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Ok... Another one from the Life's moments series...random and lovely moments sketched out of  the life of happily married Arnav and Kushi I was asked by lusciouslucky to pen one on the pregnancy track... so here you go girl.. this is for you... Hope you all will like it... Happy reading...

For other works in the series, here is my index:51533738
Life's moments: When Three hearts beat as one...

Kushi sat down by the recliner as she looked around the room.. Surely she forgot something... Something very important... what did she forget?
Arnav saw his wife sitting on the recliner tried and worn out.

"What happened Kushi ? Are you alright?"
"Yeah I am alright... Just a little tired.. thats all" she told him putting her hand over her temple...
"You headache hasnt gone yet?"
"Yeah.. it seems to be getting worser..."
"wait let me call the doctor...or do you want me to take you to the hospital?"
"No No.. I will be alright... dont bother..I think... a little rest should be fine.."
"No you look tired Kushi... yesterday when I reached home at 7.30 you were sleeping in the recliner and you told you didnt even realise that you dozed off.. Something is surely wrong with you..."
"No arnav ji.. I am alright" Kushi protested as Arnav kept his hand on her forehead checking for her temperature...
"I will stay at home today Kushi"
"No.. You go to office.. I am ok..." she got up, taking his laptop bag in hand and dragging him out of their room towards the dining hall
"Take your breakfast and leave" she instructed him."I will be ok"


"Kushiji are you feeling alright?" Anjali asked her at the breakfast table
"Yes Di.. why do you ask?"
"you look tired"
"May be he is not letting her sleep in the night... She sleeps at odd hours to cover it up" Mami sniggered
The family laughed. Arnav rolled his eyes. They are married for almost two years now and these people still get a go at them.
"But you do look pale and tired Bitiya..." Nani added smiling
"look didnt I tell you .. everyone feels so.." Arnav told her
"Maybe you should rest bitya" Nani told her kindly
"May be I should stay at home and make sure she rests..." Arnav informed
"If you stay at home.. then how will she rest?" Mami teased again making others laugh.
"oh god you could be worser than a school kid throwing tantrums to bunk school... No go to office... " she sighed as she finally succeeded in packing him off to office


Kushi reached the kitchen when she noticed a Miffed Payal muttering to herself
"what happened Jiji?"
"Nothing Kushi.. I am just little bit tired and irritated..."
"You too?"
"why you are feeling tired too is it? Payal looked at her sister "oh yeah.. you look pale Kushi.. are you alright? you still have your headache? shall I make ginger tea for you?"
"No..I am ok Jiji.. tell me about you.."
"I didnt sleep well yesterday night kushi.. piya was up all night.. a little cranky and on top of it I got my periods today.. I am just getting irritated"
"Periods! oh god yes"
"Thats what I forgot..." Kushi exclaimed going out of the kitchen not answering a confused Payal

"Why didnt I get it? I think I was due sometime back...and what is with getting all tired nowadays?" she thought to herself. Yes she did feel very tired off late.. to the point of dozing off without even realising... and this feeling that she was forgotting something very important kept nagging her as she climbed up the stairs to the room.  Then the thought struck her when she was about to enter her room..

"Maybe I am pregnant" She exclaimed "Jiji was tired too when she announced her pregnancy.. and Di also had headaches... bad ones when she announced hers... Oh my god.. should I call Arnavji now? Or should I wait? How will I tell him? should I take the pregnancy test and then tell him? or should I wait for him to come?"
Her mind was reeling in top speed with all those questions. She then checked how long she had been overdue...
"48 days... May be I should get a kit and test... No.. I will wait till he returned home... " she decided. " But How will I tell him this?" then a plan stuck her mind and she was happy with her plan in place and waited for her laad governer to return home.



Arnav had been thinking about his wife's state at office.  He had called up home sometime at around 11.30 and was informed that his darling wife was sleeping. She had been acting weird  off late... She dozed off at odd hours...Her appetite had increased. Not that she had been eating less anyways...


She always had a huge appetite that never went with her slim waist... but these two three days she had been eating more.. but surprisingly she couldnt finish the Jelebis that he got her yesterday evening.. it was the first time ever she said that to Jelebis.. she only took two...But she told that she was full already.. May be she was... But she did look very tired and pale too...

