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Hey everyone,

So this is what I do while Im supposed to be studying. LOL. Anyways here is an OS. It's not very good cuz im out of practice and i just cant think for some of the characters anymore... I dreamt this in a nap at some point today so wrote it down! Hope you guys like it anyways! Don;t forget to like/comment!


P.S. This is a continuation of the last scene, promo and precap and its an Ambz creation so you know its never  going to happen LOLWink

Priya: Itni raat ko kaun aa gaya? 

She opens the door to find herself standing face to face with Ram, who has an album in his hands.  Automatically her heart starts racing. 

Priya: Aap? Itni raat ko? Yahaan? Sab theek hai na? Kya hua? Aise achanak aap yahan kaise aa gaye? Kisi ne kuch…

Ram holds up his hand to stop her from talking. 

Ram: Saara interrogation yahan darwaze pe hoga ya main andar aa sakta hu? 

Priya: Sorry, aaye.. 

Ram: Soch lo.. are you sure?

Priya: Whats the option? Come..

She steps aside, making space for him to enter. 

Ram, whispering in her ears, as he passes her: Tum na bhi keh sakti ho lekin iska anjaam toh tum jaanti hi ho.. So you're right, there is no option.  

Priya shivers a bit at the feel of his breath moistening her ear and then closes the door behind him, a smile curving her lips.  She knew that he was here to see his daughter, but deep down inside, he wanted to see her too.  She had seen the way he was watching her at lunch that day, and the way he averted his gaze the minute she caught him.  Behind his current anger, she could see the love shining in his eyes. 

Pihu came out of her room, hearing the doorbell.

Pihu: Mamma? Darwaze pe kaun hai? (She stopped when she saw Ram) Papa?! Aap yahaan?

Neha also came out of her room and stopped in her tracks seeing Ram.

Neha: Arre Fatty? Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho?  Woh bhi itni raat ko?

Ram blurted out: Haan main, kyun main apni biwi aur beti se milne nahi aa sakta? 

Neha stared at Ram and then shifted her gaze towards Priya, who was also staring at Ram.  

Ram: I mean, woh kal Pihu ka orientation hai na, toh usse kuch cheezein dikhane aaya tha. 

Neha, trying to hide her smile: Theek hai, jaisa tum kaho…

He walks up to Pihu. 

Ram: Hi Rockstar.. Aap abhi tak soye nahi? 

Pihu: Uffo Papa, main abhi choti bachhi nahi hoon.  Poore 4 and a half years ki hoon.  Mera bedtime dehr se hai. 

Ram laughs, and Priya smiles watching them together.  Neha walks up to Priya.

Neha, in a low voice: Dekha Priya, Ram aaj bhi tumse itna pyar karta hai.  Pihu ke bahane woh tumse bhi milne aaya hai.

She winks at Priya and goes to her room and shuts the door.  

Priya: Aap baithiye, main abhi aati hoon..

Ram sits on the couch, with Pihu and Priya joins them a couple minutes later with some of Pihu's old things.

Ram: Kal hamari school mein orientation hai yaad hai admission ke liye.  Main aap ko puri tarah se jaan lu aur aap mujhe puri tarah se jaan lo. 

The three of them sit together and go through Pihu's old things from school.  Her drawings, pictures, poems, cards, and whatever else Priya had brought with her to Mumbai. 

Priya: Yeh poem… 

Ram, looking around: Yeh awaaz kis ki

Then he sees Pihu asleep with her arms crossed and her mouth slightly open, snoring away. 

Ram: Yeh kharrate?

Priya smiles and shyly bites her lips, as he looks at her questioningly with a smile curving his lips.

Priya: Beti toh aap hi ki hai, toh…

Ram's smile widens as he looks back at Pihu.  Then he looks back at Priya and frowns. 

Ram: Lekin, maine usse toh kuch nahi dikhaya…

Priya: Woh aap ke baare mein sab kuch jaanti hai Mr. Kapoor… 

Ram looks at her puzzled: Sab kuch jaanti hai? Kaise?

Priya plays the video of Pihu's competition and hands him her cell phone. 

Ram watches intently as Pihu imitates him.  She imitates him walking, wiping his sweat, complaining about the heat and the AC, wiping the glass before she drinks, eating tablets, complaining about work.  Priya watches Ram as emotions fleet across his face.  And in the end when he looks up at her, there are tears forming in the corners of his eyes. 

Priya: Jeet bhi gayi.. 

Ram: Aakhir beti kis ki hai 

They both laugh as Ram wipes the corners of his eyes. 

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, aap coffee peeyenge?

Ram, still smiling: Haan. 

