As i said, i wouldnt want this BALH too,but just thought of it.
Thank YouBig smile

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Posted: 2012-11-14T23:09:37Z
wow loved da update very painful well writtenClap
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Posted: 2012-11-15T06:53:53Z
It's sooo painful, koi kisise itna pyaar kaise kar sakta hain, I luved it
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