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Apne promise kiya tha 2 din pehle ab toh update kar do plz Big smile
Waiting... Waiting... Day Dreaming

amstakedup at some point .. making this update better and fast to the end.. so it became late todaydefiantly will post ..

Its ok take ur time waiting... Day Dreaming

 seriously i messed it up.. whole update  .. nothing is related so  am taking time

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Originally posted by sss283

molly waiting Tongue

pakka soon 

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Originally posted by cute.rashi

am a silent reader . i  like ur ff so much  plz update soon

thanks .. do comment regularly 
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 Day Dreaming Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
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Ayesha? His wife..this man called her b**** and can he call her his wife. She has no idea of what was the relation is  like? storm developed in priyas mind, she feels a ache suspended from the heart to her nerves. She has no sense on that what she is doing cant withstand there with him she tried to go . He pulled her in front of him caged her between him and kitchen table. he asked her to show the items. She closed her eyes tight helplessly while his breath fanned on her  shoulder, his warmth is urging her body to respond,he smiled at her closed eyes. He handed the cup to priya..

"come join us u have to be there.."

Kady who is in the hall,saw priya with coffee "priya u like coffee? For the first time am seeing u  with coffee ur fav is tea right" ram saw her from corner of his eyes she hung her head down. It tasted bitter after she left ram as it haunts her with his memories. "Hmm yummy" Kady said priya blushed a little as kady praised priya, she lift her head to announce the truth that coffee is made  by ram. Ayesha gluped her coffee at once but that coffee is weird but cannot say anything as it is made by ram. "coffee is good but less sweet and bit more salty" Ayesha kept her cup aside. Soon priya sipped her coffee it tasted the same one made by ram. it is visible in her eyes so ram changed the cups. her eyes smiled at him. priya forgot to add sweetener to the coffee he added salt in it.  Riya came to ram hugging him tight . Riya is scared of Ayesha.  Priya took riya from rams arms trying to console her fear of Ayesha. " how about a chocolate milk shake... mumma's spl milkshake" kids shouted in excitement  as soon as priya said. riya came again and sat in ram's arms.

Priya left to kitchen, pihu asked cady to give her a lollipop. Cady gave it to her and riya pihu is playing aroung the coffee table with building blocks, she dint like the flavour of the candy so she went to Ayesha and kept  that half eaten lollipop in her hand.  "shit what the hell" pihu ran to kitchen hearing the pitch of Ayesha's voice. " common aunty,  she is a kid  ..pihu" cady went after pihu. Priya rushed there and saw what has pihu has done. Both pihu and riya were shivering that priya will scold them. Priya took them and made them sit beside ram glared at ram. "Ayesha, try to behave good though u dnt have that , they r kids" ram frowned.

 "woh , priya pihu lollypop .. its not me!" cady said in a low voice. " cady how many times I told u not to pamper  these two. Pihu what is this, kitne baar kaha ki yeh  bad manners hai beta" "sorry mumma" " not to mumma say this to aunty"  pihu is terrified pihu hugged priya " sorry aunty". Priya wiped pihu's eyes and  riya's eyes  kissing them " mumma wil get ur milkshake." Soon priya  turned pihu showed Ayesha her tongue. "dii.. deko"  priya turned back hearing to the sound  " DI! Oh  so Ayesha u remember priya is your didi" ram laughed out, "what my kids have done nothing. Priya u carry on".   Now pihu and riya  both showed their tongues to her and did some funny actions. Ram saw this and hugged them both winking. Priya smiled seeing all this from kitchen [ baap pe gayi hai dono. now he is supporting them.. very naughty]

Riya crawled to  priya's arms  sipping her fav milk shake. Playfully  pihu hit with carpet and  the milkshake fell on ayesha's dress. " damn , she is mad  u know how costly this dress is? u spoil brat can see what ur mom is teaching u." priya is angry Ram stopped priya and asked pihu say sorry pihu cutely said sorry but was happy seeing riya  smiling. Ram took both kids in arms. And said "sorry! It was an accident, hope u know what an accident means right, sometimes it takes quite a long time to recover in the mean time we may loose those who are ours BTW  costly !  after all its my money." he frowned . ayesha has no words 

"what is the matter why were u here ! ur  return journey is today right" ram spoke rough.

