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sorry and  i will soon update
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will do it soon
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waiting for next part aubine 

thanku and i will sure do it 
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U gonna update now... Again i wil come tmrw ..if u r goin to ..than update asap.. 
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Originally posted by luvsakshi

U gonna update now... Again i wil come tmrw ..if u r goin to ..than update asap.. 

 no  still have to edit... will update in evening.. 

go now sleep .. 
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Ram again heard "UNCLE" he looked  at priya. It scourged him. Riya n pihu sat in another couch. Staring at ram in fact  frowning at him  as they feel he spoiled their surprise. They did not knew he is their surprise.  Soon cady came out she wished ram and went to priya! Questioning priya that did she invited ram too? Was this the reason she was smiling? Cady insisted priya to utter a word at least. Cady then started praising ram, they make a very awesome pair. Priya  moved from there saying "well, cady Ram is really cool. I know him. he is very close to me! so guess he was here today!" .. cady was confused..  she moved to living after priya  saying "Whatever!"..

Ram looked at priya, sadly he took out the gifts he bought for them. He handed them dolls, soft toys, and chocolates and a play station. Both kids rejected to take the gifts saying  "y have u  bought all these? our papa will get us these things" they turned to priya " hai na mumma" . priya noded her head in positive. She spoke clearing her throat, "beta papa knows all what u like? Right" kids noded their heads "I said papa wil come today!" kids nodded ,they  stopped priya questioning "mumma papa looks handsome  but ram uncle looks cute [riya winked at ram]" ram and priya looks at each other smiles at what their kids are doing. "haan I said so! Then" she blushed. Cady  saw all this trying to  make a  answer whisper  to raina " priya  paagal hai,   yeah kaisa brain tease hai  for these two kids"  then raina asked ram "uncle .. r u Mr. kapoor?"  raina remember priya saying  riya n peehu's fathers name as ram kapoor once  she heard his name ram.

She looked at priya for confirmation priya smile made her clear. "cady didi u r a fool! U r trying to link up,those who are a couple already..  he is The Ram kapoor! Aunty's husband"  cady is shocked , her jaws dropped, peehu went near  ram fired a trail of questions.
DO U LIKE CHOCOLATES LIKE US? -Ram nodded his head  yes!
R U BIG BUSINESS MAN? - ram nodded yes.
Riya  came near him  said , mein riya kapoor , this is peehu kapoor aur app ram kapoor ho na?  ram said yes.  Both looked at priya se smiled and mouthed PAPA signalling through her eyes. Both  jumped on ram, hugged him tight. Shouting "papa"that was the sweetest sound he ever heard..there was excitement shock  and surprise in the room tears drained down his eyes. "I miss u both papa is sorry for the delay". He felt priya's hand on his shoulder, Her eyes drained in guilt he  saw this took her hand in his. They realized that  the situation when  raina's camera flashed on them.

 Evening went on so well. Kids are overwhelmed with ram their papa. Ram is in bliss of his surprise.  Kids are not leaving ram, this dinner was the best ram ever had, al his fav are their  fav they r copies of him ! He enjoyed feeding them. Kids said ram many things. Its bed time kids insisted ram to be with them as they felt he will be leaving tomorrow.  So priya said cady ,raina will sleep with her cady said will sleep with kids, jaldi utna padega aap ke kamremein .. ram smiled assured riya n peehu " my two angels .. papa is never going to leave u, u r my heart beats. [priya's eyes wet again  she is guilty] he kissed the kids,raina pehu riya and cady slept. 

Ram  stepped out  went to other room  where priya is arranging his things. She asked him to sleep in this room she will sleep out in couch!  Ram caught her hand " y  not here! Last night u were with me so near am drunk not dead! Do u get it, I felt ur lips on  my lips I felt ur warmth. Don't worry  I will not ask y u did this, I  will take this blame on me  because am guilty too. Am responsible for all this" she didn't  say anything  gave him clothes to change and came to room took another side of bed,both  face their backs. There is awkwardness in the room. Lot to be unveiled. Lot pain yet to be cured.  Ram promised himself he will clear this. priya promised herself  that she will rectify her mistake, she wil not  let ram away from her kids and never let any thing  touch her family.

 she made her mind  her priorities Cady n raina are her responsibility.  Ram turned to her, checked her she was asleep ,he brushed her hairs tuck them behind ear, kissed her cheeks, moved near to her circled his hand around her waist . After she felt him snoring she moved close to him made herself comfortable in his arms, clasped his hand pulled it close to her heart. Both felt each other so near n slept comfortably thinking the past when they spent together.

