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loved it ...continue soon
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Update soon.waiting for khushi's entry.
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this ff is tooo gud...

loved payal from her entry to her temporary exit...she is fun...completely opposite to the shy and homely show waali payal...

arnav the responsible big bro and akash supporting him is nice...

anjali is the spoiled n youngest raizada...

this is very interesting...waiting for khushi's entry!!!!
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This story too is quite interesting like your checkmate!

Payal is quite a strong willed girl.
Anjali as usual closed eye to the surrounding!
Nk quite responsible!
Akash is his usual self the serioous type!
Arnav the responsible head.
Nani the sweet disposition lady
Dadi the serious head lady

Waiting for the next update tomorrow I guess!
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Oh!!!!!!simply loving this bold, feisty Payal...
At the same time waiting for Khushi's entry...forced entry into Arnav's life...

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From the author's desk: Ok, thanks for accepting this slight change in Payal's character- I thought that both Payal and Akaash being meeky would be boring- atleast one of them should be little bold to bring in some worthy story for them- 
And most of you have been asking for Kushi's entry- She will make her glorious presence in Chapter 3- practice patience until then!
P.S. PMs later after I have done the proof reading... this one is for the impatient heads!
Happy reading!
Chapter 2: Lovebirds in despair
Part 2: The battle of Sharmas
The elder ladies were having a quiet tea when a very cross Manorama came in join them in the family lounge for tea.
"What happened Manorama? why are you upset?" Nani asked her Daughter in law
"Ask your dear son- He saves other's heart- but hurts my heart. Hello hi bye bye" Manorama quipped biting a biscuit with more force than necessary
"what did mama do now Mamiji? tell me, I will fight for your justice- Nandkishore Singh Raizada will never tolerate injustice metted out to the women folks" Nk said as he joined them all
"NK bitwa, you know what? poor Anjali bitiya she was feeling all gloomy- and so I took her out... and your mama told me off for doing that"
"Manohar is right. Anjali is a girl and you are spoiling her" Dadi intervened
"But it is her birthday tomorrow... you all know how she feels whenever her birthday approaches... thinking how her mother died two days after she was born.. and now her father died four days before her birthday- she was feeling all unlucky and upset- I had to take her out to cheer her up" Mami argued with Dadi
"She is an educated girl- she should know better than to believe in all those unlucky stuff- besides tomorrow when she gets married to another family- people there will blame us for bringing her up to be such a spoiled brat" Dadi told curtly shutting up mami.
NK raised his eyebrows and quietly settled in one of the sofas as Anjali came down for tea.
"Hi NK, Mami, Dadi, Nani..."
NK tired to gesture her it was not the right moment for her to join the group now as he was sure that she was going to talk about her birthday and they would get back properly from Dadi but she didnt get it
"What?" she asked him
"nothing" he mumbled.
"Mami, I asked Payal to come tomorrow for the party" Anjali started off the conversation "I told her we are having only a family gathering and she is a part of our family anyways- so"
"Payal will not be coming here" Dadi snapped at Anjali
"Why?" Anjali asked "She came here today na?"
NK gestured her to stay quiet again and Anjali was looking at him baffled.
"Yes she was here and I sent her back- we cannot entertain her anymore if her mother doesnt want ay kind of rishta with this family" Dadi told her
"But she is already upsta---" Anjali started to say when NK jumped in to do damage control
"Anjali I am ordering cake for you- which one do you need this time?" he said throwing draggers at her to make her shut up right then. Anjali finally kept quiet though she didnt understand the reason.
"Hmm.. the other day, we tasted the red velvet cake na-- it was marvellous... I thought I could have that for my birthday- but then Arnav told he didnt like it much... hmm- so I think I will settle down for chocolate marble truffle cake..."
"ok chocolcate marble truffle then.. NK said- do you want vanilla twirls on top of it?" he asked as he browsed his IPhone to place an online order.
"hmm No problem" she said as they all heard the door bell go.
Ramu Kaka, their male servant, went to answer the door and escorted a highly agitated Mr and Mrs Sharma to the family lounge. After the initial greetings were shared, which was a little colder from the Sharmas side than on the Raizadas side, Mrs. Sharma directly got to point, denying Nani's invite to join them for tea.
"We have given you all enough decent clues that we are not anymore interested in a rishta between Payal and Akaash. I dont understand why you people still encourage my daughter with any such intentions" Mrs.Sharma directly asked the elderly ladies
"We are not unwise to not notice your clues Susheela, When you dont want our son, we dont want your daughter too- We have class- and we are arrogantly proud of it" Dadi answered her smugly
"But still, you let her inside this house? for what reason may I ask?" Susheela leered
"What bakwas is this? You daughter came running here in the afternoon and I sent her promptly back" Dadi told her as NK and Anjali who stood there exchanged uneasy glances
"Bakwas? Have you started lying as well? She has been missing from afternoon and we know she is in this house right now and I have come here to take my daughter home" Mrs.Sharma told them rudely.
"But she is not here Susheela- didnt you hear me? how dare you say I lied to you? Look if your daughter ran away somewhere - it doesnt mean she is here" Dadi told her.
"I suppose your grandchildren know otherwise" Sharad Sharma pointed out, acutely picking the tensed faces of Anjali and NK
Dadi turned back abruptly and looked at them. She immediately knew that they both were concealing something
"Is Payal here?" She asked, her voice was dangerously low, the tone she undertook when she was not happy with their behaviour.
"I am here Dadi" payal's low voice reached her from another entrance to the lounge. Akaash stood behind her, with an apologitic look. Dadi was so shocked that she stood there with shamed silence.
"Now what do you say Subadra Ji" Susheela asked with a sneer of her face.
"Auntyji- Dadi doesnt know Payal was here- it was not her fault" Akaash told her
"Doesnt know? she doesnt know who comes in and goes out- What kind of responsible elder is she?"
"So what if she doesnt know I was here? She asked me to go back, it was I who sneeked back in- dont blame others for what your daughter did" payal shouted across the room to her mother.
"Dont take that tone with your mother Payal" Sharad reprimanded her
"First tell her not to take that tone to my future grandparent in laws... first of all what kind of responsible elder is she if she doesnt know how to talk to elders? What if my inlaws think that I might have taken after her and reject my proposal to Akaash?" Payal asked her father as Anjali snickered and NK showed her a thumbs up.