"I have to talk to my husband ram. wife and husband talk alone what is priya di doing here"

Priya is about to move ram stopped. " haha.. this is priyas house ayesha u forgot it ...  I have no interest to talk to u what all I have to do I have done now leave no more discussions do what ever u want  do u want to  file a case ur free I have the proofs of all what u have done. What do u think am a fool to be quite. u enjoyed when I suffered now its ur turn" priya hold ram's arm before ram could speak further.  Pihu went to priya's arms and hugged her tight ram kept his hand over priya's shoulder. Priya asked cady to take kids to their room.

"wife !! haan  whom do u mean Ayesha. I doubt u whose wife were u?  see priya is my wife and ur sister unfortunately. So who the hell are U" ram said controlling his anger . Ayesha  swallowed a lump down her throat. She wanted to threaten priya n ram but it back fired on her.

"think twice ram, u cheated me! dint u  for that cause u married me."

Ram laughed out loud  and sent her an mms " deklo  who is cheating whom! A so called married women has to be in husbands arms not his brothers arms. Think  100 times  u act. U  always proves me right  u r a B****"

"Ayesha, it was  my mistake .. I thought u changed  but u and sid planned to kill me when u came to know am stil alive, u planned to  kill my foetus with that tribal women. U made me trust ram cheated u, u  faked ur pregnancy to trap ram, when I came to know ur truth sid attempted  to rape me and kill me.  u finally try to kill ram for this he suffered complete 2 years  though he wanted to reach us he cannot, and u  made me believe that ram moved on with u. this is what u have planned right. now leave us alone,I trusted u so much treated u like my daughter not sister but u don't deserve anything now if u or sid try to harm me or my family I will not spare. get lost, tell ur mother too..plz''  door is that way"  hia  anger turned to shock. he thinks [I never know what all happened but did they tried to do these all things? He felt bad that he never trusted priya when she suspected something bad.] 

Ayesha slipped at the door as her heel is broken.  "that is ur stand" ram said and slammed the door on her face. Guilty filled priya could not meet his eyes ram noticed her, she said she will make lunch for all and moved to kitchen she collapse on kitchen floor for misunderstanding ram that he has moved on. she remembered those days he stood by her side protecting her from every difficulty

Lines glitter gifs

Ben and Jackie were in front of ram, they have not seen ram as a ruthless boss. Ram asked them the truth They denied and remained innocent. ram warned them if such things repeat he will fire them immediately. Jackie  fumed to her chair, ben stopped at priya's desk found her no where,he turned back to ram's cabin, he is watching him. ram walked nisha asked her to console priya who will be for sure in washroom. Priya came back saw a sorry card and a teddy on her  table. its from ben. ben is the son of ram's uncle. He was in training under ram on his uncles request.  Ram called ben as ram treats ben as a younger brother. He said priya is not such type who can date ben because her heart is preoccupied.  Ben argued with ram. Being frustrated over this heated conversation ram spilled priya is his lady love and they were madly in love with each other.

" ha ha .yes . I knew it'.  Am sorry bro for all this, I suspected u both bro. I made u  very jelouse na. I know how much  you both love each other. Its evident in her eyes when she is with u.  I came to know the problem is priya ji who is not accepting u. so I though my  nasty behavior would make u people come closer. What a waste." ben said. ram hugged ben in excitement but  ram was furious that Jackie instigated him to do this.

Ram and priya in their flat. She made dinner as ram's hand is hurt she feed him by her hand. Ram said "maa is missing u, dadi wants to see u, and sudhir ji'" she  noded her head "I called papa thanks" was her ans. He took a deep breath left a package for her on table saying that is for her from dadi. Next day Ram arranged dinner. Except Jackie all on mission to bring out priya's heart. Ram could not take his eyes off her. she is bewitching in half white silver embroidered net saree. The lights reflection on her face made her look hot. Ram controlled himself,she came and sat in the chair beside ram which is hers. Everyone is casually talking ram saw few couples dancing. Jackie asked him for a dance the same time ram asked priya. She kept staring to his eye which indexed his  heart. "oh Jackie u wanna dance with me!" ram asked priya came back to senses in reflex action she gave her hand "shall we dance" priya said sternly. Both were dancing with embaressment,joe and ben pushed them from either sides to get them close.

'u look so s**Y .i mean beautiful ...priya'

'ram  am' I am sorry' 

for !..

 plz I need to talk to u ram.

