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this time it is of  sure  soon  mean s soon  hehehBig smile
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Ok..waiting for the update..

sure .. in process of editing .. thanku for this wait.. kind of privileged

In process of editing... [:D/

Chalo eagerly waiting for it... Smile


soon today after the episode or tommorow

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Originally posted by vironikajain

Still waiting...

am busy in the last rituals of our family friend. today is his funeral.i will do it quick asap
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Originally posted by luvbalh

Originally posted by vironikajain

Still waiting...

am busy in the last rituals of our family friend. today is his funeral.i will do it quick asap

Oops!! So sorry for that..
Its ok take ur hurry Smile
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Both the kids got exited seeing cady. Soon the uninvited furious guest commanded cady to get some water. Cady being a teen  got irritated to his authoritative nature. He took the glass tried to  take of his anger on the damn glass. cady noticed it just thought he was a miser. He went to the book shelf in the living from where he can have a look of the couple in the room. He acted as if he is drinking water and seeing the collection. He is peeping into the room where he found priya handing over ram's shirt pleading him not to be naughty and ram made a puppy face. She is melting to his sulking  face,he is cute than her kids pulled his cheeks and Planted a feathery kiss on his nose.  It was a separate peace he found on her face which was missing since she met him leaving ram. It seems like  she got her life back. She is different.

"Rajath uncle" "rajath uncle" kids voice echoed in his ears.

This act of rajath did not went unobserved,ram saw what was rajath doing. He noticed stress on rajaths face. Ram wanted to see what will he do.  Kids went away from rajath to cady. Ram pulled priya back she landed in his arms. he pinned her to wall and kissed her neck  sucking her skin. Ram is observing rajath's change of behavior. Finally rajath  banged the glass on the floor. With the loud notice ram and priya rushed to the living area acting calm rajath said sorry. Ram came to a conclusion that their intimacy is effecting rajth . but Y?. Priya came to clean the mess so that it do not hurt any of her loved ones. While picking the broken pieces one peirced to her finger. Rajath saw this as a reflexed action he took her finger plunged the broken piece from her finger when was about to keep her finger in his mouth. Ram hold his hand  and same time priya reverted her hand back.  Ram did the necessary first aid with a gharelu chitka [ kept her finger in his mouth and cleaned the wound. he took her inside to bandage her wound.

"Rajath my brother help .. plz pick up all broken glass and trash it." Ram asked.

" yeah  ... sure.. BROTHER" rajath said disheartedly.

Rajath  is cleaning the mess. Kady is nursing kids. Priya felt rajath's behavior strange. Ram even had no clue of his behavior. But so many questions were taunting him.  he made up his mind the he has to find out.  He saw to her eyes which were confused and was  aimlessly staring. He jerked her  both shared a pale smile. He kissed her forehead and hugged her  from side. Priya could not  forget ram called rajath brother.  she recalled the conversation with rajath introducing ram.  One big question is that if he knows ram then how does he do not know his wife.  The same question taunted ram he tightened his grip on her shoulder. She could not resist any more, she do not want her happiness to be spoiled.

Rajath's behaviour is odd. She rejected his offer to drop her to college. She wanted to drop her kids along with ram and ram drop her in college. Kids pulled rajath to their car. Ram made kids sit in the back seat. He came to the passenger seat to open the door for his wife, she blushed. Ram came close to her kissed her cheeks, and heaved a sigh. He did want a day alone with her but duty calls. Rajath did not leave yet but he was observing the love birds through the rare view mirror. They both hardheartedly sat and drove towards the play school. Ram instructed the kids to wait for him. both the kids are delighted to introduce their papa to friends. Priya was a little late in all this. Ram and priya walked together in to the college. Ram has to stop in the corridor to meet students who came to speak to him. as soon as she entered rajath shouted at her for being irresponsible and late. It was the first time he did behaved so. Ram entered the room saw  priya's blood shot teary eyes. She excused herself and walked away.

Later ram said sorry to rajath on behalf of priya. Ram asked rajath the details of mall's business. In the talks ram wanted to test rajath's response and said priya will not work here. Will go back to Bombay.  Rajath was furious again. Gritting his teeth tighter he manged to speak yeah that good idea and confirmed if priya said yes or no. Ram confidently said  she wont say no to him ever. "yeah ..! so probably it might be the reason she patch up quick though u were faulted" rajath said. Ram was sucessful in his plan. Ram nevver shared anything in his personal life but how come he came to know lot?. Rajath suggested ram to do mall's business here. So that they can stay here.  Ram expressed his intrest in it.  Both walked to priya's cabin. Ram's eye fell on her name plate sharma is written, rajath took a marker and stricken sharma and wrote KAPUR. Priya and ram became angry. She could not tolerate it and kept the name plate in trash bin. " you were mistaken sir.might be u were used to write kapur with U' am  Mrs priya ram kapoor  not priya sharma or just priya kapoor. Any ways i have to get a new name plate hope the management will arrange for it"  Ram felt proud for her reaction. She frowned at him and walked away.  He smiled and said .. "hitler .. my hellcat" rajath heard it..

"what ..."

" nothing.. priya  bhi na.. dont ever do this .. she is ur bhabhi  remember.. or else get ready to face  worst of her.. brother.. if i dont be there  in 5 min   that's the end ..bye see you in the mall after  in the evening" ram rushed out.

