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Hey molly..have u updated next part in blog kya?? Smile
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Life will be different when kids are around, Life changes too. Husband wife becomes parents so priority is bacche. Ram hold priya by her waist riya slept on his chest and pihu besides priya. Priya felt pihu is awake. Se saw riya in her dad's embrace, he snuggled more to priya.  Priya  adjusted pihu in between her and ram moving a little far from ram. both kids woke up early but were quite and get down from bed to play. As a routine priya woke up early but today both were late, as they spent lot time sharing lost moments. Ram stirred in bed. priya's body unintentionally carved his warmth, she snuggled to him close and rested her head on his chest.

 A while later  she woke up, he is beside her. she adjusted her head on his shoulder finding peace  looking at his innocent face. He wrapped her close nuzzling in the morning, beard spiked her check making her moan.  He opened his eyes with her moan. "Aww", what a beautiful morning for both. He engulfed her more to his frame,she hugged him back. 

"good morning priya" he kissed her cheek, then on the crook of her neck.

"hmm. Good morning ram.. OUCH .. what is this ancient Chinese acupuncture to me early in the morning" she is teasing him for his rough beard.

" qi... its called flow.." he pinned her and came on top. "now leave all this..before ur kids come  let my morning get charge with those pretty lips" he kissed at the corner of her mouth  feeling her quivering lips with his thumbs. She pushed him

"qi...!!  oh god .. u are impossible. Now this is  a new name!" she smiled

"  trust me  u will love it, now shut ur nonsense and let me  have u" ram bend down and seal her lips.

The kiss went so passionate with a verge both kissed  each other compensating the missed times consuming the sweetness of love. They were lost in each other, he heard her moaning which energized his desire he went rough kissing.  She pushed him  back, he caught her lower lip between his teeth. It was the second bite he was about to give her.

" ouch .. u are hurting me.. get up ram .. what happened to u ram..  ouch .." she got down from the bed moving off to wash room.

"arrey  you are such a spoilt sport.. common priya  ur kids might come. I have to make use of this little space they give us." Ram pulled her back to him  she landed on his lap. He  circled her waist and started  to nuzzle her neck and shoulders..

"kya kaha... my kids.  they were ur replica's..  nothing resemble" she pouted

" ok its not a big deal... wil make one more who is like u what say"

" ram... u r impossible" she playfully hit him and buried her head in the crook of his neck. She kissed his ear and gave a sensuous bite on  his ear. He is feeling her with his hands. she pushed him on bed again. Closed his eyes with her hand. He thought she is turned on and they will have a moment.  Being restless he opened his eyes  and found his little angels  staring at their papa confused.  He turned around and see priya coming out from wash room with a naughty grin..

" riya pihu.. did u wish mummy papa good morning?"

"they said good morning mumma!. Good morning papa"

" pata hain  aap ki papa ka morning good kiss hota hai" stressing the word kiss

Ram  was shocked at her words. He interrupted. "arrey.. my  angels.. who wants to come with papa to school today!  Come come will get ready soon."   Kids went to their room along with ram.  priya smiled biting her lower lip went towards kitchen.  Ram  was watching her  from the room   thinking she never leaves a chance to tease me. who knows it better than  me.  he smiled remembering the old days he was tempted in all means.


he woke up in middle of the night and walked to her room, she was found  leaning on window hugging her knees and was shivering.  Ram rushed to her found her shivering with cold. He found her eyes swollen and the dried tears from her eyes. He felt  bad for her state. His silence is the reason.  He carried her to bed and switched on the heater in the room,covered her with quilt. She was still shivering. He has no option he went in side her quilt to give her body warm. He hugged her tight she was slowly getting back to her self still was sleeping. It is getting harder for him to manage.. he thought {ram  beta control ...  she is yrs and don't end up with something u feel guilty for rest of ur life}  After a while she was stable in his arms she dint even knew what happened. he went to her wash room  to freshen up thinking he can attend her soon if needed. Thinking she was asleep he came out in his boxers  wiping his hair. She was awake by then, He turned  to check her ,he covered his face with towel. She smiled at him and lowered her eyes and blushed. She turned to other side closing her eyes.  He slowly peeped at her and ran off from the place tying his towel around his waist.

