Hum sahi toh Woh kaise galat?

Posted: 2012-10-27T01:11:15Z
SALMAN in yesterday's episode

1st- he pulled up sidhu...what's wrong with that...we have discussed pages and pages about the same...SALMAN had put forth a very valid arguement ...even if players don't like the rules they have to abide by what the board says...I can't find any fault in this arguement...and as expected sidhu didn't answer his question,,,

2nd- about the nominations...his logic was, when you nominate two housemates you save 10 other housemates...however, when you save 2, you are actually pushing 10 in danger zone...can't these so called revolutionaries and socially aware individuals understand a logic as simple as this...kaan seedhe pakde ya ghooma kaan ki hi bajni hai...

3rd- salman- sapna convo...what did she say??? She is here to talk about 'women liberalisation' she kidding me...I have never heard anything on these lines from her...infact she violated the entire spirit of this concept when she said that Bollywood is all bout 'nanga nach'...any liberal woman would not even think, forget about uttering such stupid, non sense words...why did she sart yelling...?if she feels so much for the subject she would not have lost a single opportunity to talk about it...she would have never been like 'mujhe nai kehna...'

You are being paid to stay at bb house...and then all those housemates who claim we are not here for money are, either fooling themselves or other housemates...definitely, not the audience..

4th- SALMAN was absolutely wrong when he didn't let aseem complete...aseem was caught in the spill over effect of sapna-SALMAN spat...SALMAN should have let aseem was totally wrong...he went over board was downright rude and extremely uncalled for...

5th-about aseem not taking stand..yes,when aseem felt bad about niketan and sidhu joking about a certain friend of aseem...he should have stood up to them and asked them to stop it right obviously he didn't do it...

P.S.-sorry for the long post...

Criticism or appreciation...both are welcome...
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Posted: 2012-10-27T01:16:39Z
I hated him in yesterday's show...

He insulted everyone...

He should concentrate on the eviction rather tan other things... 

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Posted: 2012-10-27T01:19:06Z
You really put efforts to write all this up and Yea, Good Job. But its kinda as boring as Sidhu's Shyari.  Edited by bhinder.thind - 2012-10-27T01:18:59Z
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Posted: 2012-10-27T01:24:57Z
salman did a good job yesterday... i agree with u.
cant say more because i am holding my baby, and its hard to type with one hand.
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Posted: 2012-10-27T01:28:33Z
Originally posted by bhinder.thind

You really put efforts to write all this up and Yea, Good Job. But its kinda as boring as Sidhu's Shyari. 

Its ok...not an issue just wanted to write what I felt...
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Posted: 2012-10-27T02:29:12Z
I totally agree with tm... Siddhu needs to realise that he has to nominate no matter what i feel...
Siddhu gave the most irritating answer... Rules r meant to be broken... Wht the????
About sapna... He started out in a nicer tone... But sapna started overreacting first... He was right in a way... I would have felt bad myself if i was there for money... And someone said i dont care about that... If u really dont care abt that... Then inform the producers ki dont pay me... Use this money for women liveration...
And aseem ka kuch samajh mein nei aaya
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Posted: 2012-10-27T02:59:10Z
Salman treats housemates like kids... all he is missing is a cane...not that i am complaining LOL
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