R; tell me what is that'no one is interested in what u and me speak ..[he pulled her more close,their bodies touched, rams hand touched her bare waist, it created butterflies in her stomach.his warmth is making her weak.his breath is fanning on her ]

P; ram plz what were u doing.[ she cant  resist his touch. her hands moved to circle is neck]. They came away from the dance floor, to the place where ram had made arrangements prior.

P; ram I need to tell u something

R; yes go on.

P;  Am really sorry,

R:that's it.

P: ram [ hugged him] I love u so much , I cannot live with out u, I don't like anyone come near u other than me especially that Jackie. I missed u a lot, please don't leave me What ever the consequences may be I don't want u to leave me. I want u beside me always  for ever,till death.

R; shhh'. do u think I will be happy with out u,thank god u finally spoke. priya, I love u more than my life

Ram hugged her, they remain hugging. Ram kissed her lips,that turned to passionate kiss.they kissed each other with equal passion. pushed ram, he pulled her in arms caught her lips again she broke the kiss,

"ram plz aaap..[wiping her smuged lipstick] come lets go. If I don't stop u'. don't know where u will end and more over I wont be able to resist u long. But haa strictly..only after marriage.."

"priya please '.. "

"come lets go ram.. plz...haan one more thing ..plz sab ke samne ur the boss am ur employee..ok [ram do not like this idea,now what is there to hide]"

"why is it so? Listen am not going to listen for me ur mine alone if everyone knows this. no one will dare to come near u I cant take it anymore" he turned to leave  she hold his hand stopped him and hugged him tight.

"ram '.. i love u a lot more than my life. All I want is u alone, we shall get married soon. till then a big NO.. Though u cant stay  without touching me  . but u have to." Ram thinks where I can resist u darling its better we get married then  I can ravish u  with all rights.

"abhi shadi karlete hum. Who knows u may behave different tomorrow, so that I don't need any restrictions" ram said pinning her to the wall

" I know that..' u can't control" she smiled naughtily

"lets see" release her from his grip

Priya smiled seeing rams retiring body. Everyone is happy with ram and priya's patch up except Jackie. Party went well with ram's little hidden romance and priya's tension and blush. Ram and priya shared the food, ram ate vegetarian besides everyone's taunts. He touched her waist , back  when and sometimes hold her hand without any ones notice.  Priya rubbed her toes on his legs, it is damn  seductive, OMG she is doing this ' he cant even moves, was having a broad grin on his  face.  Turned to priya pleaded her not to do . she smiled and said. "hmm ok  aur aap bhi" in low voice. Ram waved everyone bye he felt honored to escort priya. 

 He hold her by waist close to him  while nisha joe and ben were teasing.  Priya blushed. He opened the door for her came ot driving seat started driving " see how decent and gentleman am I" he smiled naughtily. She bite her lower lip "hmm  I know how  gentle u were, u cut my  lip today"  she lowered her eyes. " oh I see then' I have to ' u know  'counter effect'  it will best suit here. And one more bite can cure  the previous one.  So ' may I .."  she  lashed his arm playfully and  rested her head on his shoulder gratifying his presence.

Priya and ram returned home,she came to him changing to a Capri pants and camisole. Ram's eyes were on her bony shoulder and bosom. She came and collapse in the same couch  flipping the channels. Ram went to kitchen and brought  chocolate moouse

Lines glitter gifs

She felt his presence around her. he asked her to get ready as kids want to go out as this day will be their regular outing but first time with papa. kady rina joined them. Ram informed rajath too. Priya want to talk to ram.  They all went out.  She slowly neared ram, he smiled  I need to talk to u ram!.. he looks surprised at her,  "oh my ' u called me ram and I heard it" she felt a stab in her heart still.. he excused himself to help his baby "riya' papa will never let u loose bachha." She felt another hand on her shoulder "rajath , I have to talk to ram itS urgent and he is not even giving a chance" ram observed rajath's hand on priya's shoulder. rajath tried to wipe her eyes ram was furious  sent pihu to call priya urgent to them. Rajath felt bad seing priya so!. They are walking to  restaurant. Priya hold ram's hand requesting him to listen her , he tightened his grip and entwined his fingers with hers " leave it priya, don't keep on pointing at my guilt".

