OS: Kushi saves Arnav from all this mess!

Posted: 7 years ago
Author's note:
Note- This OS is an imagination , an attempt at what will happen and how will Arnav and Kushi  behave at the current situation - with this all the mess- If they were real life characters...
This is my small effort to cheer you all up.. I know this phase is difficult for us and we are fighting on this together... Its something I brew up to forget my insanity and pull me up together... and lighten up the mood.. Hope it helps you all to cheer up too and have a good laugh...
Ok...if not a laugh...then atleast a smile... I will be satisfied that this OS served its pupose if it made you smile atleast... atleast a smile... Cheers! Happy reading and Happy and safe diwali to all the readers..
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OS: Kushi saves Arnav from all this mess!
Arnav went to the window and looked outside. The security outside was having a tough time to manage the crowd gathered there.
He felt sad looking at the crowd- actually his well wishers who were there to protest against what was going to happen in future.
Kushi came into the room singing "aaj mausam hai suhana..meeting cancel karne ka bahana wat the wat the wat the"
"Kushi how can you sing that rubbish song when the situation is like this..."
"I dont know Arnav... I dont know anything nowadays... how I react.. sometimes rona dhona ... sometimes OTT.. sometimes romantic...I forgot who I used to be" she said sadly coming near him


"What happened now? why are looking so sad they have again called us for another meeting is it?"
"No...its the crowd...anyway...seeing this crowd.. I wouldnt be surprised if we are called again for a meeting..."

"I know... anyway I dont understand why are we actually worried... all we do inside the meeting room is eat some snacks, drink some juice.. decide on some OTT scenes for me and have some random chat and then come out of the room either looking solemn or smiling...whichever way we are asked to look like"
"Kushi... The crowd is growing by the minute... I am sure the security is going to break down any time now."

"Oh yeah.. I know... but why dont you let them know then the real reason for your departure?" She asked him softly... caressing his stubbled cheek with her hand. He was becoming so vulnerable nowadays.. even the word "break" is enough to aggravate him..

"You know I want to ..."
"then why do you keep them hanging?"
"I..hey Kushi... you know I cant yet.."
"You can Arnav.. you can do anything... I have barosa on you"

"Kushi... How do you do it? always?"
"because its you.. for you"
"Oh stop it...I didtn mean it  romantically this time...I meant... I know you are asked to repeat the word Barosa  in every alternate sentence... but how can you repeat the same thing again and again with the same emotion..." He asked her exasperated...Kushi started to say something to answer that...but Arnav quickly raised his hand
"no dont try to answer that... now lets take a break from this ok?"

"let us? you mean us? really?" Kushi asked him excited...Finally ASR's harmones have started working and he is taking her  Honey moon may be...
"excuse me...?"
" I thought you are taking a break.. leaving me out... but now you say that you want to take me along too..."
"Oh no I didnt mean that break.. I meant the break from the dialogues... monotonous dialogues..Dont remind me of that break" Arnav gritted his teeth
"Oh Ok..shanth shanth".. Kushi told quickly "oh...come out of your dream world Kushi" She muttered dejectedly
"What are you murmering now?"
"nothing... continue"
"What do you think will workout now?"
"I wish the PH and SP let you talk to them Arnav.. they will listen to you... whatever you say!"


"hmm I sort of wish too.. But you know what? I think the PH and SP  have a valid reason too...  I am Arnav... I am not good at talking..."
"I know.. thats why they paired you with me..because my ability to talk compensates well for both of us..."
"Kushi" Arnav called out becoming very emotional suddenly "Please stay with me...forever.. Dont leave me and go"
"Arnav.. but what is the need to become emotional suddenly?"
"Oh.. dammit its the dialogue again.. actually  Kushi please... Stay by me...and do the talks on behalf of me "
"But.. Arnav.. how"
"you know I suck at these talks... I am scared to go down... those girls look wild... I am scared.. they will eat me live"

kushi burst out laughing seeing her husband's fears .. but still she felt pity for him... its not always the great Arnav singh Raizada is in a state like this...
"Ok I will manage.. this time.. I will speak to them... because its my duty to protect your dignity..." she said dramatically as she saw her husband roll his eyes.
She sat down by the edge of the bed and thought for a while.
"Ok Arnav lets get the facts right ok?"
"What is the problem now?"
"It somehow got leaked that I wont be there for a while so.. they are all sad"
"Thats weird... They are actually more worried than me"
"yes.. ofcourse.. because its ASR.. how can IPK survive without me?"
"Excuse me?"
"No ... I actually meant... how can IPK survive without Rabbaveys? and for Rabbaveys.. they need me and you... and.. they think that I will be leaving you for Sheetal"

Kushi's eyes widened hearing htis piece of news...

