Dastaan (Ek prem ki dastaan..jai or Bani)

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Well, I was just completely bored and in the KS Section there was this beautiful fan-fiction of Jai Walia and Bani... I am complete fan of those two and therefore, in order to put forward my point I have decided to continue a fan fiction of my own. Hopefully you will like it lets see!!! We are going to have new characters including our very own Jai, Bani, Sahil, Rano, Pia, Pushkar and of course "Maasi or Dadi". Our new characters will be Bani's friend who is Vedikha from Sindoor (Gurdeep Kholi) and our handsome Jai has a friend called "Dhruv from Sachin Shroff". Ofcourse and Jigyasa but, there is no Ranveer in this one as we have an extra two characters.

There images:

Jigyasa, Rano, Bani and Pia   Jai Walia


Bani:                                      Vedikha:                       Dhruv:


All of the above are the characters of the Dastaan of the beautiful couple Bani and Jai! The story of Dastaan will be based around the story of how these two turn from "enemies" into extremely good "Friends" and then into a lovely "couple"! I will not only be writing the story but add pictures to conclude the story. Dhruv and Vedikha are really good friends of Bani and Jai. This particular story would be one of college and these two would be the modern types and younger!! Here are the type of outfits they wear:Embarrassed

              Jai Walia:                     Walia Mansion


The hot and Dashing Jai Walia will look betta in these!Embarrassed

       Bani Dressing Sense:      Dixit Mansion


This is the general Background Information as for the characters they will all be defined as follows: 

     Bani (Bani Dixit) whom is Prachi Desai (18 yrs old in college) Big smile Sahil (Our hot and happening Sahil!) ( Sahil Jai's younger brother) Wink Rano (Rano Bani's Sister) ( She is 15 still in high skool doesn't take part as much in the stor) Pia (Pia we all know her Bani's middle sister) (age: 17  Pushkar's GF) Pushkar (Pia is liked by Pia's her boyfriend in college-17 yrs old) "Maasi or Dadi". (Jai walia's Maasi only mum left and daadi) Bani's friend who is Vedikha from Sindoor (Gurdeep Kholi)  (18) our handsome Jai has a friend called "Dhruv from Sachin Shroff" (18).
  • Jai (18 yrs old the hero of the story and in college)Big smile

Finally there college is: " Woodford Drive college " (Gisha pita naam hein par it will be hot and happening by our one and only Bani and Jai walia!)LOL

 (Is one of the best colleges)Big smile

Finally I will be starting your fan-fiction soon aga aga dekho hota hein kya!! Could u tell me whether or not you like the fan fiction so, that I can start...Confused Now, you have all the backgrouns information which will mean I can start soon.Big smile

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oooh..cant wait for the 1st part! Embarrassed
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Posted: 2006-07-03T13:15:32Z
can't imagine bani wearing that.. LOL awesome! continue soon! Clap
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Thank you so much for the comments! These comments really encourage people to start the fanfictions hopefully you would enjoy it... As for the episode which I am going to start now is like the precap of the entire serial of Dastaan...

New Family:

The sangars have known Dixit family for a long time and they are really good mates. The boys in the family are Viks and Vishal! (They are ok looking nothing compared to Jai of course!)

Episode 1:

The episode starts of with the famous ? entering her college in her mercedes SL a beautiful silver one which is newly out of the showroom. The camera focuses on the mercedes which is silver, the person can't be seen...

The person comes out of the car, the camera firstly focuses on the feet then the legs and the hands. Finally, we get to see the person in our car is the one and only Bani Dixit. All of the boys of the college finally start gather around the car saying "WowEmbarrassedEmbarrassed that girl is so buff!! A combination of rich and simply beautiful girl who is she?"Confused The boys have their bolte band, I mean kya unke galte hein Bani hein he itne pyaari... Some, of the boys come out with she is the daughter of "Mr Dixit" a really big businessman! Bani comes out of the car finding Vedika one of her closest Best friends and there we see Vedikha (Who is just and preety but not as rich). Ouch

Vedikha: Hey Buddy! How are you?

Bani: Fine, I have been partying all nite and I have a complete hangover! Urgggggggg!!

Vedikha: Hangover, why were you at a party of smin?

Bani: Yeah! Me n Pia went ova to "The Sangars" they had a low key party... We were dancin till they 3.00am when we finally decided to come home! God! That was one nite as for the GUYS there they were simply "UGLY" I swear.

Vedikha: Oh ok, you are sure lucky ur tellin me Sangars boys are Ugly puleeshhhh! God, they are absolutely handsome I mean how can you not think so.