Priya: Main Pihu ko uss ke bistar mein rakh kar phir banati hoon. 

She goes to pick up Pihu, when Ram grabs her wrist.  He stands up, still holding her wrist.  She looks up at him, all serious and he is no longer smiling either.  Their eyes lock onto each other.  

Ram: Yeh sab Pihu ko kisne sikhaya? 

Priya, looks away: Uss ne khud aap ko dekh kar yeh sab sikha.  

Ram gently holds her chin between his index finger and his thumb.  He turns her face to look up at him, into his eyes.  

Ram: Jhoot mat bolo.  Tumhi ne sikhaya yeh sab?

Priya: Agar pata hai, toh puchte kyun hai? 

Ram: Main tumhare mooh se sun na chahta hoon. 

Priya: Haan, maine yeh sab Pihu ko sikhaya.

Ram: Tumhe yeh sab yaad tha? 

Priya cups his jaw with one of her hands and smiles. 

Priya: Ram, aap meri baat sunenge toh nahi aur samjhenge bhi nahi lekin haan main itna kahungi ke mujhe aap ke saath bitaya hua har pal yaad hai.  Inhi yaadon ke sahare toh jeeti aayi hoon.  Yaad hai maine aap se kaha tha ke agar humein alag hona pade, toh meri din ki shuruat aur mera din ka ant aap se hoga.  Pichle 5 saalon mein aisa hi hua hai.  Aur Pihu aap ki jaisi hi hai. Sach mein aap ki hi beti hai woh.  

Priya brushes her thumb across his cheek, wiping the lone tear that escaped his eye.  He takes a step forward and engulfs her in a bear hug.  She brings her arms up around his back as he wraps his strong muscular arms around her.  She closes her eyes and buries her head in his chest.  She feels him kiss her on the top of her head and faintly hears him whisper. 

Ram, whispering: Mujhe bhi… 

Ram feels her tears soaking his shirt.  He tightens his grip around her and lets her cry, while slowly running his hand up and down her back. 


Ram: Priya… Priya…

He snaps his fingers in front of her and she suddenly snaps out of her thoughts.  She looks down at his hand gripping her wrist.  She lets out a small sigh thinking, Kash aisa hota. 

Priya: Aap ne kuch kaha? 

Ram: Haan, tum jao coffee banao, tab tak main Pihu ko uss ke bistar mein rakh ke aata hoon. 

Ram lets go of her wrist and suddenly she feels bare.  She nods and heads to the kitchen. 

Ram carefully picks Pihu up and walks to the room she shares with Priya.  He gently puts her down on the bed and covers her with the duvet.  He plants a soft kiss on her forehead. 

Ram: Goodnight princess.  Sweet Dreams..

He turns off the light and closes the door. 

He comes back to the living room and sits down on the couch.  Priya hands him a cup of coffee and sits down next to him.  They both stare at their own cups, not knowing what to say to each other.  Suddenly Priya notices the album he brought on the coffee table in front of her.

Priya: Yeh kya hai?

Ram puts down his cup and picks up the album.  He opens it to the first page.  The first picture is the picture from Priya's roka with someone else, when she had fallen back and Ram had caught her.  

Ram: Yeh hamari yaadein hai.  Main Pihu ko dikhana chahta tha ke uss ke Mummy Papa hamesha itna jhagda nahi karte the aur woh ek dusre se kitna pyar karte the.  Lekin…

He glances towards her room where Pihu was sleeping.  Then he slowly glances at Priya, who looked down at her coffee cup.  He could see the tears in her eyes that were ready to fall any second. 

Suddenly she puts down her coffee cup and turns to Ram. 

Priya: Pihu toh so gayi, lekin hum toh dekh sakte hai hai na? 

Ram smiles a little and flips to the second page.  Priya scoots closer to Ram so she can see the photos.  They go through all the important events of their life together starting from their engagement, to their wedding, to all the special occasions they spent together.  Then they came to pictures from Natasha's fashion show.  There was a picture of Priya and Ram in front of the press.  Both of them remembered the events that followed that night.  Ram glances at Priya, who suddenly lowered her eyes and was blushing furiously.  She feels his eyes on her and turns to look at him.  She took a deep breath.

Priya: Pihu ke Mummy Papa aaj bhi ek dusre se bahut pyar karte hai.  Pyar aise khatam nahi ho jata.  Iss gusse, iss jhagde ke peeche bahut saara pyaar chupa hai.  Main jaanti hu ke aap mujhse naraaz hai lekin phir bhi aap mujhse kitna pyaar karte hai, isiliye aap itni asaani se mujhse nafrat kar sakte hai.  Aur main bhi aap se be hadh, apni jaan se bhi zyada pyar karti hu.  Hamesha karti thi, aur hamesha karte rahungi, zindagi bhar ke liye. 

