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hey cont.soon

thanku  so much  

 i will  do it  soon   before it  is  12  today  

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Thumbs UpThumbs UpBest of luck for new thread...please update soon!!!

thanku  buddy  do  give ur  valuble  comments  in my support... 
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congrats Molly
Party Party btw... when is next part coming...

thanku so much  will soon  do it 
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Heya Molly... Congo yaaa... Ahaaa 2nd thread... Party

thanku  so much  
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congratz dear... :)

thanku so much  dear...
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congratulation for the next thread
and thanks for pm
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Ram cuddled close to her more, dragging her towards him. she slowly  shifted  towards  him  brushed her fingers to his hairs and holding him  close to  her,  inhaling his  aroma which  she missed all those  years, and the  warmth she is fond off.  She looked longingly  at his   glowing  face, innocent  like  a baby...  sleeping  peacefully.  She cupped his face, kissed on his forehead, cheeks,  nose  and lips. She pressed her lips on his for a gentle kiss. She stared at him...

" y  ayesha and sid  entered our  life's  ram" she  caressed his  hairs.. "I still love u like hell .if there is  someone I  really mean a lot and love is that's u   and  our  kids" she again kissed his  parted lips. Hold him tight , placing his head on her chest, kissed him on head hold him tightly close to her heart rested her head on his head, she's back down  to  her  thoughts ( years ago) ...

Sid   was  almost  scared of  ram's anger  n  he  felt  ram  will rip him to  pieces for  doing  such a thing to the  girl he loved.  Ram   managed his  anger as he was the  host.  Its  time  guest  were leaving. Neha  and  nuts  are  managing  priya   ram  came there..  sudhir and  shipra  went to UP  for their  relatives marriage. KK went to Amritsar to her MIL who is ill.  Everyone were busy ..the  party  took place in  ram's farm house which is in  out skirts of Mumbai.  Nuts  had  appointment  to  finish  in   delhi ,  rishab  even  had  to attend a conference in  delhi.  Vikaram is  worried   about the   deal ram and he has to do  the  next day neha is  pregnant and  need some rest.   Priya  was  fully  drunk n fully  talli .. ram  came there  still in anger what  sid has done to his love.

Priya  smiled.. looking at ram "  ram .. come here.." she  ordered..  ram  looked at  him " hey .. angry   man  come here  ram is ur name right" she said again . ram was  shocked to see her as such .she  stood up  and  went to ram.. Pulled his cheeks "  r u hurt..?..  don't be angry  ram.. u look utterly handsome and manly when ur angry  but  it do not suit ur personality.. see am ok .. feeling  lite , free happy .. am  feeling so good .. in fact I should thank  the waiter for the  refreshing drink" ram's  anger   totally  vanished.. and   environment there  changed.  Everyone relaxed  seeing ram  smile.. " refreshing ha.." ram  said and   gave  broad  smile.  Vik  was  so  pleased to  see the  how  simple   priya  handled his  anger. Neha and  vikram   shared a   warm  smile  of  happiness  that ram   found his perfect match.nuts n  rishab  were happy  seeing them " nuts   see the  way  to  convince  ram  bhai .."  rishab  said  n  both grinned to  each other.

 Karthik  was upset to see priya like that.  Ram  assured him  saying  sorry .   ram  asked vik to  take  neha  home.. then  asked  karthik  to  take  priya and  Ayesha  home..  priya  is  fully talli .. " mujhe  kahi nahi jaana .. ram  please   let me be with u .. karthik   tum  ghar jao  Ayesha ke saath .. I will come with  ram he wil drop me" . Ayesha  fumed in anger.. .. ram  try to  explain  her.  Priya being adamant   rejected  to what he say.   so  ram  asked  to  accompany  nuts and rishab .. he said he wil  take  Ayesha  n  priya to Sharma house..  priya  interrupted... "  r u mad   ram .. I want u to   drop me.. u get that  ...   I want a  drive  alone  with u .. y   u  make  Ayesha  come in between .." she wishpered it in ram's ears...  he  tried to  explain   but cannot.. he is  wishing  n  cursing his  stars  at the same time.  Finally  karthik  spoke  " sir   we  4, me nuts rishi and Ayesha  will  go  u  accompany  didi I  totally   trust u"  ram  said thanks..