In her sharing apartment, she went to kitchen with wet hairs wearing a robe. She saw the couch with blanket and pillow. She then remembered "Ahh..  ram is here" ,her lips curled to smile she forgot to dress up thinking no one is in home she came out in robe.  Ram came out struggling with his tie.   She came near to him took the tie and started to knot it.. she smelled fresh with those wet hairs, moist pink lips, he felt weak. She noticed his muscles loosen, she blushed to his response, after al its her ram. his looks are complimenting the women in  her. His eyes dropped at the slit of the robe, little down her neck. Priya  blushed more,her skin flushed red. He  became curious  for more better view. She tightened the knot tight to his neck. She crossed her arms stood infront of him.
 P: hogaya! [ questioning him]
R; itna jaldi kaise.. not yet..
P: not yet!  Ok then ... Shall i take it off! Shall I ??..[ she ment in dual meaning]
R: ram's face became bright with a wide grin he said ...] haaan..[he stopped looking at her] haan tik hai ..tie... thanks..
P: breakfast is ready ..  eat n go.
Ram  made coffee for them  knocked her door informing her that he is leaving . when she came out she saw a note under the coffee mug. "thanks for the  breakfast , its delicious, and tie it was perfect  here is ur coffee madam  have  a nice day "

She set off to office,  a normal day  but she did not meet her new boss yet.  Ram is at his office checking all the documents and details of the company. he regret abt his decision it is one hour late, he signed the  agreement then vikram told him how bad was the companies state.  Nish and tony are  worried. They saw priya's smiling ! nisha went nuts seeing her smile in such awful condition of their jobs. Tony stopped her to disturb priya's smile saying it is rare  we see her smile ... She is smiling from her heart some one has brought the lost smile back.  Nisha realised it and was happy seeing her happy.
She came back home dull. Ram reached home tired. Both collapsed on the same couch. His bad decision of buying a wrong company he has to put lot of efforts in it. She told him that she is not sure of her job.  Days passed on ram priya were busy with their professional lifes. ram arranged  meeting to his new employees  to announce who is in n who is out. During lunch his PA came to priyaand her friends, they  talked to her to know how their boss is?. Young , single, Hot, S**y, handsome, ravishing one after the other she took a deep breath firmly said he is  very strict,very punctual. They understood that his PA is totally ovry him, priya excused herself seeing ram's call. they were late talking to each other. Ram dint want phone line to go dead she insisted as she is late for the conference ..  she went to conference hall late. Ram's  PA came to inform him he is late.

The door opened a lady voice broke the dead silence of the hall, excuse me sir.. it was familiar to him the chair turned towards her. He stood up gaped his mouth in wonder,project file fell down from her hands. Swallowing air down his throat ram maintained a fake authority in his voice said "ur late" ..she opened her eyes wide  she is late because of him.. "sir, ... am  sorry" he said "oh.. ! tha's ok  come have ur seat" he managed a smile. His old employees who knows ram looked surprised that he did not shout!  Before the meeting start he checked the list of people skimmed for priya's name. he failed. He informed his employees those are fired. lucky enough she is not a part. he got an idea!  He made changes that moment, all the new staff will remain he informed all the new staff to meet him in his office. He left the hall instructing his PA. She was curious of ram, and ram even is curious of not finding her name on list. ..

FB-  continues in next part 

present in priya's flat  dubai... 

She had a bad dream. she woke up saw it was morning, her tears stream down her cheeks.she saw ram sleeping peaceful.she gently kissed him and started her day. Both pihu n riya woke up came running to their room went straight to bed adjusted beside ram holding him tight.. priya stood up watching the trio. It was her most cherished dream to see them as such.  Cady n raina left to college. She was ready to college.  No one woke up. No way priya has to wake up ram or the kids. She went to bed sat on the edge. Kids cuddled more into rams sides he holded them in his arms. She cannot disturb them, it was her dream
She called ram he acted sleep, she started waking up kids. common get up my angels, don't u want to meet to dayijaan? She leaned down to them caressing the,kissed them on their cheeks. Both kids woke up upset. They crawled over ram to her one to her lap and other hugged her neck from back.. they want to stay in house as they have no school. Ram opened his eyes seeing the mother daughters bonding. Priya was helpless can she leave them to ram?. She instructed them to get ready soon. Both denied as they was to spend in home with papa. She tried to explain "beta..papa ..  can ram manage u both?" "mummy please" they  showered priya in many kisses..  she checked ram still pretended to sleep. "hmm ok but , don't trouble papa. be good girls,.ur papa is sleeping still how do I tell him  how can he manage u two!!."  She turned to wake him up,  then ram opened his eyes staring at priya!

"morning.. kiss..."
She gave him a stern look and asked him can u manage kids or shall I leave at dayijaan's place..  he assured her he can. Priya knelled down to kids instructing them not to make home a mess! Ram said angels  say bye to mumma! They hugged her n kissed her said bye, in an order ram  hugged her tight n kissed her on neck inhaling her scent n was lost in nuzzling her neck ..he heard her stern voice, "RAM .. BACCHE.." he broke the hug.. she gathered herself and left the house thinking don't know how will he manage  them .. 

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Atlast you updated !! its been very long
i must first say you did a wonderful job...showing so many emotions...and scenes ...
just mindblowing
raina revealing that raya are a couple...ram spending moments with his wala shockLOL...and raya's promises to each other...were totally justified
hmm any form of appreciation of this update seems less
thanks for the update
I want pm for sureBig smileBig smileDay Dreaming
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fb was nice so ram is the boss we can see office wala love n present is cute hope they talk to each other more openly 
next time update soon
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