Rajath occupied place beside priya. Ram is sensing rajth's behaviour odd.  They are happy for the family dinner.  Ram had his eyes on  rajath all the way.  They r back home priya made kids sleep in their room.came to her room saw him watching pointless to he sky. She changed and came near ram.

"ram" he came back to senses.

" priya come rajth did not recognize u as my wife. Did he behave well  with u ?"  priya is surprised and was unsure was ram doubting her?

" I never let my identity out"  ram turned to her flashed a bright smile

"its ok I know what were u trying to tell me. leave it now sleep u must be tired" she hold his hand  and stopped him. brought all her courage  hugged him from back.

 "am sorry  ram' I thought u moved on  because I saw ur  marriage picture in a news, i dint even tell any one that ur my husband. I was surprised to hear.."

"what which paper? "

 "I saw it on my joining day in rajth's college."

" who interviewed u "

"no one . ram  I know jyothi well she is my friend, she talked to rajath so he arranged my flight tickets and accommodation too"  Ram understood something is fishy. She weeped so much , she looked to his eyes and said " ram I am extreemly sorry  for everything. plz forgive me. for keeping ur babies away from u. I misunderstood u"  he cant see priya in tears. "tough u cant get back these 2 years of my life with my queen and babies I still forgive u , because I love u .  am sorry  too  because some where am the reason too  I should not let any one come between us. We equally suffered these years darling. Forget the past and''."  " and '" " fall in love ' again , love me  everyday  more.. BTW its better a demo than  a lecture what do u say darling" priya sighed and blushed hard closed her face in his arms.

They hugged each other consuming  each others presence. she felt his chapped lips on her neck. She moaned " raaam'"  he started nuzzling her neck,  pulling her close into him . she felt him. both  needs it, they missed each other for very long time. the urge is mutual ram looked at her  longingly while she closed her eyes and parted her lips. The night was passionate gave a room for  these longing lovers, their lips glued to each other tasting each other. Ram bite her lower lip hard it bruised. She puled  his hands wandered all her body touching her, she pulled his head close to her giving more accesses. His touch and kisses made her forget everything, her aroma is irresistible. The night is for the lovers to rediscover themselves, they melted in each others arms. 

 His  lips traveled down her neck she brushed her fingers to his hairs clasped tight. He  took her to the bed kissing her. he  took off the nighty from the her shoulder, he saw her womanly asserts, he bend slowly on her started kissing her shoulder pulling the straps of night gown down from her shoulders.  Her cleave is inviting he could not resist, his lips met her milky soft skin on her bosom . he caressed her body,this touch is different she is more beautiful now, he kissed her cleavage caressing her curves. She  is in bliss of feeling ram on her. his touch and kisses made desire rise. She moaned when he bite her mounds.

" mumma' mummma''."  Riya cried out .

Priya pushed him  away,mother in her overtake the lover and wife she felt sad that after these many days they had some time and ram is so romantic she pleaded him "raam.. bacche"  "haaan '.yes' am .. it's .." he  wans't able to speak .she set her dress right and went.. he collapsed on bed' "  god.. priya  you are damn  hot even after kids , u are more beautiful ' "  she looked back listening ram and blushed went to kids room.


Update 23

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Yaaayyy me first...
Wow this is a fantastic update Molly...
Finally their mu got cleared...
Omg Ayesha had planned to kill priya n that to in this way...
Ayesha n kids part was hillarious..
Unhappy sudden interuption in much waited romance...
Looking frwd to a romantic update...

P.s why do u feel that something is missing...
I think everything was just prfct in this part...
Dont feel sad...update soonEdited by 123fiza1 - 2013-04-23T07:28:44Z
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Posted: 2013-04-23T05:34:26Z
Awesome update finally their misunderstandings got cleared both in past nd present... Embarrassed
Loved the romance part in both the scene...
Ayesha ko ek thapad marna chahiye thaAngry were too good...pihu is a darling...but the reason of their sep kuch clear nhi hua Confused
Rajat ka kya loocha hai wo bhi gadbad hai kya Shocked
Cont soon nd thanx for pm

P.s. Its very good yar nothing is missing so dont worry Big smile Edited by vironikajain - 2013-04-23T08:10:45Z
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Posted: 2013-04-23T05:42:42Z
wish conda ko ek kick milta from kids

continue soon.. us conda ke upar mikshake girathi to aur aachha hota LOL
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