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I too Had A love story...By Ram Kapoor...
part 1
part 2

part 3

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part 5

I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY Begining of a new chapter in my Love Life

I too had a love story..part 6





Me and my four frnds... Rishab, Sid, Vikram and Ashwind
were at Kolkata  that time... Such a lovely city...Then the city had another charm 
With the lightings , the bannners , The crowd of spirit , Pandels ,
and devi durga  somewhere Based on themes and otherplaces having the beautiful rup of kanya Durga...''She Liked  Kanya durga or such who areenot based at themes''
But  on a matter of fact  My fortune and love life began from the theme puja at ''EkDahlia'' where  for the first time though being with my frnds, my eyes got stuck to a girl on a group surrounded by her frnds who were teashing her '' Bahein Bahein Hum e Candy Khilaao na '' i thought them a bunch of  Bulbul and my frnds rose their eye brows checking them out... i CANT see the middle one so well... But can get she was not at all pretty like her frnds were...
Rishab had an urgent meet with Soumya (his wife ) who was there smwhere near goria hat but cant get the place... So we had to go Urgently...

But before everybody can pass through...My eyes felt to a lady in A dress 
Black and Red , and  with an yellow jeans... She was taking candy flaws  just a foot away were i first saw the grp of those girls standing... I was about to Go...when my eyes felt on her hands , not that one which was Giving money to The shopkeeper,but on that hand which was giving the candy flaws to a little child , dress so teared , 
Vikram gave me a push ''Chal'' and i avoided it with ''tu jaaa mein aata hu''
...So strange na... ?? but my eyes cant move away with the little girl who also came to Her ...and she made a face ''like i will be a begger if i stay anymore in this place ''  but she cant control herself from spreading her love '' Candy ??'' 
The little girl Jumped and said ''na na na '' she pointed to a coffee store...
and The Lady said very gntly in bengaali ...That i dnt have much mony to spent in this ''  the girl then pointed to the icecream man just near to Them ..She thought it'll be easy to manage a ten rs icecream than Ice Tea...they both came near the icecream wala and she Gave the ten Rs to that man... the little girl jumped ''Chocobar khabo Chocobar  Khabo '' the lil girl pronounced it aS ''Socobar -Socobar '' and she rubbed her hands over that girls head with a Lil smile ...
Later she shared wth melike ''how rude we became with our mom, when she doesnt give us Chocobar for one day...But there are ppl who jump in joy for one chocobaar in life''

Then after her smile my eyes went on 5 to 6 kids sitting beside in a round the icecream wala with pink candy Flaws in hand...i Smiled thinking there are still swt girls left in earth ,,Though she was not pretty,, but among such bulbuls i liked  her .Due to her mother Like nature '' O god -what happened to me ...Ram kapoor ...Is lost in a girls nature  '' i Assured myself that she s doing this just  to get bhaao over frnds,,, But she made me cmpletely wrong when she joined her frnds and said smiling to her frnds ''Chalo varna mein vikhari ho jaaungi and she pulled her frnds from there... It was her mind to  gvern what she wanted to do...

Later when i asked her about her, this nature she said  ''yeh sab to mein isliye karti hu taqi agar mere bhaiko kabhi yeh face karna pare to kahi haat age ayee use khilaane ke liyeee,,, ...''
Jab meine puchha aisa hoga hi kyun '' we dnt knw whats destiny '' she rplied...

Then after she pulled her frnds from ekdahlia...i also left in search of soumya...   

And this is how i began with my love life...

(should i cntinue )

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Posted: 2012-10-21T22:10:35Z
Nice update and thanks for pm , continue soon
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Posted: 2012-10-22T01:33:47Z
u should definitely continue dear...
must say a nice start :)
will eagerly be waiting for ur nxt update...
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Posted: 2012-10-22T03:33:27Z
Continue continue continue...
its so interesting
continue soon

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Posted: 2012-10-22T04:14:14Z
awesome n continue soon
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Posted: 2012-10-22T05:06:12Z
Prem tao abar Ram Kapoor-er, I mean the business man Ram Kapoor, to whom his business is the ultimate thing, but its nice to see him like this, kintu Durga puja keno, tao abar Ekdalia Sarbojonin-er pandale, bah bhalo bhalo, continue with it
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Posted: 2012-10-22T06:01:22Z
yeah u should continue it was superb Smile and thanx for the pm Big smile Edited by ahana1994 - 2012-10-22T06:02:30Z
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Posted: 2012-10-22T07:59:39Z
nice start ...
continue with it n update soon..
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