Dadi turned to look at the two, quietening them. Akaash on the other side was getting uneasy with Payal's impoliteness to her parents in front of his Dadi- He sure didnt want Dadi to think Payal was disrespectful and was not suitable to be a Raizada bahu.

"As if they would dare to- Dont you understand? they want you to be the Bahu of this house badly now- knowing how much money comes with you" Susheela didnt mind hurting them as she hurled those accusations on Dadi and Nani
"What are you tlking Susheela aunty, you think Akaash loves Payal for her money? how can you say so?" Anjali asked confused but fell silent as Nani gave her a threatening look.
"Oh- My Mom loses her mind sometimes Anji- dont mind her" Payal commented
"How dare you talk like this? Where are your manners Payal?" Her Mom screamed at her as she took a few steps forward towards her daughter
"Its gone in search of yours Momma- as you lost yours already" Payal gave back quickly
"Sushi, this is not the time to get into fights- It was our fault we gave her so much freedom of speech" Sharad calmed down his wife.
"good one dad- we should'nt blame others for our mistakes- we need to take ownership- and by the way I have to clear this doubt in your mind Mom- Akaash is more wealthier than me to fall for my money" Payal commented nonchalently
"Wealthier than you? Hasnt he told you yet? that they have lost most of the property to their reckless father's fantasies? and the rest are on the way to the market to be pledged or sold?" Susheela spat out mercilessly wounding Dadi and Nani standing there. Anjali was shocked to hear this as was Payal as she looked into Akaash's eyes.
"So? what if its the case? I love him and not his money"
"Look how they have influenced our daughter Sharad" Susheela turned to Sharad and let out a cry.
"No one needs to influence me- I have a working brain" Payal cried out angrily.
"Payal please stay calm" Akaash muttered to her
"Why should I Akaash? either you speak or you let me speak- for god's sake they have been talking about getting me married to some stranger- what am I? a freaking 6 year old asking Momma what flavour of icecream to order in a icecream shop- and change my options just because my Momma doesnt like the flavour that I chose? I am 22 and I am entitled to choose whom to marry- and I have decided that this is my sasural- no one can change it"
"Actually even 6 year olds dont listen to their parents these days" Nk provided points to Payal to which she nodded thankfully whereas Dadi and Nani stared at him
"what the hell is happening here?" Arnav's commanding voice rang across the lounge. All of them turned to look at him.
"oh there comes the acting male head of the Raizada clan" Susheela let out a cynical comment
"we have come to take our daughter home Arnav, and it seems that your family is not co-operating" Sharad informed him curtly
"My family? have you already considered Payal to be a Raizada?" Arnav asked back smirking at him "-because all I can see is- your own daughter is not willing to accompany you"
"She has been ill-advised" Susheela spat at him
"Is it? to whom do you endorse this credit to Mrs. Sharma? because as far as I know her, Payal is capable enough to make her own decisions"
"Arnav- we have had enough of this, we want our daughter to come with us- no arguments on it- no hard feelings. Send her with us" Sharad spoke at last
"Go Payal bitiya- you have to go with your parents- whatever be the reason it is not right on your part to stay here without being married" Nani spoke her mind too, tired of what was happening in front of her.
Payal who was standing a step in front of Akaash immediately moved towards him, taking his hand and adamantly shook her head.
Arnav went near Payal and stood facing her.
"Payal do you trust me?" He asked in an almost whisper
Payal took some time to answer

