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For those of you who have not read all the parts I am adding a glossary
       Part 1... Pg1
       Part 2...Pg 3
       Part 3...Pg 4
         Part 4 ... Pg 6
         Part 5 ... Pg 7
         Part 6 ... Pg 9
           Part 7 ... Pg 10
           Part 8 ... Pg 11
           Part 9 ... Pg 13
        Part 10 ... Pg
            Part 11 ... Pg 15
            Part 12 ... Pg 16
            Part 13 ... Pg 19
            Part 14 ... Pg 20
            Part 15 ... Pg 22
Ok, here goes! This is the first time I am writing so please bear with me. I don't know how long this is going to be so am calling it a short story for now. If I need help with my updates I will look for help in the forum. My Hindi is very poor so I will write this story in English.
This story begins when Ram tells his family to decide whose side they are on. If they are on his side they can stay in KM with him and if they are on Priyas side they will have to leave KM. Priya understands Rams anger and doesn't want to further aggrevate the situation. She accepts that she has made a mistake and does not want to drag the matter to court. She talks to Pihu and convinces her that she has to stay with her father for some time. Pihu listens to her mother patiently and her little head is so confused with all that is going on. So far, all she knew was she had the best Mamma in the whole world and a Golu uncle who adored her. She was attached to Kady as she spent a lot of time with her. But now, all of a sudden in Mumbai, she has so many relatives. She likes her Nanu and Bua whom she fondly calls Bua - maami. She is nervous that she has to live with her Papa and his family whom she does not really know. Ever since she has come to Mumbai, all she has seen of her father is the angry side. However, since she listens to her mother, she has her bags packed and is ready to go to stay in KM with her Pappa. Even though she is a carbon copy of her father as far as likes, dislikes, mannerisms go, she is very much like her mother in nature. She is very practical and likes to make everyone happy.
Soon after Rahuls birthday party, she is very hurt when she hears Ayesha say that she and her mother are free loaders and that she eats a lot  (this is the conversation Ayesha has with Nutz in the parking lot). She becomes very silent. When she goes home, her Mamma gives her a big hug and tells her that she will be living with her Pappa for a while and that she has to take care of him.
Pihu: Mamma, why don't you come and stay with Pappa and me? You said that you used to live there. Please Mamma, come with me. She says gulping her tears and trying to put on a smile. I love you very much mamma and want you to come too.
Priya: My princess, you are a very strong girl! You have to take care of Pappa. You know that mamma has made some mistakes and pappa is angry with me. Once you go and stay with him, he will be very happy and I am sure he will let you come and stay with me for a while too. Right now, he wants to be with you as he has missed you for the past 5 years. Pappa is the worlds best and he loves you very much my dear. Happy and Tiger are going to be with you and when you are sad you can talk to them like you do always. Saying this, she gives her a big hug and tears pour out of her eyes. She quickly dries her eyes so that Pihu doesn't see her tears and feel sad again.
Pihu is not very convinced but agrees to go and live with her dad because her mother wants her to. She quietly sneaks a photograph of her mamma into her bag along with Happy and Tiger.
Pihu: Happy, Tiger, I don't want you to leave me any time. You have to be with me. She whispers to Happy and Tiger.
In a few minutes, Ram comes and asks Priya if Pihu is ready to leave.
Ram: She will not need anything from you. I have bought her toys and clothes - plenty of them. She will not need anything else.
Priya: But, Mr Kapoor, she is going to be in a new surrounding, so it would be nice if she has some of her toys with her. Tiger and she are inseparable and now she is very attached to Happy as well. If not her other toys, please take Tiger and Happy with her. She will be heart broken if she cannot take them with her. Please Mr Kapoor, let her take what she wants to.
Ram thinks about it for a bit and agrees.: My Rockstar! Are you ready to go with me to our home? He bends down and gives her a big hug. I have made a nice room for you and it is full of toys and I am sure you will love it.
Pihu doesn't look at Ram: Pappa, can I bring Happy and Tiger with me? Are there any books in my room? I like to read books a lot. Also will you let me speak to my Mamma on the phone? She is the worlds best mamma and I don't want her to be sad.
Ram: Sure Rockstar! You can talk to your mamma if you want. (He looks very angrily at Priya) You can bring what Happy and Tiger with you. You can also bring some of your favourite books and I can get you more when we go shopping on the weekend. Can we leave now? Kush is waiting to play with you at home.