"Hai ram" ... he  heard a voice and was shocked  to see joe n nisha. He felt embarrassed as they stared at ram open mouth in such a state coming out from priya's room. As ram disappeared to his room joe and nisha  were back from  trauma. They dint expect this from this couple.

"OMG! Joe that  was priya. Can u imagine, the one who insisted us to get married saying living together is  sin."   "this is unbelievable! Baby  r u sure  they were... ok now u go check priya to confirm"  exited nisha rushed to  priya's room she remained perplexed seeing the sight. she saw ram's clothes on the floor, priya under the covers. Priya got up covering herself as she remember wearing a camisole top and shorts and part of her legs are exposed too. Seeing all this  nisha confirmed that they were in a living relation..

Priya went to wash room ram cleared the room.  Priya and ram joined them.  Ram  made priya sit and served them all coffee. They were talking casually priya is angry on ram and ignored him. After a while priya felt Nausea-tic. She stood up and was about to leave.  Ram stopped her.

"y were u behaving so ? ...priya!!!  Common I understand it pains u a lot but think about me. what can I do dear.think from my side"

"I understand  did u mind  when u pain  me?  no na.. leave it then.."

" I can't see u like this priya.."

"  am used to this pain. Leave it  ram,u cannot see nor feel it ... am used to it everyday" 

she walked past to her room.  Their conversation  gave joe and nisha a big  shock were they really in a relationship is the biggest question..they were so open is a thud. They came off  the shock soon.

Ram sat with joe where nisha went to priya. Ram asked joe about the wedding preparations. Joe asked ram to marry priya for which ram remained silent. how can he marry without his family?. Ram assured joe he will help him in the preparations. Priya  joined them. Ram went to get ready. priya was not feeling well she is weak and vulnerable. Suddenly she rushed to washroom feeling nausea. She asked nisha to search a tablet for her. joe n nisha became suspicious of priya's illness and nausea. Ram came and asked what happened. priya slowly walked towards them and suddenly she fainted in ram's arms.

After priya gain consciousness, joe and nisha  asked them to get married soon. Perplexed raya were staring at them. Ram who understood their minds said there is no such thing between them. Priya  started buzzing him  what were they taking about? Nisha who is irritated  kept a visiting card of gynac and a pregnancy test kit in her hand.

 "oh.. god ... nooo  nisha were u mad. Damn ram why were u silent tell them there is no such thing..."priya screamed. 

"priya it is fine, u both love each other. Baby accept it. Just think from when did ur period stopped and u both know each other earlier na. U told me u were drunk?" nisha  gave an exclamation. Priya started thinking yes she missed her period. So that means she is noo. Ram is not such one. She could accept her mind and heart views. She saw  suspicious and helpless at ram. He was shocked to their doubts.

"oh god ! stop using ur brain.. priya listen nothing such happened between us that time.. u were drunk and nothing happend. Dont get suspicious abt this"

"common ram, be a man ..accept it  that u both were .. i mean it is common we too do such it is wow.. i know u does have same feeling" joe said.. nisha beat him.. " oh then what is that we saw in the morning.. u rushed out of her room  and priya  u were hiding ur body undercovers. We can understand what it is."

" oh u both ...priya listen ..."  ram sat on knees..

" oh .. how sweet see joe he is proposing her.."nisha is excited.. priya had tears in her eyes doubting ram.

"will u both  shut up now... priya .. nothing happened to u .. i felt uneasy and came to talk to u  that time u were shivering in cold  the room was too cold.. i helped u. Made u to lie down. I gave u body warm as told by my family doctor. Though it was hard for me, i dint do anything..u trust me na." She nodded her head. So he kissed her forehead "i just took a cold water shower in ur room thats it. After that u know everything.." She smiled

Priya and ram try their ways to say them nothing is as such.  Joe and nisha could not deny their eyes and ears. Forcibly she did the test and  the test is invalid. Nisha is sure of priya is pregnant  in a heated discussion joe admitted same thing happened to them, I thought it is in valid but doctor confirmed her pregnancy.  Now raya got to know y this wedding so soon.  A  baby is uniting them in holy matrimony.  Every one laughed. 