Ram looks down at the album and flips to the next page.  They continued looking at pictures.  Somewhere along, without realizing it, Priya rested her head on Ram's shoulder.  His arm automatically came around her shoulder and he pulled her closer to himself.  Her hand rested on his chest.  He planted a soft kiss on her forehead and then crossed his legs and balanced the album on his lap and continued to flip the pages with his one hand.  

As they came to the last picture, which was a picture of Ram, Priya and Vikram and Neha's 3 kids.  Priya felt Ram stiffen.  She stiffened herself.  Both remembered the day they spent babysitting the kids and how much they missed them when they left.  It was that same day that they decided that they wanted to have kids themselves.  Priya felt her eyes flooding with tears.  She turned her face and buried it into Ram's chest.  She let out a couple of sobs as her tears soaked Ram's shirt. 

Priya, in a muffled voice: I'm sorry Mr. Kapoor.  I'm really really sorry. 

Ram didn't reply.  He didn't react at all.  He didn't tighten his grip, nor did he let go of her.  He just let her cry the way she was.  A couple minutes later, she sat up and wiped her tears.  She moved away slightly, creating some distance between them.  His arm was still around her shoulder.  She flipped the page on to the next section, which was pictures from after she had left him. 

Priya: Aage dikhaye na.  Yeh kaun hai (pointing to someone she didn't recognize).

Ram stared at her for a second before tightening his grip around her shoulder and dragging her to him again. 

Ram: Yeh Soumya ke Maa Baap hai.  Aur yeh uski badi behn.

They continued to look at pictures from Rishabh and Soumya's wedding, various birthday parties and special occasions.  Then they came to pictures of Khush, his birth, his birthdays.  Priya noticed there were no pictures of Ram and Ayesha's wedding.  What did that mean? 

Soon, while flipping through the pictures, Priya fell asleep on Ram's shoulder.  He looked down at her innocent face, breathing softly and tightened his grip around her shoulder, pulling her even closer to himself.  He planted many soft kisses on her temple and her hair and rested his lips on her hair for a while.

Ram: Main bhi tumse bahut pyar karta hu Priya.  Even after all that you did, I still love you the most in this world.  And I always will.  Lekin iss pyaar ke saath saath main tumse itni nafrat karta hu.  How could you do this to me?  Itna dukh kyun paunchaya mujhe?  Aur sirf mujhe nahi, apne aap ko, Pihu ko, apne poore parivaar ko?  Lekin phir bhi, I missed you.  Kitna miss kiya hai maine tumhe.  Main nahi jaanta ke mujhe kitna waqt lagega aur agar yeh nafrat kabhi khatam hogi bhi ya nahi, lekin main itna jaanta hu, ke main sirf aur sirf tumse pyar karta hu aur hamesha karta rahunga.  

He continued to hold her until he fell asleep himself.  

Priya woke up a couple hours later when she felt something heavy on her head.  She opened her eyes and felt Ram's head resting on her head and her head was resting on his shoulder.  His arm was around her and the album was still in her lap, but it was opened to the picture taken at the Mah-Guj border.  That meant Ram was looking through their photos after she fell asleep on him.  She slowly untangled herself from Ram's embrace and put the album on the coffee table.  She carefully made him lie down on the couch and gently ran her fingers through his hair as to not to wake him.  She planted a soft kiss on his forehead.  

Priya: I love you Ram.. 

Ram, smiling in his sleep: Mmm..I love you too..

She smiled through her tears and picked up the coffee mugs and put them on the kitchen counter and went to her room to sleep with Pihu.  

The next morning, everyone was awake except for Ram.  They made sure not to make any noise where he was sleeping because Priya knew he mustve had a late night.  Neha got dressed and headed out.  Pihu was given a colouring book and some crayons and was colouring quietly in her room.  Priya made herself busy with housework and making breakfast quietly.  

When she was done, she walked over to the couch to wake Ram up.  It was quite late in the morning and they had to head over to the school.  Since Ram had stayed over, he would also need to go home first to freshen up and change.  

He was lying flat on his back with his hands resting on his chest.  Priya gently shook one of his hands. 

Priya: Mr. Kapoor…

Ram rubs his eye with his other hand and gives her a sleepy smile.

Ram: Hi… (smiling) Good Morning…

Priya smiles at him.  He looked so cute when he was sleeping. 

Priya: Uthiye, humein Pihu ke school jaana hai..