"What? Why do they think you are going away with Sheetal?"
" I dont know Dammit! ... I ...Maybe they think you are very sacrificial and would ask me to do that"
"but thats not true... I mean when Arav is not your son.. why should I ask you to go with sheetal"
"Hey you were the one who told Arav is my son.."
"I also made sure to leak out the news that Arav is not your son.. and he is Dhruv's son"


"Who is this Dhruv?"
"A character  they all  imagined up.. No actually Nani imagined it up..but that was long time ago... But nice name... We will reserve it if we get a son in future..."

"What " Arnav looked at her surprised... and came near her looking very emotional... and slid his hand on her tummy.."Kushi why didnt you tell me that you are pregnant?
"because I am not pregnant.. Arnav.. I told if we get a son ...in future"
"Ok...Ok.. I dont know why I am becoming all cheesy these days... "
"I wonder too..But thats better than me becoming all OTT these days...we are behaving as reel as Dhruv's character..."
"Dhruv... yeah...so thats why... they all are suddenly talking about this new character and protesting against his entry...its your fault"

"How can it be my fault? there is no one called Dhruv...But I had to save you again and when they  imagined him up.. it was easy...but the issue was actually because of your college friend Sheetal and her son who is exactly like you... now you blame me... Ok I will stay away from all this"
"hey.. I didnt mean that way... actually there was no need to conjure up this new character...actually Arav is not my son"
"Thats what you keep saying"
"Because thats true..and I will be proving it to you and everyone...ASR style in the coming weeks.. I will be back to glory"
"yeah you will... But what about the days that you didnt even realise my insecurities and now this drama.. that is happening... you think these girls will forget everything like me and start swooning again?"
"I didnt mean that... I meant that now they think this imaginative character Dhruv will be rabbaveying with you.. when I am gone- thats another problem..."
"yes.. thats what they think..."
"how ridiculous... But dont they know... rabbavey plays only when we both are involved...you know na.. they dont play for Jijaji and Jiji... or for NK and Buaji..or for laxmi and HP..." Kushi became sad remembering Laxmi... she was so angry.. that rabbavey didnt play for her that she left RM...
"yeah..oddly they didnt even play for Di and Shyam.. even after we gave repeated instruction that they were the parallel leads and its a didi ki saut show...they play only for us..." Arnav replied
"you remember when Di and shyam wanted it to play for them.. it started playing dhaiya ho... " Kushi started laughing remembering how dhaiya ho was born..
"yeah I remember too...those days were fun.. isnt it... but they did enjoy rabbavey vs Dhaiya ho those days too"
"fine... So Sheetal, Dhruv can be safely crossed... we can say We will not rabbavey with anyone else other than we two... so that also crossed...what else...what else are they coming up with..."

"My other projects... the ones that are coming to open in Jan... they think I am leaving for that"
"But that doesnt make sense... I mean... I was so happy.. you know.. after months and months...of staying at home and babysitting Di.. fighting me... rabbaveying me... sad rabbaveying me... and lot of dramas... I thought you forgot work... and then our remarraige happened and then you forgot rabbaveys.. but remembered work..then"
"come to the point Kushi"
"Ok.. I dont understand why that should be a problem.. Its after all our bread and butter... why would one leave one project for another?"
"Kushi.. How I wish these girls could think like you?
"Not every one is Kushi kumari gupta singh Raizada.."

Suddenly there was a loud voice demanding to see Arnav... and the shouts were growing louder demanding an answer from PH and SP.. kushi also peeped out to see some girls demanding the security to let them in as they have to console and pacify ASR...
"console you? what do they mean?"
"oh.. that .. they came to know that I cried yesterday"
"What? .. thats why I told you ... you should always cry inside the house.. Like I do.. why did you go and cry on the roads.."
"Hey.. did you forget..yesterday I didnt cry on the roads.. I cried at the pool side... you remember? I cried because you cried and finally looking at me cry... you finally agreed to let me go..."
"But how did they know about this..that part is not even aired yet"
"I dont know...or.. did you leak this to the forum?"
"me.. hell no.. why should I?"
A knock was heard at the door

"Bhai, Kushiji" Akaash came in with Payal
"Hi Akaash"
"we are leaving..."
"Jiji.. I will miss you... so much... oh god.. finally you both a re going on a long honeymoon phase..I am so happy for you.. enjoy at US... and try becming awesome twosome for once! "
"Its so positive of you to think like that Kushi... we are saddened that we have to leave for this project"
"What to do jiji.. Its bread and butter for all of us..."
"why do you keep saying bread and butter?" Arnav asked her annoyed
"I dont mind saying jelabis and samosas.. but people understand it better when I say bread and butter.."