They went to a stores to see the wedding frock for nisha. While nisha and joe were busy priya  was checking some dresses alone. Ram went at her back  but she dint respond.  Ram made up his mind to make her normal.  Priya liked one dress,  she turned around to show it to nisha there was ram. she kept the dress back  and walked away from ram. he hold her hand took the dress and insisted her to try after pleading lot she agreed. His eyes popped out seeing her. it is so beautiful on her she is looking like an angel.  He rushed and took a veil  and place it on her head.  Beautiful bride was she! He smiled looking at her, she blushed seeing ram smile faded away from her lips thinking of his denyal of their marriage, consoling herself she went to change.  Nisha wanted to buy the same thing priya wore but it was sold. Ram smiled cunningly

She saw jackie in one stores, jackie ran towards ram priya and jackie both exchanged smiles. Ram came there greeting jackie. He asked in a rough tone y did priya came here leaving him. Jackie sensed some disturbance between them. She took some dress to trail room came back asking for priya's opinion. Raya looked at her  ram stared at the dress and imagining priya in it. She caught his view without knowingly  priya moved aside silently scolding ram in heart that he says he loves me and stares at her there was a time ram was desperate to get married now why will he?. Ram found her behavior strange. Ram moved after her. Priya went to  nikky who is in ladies stores buying some S**Y stuff.  With so much anger on ram priya did purchased few.  She did even care to  look at him. She dragged nisha to aside to cofee shop warning ram not to follow.  She stood out the shop. Priya shared that incident to nisha. Nisha reminded priya abt seducing ram how it worked well. Nisha kept a pack of contraceptive pills in priya's hand. Priya got irritated and walked to ram.

Turning back at nisha she kept the pack in ram's hands. " keep it with u ..  when u feel i need them then give it back .. guys u both dont get hyper ..  i may not need them.. may  be not in this life... right ram" .. shocked ram glared at her " baby i dont need these... this is for u, i got my pack  from joe...  if i use my pack u might not  need these" she gave a stern look at him and walked away, thinking she has to do something to make him respond.. if seduction do not work , may be  emotional trail.. but she is adamant,not going to give up at any cost. She went some stores and tried some dresses.. she got an idea to watch ram's reaction if she tries something hot.  She took a neckless short dress and went to trail.Ram gaped his mouth seeing her. He cannot take his eyes of her.  He looked around and saw two guys looking at her. He rushed to her and hugged her possessively  Insisted her to change quick.. she asked him to undo her dress zip. With lot sexual tension ram managed to control himself but he could not resist  seeing her bare back. He kissed her nape nuzzled her back she could feel his hot breath on her skin and his wet lips touch her. He gathered himself  turned her around and kissed her lips passionately and left without turning back again.  She smiled touching her  lips. A smile of joy that she saw what she wanted to see in ram's eyes. he went out paid the bills .. priya gave him a naughty grin  biting her lips. She walked out of the stores.  

"ur coming with  me or u want  that idiot employee of ur to  assist u?" she ordered him to come along with her. Ram signaled joe he will handle her in few min and followed her.  She went selecting shirts for him. she gave him some shirts to wear. He called her from trail room to show her those shirts on him. he pulled her close pinned her between him and wall  she inhale his intoxicating perfume..  he moved little closer. Asked her to unbutton his shirt. She  got the view of hi broad shoulders and his hairy masculine chest. He came closer she inhaled his aroma and was melting in his  arms...  she wanted to rip his damn vest which is a obstacle of his manly view to her.. she touched his body feeling it.. he came closer as she closed her eye lids anticipating his actions, he said "i got it now..  now i understand...  it feels proud when we win seducing our love.. BABY".  She came to her senses and pushed him away.  Pushed  him to wall went close to him as their lips are inch apart "do u think u can ... no  darling.. only way u could win me completely is ... MARRY ME" she concluded. She said it. He is pleased to hear that. disappointingly She walked away  as he is not positive to  wedding now. They reached home tired with lots of shopping bags priya silently went to her room and locked it. He stood up for few seconds he too retired to his room.

