Religion v/s Culture: REPORT or PM the Dev Team - Page 2

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Posted: 8 years ago
This was so needed to clear out the misunderstandings among everyone and also for the people who're taking offense.

Thank you, Shifali Smile
Posted: 8 years ago
i simplllyyy love you shaffuuu darlingggHug
thnxxx a million Clap
Posted: 8 years ago
Thanks for this thread. Was badly needed. 
Posted: 8 years ago
To be honest sometimes I do get annoyed with some of the regulations here on IF, but I think this one was very well thought out and needed. 
Thank you! 
Posted: 8 years ago
wow!!! gud 1!!!
totally agree... let's watch th show fr th storyline n not fr quibbling over petty matters!! i fr one am sooo happy dat a show wid muslim bakground is on (n am not a muslim but a punju whos  fedup o punju shows!!Tongue)...i lov th lucknawi-bhopali ya am loving it n surbhi n KSG (fello punjus) r doing an awesome job along wid rest of th cast,,,brilliant!!!
Posted: 8 years ago
This is the most weirdest warning i have seen on India forums. Religion begets cultures and not vice versa. While being in Balika Vadhu forum there were similar and numerous queries from ppl with differnt religious background on hindu's religion and culture. You have to open minded to either answer such queries or simply ignore it. Never saw such warnings on Balika Vadhu or even Mahadev forum.
People should grow up and shouldnt see every query as an offence, that really shows how unsure ppl are about their own beliefs.

My 2 cents on this warning lol.
Posted: 8 years ago
I don't know bt why i have feeling the rate of iliteracy in india is growing day by day nd that too of those people wd gud education...
Guys have u all burt ur moral text buk or never cared to luk into it...
Islam is a relegion, it holds its own importance, culture nd value for people. It hurts islamic people the way it hurts us when sum gud for nothing foreigner coment on our relegion when we do the same to them.
Plz stop creating ruckus here nd treat this place like a forum nd not sum relegion battle ground...
Posted: 8 years ago
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