Ayesha  who is  furious said  " oh  god .. stop this  drama di.. r u  trying to  trap  ram".  Priya   who  was so  angry  on  Ayesha.  The  burning  refreshing  drink she  drank  gave her the  spirit to   answer Ayesha.."  trap  ram ..  my  foot..  what u think of me and ram. I don't need to  trap ram . he is stil waiting  for me to  say   yes..  it  was just because of u  I  was silent.. u know  what Ayesha ..  for ram   we  r married..  technically  u  have to  call him jiju.. naaa!  u will take that    wrong  even ..  so   as  ur   10 yr  younger than  my  ram .. u  call him  bhaijaan .. like   my   friend  sayeedha  calls  her jiju.."  every ones  jaws  dropped   listening to   priya .. ram  was  embarrassed.. he was  scared  whatever  priya  will say  again  n all ..  priya  dint  stop there..caught Ayesha  by  hand .. " common  Ayesha  call him  bhai .. or  bhaijaan..  common" priya  force Ayesha. " di  no  I wont  cal him  so    leave me"  " u never saw my  anger  ..  common  just do  what I say .. am ur didi..." priya  said.. " no ..i like ram so much  .. I love him" Ayesha said.. " pagal  hogayi hai  kya ..  u  both have a generation gap..   dek  sun meri baath .. u  have  good  future  concentrate on  ur  career.. not on  ram  .. ram kya  ram  se  zayada  handsom, amir man will marry u .  y  don't u  think .. if ur in  ur late  20  ram  wil be  near to  40's  so  pata  hai  log  kya sochengi.. baap beti  ja raha hai..  ram  will get  old .."  ram  gapped his mouth  seeing this .. he  cannot  able to  understand if priya is explaining  this or  analysing  ram ..

Ram  stopped  priya .. " priya its k   now they r  getting late..  let them  go.." before  priya   could  answer  he  took her  out  and  all   started  departing. karthik  gave priya her  car keys as he is going along nuts in her car . so  ram took the keys..  priya  cling to  rams  hand  waved  bye to everyone.. vikneha, nuts karthik , rishi   al were happy staring at the  couple  who r made  for each  other.  Ram  pulled priya to the  car..  but she did not  want to  sit inside the car.. went inside the hall sat in the couch.. ram  came her  back.. "priya  common  .. wil also  move" .. priya  stood up   went  straight  to  ram pulled him  close to her by clasping his  lapel " I  want to be  here.. plz   ram " made a puppy   face.. 

"priya  kartik n  ayesh  wil be waiting for u  come  listen  to me" .. " I wil come  if u   promise me   that  u  will be  with me all the night"  she  hugged him  tight..   ram  was so   tensed to  see  priya like this.. thinking[ arey  yar  this  girl  wil make me mad. I love her , upar se  aaj bohot  sexy  lag rahi hai , aur   itne  paas.. woh   bhi apne aap..   agar mein  kuch  kar diya  tho   I can't   pacify my  guilt ever u r  making it  tough  for me  priya].. " ok I  promise I will be  with u .. but  not  here,.. at ur  home  ok " she smiled  kissed his cheek..  ram boggled , thinks[  beta ram  what more to  come ur  way  ha.. ]  they  went to  ram's  car.. priya went to  take her car insisted him  to  drive  her car..  " hey  tycoon  come here .. u comment on my  car na.. come u  drive this one now  I will come   only if  u take me in this  car.."   priya  said..  ram  cannot do anything  its  tough to  drive the  car as its  new to him  but still he agreed. all the  way  priya  kept  staring  at him ..

suddenly   the car stopped. Ram  tried to ignite it but priya  said in a low voice "shaayad petrol katam hogayi hongi"  gave a cute  smile. Ram cursed his fate million times , he too smiled at her antics. "how will we go home priya" ram was irritated. " koi baath  nahi, I can sleep in this car.  U will be her as my guard"  ram  gave a angry look ...  she  stoped grinning.  " my  fate is in my favour  for the first time".. ram dint get a clue of her words.   Ram pulled her out and they marched to the farm house again.  It was few miles  away from farm house , priya stoped walking and was crying. Ram  came near and asked her what happened  dear. " I  cant walk anymore,  with these heels."  He  made her sit on the  mile stone  took her sandles off  saw her  soft feet had  shoe bites.  He stood in front of her said sorry.. he looked around saw  light   from a  familiar house. It was the  house of his friend's grand maa house . " chalo .. uto priya.. will stay  in that house tonight.. or for some time I will ask  vikram to send a car"  she nodded negative.. and started crying.. " how can I ram, I cant walk." " arrey yar ... please priya  it just  5 min  walk through the woods"  " oh just  5 min.." she wiped her tears.. took her sandals in hand  ram  smiled as she agreed to go, " come  lift me up , its not possible for piggy back, as  am in sadi so lift me up in ur  arms to that house"  ram  turned to her and shouted " what ...!!" ..   priya made a innocent face " cant u do this for me .. ram"   ram gave a stern look at her.. "hmm come.. what else can I do  after all I love u  right" those words made a stab pierced through priya's heart