Pihu gives Priya a big hug and says: Mamma, be brave and don't be sad. I will speak to you when I go to pappas house. I love you very much mamma. She hangs her head low and doesnt make eye contact with Priya, turns around and walks out of the door. Ram follows her and holds her hand as they make their way to the elevator.
Priya is unable to control herself. She drops down on her knees and covers her face with both her hands and weeps uncontrollably. She remembers the day Pihu was born and how she promised herself that for her daughters sake she will not shed a tear and be happy. She remembers her calling her "Mamma" for the first time, her first steps, her first day at play school and all the birthdays.
Neha, helps her up and tries to calm her down: Priya, you have to be brave. I am sure Pihu is going to miss you a lot. If you dont stop crying, she will be miserable when she calls to talk to you. We are here for each other and I am sure she will come back soon. Once Fatty cools down, he will realise how wrong he is.
Priya: No Neha, you are wrong. Ra.. Mr Kapoor is right. I have made a terrible mistake. I took a very wrong decision 5 years ago and I am paying the price for it. I am ok with any punishment he gives me. But, he doesnt realise he is hurting our daughter. Poor Pihu is bearing the brunt for my mistakes. That I feel is wrong. But, at the same time I dont want to put Pihu through all the court case and traumatic phase she will have to go through. Come on Neha, she is not even five years old. Imagine her being brought to court and having to face the battery of the lawyers. I cannot see her go through that. She is a very strong girl Neha, she can hide her emotions very well.
Neha: So she is a lot like you too Priya. Not just like fatty.
Priya smiles sadly through her tears and goes into a trance recollecting the past 4 1/2 years with Pihu.
In the car, Pihu is very silent. She is looking out of the window and holding on to Tiger with both her hands. Ram tries to talk to her but she just answers in mono syllables and turns away. She is deep in thought and has a very serious look. They reach KM and Ram takes her inside. Badi Dadi, Dadi, Rishabh Chachu, Soumya Chachi and Kush are waiting in the living room. Ayesha comes with Mama from inside and looks at Pihu.
Ayesha: Hello Pihu. Welcome to Kapoor Mansion. See how big this house is? You will be very comfortable here and you will have lots of toys to play with. She gives her one of her fake smiles and puts out her hand to hold Pihu. Pihu takes a step back and looks around the house, inspecting her surroundings. Dadi comes forward and goes down on her knees and gives Pihu a big hug. She doesnt say anything, just gives her a hug as she notices how scared and sad Pihu looks. She remembers how cheerful she used to be when she was around her mother.
Dadi: We all love you Pihu. Ram, beta please take her to her room. She looks tired. She might want to rest.
Ram: Haan Ma. I will take her. Come on Rockstar! Let me take you to your room. Saying that he holds her hand and walks her to her room. Pihu holds her pappas hand with her left hand and holds on tightly to Tiger and Happy with her right hand and goes to her room.
Pihu: Thank you pappa. This room is big. Will you also sleep in the same room?
Ram: This is your room sweetheart! Your very own room. You dont have to share it with anyone. I will come and play with you in the room, but will sleep in my own room. There are many rooms in this house and we all have our own rooms.
Pihu drops her head again and heaves a big sigh!
Ram: Rockstar, are you alright?
Pihu: Yes pappa. I am fine.
Ram: why dont you rest for a little while. After that you can change and we can have dinner together.
Pihu still looking down replies: Pappa, I am not hungry. Can I read my book? She is trying to stop her tears. Krishuji is looking at her from the door and notices how sad she looks.
As Ram leaves to go and change, Krishuji walks in and asks Pihu if she wants her to read to her.
Pihu: Its ok Dadi. I can see the pictures in the book and read the story to Happy and Tiger. They are my friends. Pihu is still not making eye contact.
Dadi: Ok Pihu darling, let me know if you want something. Pappa will be back in a few minutes and will play with you.
Pihu: but I dont want to play. I want to read.
Dadi: You must be hungry dear. Can I get you something to eat?
Pihu is hungry, but remembers what Ayesha was saying to Nutz about her eating too much: No Dadi. I am not hungry. I dont want to eat anything. Can I go to sleep?