As per their schedule priya n ram went to have lunch together. To her surprise she felt someone is at back observing them. on her way back  she saw rajath's car parked.  She does wanted to know why was he being rude her today is it cause of ram? She sat inside the car  ...

"raam..."  ram saw her  aim less stare at a distance he recognised the car..

 "kiss me ... now" she said ... oops did she said so! Ram is surprised  and smiled.

"damn cant u hear!  kiss me... am ur wife damn it.. common  now" ram  was surprised to see her demanding kiss he pecked her cheek.

" raaam... darling ...   will u give me a kiss properly like my romantic  husband this morning.. now!"she frowned  

"yup but we are in a public place are you sure u r ok with  this our car...!!."  she stared at him.

She is so determined and ram had no way  than to capture her lips . He could savour her to eternity  but realizing the inconvenience to public had a breif kiss. she saw the car barged into the roads with high speed, it can expected to harm someone. She captured the person to be rajath.   This  made her doubt real.

Ram dropped her back.  He signaled priya.  Her face became suspicious and fearfull. Ram  crossed his arm around her shoulder in assurance  that he wil sort out things.  She dint want to spoil her moment with her love.

"it was a delicious lunch  after a long time"

"really.!! Baby   yeah morning till afternoon is really long time.. that one brief course made it special.. Isn't it 

?"  he  spoke  pointing about their romance since morning. 

" You...  who is this i was talking to? Ram kapoor right...   who knows the tycoons romantic side better than me. After all we do had lot of crazy memories ... i can never forget that day i gave my virginity in the arms of nature to u.. remember the  beach" she said naughtly.

"yeah... wish i could get those days back with.. Hmmm!" he blushed.

"  no way .. something is cooking in your brain .. before u  exicute i have to rush .. bye  and ha.. dont be late to pick up kids. Strawberry shake is ready in refrigerator  till i come back home. Bye  baby.."  she  ran fast into the building. She turned to blew a kiss to her dear.  He stood up there smiling at her...

"  I just love you  so much... i saw my  Darling  is coming back.." he said to himself  and drove the car towards the mall to solve many puzzle  remembering their past. The most  sweetest  time spend  with her. 


 It is peace to her eyes to see the   person  in front  of her.  She could recognized the image through the blurred image she sensed cause of tears. She was in a fear of loosing him . her insecurities  rise awake along with  the morning. She rushed to his arms and hugged him tight. Did not even  cared to find the surroundings.  Unknowingly  the reason he called her, tried to control her she did not respond. So he tried soothing her   rubbing on her back after a while he felt wetness on his vest. It correctly stricked him, Insecurity . he thought . Oh my  pretty evil...  he has to clear it  at least now  on a temporary  means. He smiled feeling proud of her love on him.

"priya... priya... common look at me..{ he broke  the hug  and cupped her face.  Swiped her tears  with the pads of his thumbs, kissed her forehead and cheek. By  now  she  came half way  to her self}  priya... what is this  why  were u  crying  i just came out  to see the  sunrise.i  was about to call u  to witness this beautiful morning with my  lady, this is not fair you are crying this new morning." He pouted

"i woke up  and i did not found u ! and u know me. I am .. am ... Am  scared in there with out u.. i felt u  ... i  mean  u left me.. ram i cannot live without u  ram" she hugged him back.

He laughed . which made her angry and  she hit him on his arm. He could not  agree to what he heard. He tried to joke to lighten the moment.

" hmmm... i dont think u will free me that easy".

He walked back guessing  what is coming head his  way.  She started hitting him  for his comments.  She ran  after him  to hit  him  forgetting that happened , after a few min ,he stopped her pulled her to his embrace saying " i will never ever leave you  even in  my  worst nightmare. I love  you more than  my life.. I will only love u"

"I love u ...  but... what  about jackie"

"hahah.. who is she..."

"good ... FOR U " she  giggled..  together they  sat on the sand and witnessed the sunrise. She rest her head on his shoulder. He  hold her  by her shoulder. They  talked about many  things.  There were no one else except them. Priya asked him to take her to  every one. As it wont be nice when friends are around  to spend alone with  love.  she soon got ready and leave the place. Priya  packed all essentials  for her on beach.   A day out with friends, they had their breakfast. Joe and ram went on some work where the ladies  sat on a table in the beach restaurant.  Priya is is blushing hard because of  the teasing from her friends.  Nisha and priya shared a good rapport. Nisha said she is happy to see this priya back. the two men joined them . joe is taking good care of  nisha. Ram is no less  caring to priya. While they were  engrossed in deep conversation   priya's eyes fell on  the approaching figure.  Lady walking with  grace with  her long legs exposed, beaming smile  on her face with focused eyes on  ram.  Priya's mind is disturbed and kept seeing ram and the approaching figure.  The evil of insecurity was alive in her..and ram going to have a tough time. Now

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after a long time its really a great feast  to readand so lovely loved it ClapClap
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nd pls update regularly dear 
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Originally posted by lpsakshi

after a long time its really a great feast  to readand so lovely loved it ClapClap

thanku so much 

  kindly   answer the question.i  edited in the thread..  please
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