She turns to go when he grabs her wrist and yanks.  She falls on him, her hair falling all over his face and her hands on his chest for support.  Her heart was racing and she could feel butterflies in her stomach.  Her breath hitched.  Ram could smell the scent of her hair and got that dizzying feeling.  He felt her sliding off when his hand came around her back to steady her.  He held her tight so she didn't fall off him on to the floor.  She closed her eyes at the feel of his hand on her back.  She could feel the heat of his hand through her thin shirt.  With his other hand, he slowly moved the hair off his face and tucked it behind her ear.  She slowly opened her eyes to find him looking deep into them.  They locked gazes for a minute.  He tucked the strands on the other side behind her ear too.  

Ram, looking deep into her eyes: Kya kaha tumne? Mr. Kapoor? Mera naam kya hai Priya?

Priya lowers her eyes and blushes.  She lowers her head and rests it on his chest.  He wraps both his arms around her, making sure she doesn't fall.  She closes her eyes, enjoying the feeling of sleeping on him with her head on his chest.  She focuses on the rhythm of his heartbeat, which was racing and the masculine scent which was a mixture of his favourite cologne and his own unique scent which was just Ram. 

He kisses her head and buries his nose in her hair. 

Ram: Priya, mera naam kya hai? 

She turns her face into his chest and replies in a muffled voice.  

Ram: Mujhe kuch sunai nahi deta.  Phir se bolo.

Priya could feel her cheeks burning.

Priya, whispering: Ram..

Ram: Are mujhe abhi bhi kuch sunai nahi deta.  Yaad hai mujhe sirf uncha sunai deta hai.  Zara zor se bolo..

Priya hits him on his chest and laughs. 

Ram: I'm waiting.. 

Priya, a little louder: Ram…

Ram, smiling: Phir se bolo… 

Priya: Ram…

They both continue to lay there in silence.  Priya raises her head to look into his eyes.  She looks down and her hair falls on his face again.  Ram lifts his hand and tucks it behind her ear.  He raises her chin to make her look into his eyes.

Ram: 5 saal se taras gaya tha apna naam tumhare mooh se sunne ke liye…Phir se bolo please…

Priya, looking straight into his eyes: Ram… 

Ram smiles.

Priya: Aap ki dhadkan itni tezz kyun hai?  

Ram: Tum jo ho mere itne kareeb.  Jab tum mere itne kareeb aati ho, tab meri dhadkan tezz ho jati hai.  5 saal baad, tumhara mujhpar wahi asar hai.

Priya: Kyun?

Ram: Because I love you..

Priya: I love you too, Ram.. 

She puts her head back on his chest and closes her eyes as he tightens his arms around her and kisses her on the head again. 


Priya: Mr. Kapoor…Uthiye, naashta tayyar hai aur Pihu ke school bhi jaana hai..

Priya's voice snaps him out of his thoughts and he rubs his eyes again.  She walks towards the kitchen and calls Pihu to come to the table.  Ram sits up holding his head, trying to remember how he fell asleep here last night. 

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, aap jaake fresh ho jaaye, main breakfast lagati hoon.  

Ram nods and stands up.  Pihu comes running out of her room.  She runs straight to Ram and wraps her arms around his legs. 

Pihu: Good Morning Papa!! 

Ram, picking her up: Good morning Rockstar! Hey! Aap ne mujhe bataya nahi ke aap kharrate lete ho! Aur woh bhi itne zor se! Pata nahi Mamma kaise soti hai aap ke saath. 

Pihu: Mamma ko kharrate ke aadat ho gayi hi. Pata hai jab main kharrate nahi leti toh usse neend bhi nahi aati. 

Ram looks at Priya, who is busy in the kitchen.  He smiles a little remembering the time during her BC scare where he was up all night and she knew right away.  Even though she didn't tell him about Pihu, indirectly she carried their memories with her and made sure that Pihu knew them all.  She remembered Ram in all her times with Pihu.  

Priya looks up to see Ram carrying Pihu and both of them looking at her.  

Priya: Pihu, aap ne bag pack kar liya? 

Pihu sighed: Haan Mamma, maine kal raat ko hi pack kardiya tha. 

Priya, while making aloo parathas: Tum na bilkul apne Papa pe gayi ho… 

Pihu and Ram look at each other and Ram smiles at her.  He puts her down and goes to freshen up a little.

When he comes out, he hears Pihu and Priya talking.

Pihu: Mamma, breakfast mein kya hai? 

Priya: Cereal. 

Pihu, whining: Nahi, mujhe cereal nahi khana.

Priya: Toh aap ko kya khana hai madamji? 

Pihu, sheepishly: Aloo Paratha. 

