Religion v/s Culture: REPORT or PM the Dev Team

Posted: 7 years ago
Hey guys!

QH is a big forum and many times, there are questions being asked about religion and if 'this or that, why or why not' is asked in the forum and many members are getting turned off by that and have stopped visiting the forum.

Yes, Islam is a big part of QH and yes 4 Lions took on a huge responsibility by doing QH but this is a forum. And QH is a just a show. Please treat it like one and not analyse every small thing and relate it back to religion.

Many members are under the misconception that Religion and Culture are the same thing. They aren't.

Religion is: A set of beliefs detailing  the  purpose of the universe and our place in it. It usually involves some form of devotion in the forum of ritual observances.  Such beliefs often lead to the governing of ones life and how it is conducted in this life.

Culture is: A set of beliefs and values which one person follows or adheres to. It's knowledge, something which is learnt! Culture is learnt and that knowledge, that understanding is then applied to life.

So what many characters in this show do does NOT relate back to 'Religion' but to "Culture' which are their values.

Please make sure you are not mixing those two up when discussing the show and it's characters.

And to members, if there is even ONE single post which you find offensive or is hurting you in terms of this aspect, please PM *Shifali*, luvya4ever or -Ravjot- and we'll make sure to look into it and do the necessary. And also, you are always feel free to REPORT a topic too.

And also note: Mocking other's opinions or beliefs or even religion will NOT be tolerated at any level and will relate to a strict 20% Warning Level increase.

Please note that the Qubool Hai forum is for everyone! Don't turn it into a battleground of opinions.

And for members who are not aware, a sticky has been made to keep all Religion questions in one thread. ALL Questions & Queries about Religion HERE

Shifali, Gunia & Ravjot
I-F Dev Team

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Posted: 7 years ago
Thank u so much for this thread Shifu , much needed
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Posted: 7 years ago
this is the first time i am seeing a thread like this lol.  are we all really still at that point socially and mentally? can we just not accept fictional characters who happen to be Muslim for who they are  and not analyze Islam at every stage.  
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Posted: 7 years ago
Another wonderful thread Shifali.
Thanks a lot for this one.
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Posted: 7 years ago
Much needed
Thank you so much
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Posted: 7 years ago

shifali  u are a savior man

thanks for this 

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