It was not as if he was demanding too much off her at night... When she had managed it wonderfully when he used to be so demanding when they were newly married then she should had got used to it by now... but why was she feeling tired all of a sudden?  and then it stuck him...why she was feling all fatigued all of a sudden...


Kushi waited for him as she knew he would be climbing the stairs by now. She heard his car entering the gate. And he should be here anytime now..

"Calm down Kushi... Patience.. you can do it..." she convinced herself and took her seat by the bed.
Arnav opened the bedroom door causiouly so as to not wake her up but saw her already up and sitting by the bed with a magazine.

"You are early today?" She exclaimed seeing him

"You are'nt  asleep?"

"No.. for heaven's sake it is only 5.30 in the evening"

"No Di told you were resting"

"resting not sleeping..." she told as she watched him rest the laptop by the table and take out his clothes to change.
Kushi looked at him expectantly to see something that she had placed there. But she was disappointed and as he turned back to look at her, she immediately changed her pose and went back to the magazine.

"erm.. Kushi.. You wanted to tell me something?"

"About what?"

"hmm.. may be about you...us... You know you feel tired.. and all"

"Arnav Ji... Can you get me my hand kercheif... Its there beside that wooden box..." She cut in giving him a chance to notice what she had placed there.

But Arnav was getting impatient with a realisation that he just had and wanted to talk to her about it, he jsut grabbed a kercheif from the shelf and gave it to her. Kushi was disappointed again and sighed

"Laad governer" she murmered

"Kushi" he sat beside her by the bed and took her hand in his...

"have you forgotten something... "

"forgotten ? about what?"

"erm.. Kushi .. may be we need to visit a gynecologist...I have booked an appointment with one today... Get ready.. the appointment is at 7.00 "


"yes... I think.. erm.. maybe we need to take a pregnancy test"

"What? Arnav Ji.. How did you.. I mean how come..."

"I think you might be pregnant Kushi... You missed your period too right? these headaches.. fatigue... all hint towards pregnancy"

Kushi exclaimed in surprise.. How did he know that she missed her period? She was the one who was supposed to tell him.. and he is breaking all her surpirse elements and stealing her dailogues too...

"How did you know that I missed my period?"

"I .. just realised that you havent asked me to back off in the night for more than a month now..." he told her sheepishly

"What the... I should have realised.. This is ASR I am dealing with.. what a great way to find out your wife could be pregnant! " she pouted

Arnav smirked.
"yeah I guess.. I figured it out alright... get ready... we will leave"

"No Arnav Ji.. postpone the appointment...I wanted us to do something else before we meet a gynecologist."


"may be we should first find out ourselves if we are expecting a baby?"

"you mean pregnancy kit?  you suspected this as well is it? did you already get one done? what was the result ? are we gonna become parents? " Arnav started putting in all the questions and was getting impatient with Kushi looking at him flabbergasted

"answer me Dammit..."

"Arnav Ji... I havent still.. I thought... I will keep the kit in the shelf and you will find it and then you will guess... but you guessed it with the fact that erm.." Kushi told looking at her feet blushing to roots.

"You mean you got one already.. But didnt take the tests... Why?" He asked her confused.

"I didnt want you to miss the moment... if  I .. I am pregnant.. I thought we will do it together..."

"Kushi.." He whispered and then took her in a long hug which told many unsaid things "I feel so blessed Kushi..." he told her atlast

"Arnavji.. What do you want the result to be?" she bit her lip

He released her from his hug and then looked down into her eyes which was very apprehensive.

"If it is positive... I will be the most happiest person on earth.. May be you might have to put up with my over protectiveness.. but you know what you signed up for... " He  grinned at her and she smiled back

"What if it is negative...may be we are jumping into conclusions too  soon.. "

"Then, I would still remain the happiest person on earth... we can try little more to get you pregnant" he smirked as she smacked him on his chest..

"Shall we check now?" he asked her.

"No we have to wait till the morning... it was written in the kit that the results are accurate when we do it early in the morning"

"ok then... I shall postpone the appointment to tomorrow then"


Arnav stood in the room the next morning as he held the kit in his his right hand and on the other was holding Kushi by her waist.

"Are we ready?" he asked her

she nodded merely and swallowed. She could see his hand on her waist had gone chill and his hand holding the kit shivering a little.

"Anything is fine" she murmered as she hooked one of her hands on the neckline of his TShirt and with her other hand dropped two droplets into the hole as written in the instructions.

