Ishita's Gallery #3: UPD PG1:Bolly,ArHi,SE,Friends

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Posted: 9 years ago

Idk why the banner has these two, but I have a strange attachment to this scene and my last gall also had this scene on the banner... sooo.. sentimental reasons I guess?

#3 F I N A L L Y

Hey guys, I'm Ishita. Tongue I started making stuff sometime back. I'm no expert at making stuff, but I do it cause it gives me happiness, and it's a great passtime. LOL
NEVER thought I'd reach #3 honestly. Seeing that number on the title and I'm like :O REALLY?? When I began, I sucked so badly at everything related to PS, but I'm actually proud that I can manage decent stuff now. ROFL

WHAT do I make:

- Non-animated sigs

My faves:
-SACHIN (always on top <3)

Apart from that I make stuff on anything I like, not really stuck to one ship.

I've got no inspiration as such for sigs and stuff, but there's one person who's name I'd like to mention, who is the BAAP of siggy makers, one of my bestest friends, the best siggy maker UNDOUBTEDLY, and my soul sista, JEN (jenny1000). You're AWESOME, and I love you. I love how you bug me for stuff, and I loveee making things for you.

I'd also like to mention that the reason I'm still here is cause of you all ONLY. You keep me going with all your comments and all the love. I don't know how to thank each and every one of you, but I love you all SO much. 
It's also through this gallery that I met some of my besttt friends... You're all an inspiration to keep making stuff, and everytime I come here, it feels amazing, and leaves me with such a huge smile on my face.
-to be edited further-

A very special thanks to Kiran for spamming so helpfully in the 2nd gallery. ROFL

Link to previous shops:

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Posted: 9 years ago

Pg 1: ArHi, SE, Bolly, Friends
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Posted: 9 years ago
U p d a t e

First update of the shop!
NO hotlinking PLEASE. Upload on your own server.

SwaRon- for Kanks

I just got done with two till now. :P

Friends- req by Allie
free to use though, I guess..

Kal Ho Na Ho

forgive me for being hopelessly addicted to this movie

Ranbir Kapoor-Rockstar
I'm doing this fave bolly songs thing on tumblr, so you'll see LOTS of bolly...

Jiya Re- Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Can you believe I gifed them? And that too a random scene? ROFL

No update complete without my OTP

Once Upon a Time
My ship :'(

I made a whole lot so...

That's it for now I guess!! <3

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Posted: 9 years ago

Umm HI:) First of all many many many CONGRATULATIONS on number 3. Hope you have many more galleries and good luck with this one. Im sure you'll rock this one too with your flawless stuff. I remember when you started your second shop your stuff was good/great but by the end of that shop your work has become one of the best ones in the world. It's absolutely gorgeous. BIG BIG IMPROVEMENT! I know you'll keep getting better and better and I wish you all the very best. Just to let you know I absolutely love and adore your work. It's so damn pretty. The coloring and quality is so amazing. You're amazing in siggy making as well. I mean just look at your banner and the one you made for Savy. Both are flawless. Blending, textures and coloring everything look gorgeous yaar. 

Moving onto your update, everything is flawless as usual. Love the friends gifs. KHNH stuff always come out stunning. I won't forgive you IF you ever stop making KHNH stuff. I just want you to keep making stuff on KHNH, VZ and SOTY once the DVD comes out:P JIya re and Rockstar gifs look amazing yaara<3 Stelena ones are superb! Love the coloring<3 & Icons are THE BEST! OMG! Look at Sid;s flawless face. GOSHH THIS NIGGAA KILLS ME! I love those edits. Gonna save 'em. They are so pretty. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THEM <3 Even SK icons look fab yaara. I love everything. Update soon and hopefully there'll be lots of Sid stuff;) okay im done. I LOVE YOU <3

P.S.: NO need to thank me yaar. I had fun spamming, so it's all my pleasure!:) Hug
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Posted: 9 years ago

Yes we are here :)


Posted: 9 years ago
new gallery bb!
Congrats first offf! #3 already :O. You deserve it perf person :P 
The banner. ohmg :O the blending and texture and coloring is jasjaijsas. so amazing <3

I love loved the update!
ohk khnh moment over LOL
even though i've never watched friends i still love the gifs<3
those gifs are so amazing<3 you put my fav scenes in Embarrassed
and erm
the coloring is amazing though!
they gifs are still so beautiful<3 lolol 
and the ArHi stuff is gorg even though that scene was BLEH BEYOND EXTREME
I hope you have 10 million more gals so i can res more LOL

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Posted: 9 years ago
Oh the joys of reserving on an empty gallery. ROFL

Naaahh, I'm gonna start editing cause BUNTY'S also starting hers. YAYYY!!!!
Posted: 9 years ago
Okay so the banner is flawless! 
Congratulations on your new amazing gallery bubbly, You're my most beloved person everrr
and you make the best gifs on this planet and i love you.
You deserve so much from life, so much love, food, more food and even more food.

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