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Day 12

Hello Everyone :)

DDT: This DDT is for daily episode discussion wherein everyone who is watching the show can post the happenings, incidents etc from the day's show and then discussions ensue on these happenings.
Updates: We have our coolbie gypsy2525 to give us regular update. Smile  It is a request to all members not to post before 
gypsy2525 reserve her post for update and also not before the episode begins. All such posts will be deleted. Every day episode starts @ 9 pm I.S.T.

A humble request to all members not to chit chat in this DDT thread as many members like to read about members views on the episode and sometime they find it hard reading about it if there is lot of general chit chat across the pages. Hope you all understand.

About the show: The recordings of a couple of days are edited and encapsulated into an entertainment package. Hence what we get to see may be discontinuous and incomplete truth.

Every day the DDT will be posted before the episode begins by BB6 DT. Have patience, if and when it is late by few mins. Embarrassed

IF COC and BB6 Section Rules are applicable for all DDT posts.
Please go through them.

Remember : "The only way to win an argument is to avoid it."

Suggestions are welcome.
THANK YOU Big smile
Enjoy & Have Fun!!!
BB6 Development Team

Congratulations Gypsy on getting assigned the rights once again as coolbie for Bigg Boss ForumStar Thanks so much for your time and updates. Star
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19th October 2012
Bigg Boss Season 6 
Written Updates 

Jumma With Salman Khan 

Salman's entry is to ek garam chai ki pyaai ho .He grooves with hot babes as usual. 
He welcomes all the people who have come for the BB Tour . He says aaj tak avbhagat kartey thay ,aaj jao bhagat honay wala hai . Wink
All contestants are dressed up and He says gujarati mandal are sitting in front of him. He has a coffee cup in his hand and jokes and asks if anyone will have coffee and then says excess hai and throws it away jokingly   Big smile.All laugh. He says he will send coffee in the house for them . Star
He asks Urvashi what is happening these days  .She says all is fine and these days Kashif is singing songs for her in the house Confused
He asks Niketan that the whole world wants to know why he hid his coffee. Clap
Niketan says it started as fun and Salman says this turned into chori and then says its nature's fault because you are so tall .DancingHad u been short you would have hidden it near the gas stove or something LOLNiketan is wearing Sidhu's Pathani suit and Salman  makes him do a catwalk. Embarrassed
He addresses all the ladies and says how come they are bonding . He laughs and says 3 heroines dost kaise ban sakte hain . Big smile
Some clippings are shown for the tv audience  Embarrassed(had he shown it there urvashi would have ripped everyone apart ) LOL
Delnaz tells Ashka that whatever happens we will always stick together . And what Urvashi did was not called for . She says BB will point it out. 
Ashka tells delu that urvashi also did'nt want rajeev to have the dahi whcih she had jamaoed Shocked
She also says she is scared of Urvashi and says she wants to play her own game . Salman asks Delnaz ki if anything happened in the house who would she save . She says Delnaz. He says gharwale bhaad mein jaaye ..kuch bhi ho woh sirf delnaz ko hi bachayengi . All laugh.LOL
Salman asks Shampy when did she get to know know that ek taanka bida hua tha delu aur rajeev ke beech mein . She says last night when she saw them together . Salman asks what were they doing ? Wink She says in this house one can only talk and not do anything ROFL She is very sure that  they love each other and are only in name divorced. 
Salman asks delu something good about Rajeev . She says he speaks nicely but speaks a lot . Sleepy
He asks her what should he change ? She says usko ghussugiri badalna chahiye .Embarrassed 
He asks Rajeev the same question and he says he always and will love delnaaz and she is perfect. Salman asks him if he is saying this for the tv .Rajeev says that he is saying this on television and depends on people what they want to believe  . Clipping of Day 12 is shown .
Rajeev comes and sits with delu in the bedroom.She tells him that she doesnt like sidhu coming and telling her to forgive him. Delu tells rajeev to learn a lot from the house and she will speak to him when they go out of the house. 
Delu says she has moved on and even he has . He tells her he has the right to fall in love with her again and says that just in case he gets eliminated he values her a lot . 
Salman wants to solve the andey ka funda .Big smile He asks Sidhu what happened 
Siddhu says small things escalated and turned into a fight. 
Salman says that during his punishment everyone had khichdi but why during rajeev's time this happenned . Siddhu gives an example of a person who is responsible for their own belongings. and asks Salman to question Rajeev and Urvashi itself. 
Urvashi admits she overreacted. 
Sapna gives her view and she says that maybe they were tired and thats why all this happened. 
Salman says Aseem is not safe and exclaims that  2 girls are latoo  over him .He says ek ke vaandey hotay hain aur yahan do do hai tumhare peeche LOL
Salman enters the house via the V Tv ,,he says the girls were looking so genuine while acting and he says that every week he came suited ,booted and pampered but yet the girls were falling over Aseem . Embarrassed Sallu tells Aseem when he comes out all the girls will fall patt pattt over him and aseem replies   mein aapko competition nahi dunga  salman bhai .LOL Aapke raastey mein kaanta nahi daalungaStar
Salman tells Sana ki baazu mein aaiye baat karni hai and asks her 
 how she feels about niketan ,she replies he is sweet . 
Salman asks Karishma and Sana that they are getting many marriage proposals and to disclose if they are single or taken for  .The girls keep quite and Salman declares  the girls are single . Embarrassed
He tells  Karishma that she did the DAddy Dance yesterday and makes her dance and  niketan and Aseem follow her steps . 
Salman says that once niketan comes out of the house he needs to take dance classes. Embarrassed
Salman tells Kashif to arm wrestle with two females of his choice . 
He chooses Sampat and Delnaz . 
They defeat him . 
Salman asks Vrajesh what different he could have done in his captaincy and vrajesh rates his captaincy  6 out of 10 . 
Urvashi and Ashka  find him a good captain. After him Vrajesh says he would like to select Sapna as the next captain. 