"I want an solution for this mess kushi.. and all you do is keep talking" Arnav lost his temper and grabbed his wife's arms...
"What do you expect me to do Mr. Raizada" Kushi shouted back

Akaash rushed to the music system remote lying nearby and switched on the system
"Rabbavey Rabbavey.. " it started to sing...
Arnav and Kushi got out of their trance and jumped apart..
"What the.." Arnav muttered while Kushi went and switched off the music system...
"Akaash, Payal.. Kindly excuse us...and leave us alone... we will come down to give you a send off soon.."



Akaash and Payal left the room to give the couple some privacy..
"Kushi.. I know what you are going through"
"and yet you dont think of anything to make it ok for me..."
"you you think I am doing this purposely? "
"Even Akaash jijaji is going to US.. but he is taking Jiji along"
"But you know very well.. why I am not taking you along"



Kushi didnt answer but sighed..
"Kushi please understand.. you know I neglected AR so much during the last 6 months.. its in a very bad shape.. I need to go and establish this new venture... abroad.. and Akaash is going to do the same somewhere else... Only 2 to 3 months Kushi.. after that.. I will be back to do Rabbaveys with you I promise.. But you know how much effect you have on me.. I cant even concentrate.. our funds are low and I need to work.. give me a break Kushi... I have opted this because here... I would not be able to do with you around... I dont know how Akaash manages.. but I cant kushi... with you tempting me and frustrating me every now and then... how do you expect me to cope up with work dammit?"
Kushi looked away...
" look Kushi...I have even made the dabba business legitimate... I am making sure you will enjoy the time I am away..."
"You think Dabba business will be entertaining enough?"
"For others No... but for you Yes..."
"What about those girls.. they will start bashing me again... that you are away and I am enjoying myself here with food"
"I have planned for that also... I will be sending someone who will appear to be interested in you but he is someone whom I have chosen for Di..."
"Yeah... the fan girls and viewers need to be in nail biting stress and that will keep them occupied too.. right... otherwise.. there will be more of protests and everything in my absence... thats why... "

"but still.. they are going to bash me more for this...DM"
"Kushi... drop the idea of saying No to this idea... I am even scared to look at the crowd...this is the only way"
"But why dont you tell this to your fans? they are imagining all kinds of stuff"
"How can I Kushi.. I have a .."
"Reputation? that ASR is scared that he became a addict of Rabbaveys that he is going faraway to concentrate on his work?"
"Kushi.. I am asking your help and you are torturing me..."
"ok .. now they think we will get seperated"
"how did they come to this conclusion?"
"how do I know"
"ok.. now... we can clear the same to them... Problem solved"
"I tried giving them clues... yesterday even... I told you in front of them... that you and I will be together for ever... "


"Oh really?" Kushi spit out "they got emotional hearing that... and cried...it backfired ... now I know how it would have felt"
"See I told you I suck at small talks"
"Ok leave it to me... come out.."
"No Kushi.. look at that crowd...I am not coming out..."
"You are coming out with me..."

Kushi took the remote in her hand and then pulled Arnav out to the balcony overseeing the road where numerous fans were shouting and protesting to save Arnav and Kushi and their Rabbaveys..
"Hello people"
There was a deafening cheer
"thanks for all the support... we won finally! the mess is cleared... Arnav and Kushi.. are together forever!"
Kushi shouted to the fans as even more louder cheer followed.
"what?" Arnav muttered
"Keep quiet.. they will not believe if we say that the issue is completely different.. So lets tell them that whatever they thought is the issue and that has been resolved.. and they will be happy..." she muttered
 Arnav looked back at the crowd... they looked more happier now.. hugging eachother and hifi-ing eachother... some were thanking looking up at the sky... and some were even crying  and smiling all at the same time...
"Kushi... this is crazy...but you know what... you have done it again...you have managed to take care of this wonderfully " Arnav told her looking into her eyes. Kushi hurriedly hit the remote button increasing the volume.

"Rabbavey Rabbavey... " it started to sing as Arnav and Kushi started to gaze into eachother's eyes... giving the crowd gathered a real time experience while the crowd cheered and swooned and congratulated eachother on their success and happiness..
The End
PS: Now tell me... did you all atleast smile? now  hit like buttons or leave a comment and let me know you smiled/grinned/chuckled/laughed!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Great Abavi.LOL LOL LOL You have certainly put a smile on my fact, Thank you dear. Thank you so much
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Posted: 7 years ago

Laughing my head out...
thats fo funny man!!
Loved it!
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Haha! Classic! tfsBig smile
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superb os Edited by drunkiiebabe - 7 years ago
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 my my!!!!! wat a write up!!!!! a gud depictn f d fans condition ryt nw... nyc...
it brought a smile to my face ftr all dese days... Tongue
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funny stuff! Thank you for the PM!
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I'm rofl!!!

This is amazing!
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