Dadi: sure darling. Pappa has bought some night clothes for you. Can I help you change?
Pihu: My mamma packed my night clothes. I love them very much. Can I please wear them? Still doesnt make any eye contact and is trying to control her tears.
She changes into her night clothes and slips under the covers with Tiger and Happy on either side. She takes out a picture from under her clothes and puts it over tiger and hugs him even more tightly. Yes, it is a picture of Priya - the worlds best mamma. She whispers: Good night Mamma. Love you lots and hugs tiger even tighter. Krishuji is watching her from the corner of her eye and is almost in tears. She can see how much like Priya, Pihu is. She tries to be strong for everyone, and doesnt want to show her pain to anyone, lest she hurts them.
Ram comes and notices that she is in bed and Pihu, quickly shuts her eyes as if she is asleep. Krishuji knows that she is pretending, but doesnt say anything. Ram looks at his watch: Ma, it is only 6 PM. Has she eaten?
Krishuji: No beta. I asked her to eat and she said she was not hungry. Maybe she ate at the party. She wanted to sleep so I changed her and she jumped into her bed.
Ram: Comes by her side and bends over and gives her a kiss on her forehead: Goodnight my dear Rockstar! We will chat in the morning. He puts on the night light and walks out of the room
Ram: Ma, I am going up to my room. I will come by and check if she is alright. Can you please keep an eye on her while you are around? I hope she will be comfortable. He walks up the stairs into his room.
Krishuji, goes to get dinner for Dadi and is talking to Bansi kaka about dinner for the rest of the family.
Pihu is wide awake and talking to Priyas picture. Mamma, I love you and miss you very much. I wish you were here. You will make me feel happy. I know everyone here wants me to be happy, but how can I be happy without you. She kisses the photo and puts in on tiger and hugs him tightly. Tiger, if I put mammas picture on you and hug you, I will feel she is with me. I miss her very much and I am very hungry. I am scared that Ayesha auntie will say I eat too much if I say I am hungry. I wish mamma was here. She would have made Aloo paratha for me and fed me.
Nutz comes into the house fuming: Ma, she shouts. Where is everyone? Where is Bhai? He has made the biggest mistake ever! I just cannot see Priya ma. She is sooo sad! How can bhai separate mother and daughter. How is Pihu?
Krishuji: she said she was not hungry and wanted to sleep. She is sad and has not spoken a word to anyone. I cannot bear to see Pihu like this. She is a girl that is full of life and now it hurts me to see her so sad and quiet.
Nutz: where is bhai? Does he know what he is putting his daughter through? I have something for him. She has a couple of journals in her hand. Ma, I found these journals in Priyas boxes in our house. I read a couple of entries and I really think Bhai needs to read it, before he decides to ruin everyones lives. He will see how much Priya has gone through these 5 years and how much she has thought of him all these years. I am going to give him these books.
Krishuji: wait beta, I will also come with you. I have to say something to Ram too. But before we go up I want to see if Pihu is awake and see if she will eat anything. At least drink a glass of milk before she goes to sleep. Pihu sees her coming into her room and shuts her eyes. Both Krishuji and Nutz figure out that she is not actually asleep and are very upset.
Nutz: Oh! Hasnt she eaten her dinner? Priya gives her dinner at 7. It is now almost 8 and she must be hungry. Suddenly her eyes go wide.: I know why she doesnt want to eat. And she goes on to tell Krishuji about the incident in the parking lot where Ayesha said that she eats too much. I am sure Pihu heard that and is hurt. Poor baby. She shouldnt go through all this just because Bhai is upset with Priya. This is sooo unfair.
Saying this both Nutz and Krishuji go to Rams room. Ram is in the study. Krishuji and Nutz knock at the door.
Ram: come in.
K and N walk in. Krishuji: Beta, I have a question for you. Remember the other day you told us to take sides. You said if we were on your side we could stay with you in KM and we had to leave if we were on Priyas side. What will my position be if I am on Pihus side? Beta, I dont know if you noticed Pihu is very sad. She has not eaten and has gone to bed. I cannot bear to see her like this. Things are happening too fast for a little child who is not even 5 years old. Her world seems to be torn apart all of a sudden. I am on Pihus side and tell me where I stand now Beta.