He makes Sampat sing a song about the house. Salman asks kashif he wants to say anything to the housemates and Kashif says he will always be obliged to siddhu for always making him understand and keeping him in check. He says haan koi log aise hain jisse woh kehna chahta hai bahar dekh lunga .Sallu says haan tv pe dekh lena sabko aur jab dekho channel band kar lena ya tv fod denaClap ...classiccc sallluuu Embarrassed
Vodafone caller of the week wants to know how Urvashi is so beautiful after having 17 year old kids . She says she remains happy that is the secret. Shocked
Salman is all set to eliminate either Kashif or Rajeev. 
Salman asks Rajeev if he feels like coming and standing next to him and Rajeev says he will agree to whatver is decided . Salman asks Rajeev to get his bags and  tells him to  say byes to everyone. 
Delnaz comes and gives him something in his hand and  hugs him .Star Salman tells Rajeev that yesterday he wanted a hu from delu which she was not giving and now  that since delu has hugged him he should remain in the houseClap. Kashif is eliminated. Nearly everyone comes to see him off .He asks the girls for a hug and he gets one from Sampat and Siddhu LOL
Sallu says don't u think that famous honay ke chakar mein tume  jaldbaazi  ki .He gives a chaplus answer saying that the day he stood on the same stage with Salman he was famous Sleepy
He says that the situation in the house is so static that feelings look for ways to explode. Salman tells him that Tum confuse kar rahe ho ya confuse ho  .Ouch
and tells him that there is something also known as Control Clap
Precap --Sanju Baba ,Ajay Devgan and Sonakshi on BB6 to promote Son of Sardar . 

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When Sallu asks Delnaz what rajeev needs to change ..she says Rajeev ko gussugiri kam karni chahiye ... LOL
Sallu asks Rajeev whether he really loves Delnaz or is he acting for the Tv

Interesting Episode Lined up Big smile
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Ek garam chai ki pyaali ho song started and Salman entered on stage!
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Eviction day!

Salman talking to all the females and wishes everyone a happy Navratri.He's going to arrange for dandiya. He said that "oh anyone for any coffee? Niketan." LOL

Urvashi is saying Kashif sings for her. lol when?
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Niketan says Sapna's idea was to keep coffee in different places. Shocked
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Niketan wearing Shalwar Kameez and cat walking. lol.
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simplypurple, i literally lol-ed at some at your comments yesterday...good job by both you and gypsy
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