He saw her as she closed her eyes tight and murmering DM.  He saw the first line coming up...and tightened the grip on her waist a little, pulling her closer as he felt her shivering with anticipation  and then he saw as the second line turned red... a defining moment in their lives .. the moment when he realised that they both were on their family way.. they were venturing into parenthood... He stood there releasing his breath which he didnt realise he had been holding and looked down at her. She peeked open one of her eye, looked into the kit and then slowly looked up into his eyes.

"Its positive" she whispered

"yes dear it is" he whispered back and went in for a kiss that sealed the realisation of the moment, it started off lightly, picking up passion as it proceeded. when they finally broke the kiss he threw his other hand around her in an embrace as she rested her head on his shoulder, embracing him back.

They remained that way for a few minutes, reveling the moment, silently, in eachother's embrace- no words were needed then to explain their state of mind. After a few minutes kushi broke the silence.

"Arnavji... My heart is beating faster than ever before... is your heart beating faster too?"

"Hmm...yes Kushi"

"its seems to be faster than the times when you come closer to me"

"I know.. Maybe because now its three hearts which beat as one " he said and she smiled.

"I cant believe it...We are going to be Amma Babuji"

"Mom and Dad" Arnav corrected her

she broke the hug and looked at him challengingly

"Maa and Pappa" she told him.

"Ok" he pecked her nose as she broke into a grin

"We need to tell the family" she told him

"we will let them know..." He drawled

"your style or my style?"

"What is your style?"

"I will feed them all jelebis until they are all full.. and when they ask what the occasion is .. I will say that we are celebrating the arrival of a new one"

Arnav smiled "and what is my style"

"The family looks confused as some workers start decorating the house, putting up lights and everything... and then Di comes and asks... Chotey what is going on.. and you will say... we are celebrating di... and she asks for which occasion... and then you say... you are going to be a bua di" she finished mimicking Anjali and Arnav perfectly

He laughed and turned her so that her back faces him and slipped his hand on her tummy. A life grows there... a symbol of their life. His baby in her womb...He sighed happily

"So tell me which style?" she asked slipping her hand on top of his

"We will do it Arhi style"


"Arnav Kushi"

"and what is that?"

"a little of romance, a little of drama and a little of mischef" he smirked.


The family was gathered in the Dining table for breakfast. Anjali was struggling with her little Avni, who sitting on her high chair, was throwing tantrums to eat her breakfast whereas  9 month old rebellious Piya were throwing all her cut fruits as she sat on another high chair. Akaash was trying to make her stop the act and Payal was trying to make her drink her milk atleast.

"I dont know how our Akaash or Payal would get such a rebellious kid... both are so calm and look at their Piya" Nani commented as the family kept ducking from being hit and smuged with fruits.

"Mama" Avni squealed and Anjali took the oppurtunity to put in a spoon of cereal into her daughter's mouth as she saw her brother carrying his wife down and smiled at them.
The family watched them as he put her down slowly as if she was very delicate, pulled out a chair for her and made her sit as she rolled her eyes...He took out a plate and filled it with so much that the plate could ever contain and asked her to eat.

"this much?" she pouted
"eat" he ordered "you have to complete everything" he said taking out a glass and pouring some juice for her

"Chotey" Nani called "Is there something that you have to share with us?.. only yesterday Kushi bitya was all dull.. and today she is glowing with happiness and you.. you are glowing and smiling too... what is the matter?"

"Nothing Nani... I think I have to order another High chair soon" he said casually, ducking down to escape a banana being thrown at him by Piya
"what?" everyone went... then they all came over to hug and congratulate the soon to be parents...

"Of all the things you could say.. you settled for high chair" Kushi shook her head
"ArHi Style" he winked at her...

The end


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awww soo cute dear...loved it very much...
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Posted: 7 years ago
awww cute Embarrassed Edited by monsi08 - 7 years ago
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Posted: 7 years ago
sweet and heart-warming, yet very realistic!
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aww it was cute..! 
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Posted: 7 years ago
wow what a way to tell the family like the arhi way
so they both realised that she might just be pregnant
and she wanted to take the test with him being there too
awww our arhi have become parents thats the best news ever
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Posted: 7 years ago


Loved the ArHi way of informing the family about the new member's arrival!

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Posted: 7 years ago
wah wah.. love ur OSs dear...
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