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get well soon
and then
pls update d next part
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Originally posted by Siacutie

where r u molly?
waiting for next partCry

here ,,  next update gonna bore u guys Wink
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Originally posted by sss283

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Originally posted by sss283

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universities  ki tirigi  baga endalo .addaminavi tini 
abaaa anta tirgadam avasarama !!Angry see now what happend !!!
now go n rest...ans dnt strain your self...pleaseee

tappadu certificates kosam .. ivvala vizag povali  malli ... repunundi malli  tirgadame ..
but inka your not well naCry
okay take care Thumbs Up

little fine this week .  but busy .. okkati pothe inkoti vastundi  .. 
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Originally posted by tulshan1989

get well soon
and then
pls update d next part

thanku so much 

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Originally posted by Alya1991


update shortly 
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Nothing really matters if we have a loving gesture from our beloved. Priya is angry for sure but she fails at his care and love always. She was thinking of ram, only ram  how can this man love her so much. In the beginning she felt it was attraction,if it is so he had many chances to make her his but he did not. She covered her eyes with her arm to slumber. Ram is arranging the balcony ready. He understood what kids can do. He instructed them not to make  this a mess. Because this is for mom from 3 of them as she is upset with them. They were delighted as they were experiencing it first time from papa to mama with their help.

Finally the day jealousy birthed in both. Priya came in greeting her colleagues. Ram's eyes waited for her arrival. She raised her eyes towards his cabin found him staring at her. He need her in his arms. His eyes fell on drooling new comer. Priya caught his angry glare following his sight she captured this new comer. Perplexed priya thinks "y ram is angry at him" without minding him  more  she turned to her cabin. " hey guys good morning,  Aww Btw he is Mr. justin ben, ur new team mate" Jackie said. Every one welcomed him ben gave his hand to priya shook her's with his in  brief but ben's hold is tight. Priya gave a fake smile yanked her hand back off his grip. Ram observed this ben drooling over priya,he hit his fist hard on the table. his anger is not allowing him to  work properly.his possessiveness awaken reminding him he loves priya n priya is his.

Usually during lunch Jackie talk a lot abt ram but today she is calm. priya is happy that she did not hear her lust in words for Ram. There is something odd, Priya came to know Ram's wrath fired on her so she is silent. On the other hand Priya is uncomfortable with ben's over friendly behavior tried lot to  come close to her,to touch her but priya felt something wrong and left the place without lunch. She started her work  again. She got a message from ram to be in her office soon. Room is dark with blinds on and lights off ram stand near a corner facing window. He closed the door after she enter.

Ram controlled his anger and asked her  if she had her lunch. She said  no and asked him he remained silent. She dragged him to the  couch served him but he dint respond,so she feed him with her hands soon they finished their lunch  when priya was about to leave ram hold her hands n pulled to him.  she her team members will look for her if she is found like this they may doubt them. Team reminded him ben, Ram in choler said to her that now she will be waiting for her team.  Ram asked her about ben. priya expressed she feel odd in his presence. Ram confirmed what was in his mind is proper. Ram felt insecure. Priya asked him y he spilled out his anger on Jackie, ram sensed sarcasm in her tone. This came out of her because of jealous.

Discussions, insecurities, came over their understanding. priya again witnessed ram talking close with Jackie,this is because ram saw priya smiling to ben's words. both had only one feeling, they remain friends for quite long time but cannot accept any one else with them. Priya shopped along with nisha. Nisha was surprised to see what priya selected. Nisha even commented that she is inspired of Jackie. It dint bother priya  but all her instincts say that she wants ram's attention. The day ram came home early  soon the bell rang his eyes popped out seeing priya. She was in shorts exposing her long slender legs  and arms to their  glory. She sat in the couch she served him some tea. Ram  could not turn his eyes off her.  She was not talking to him was pretending anger. This is a visual treat as well torture to ram.he wanted to squeeze her in his arms but cannot even start some conversation he slowly went to his room and locked it. Took a cold water shower. Priya felt victorious as she could be able to do what she wish to .she felt uncomfortable and  changed to her usual clothes.

Early morning it was strange  for ram to see  priya in such a outfit. He just thought one thing. "damn... she is  very beautiful" he offered lift til office. She rejected but he insist. After reaching the office every one especially Jackie is shocked to see priya along with ram.  ram was seeing her from his cabin. His eyes says that she is beautiful she wants to hear in words. Ram had an urge to feel her presence close to him. he went to priya and asked her to show her work in her system. He bends close to her inhaling her aroma his breath is tingling her senses. Priya saw jakie coming for ram so she made herself comfortable in his presence. Every one stared at them nisha and joe could not get what is happening. Ben felt more jealous and was surprised she never let him stand close to her.  Ram took a deep breath and whispered in her ear

"hmmm.. new perfume...  irresistible like u".