Nutz: Me to bhai. I am neither on your side nor on Priyas. I am on Pihus side too., I want you to take a look and read these journals when you have the time and when you are a little calm. I know you are angry with Priya for what she has done the past 5 years, but I really think you should read these journals. They will give you an insight into what Priya and Pihu have gone through the past 5 years. You can do whatever you want to punish Priya if you think she is wrong, but you have NO right to traumatise this little child whose world revolves around her mother and she knows no one else. Bhai do you realise she is only 4 1/2 years old?
Ram listens to his mother and Nutz and feels a little ashamed of himself. He did not realise that he was dragging his little daughter into the big mess and that she doesnt deserve all this. Ram being Ram, walked down to Pihus room. He stood outside her room as he heard someone talking in the room.
Pihu: Tiger, I am very hungry. I want to talk to mamma. If she talks to me I will be happy. She knows how to make me happy and I am sure she is crying like she used to cry in the nights in Dubai. She always thought I was asleep, but I used to see her cry at night so many times. I want to give her a hug Tiger. I like Golu uncle. But my pappa is always angry. I hope Golu uncle tells my pappa not to be so angry with my mamma. I am scared to talk to him about her, because I dont want him to be angry.
Ram has tears in his eyes. He is so ashamed of himself and realises how his anger is hurting a little child. He takes a deep breath and is determined to make things alright at least for his little angel. She doesnt deserve the trauma he is putting her through. He goes into her room and turns the lights on. Pihu, shuts her eyes tightly as if she is asleep, but all of them know she is putting up a brave front. Ram picks her up from her bed and gives her a big bear hug. He holds her tightly in his arms and gives her a kiss on her forehead. He breaks down crying and Pihu looks at him wide eyed.
Pihu: Pappa, please dont cry. She wipes his tears with her tiny fingers. She is fighting her tears herself.
Ram: I am sooo sorry Rockstar. Pappa loves you very much and will set things right just now. Shall we go to mammas home?
Pihu is surprised. She is controlling her tears and cannot speak. She nods her head: Are we going to sleep with mamma? Are you going to bring me back to your house?
Ram: we will talk about all that tomorrow morning when you wake up. But, right now, I am taking you back to mammas place. You will sleep there tonight. I heard that you did not eat your dinner. Are you hungry? I have not yet eaten and would love to eat with you.
Pihu: its alright pappa. We can call mamma and tell her to make some aloo parathas for you and for me. She makes very good aloo parathas pappa. She gives her pappa a big hug and kiss and says I love you pappa. You are very good. Can I call and tell mamma that we are coming there?
Ram: why dont we surprise her. She might get worried if we call her and tell her. When she sees you and knows you are alright, she will be very happy.
Pihu jumps excitedly on the bed. She sees Kush at the door to her room. Kush, I am sorry I did not play with you today. I will play with you another day. I promise. Pappa is taking me home now. she says beaming.
All of a sudden she gets her smile back and is talking nineteen-to-a-dozen. Everyone notices this and is very happy to see Pihu back to her old self. Ram is still looking very sheepish.
Ok, this is a really long story so far. There is more to come and I will update soon. It is past midnight and I will continue as soon as I can if you all want more. This is my very very first attempt at writing, so please pardon me if I have bored you with the way I write. Some of you are really good writers and I really enjoy your work. Do let me know if you want me to continue or not. Thanks for reading this far.
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hey very nice start very emotional i really wanted the BALh story cud hav  been something like this instead of custody case anyways very well written cont soon Edited by ramsakshiroxxx - 2012-11-10T02:06:00Z
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Posted: 2012-11-10T02:15:34Z
Wow!!! Amazingly written! Loved it!!
Awww the way you described little Pihu's feelings is so beautiful! Poor baby she must've been so hurt and scared..
Plz plz plz do continue soon!
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Posted: 2012-11-10T02:26:36Z
Hey do continue soon...
pihu put on a brave front...wow...so very sweet...brave little thing...
continue soon.
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Posted: 2012-11-10T02:27:08Z
Welcum.. Nic update..
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Posted: 2012-11-10T02:34:11Z
Its very nice. Please do continue
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Posted: 2012-11-10T03:39:52Z
Very touching and emotional update...
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Posted: 2012-11-10T03:54:02Z
ClapClapClapClapClap...That was awesome..You write really well...Loving the way the story is moving...Plzz plzz continue...
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