Who over-reacted & why ? Salman or Sapna?

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Who over-reacted & why ? Salman or Sapna?

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Posted: 2012-10-26T20:58:48Z
Sapna over reacted first...Salman was just asking her casually,but she got angry...Then Salman  gave her right dose. But Salman also lost cool for few sec,but that was required to give STFU to Sapna.

so my vote goes to Sapna,she over-reacted & it was not first time...during dance performance in first week too,she over reacted..
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Posted: 2012-10-26T21:19:29Z
Originally posted by -Chandramukhi-

I just finished watching the show. I would have to say Salman overreacted big time. I think Sapna mentioning about not being there for the prize money didn't go too well with our Sallu miyaan and thus blasted her off left right center. I feel she got blasted more because of her stand with Siddhu baba during the nomination procedure since Sallu ended argument mentioning about the rules. The episode more or less revolved around rules and regulations and that they should be followed. So I feel those two were the main reasons why she got such harsh treatment from him.

Secondly, I don't think anyone comes to the house just to chill. Even if someone claims to be here only to spread awareness, that's complete BS. I mean money is an essential component why people agree to be scrutinized by 70 cameras. So she should have thought twice before trying to make herself stand out.

One thing I did like about her was that she didn't hesitate to open her mouth in front of our dearest bully. People usually go "bhai this bhai that" but she wasn't scared to give him a piece of her mind. That is definitely something only she can do unlike other cowards.

She was talking abt "Women liberation" LOL...Salman was right,it's more than three weeks & she never even tried to talk abt that topic...

She can write articles & do blogging...why she came to bigg boss for this? even if she decided to come in bigg boss house to talk abt Women liberation,then why she is not talking abt it?

She is double-faced loser...nothing else.

Salman did right thing by giving her STFU LOL
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Posted: 2012-10-26T21:29:43Z
i dont think salman over reacted but yes he over talked..he is not giving chance to others to talk..
but yes he reminded them why they came to the show soo indirectly..he did a good thing today..
i liked this episode..they needed this..they forgot why they came to the show and are blindly following sidhu paji
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Posted: 2012-10-26T21:31:50Z
I think both. There was no need for Sapna to say that she isn't here for prize money. Well everyone is here for money. It's not like she is staying inside the house for free. She is being paid for staying inside the house so she should just STFU. And what "Women Liberation" was she talking about? I don't see her doing anything besides "ullu banaya bada maza aaya" and jump around like some sort of a lunatic. She herself screams in our faces that she is nothing but a double-faced and a hypocrite.
Salman should on the other hand stop preaching to everyone. He is far worse than Sadhu baba. You are here to host the show not preach some Moral lessons to the housemates. Just to clean his image infront of the public he is doing this lecture nonsense. Oh come on, We all know what kind of a person he is. He is as hypocrite as Sapna or Sidhu so he should be the last person to point fingers at them.

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Posted: 2012-10-26T21:32:14Z
Originally posted by -Chandramukhi-

Even if she is being the hypocrite or double faced, Salman isn't anyone who should be questioning someone's intention or motive. I feel he took out the "bhadaas" of Siddhu baba on her since more or less what he said revolved around nominations after mentioning two or three lines about her delusional women liberation topic. Why didn't he question Siddhu baba's intention of being on the show since he clearly mentioned yesterday that he isn't here to win. So you see the double standard here. He changes his attitude from person to person depending on their stature.

So, I did not like his tone of voice or him bullying around others. He doesn't even let others finish their speech. Did I enjoy it, parts of it yes. But was he right, I don't think so. He is a host and he should act like it without being biased. There are certain responsibilities which come with hosting and he ain't doing a good job. So I do not think that "SFTU" attitude was right from his end. He isn't here to prove a point, but to do his job, as simple as that.

Salman was doing his job only. He was not talking with Sapna rudely...Sapna started over reacting first,when salman asked her why she is in the show?

Once she started over reacting,then Salman reacted & showed her mirror.
it was necessary to show that lady her real place,she is idiot...you remember when Sana & Karishma danced in first week,she was talking abt short dress & all...& later on she was roaming in whole house wearing short dress & in bikini in swimming pool.
she said she is karantikari...my foot LOL...don't say me tattoos r karantikari thing.

She was just faking that she is in bigg boss for women liberation,that's why Salman gave her dose...bcoz if you r there for a good purpose,then do it. 
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