Priya: Phir Aloo Paratha?  Aap ne kal hi toh khaya tha.  Aaj kuch healthy khao na.

Pihu, whining: Nahi Mamma mujhe aloo paratha chahiye.. Aur aaj Papa bhi hai na aur unhe bhi aloo paratha khana hoga.

Priya sighed and saw Ram walking towards the kitchen smiling. 

Ram: Breakfast mein kya hai?

Pihu, excitedly: Hamara favourite Aloo Paratha. 

Ram: Wow Sachhi? 

Priya smiled at Ram behaving like a kid with Pihu.  She put 2 parathas on Pihu's plate and 2 on Ram's plate.  They both reached for the extra butter and achaar.  Ram reached for more butter when Priya grabbed his hand.  Ram looked up at her. 

Priya: Nahi.  Aur nahi.  Aap ki sehat ke liye achha nahi hai. 

She let go of his hand and he put the spoon down.  He quietly started eating his aloo parathas while Priya went to shower and change.  

After breakfast, they were ready to leave.  They decided that they would stop by Kapoor Mansion so Ram can change and freshen up, and then head over to the school together.  

Priya: Pihu, apna bag le lo. 

Pihu: Mamma, Papa ruko.. 

Priya: Kya hua bachha, chalo dehr ho rahi hai. 

Pihu: Papa, aap ne mujhse promise kiya tha na ke no jhagda, only hugging and smiling, lekin aap ne Mamma ko abhi bhi hug nahi kiya, sirf mujhe hug kiya.  Aap dono, chalo hug karo..

Priya looks at Ram and then back at Pihu: Nahi bachha abhi nahi, abhi humein dehr ho rahi hai na, chalo… 

Ram: Priya….

She turns to see Ram standing there with his arms spread out.  He gives her a slight nod.  Priya drops her bag and quickly walks over to him, straight into his waiting arms.  His arms automatically wrap around her and hold her tight.  She buries her head in his chest as tears start flooding her eyes.  A few tears roll down Ram's cheeks too as he closes his eyes to savour the feel of Priya in his arms.  He had held her close to himself last night but that was a different feeling.  He wanted so much to hold her tight and be held tightly by her too.  He could feel her arms tightening around him.  

Neha walked into the apartment to see Pihu standing there watching her parents locked in an embrace.  She smiled as a few tears rolled down her cheeks too.  She put a hand on Pihu's shoulder and signaled her to go to them with her eyes. 

Pihu walked up to Ram and Priya and pulled on Ram's blazer and Priya's top. 

Pihu: Maine kaha hug karo, yeh nahi kaha ke Pihu ko bhool jao..

Ram and Priya both laughed and wiped their tears.  Ram picked Pihu up in his arms and kissed her on the cheek.  He looked at Priya and stretched an arm out for her to join them.  She came and rested her head on his chest and a hand on Pihu's back.  He closed his arm around her and kissed her  and Pihu both on the forehead and held them tight. 

With the two most important women in his life in his arms, he finally let the past go.  Yeah he was mad that Priya let him believe she was dead and hid his daughter from him, but they were both with him now.  And it was now, this moment that mattered the most.  Yesterday was a history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift and that's why its called the present.  And his gift was in his arms, and that was all that mattered. 

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Posted: 2012-10-17T23:04:20Z

aw! it was a gd surprised for me... i had not thought you would write during this bg time.. anyway happy that i got chance to read.. 

anytime when you present OS it a best gift for me by my fav writer.. you have your own unique touch... this one is another awesome post... thankx a lot...
and what a end.. superb...
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Posted: 2012-10-17T23:10:51Z

Wow...awesome update!!! made my day...

After a huge gap of time...i read something nice n cute in BALH fiction...ClapClap
Thanks for writing this...also for the PM!Smile
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Posted: 2012-10-17T23:21:04Z
Loved it ClapClap

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Posted: 2012-10-17T23:25:46Z
wow... cvs need to read this...

if this happends balh is going to break all those records...

its superb just love it...

great job sweety...
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Posted: 2012-10-17T23:29:50Z

How sweet Girl. Perfect episode ... and wish CVs get "inspired" by this OS. Heck... i wish they steal it... Scene to scene.. LOL

I have a feeling Pihu's competition video scene will play out just as you have described.

FAB OS Frenchie... LOVED it.

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Posted: 2012-10-17T23:29:53Z
Awesome Amby...thanks for this wonderful gem...you've never lost touch...keep it up..hats off to your writing skills...take a bow. Star Clap Edited by TVserialfreak - 2012-10-17T23:35:10Z
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Posted: 2012-10-17T23:32:25Z
lovely narration ambz ...
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