Ram came to hall wanted to spend some time with her. She even want him beside her. She came to him sat beside him. He pulled her close from her shoulder.she lay her head on his shoulder.  Both are enjoying each others company than the damn TV show.  He consoled her weak soul. Ram said she is week and not to neglect her health.  He kissed her fore head. She cuddled more to him. After a long silence  she spoke.." ram please dont leave me alone. I will die i am away from you" he hugged her tight rubbing her back  "i cannot live without u. I love you so much"  he felt tears drenched down her eyes and wetted his chest. " y  ram... y  dont we get married soon." " what about  my family dear it is my wedding they are waiting for this since a long time.."ram sighed..  " i do want  them in our wedding but u think about me?  My  mom  my sister your brother? Please ram i cannot loose you again.. i don't mind  to  be yours now even, i dont feel it is wrong because i trust u so much... am  .. am feeling  insecure .. i dont know what am i doing .. and upar se yeah jackline.." priya poured her hart out.. he smiled seeing her. Damn she loves him so much. He felt proud that he earned her  " accha tho insecurity   is the reason .. madam is seducing me too much. I dint get this behanji priya is suddenly turned to hot chick"

She was angry on ram for calling her chick.. " haan  tho ...   so u noticed am  doing this to capture ur eye. U look at everyone expect me. So ur nagging our marriage and... what did  u say chick.. haan.. then why did u insist me to change that dress simply some one else is seeing me right who is more jealous". " because u r mine  .. mine alone.. i have right on u" he said authoritatively.. " damn right ... u were not my husband  u get that.. do not  boss me" saying this she went inside with out listening to him and banged her door hard. He smiled to her antics, he saw a dairy  on the couch. It was priya's  she penned her heart in it. He  wanted to read more of it and flipped the pages one after the other.  Her family   her love towards them, their hard behavior to her. How dejected she was and ram..   there is a sketch of ram in her dairy and kiss ..lipstik imprinted on his lips. He touched it  refreshing the memory. She wrote  how she felt when his  lips first touched hers. The time she missed him time she wanted to be in his arms.  The day she asked him to make her his. Her trust on him, the decision to  get away from all. Her possessiveness over ram.his eyes stopped on the words ...

 "If I can, I will not leave you, as long I as I do I will not give up, as long as I breathe I will not let you go.  Im not owning you but that's how I love, I will fight if I know there's still a chance. Ur rejection and ignorance kills me million times and I still  Love u, more and more every day"

Rejection! Ignorance ! damn  this women .. he wanted to break her room doors and hug her to eternity untill she is consoled, till she stabilize her heart. He cannot ignore her even in his worst dream. How the hell she think so. He thinks he has to do something to assure her. To get her back alive to herself. These days she is in emotional turmoil. Even doctor said she is in stress. Feeling mentally low. Her state in the morning  clinched his heart. He opened her door,  went to her sat beside her  kissed her forehead.  Covered her with duvet properly.  His eyes went on a pack he saw that. What did dadi gave her. He felt surprised to see, dadi gave her shagun as her bahu. There is a note from KK and dadi asking her to accept their love and come back. It was red saree, mangarsutr, kangan for ram's bride from kk, ancestral jewelry that is for elder son's bride and vermolin.  He bend towards her..planted a feathery kiss on her lips. Thinks Baby ur spl in my life. See what is waiting for u now i understood why were u around marriage.. ..