She felt secured in his arms all the night, consoling her heavy heart.  She woke up  before her two little pumpkins wake up and  shoot her  with  many questions.  She continued with daily  course, prepared breakfast for her  family  for the first  time  she made all this for her  whole  family.  She made nimbu paani for ram. She got ready and made the two  plumpy angels  ready,   when she came back to  ram  from kitchen , she saw her two little angels there.   priya saw what were they  upto..

RIYA:  " peehu  yeah  ram uncle hai.. he helped me lot  in  game , pata hai , he is very good he gave me my fav chocolates too" 

PEEHU :" riya  kal jab mein aur rina di aya tha , yeh  bohot  gusse se baath kar raha hai" 

RI: " that is  because one  aunty  hurted me   n  mumma there he supported us"  both looked at  ram  who is so cute. Priya's heart is  flowing with emotions she always wanted her  angels to be with ram, love him  and play with him.. 

PEE; " oh ...  riya, look this uncle is so handsome. I think mummy may get angry if we speak to this uncle" 

RI: " y do u think so peehu..?" with  lot   pause  peehu  said.. 

PEH: " I think I heard, no ...kal party mein he said  .. yeah papa.." 

RI: " kya  yeah humari papa  hai peehu " 

PEHU: " no riya   mujhe pata nahi  par uncle  do know abt papa, when I enter the party  all were taking abt papa." 

RIY : " tho kya hua , ram uncle mera friend hai tho tumaara bhi friend hai"  " hmm he is sleeping how will he know we  came to greet him .." " peehu I have an idea..  will  apply mummy's  red wala lips stick  n kiss him  he will know that's  we! N  will leave a slip here" 

They  continued to  do  so  priya  is   looking at her  two brats bonding to ram, she said nothing. They  left a note  for him. And  kissed his cheek. Hearing  priya's voice  they rushed out of the room, cady n raina came there to pick them up to school. Priya rushed to her ram.. saw  what these two cuties have done to their papa.. she saw rams cheek and  smiled. She kissed him on his fore head  and left to the college.  Ram  woke up late with  head ach, he searched for his mobile n found he was in some other place. He  saw a note  beside his bed  with nimbu paani.  Took it and read.

" don't worry  it my  house, take  good rest and  ha drink nimbu paani , freshn up and have breakfast." He  knows the writing n her sign,

"good morning ram  uncle , mein riya  aur peehu,  we have left u a proof on ur cheek wee came to  wish u  good morning"  he  rushed to the mirror n  saw his cheek with   two  marks smiled. Scratching his fore head. His finger touched something sticky, " oh so  priya kissed me too, I can  smell her close  when I kissed her ...this is the same one.."  he went to  wash  room  freshn up .. he did not wash his face. Had his breakfast.  It was  after noon. Priya  came back  home  saw ram  smiling looking at his  face. Priya hide her   happiness to see ram. She was sure  he wouldn't  leave soon. She came back . ram was exited

"priya  see , what our angels did!" " raam.. leave... I had enough" his exitment was shattered. His  heart shattered seeing his own  women  saying this to him..  he took his belongings and moved towards the door.. " priya ... r u the same priya ,  loved me  so much. I miss u lot , I spent al my days alone these years. U know how much I love u , u r world to me.  no one will be alive with a dead heart, for  me ur my heart beat. Am just no difference to a dead man without u. I lost vigor to live. Please don't do this to me.  please don't keep me away  from my  life.." He  rushed towards her and hugged her with heavy heart.   She  had tears in her eyes.  He broke the hug wiping the tears.. he went away.. she collapsed in the couch  n crying  ram came back to see.. " priya  I forgot to say ,, mein ja ke aata hu,  with my luggage.  I know u will feel bad if I stay in hotel..after all my family is here.. bye darling,.. haan  do tell my   little angels that their daddy is back ...  ha BTW  u cooked so well baby .. after many days I ate full.. its yummy  "




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Mixture of
great job molly
glad priya showed ayesha her true position...
you gave us an update asap...awww
thanku Tongue
priya talli Embarrassed

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