Finally, the bell rings and they have to run of to their first lessons vedikha has Geo and our Bani madam has history! Keise subject pick kiya hein bilkul boring! On the other side hamar Jai has gone to the following lessons which is "PE " with Dhruv.

This is the end of the first episode the precap just to find out whether you did or whether you didn't like it! Tell me how you like it whether you do or don't...

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awesome part!!! continue when you can! Embarrassed Clap Clap
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Posted: 2006-07-04T13:29:48Z
thanks for the comment .:KYPHlOvEr88:. thank you mostly to you for the encouragement!
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Episode 2: Dekho what happens after the precap

There are two new characters which are the two dumbo's of the class and the teacher of course for history.

    Jenny (Dumbo of the class)(Noone in particular)
  • Rohit ( Extremely buff he is the one and only ranveer from Kasam se)

  • There is the teacher Miss.Desai (Noone in particular)

Recap of Precap: The episode ended with all of them going to their lessons Bani is of to the history lesson and Jai to history with Dhruv (Changed from last episode). As for Vedikha bechari Geography mein ekali gayi hein!

Both Dhruv and "Jai" sub se pecha vale row mein batthe hein! Aquir peche se kuch dikh ta nahin hein teacher ko masti mein lage rhete hein, plus they can check out Miss Desai the preety buff looking girly types!... As for Bani she is one of the good students and has Miss Desai under her impressive behaviour therefore, unlike most students she sits right at the front (GOD, SO GEEKYFIED!Angry) Miss Desai makes her entery and says " Hey Kids (I mean this women isn't a bude kusar teacher she is one of those young ok looking ones).

College kids all say: Hey miss Desai but, both Jai and Dhruv are mmmm she is soooooo wow!!!!

Miss. Desai: Mr Walia and Mr Dhruv get up now! What did you just say?

Jai and Dhruv: Em.... Nothing much just that your looking extremely good today Miss. Desai

Miss. Desai: Pay attention otherwise we will have to kick you out of the lesson! This is a history lesson and therefore, pay attention otherwise I mean it you have had it today... Every single day I put up with this behaviour so, can you be quiet!

Jai and Dhruv who are now completely bored due to the fact that Miss. Desai is going on and on and on. Finally, they start to yawn ahhhhhhhCry

Miss Desai who can no longer keep up with their silly behaviour starts to teach about the tudors. (Gosh! I just h8 the tudors) Hamare Bani is really going crazy because, Jai and Dhruv are making a racket and she wants peace and quiet. They continously keep talking rating girls out of 10! She is a rich brat and obviously isn't interested in her studies but still tries to impress her "So called teachers". Finally, she shouts out " Can you two shut it at the back". Miss Desai who was teaching look back and gave Bani a smile. Miss Dixit can you leave right this minute please. Bani is stunned and says "Wh....a.......a...t...at?". Miss. Desai who is turning absolutely mad says in a final tone can u leave, how dare you shout in my class out! Oh yes, and Jai and Dhruv out too NOW! Don't come back this lesson go to the headteachers office the three of you!"AngryAngry

Bani who isn't used to this behaviour puts her backpack on her back is out really annoyed and irratated, whilst on her way out she bangs the door. Jai and Dhruv are like "OMG!" and finally leave two feeling extremely contented about annoying the class. They also bang the door as they are being kicked out feeling completely excited!LOLLOL (Yeah right! Like they are actually going to go to the headteachers office)

All three of them wait outside chatting well fighting.

Jai: Hey baby, u look extremely pretty! I must say your admirable..

Bani: Oh is it! Shut up you idiot have you seen your face in the mirror it looks like it hasn;t been washed for yours.

Jai who is completely stunned finally covers up by saying: U foolw! What did u say to me! All the girls in this college r completely waiting for my yes! U Shd
be happy I actually spoke to u.

Bani: Oh right! Get a life pullessshhhhh! The Dixit's can buy u in like second or maybe u didn't know that

Jai who has completely lost it slaps her really hard

Bani: U.....uuuuuuuuu. Sla...pped me! U will pay for this Jai I swear u dn't no me.

Jai is like yeah whatever and even Dhruv is annoyed they both leave feeling yeah what can she actually do. Babe she is such a looser! Thinks she is all that.

Finally, after like a whole houw the 2 best friends vedikha and Bani meet up where Bani tells Vedika what happened in the class

Bani: I can't believe he slapped me just watch what I will do to him.

Vedikha: Leave it trust me it's ok forget it.

Now, see wat bani does to Jai and how these two enemies changes into there friendship then love!

Precap to the next episode: Bani is going to disgrace him where and how will be told in the next episode! 

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but pls can u write little big sorry if u felt bad
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