A week later, they were all set to go on wedding. Ram and priya are exited as the wedding is in an island. All through the journey they enjoyed a lot. They reached the place. Ram booked a private cottage which is few meters away  from the resorts.  Ram insisted priya to stay along with him. she very well know that he is not of such a guy who takes advantage of her. What matter if he  wants something else  as she is will full.  They took rest the evening. Priya woke up stretching her arms. She saw it was a beautiful cottage made of wooden  and the room is so beautiful. She felt like a princess. She freshen up and searched for ram.  She got worried and was searching for him badly.. she did not find him. she came to porch attached to her room  weeping .. she saw a blurred image of someone waving at her  from the beach. She wiped her eyes and rushed to the person.


A  tear drop formed in her eyes thinking how could she lived alone al the years without him remembering that time she cried  for not finding him beside her. She felt  something cold moving on her waist. She flinched back from the memory lane,  he pulled her close to him. his bare chest is glued to her back. She could feel his skin on her back. His warm breath and the odor of his after shave is melting her. She could not utter a  word,  they were parents now though they need this time for them self.

R:  Apply  leave today na..  will go around or spend in the bed room  in bed.lets makeup  for the those times we missed being together.. have some quality  time..

P: [gathering herself] leave me ram...   what shall we do with kids?

R: pre school haina..

Priya giggled, turning to him. he looked seductive at her. After these many years he has same effect on her. She captured  her man.. little plumpy but he has a magnet that drives her towards him. she  ran her fingers sensing his skin, feeling it real. She bites her lower lip. Her nails scratched his skin he felt it sexy.  She encircled her hands round his neck  brushed her finger to his hairs and pulled him  close.

P:[smiling] my  dear, ram, ur forgetting something? Dont u papa. I mean kids are exited that their papa is dropping them school.

He released a deep sigh in no thought to  leave her, pulled her in lip lock. It was sudden she tried to push him that kids might  catch them  kissing but he is an adamant pulled her more to him with one hand supporting her head and other hold her frame, she gave up and consuming the morning delight  she fisted his wet hairs. It went on so romantic and passionate,their tongues mated with each other.. He is furious to get her more, he took her lower lip between his teeth bite it hard. She mewled. She pushed him breaking the lip lock,  he  did not leave her lip but bitten it more harder before leaving it..  he felt proud when he heard.. "ouch  ram..  cant u be gentle," he hold her in his embrace..  gave a gentle peck on her lips..  

They  were so lost in each other they did not pay  attention to bell that fall at the door and the rushing kids. Priya  heard  kids shouting tried to turn back to see what they were upto but ram captured her in a warm hug and a brief lip lock. They heard the door click sound and broke free from the kiss shyly priya pushed ram. The man's eyes fell on the beautiful sight of these love birds.  He is furious. But Y is he  feeling so. Ram is priya's husband. Her destiny and her love.  before coming out of the kitchen ram pulled her to him and kissed her neck and gave a bite on her neck leaving his mark. she flinched away from his grip shyly smiling came to see who is it. She flushed red in her husbands love. she more beautiful  because of his effect on her. Ram came in to the living area. The man looked furious in anger as he noticed everything, he wished he could rip ram into pieces the very moment. He smiled fake. Ram greeted the person and went inside to change. priya too greeted the person and went after ram saying to be comfortable they will be back. 

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Thank u molly.. Hug
Will read nd comment.. Smile
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hai dear i dont have ur blog address pls pm me pls,
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Originally posted by lpsakshi

hai dear i dont have ur blog address pls pm me pls,

updated blog link  on this page  
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Finally u updatd...
Was waitng fr it a long...
Superb chaptr...
Lovd raya moments alot...
Beautifully pen down dr...
In last para who was dat persn cme to raya hme...?
Cntinue next soon...
Wat abt ur othr stories yaar wen r u cntinuing those...?
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finally updated the partBig smile
waited for long timeCry
awesomely written updateClap
i think the person is rajatAngry
getting more interestingShocked
continue soonDay Dreaming

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Originally posted by Asiyamajeed

Finally u updatd...
Was waitng fr it a long...
Superb chaptr...
Lovd raya moments alot...
Beautifully pen down dr...
In last para who was dat persn cme to raya hme...?
Cntinue next soon...
Wat abt ur othr stories yaar wen r u cntinuing those...?

 this time  no delay ..

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