delnaz fake

Posted: 2012-10-26T21:22:46Z
now i find delnaz is very fake when compared to rajeev..she never talks to him properly..what ever he talk she says" taunting" etc.,etc.,what can he do chup bhaite??becharaa rajeev.and in addition to that delnaz gang is always ready to stop him talking to delnaz..
delnaz is not treating  him atleast co she said...when ever he is there she looks uncomfortable
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Posted: 2012-10-26T21:57:31Z
Originally posted by dude82

i noticed it way back! she is always mean to him! from the starting, she painted the image that "RAJIV IS THE TYRANT HUSBAND... MEIN BECHARI ABLA NAARI"
no doubt raajiv is also chepo on her! enough hints from her to make it clear k back off!! but still he is running behind her... like in that old episode..."oh hug me please"Dead
but yeah, your observation is 100% right! very tactfully she made rajiv a villain in everyones eyes. even on this forum, she is the most famous contestant... 9which completely puzzles me...Wacko)
 and i remember dussehra episode... aashka ko faltu mein mirchi lag rahi thi. thats cald, "begani shadi mein abdullah diwana".  
she is totally 100% fake, perhaps even more than siddhu.
cant tolerate her now!
yes why cant delnaz be cordial to rajeev like ex couple niketan and karishma..delnaz is over reacting on rajeev..
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Posted: 2012-10-26T22:19:34Z
i found dilnazz fake and acutally she is one who ready to talk about raeev to her group and siddhu ji too ...rajeev is even not sharing his life except on 2nd day with sidhu i have not seen him talking about his past with anybody except sidhu and dillu doing opposite she is been talking to ashka ,urvashi,and sighuand even infront n shyinatani  many many dillu stop making us fool u r very clever lady who cries for nothing but only sympathyl
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Posted: 2012-10-26T23:05:09Z

she calls everything rajeev says as 'taunts'

whats worse is that she claims that she has not told anyone about their past in the house when the truth is that she has painted a rather bad image of rajeev to most of the housemates. thats why everyone in the house dislikes him.
moreover, she believes that rajeev is the one who has been going around and telling others...
i don't know why rajeev wants to get back with delu, who at times has come across as quite a dominating woman. Pinch(no surprising given she is from that irani family. remember season 3 and their constant lectures??)

in the bigg boss house rajeev has come across as a more genuine person than delu, although he at times has, well, crossed his limits.

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Posted: 2012-10-26T23:43:56Z
Well, put yourself in her shoes. They are divorced. Delnaaz had shut doors on him ages ago! She even told him to back the hell off in the beginning of the show. Despite that, he's trying to lure her all the time. Not good!

They are divorced, and divorce is neither a break up, nor a separation. It's a legal termination of a marital contract. This clearly means that a man and a woman are not suited for each other enough to be called a married couple. Why the hell doesn't Rajev get it in his head that she doesn't want him around her anymore! Can't he respect her for once and leave her alone?
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Posted: 2012-10-26T23:46:33Z
irrespective of what a loser rajeev is delnaaz is fake top to toe
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Posted: 2012-10-27T00:01:23Z
Don't know abt fake or not, but regardong Rajev, she has categorically stated tht it's over between them time and again. Yet Rajev every opportunity he gets, he tries to rake up their getting together. It is Rajev who has been talking abt his private life to one and all and has made situation quite uncomfortable for Delnaaz.
He puts Delnaaz in akward position with his persistent questions. For eg., he asked her who she thought would leave between the 3 of dem. And she said Urv would be saved, but didn't know between Rajev and Sayan. Here she couldn't name either one, coz if she named Sayan, den Rajev would accuse her of wanting him to leave, as he made issue during nomination. If she said his name, den he would again pester her abt her wanting him to stay! So it's a no win situation for Del nd she's clearly getting irritated with rajev and hsi tactics.
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Posted: 2012-10-27T00:04:42Z
Arrey Bhai Mitti ki khaal main Gold find kar raha hain tu? ROFL Don't get too serious over Bigg boss. Just see the humorous side of it..  Make sure your wife/gf doesn't watch and get inspired by Delu or Ashka to drop tears every single opportunity they get. It can be over a fry pan or just without any proper reason. Haven't you noticed Dillu's dance moves? betcha Michael Jackson himself would be ashamed of himself sitting in hell and thinking hmm Why didn't he take classes from Dillu? Lmfboo Yes, Successful hindi attempt. 
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