"so u noticed. I don't know am so.. thanku sir"

"do not use this perfume, if u want to know why come to my cabin will demonstrate"

Priya smiled " give ur demonstrations to ur dear wife not me..! did u forget this is office!"

"u can be my wife if u wish. If u say yes I will marry u right here.." he smiled naughty and went. Priya blushed and continued her work.  Later in the evening ram and priya were doing the final report of the project so they were late. " ben u dint go?" she asked . "am waiting for u so  can I accompany u to home" ben asked. Ram  who listened this rushed to priya interrupted confused priya to spell a word. He said " I appreciate this ben, but its ok I will drop priya, don't worry u carry on." Ben left with a long face. He sat silently  driving, thinks. [ ben is the name,  I will buy a doggy  tand name him ben, no if I did this this ben nam ki doggy will go to priya wagging his tail. Bloody dog].

Priya's attempt to capture  ram's eyes continued. Joe is suspicious. On a Sunday morning joe n nisha  came to raya's flat to invite them to their wedding.  As ram is getting ready to go on shopping with priya  by the time bell fall on the door priya open it ram  came to hall with t shirt's  asking priya to pick one.   Every one startled to see each other. Raya in one home. ram their boss! Why they hide from them? Why  priya did this? does she lack trust on them ? many more questions came in   mind.. ram went inside to change. As joe n nisha cant deney ram's words they sat quite  n priya went to kitchen. Priya apologized them they said the whole story to joe and nisha. They were happy for priya . joe  supported ram  and was really happy for her. Joe and nisha secretly said they will help him for sure to  melt this priya.

Few days passed ram and priya are happy and equally  possessive for each other. Both  dint realize  they were trying to woo each other as  joe and nisha id familiar ram and priya became little free. They  come together go together. Sometimes ram joins them in lunch. Priya try's to avoid Jackie. Her main motto is to grab ram's attention. Ram  gotta know that priya feels jealous if he moves close to  Jackie. He decided to make her jealous n turn her to him ram does not know it will fire back on him. priya is familiar that ram cant spare Ben around her.  One day ram is more casual with Jackie, priya do not like it.  She left the place. Soon she left ben ran  after her. She shouted him to stay away from her  but seeing ram she asked ben to stay  there. she  acted as if she ignored him. in the evening she asked joe to drop her.ram came late to home she arranged all the things on table for ram and went inside  was weeping badly. She wants ram. she cant see anyone else with him.

 Ram sat beside her caressed her hair,she opened her eyes, was happy to see the diner arrangement. He helped her to dine.all four sat on the respective sides. Priya is so happy to see the dine in open balcony and that too candles and  ram in front of her. It was been years that she had all this in her life.  They started eating  priya and ram feeding kids and they too ate. Now its dessert time. Said ram!...   she do not know what is the dessert for tonight.  Kids blind fold priya. Ram her to open her mouth, she dint with kids insist she opened. He gave her a bite  she took it, he placed a kiss on her cheek. She gave a angry glare he returned to his place. 

Now the real problem. Peehu asked  priya whom does she feed first. Priya dint get  the question,  riya extended their doubt. Papa Is smart that he feed both of them once.  What abt her. Papa even do not know that whom u feed first papa thinks that u feed both of at once. Priya looked at ram what rubbish is he talking to kids. but pretending sweet in front of kids.. she said

"RAM , what r they talking" priya frowned

" I don't know..  don't look like that ..  subha jab ... two were stubborn, ... So I got a doubt that ...'" ram said innocently

" ridiculous... u asked them to answer whom did I feed first. How will they know"

"tho batavo na... how ? I dint ask them Btw. They heard me talking to my self...I mean  they r two  ..i thought u ..."

" shhh... plz stop it  [she tightly closed her eyes]  I don't understand how will u get such thoughts."

"will u tell  me later? Personally ... demo " ram meekly said shying

" am done thanku so much for dinner"

Ram made kids sleep in their bed. Priya is  feeling uneasy. After a while she saw 3 of them sleeping alike. She covered them with duvet. She is in treble pain that is not making her sleep.she curled up to a corner in the couch . he asked her what was bothering her. She did not reply. He arranged a futon for her. He asked to lay down . she ignored his words. After a long time, he flustered face with red shot swollen eyes the sight it self made him disturbed she spoke

" I can handle my self, I learned it. Where r u when I really need u?  with your so called wife. Now don't show your false concerns on me!".

her words were harsh enough,even though he hold her when she was about to move away from him. he hugged her from back, she cannot deny his love she remained silent.  he supported her spine with his body, kissed her on cheeks

" yes I am not there that time but am here now,I cannot see u like this. if I can I will bear all your pains its late come and sleep now"

He made her lay down on futon and  crawled next to her hugged her close to him, caressing her  he tried to sooth her pain and tiredness. She slowly drifted to sleep. He pampered her the night with all the love he has for her.  He assured her that kids are safe. Both of them drifted  deep comfortable sleep feeling each other's warmth.


Update 21   

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get well soon

Big smile
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