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Posted: 2012-10-26T17:17:41Z

Do you think theres a cold war between Siddhu Paaji and Niketan...?? I feel niketan has a lot to disagree with siddhu paaji's different opinions but he is trying to limit himself since no other housemate is coming forward to accept it openly.. I see even siddhu paaji has observed it and we can feel in his behaviour towards Niketan...

Wat say ???
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Posted: 2012-10-26T17:22:42Z
I feel among all other housemates, niketan is the one who is very restless when something is happening in the house for which he doesnt agree from his heart... i feel Niketan is a polite person, i like it
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Posted: 2012-10-26T17:31:05Z
Totally Agree Smile
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Posted: 2012-10-26T18:04:42Z
Originally posted by -Chandramukhi-

I like people who speak up and question than follow the herd. I loved how he had the guts to openly express himself with his contrast views against nominations in the first week. But others are such coward and stupid to say anything against this so called ex-cricketer, MP, a so called bigger Celeb. I guess many do not want to be in his bad light because of his power in the outside world or may be people do not want disagreement with him since he gets aggressive when presented with a contrast view as seen in week one. And then there is the so called senior factor and our Indian mentality. With all these reasons, housemates are tolerating him. So anyone who openly challenges him, I am on par with them including how Salman questioned him today.

But I still do not like this Maadel for his shallow and plastic attitude.

True. Sidhu tried his best to pull his bhai-beta bullshit with Niketan. Little did he know that Niketan was, after all, a Delhi dude! Delhiites, as far as I know, do no take people's crap. They draw the lines of judgment, based on their free and fair thinking. No matter how hard Sidhu tried manipulating him, Niketan knew what he to do.

Judging by tonight's episode, it can only be concluded that Niketan was anticipating that one, big fat chance to blast Sidhu. Clearly, Sidhu couldn't defend himself against the striking questions asked by Salman Khan. His disposition had started turning testy in the middle of the whole grilling process. From huzoor-e-aala to Khan saahab, his language had that ineluctable sarcasm, reflecting his internal disturbance and an unwarranted despise and contempt for anyone who'd block his way to his doings. Since the grilling process revolved around Sidhu's antics, it was the only chance Niketan could have salvaged to do the needful by speaking his mind out!

Hats off to dent-face! Clap
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Posted: 2012-10-27T04:22:05Z
niketon ke liye siddhu paa ji sabse bhare khiladi hai matlab i think so i thnk he thinks the game  s between dem..baaki sab to bare neutral..matlab for niketon.. ..but niketon and siddhu paaji are both outspoken people..and chances hai ke dono i think final tak ponchsakte hai 
so i think the war is from niketon's side
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