"I do but if you are asking me to go with-" Payal started but Arnav cut her quickly
"Do you trust me or not?"
"yes" she said finally "but I trust Akaash a little more than I trust you since I am in love with him- is that ok? " she pouted as Arnav smiled at last and Akaash looked at her disbelievingly
"yeah thats alright" Arnav told her taking her other hand in his "Now leave with your parents- I am taking responsibility to get you married to my brother- can you trust me in this?"
"you are asking too much from me - but I suppose thats ok- My life depends on your promise Arnav- if you dont keep this promise, I will somehow find some way to marry your brother and then take my revenge on you" she uttered casually as she crossed the brothers and walked past the onlooking elderly ladies, curious and biwildered Anjali and Nk and reached her parents.
"What are you waiting for? Do you suppose they will serve you dinner if you stayed any longer? come along they had put up with our boring family drama for quiet enough time" she told her parents as she walked past them.
"Bye Akaash- see you soon darling" Payal called out as she reached the door and her fuming parents followed her.
Akaash cringed looking at Dadi as Payal's darling floated towards the lounge. Nk and Anjali exchanged looks and grinned at eachother and so did Arnav as he patted his brother on his back.
"Dadi" Akaash called out but his Dadi put up her hand quietening him
"We have had enough insult for today by that disrespectful girl and her parents- I dont want to endure much more now" she said as she intended to walk back to her room
"But Dadi, Payal was not disrespectful, she infact supported our family"
"Enough done- enough said" Dadi left the place after that.
"Nani- Payal is not like that - she only-" Akaash called out
"I know Payal is good at heart bitwa- but when her parents dont want her to get married to you, we cannot force them- can we?" Nani asked before she too left the place.
Hmm seems like payal has royally ruined her image in front of Dadi now- Will Arnav be able to keep up his promise? Stay tuned to know more
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thanks...fantastic loved payal in this
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From the author's desk:  Ok this can be considered as a filler- because its mostly about the Siblings and the relationship they share! I thought this foundation was necessary for the story and so it is here..
Happy reading and thanks for those lovely feedbacks!
Chapter 2: Lovebirds in despair
Part 3:  Unbreakable bonds
As Anjali walked via the corridor to NK's room, she was getting all the more confused with Mrs.Sharma's accusations on the family.
What was more confusing was the fact that none of them in the family- not even Arnav negated her statement.. Are they hiding
something from her? She knew whom to target-  Dadi already looked like a volcano about to erupt and nani looked worn out.- so both of them were out of option also she didnt want to upset them further.

Arnav or Akaash wont tell her anything that they knew would upset her... Then she had decided to ask NK. As she walked towards his room, faintly feeling already nauseated thinking about her doomsday birthdays she heard NK's room empty.

She was about to leave the room when she saw him crouching on the floor beside the bed

 "Hey Look, I am not dumping you- I just cant come now"  Anjali heard NK speaking on the phone.
"Please understand- My family needs me now"
"Why? What happened?
"What? Dont joke"  Nk called into the phone as he got up suddenly
"But... but.. wait what? thankgod.. For a moment I thought-  "
" positively pregnant- seriously I dont know how to react to this- Ofcourse I am happy! ... "  he stopped abruptly as he saw Anjali in the room.
"Hey, Look I will call you back a little later." he said abruptly cutting the call.

"What is it Anjali? why are you eavsdropping ?" he snapped at her.

"I did not eavsdrop on you.. I just came to talk to you" She told indignantly.

"You should have left when you found me talking on phone"

"Why is it that important? who was it then on the phone anyway"

"Dont be so nosy- it was just a friend"

"Why are you so tensed if it was only a friend?" Anjali grew more inquistive

"Come to the point Anjali" Nk told her frustrated

"What is happening in the house NK? what are you all hiding from me?"

"No one is hiding anything from you- You would have known everything if you had attended the meeting today"

Anjali creased her eyebrows and looked at NK

"Tell me then, Why did Susheela aunty say like that? are we doomed?"

NK looked at his younger sister was some time, He being just two years elder to her, had always fought with her unlike her other two brothers, but still he loved her. He knew how Anjali felt about her mother's death- It was imprinted on her mind very early in her life that it was because of her that her mother left this world... May be because of their father who didnt get as close to her as he was with his sons citing unreasonably that she was in some way the reason for his wife's death or because of those nosy and loud relatives of theirs, who would pass snide remarks at her when she was only a young child.

Normally at an age when children get excited about birthdays, Anjali used to recoil, thinking about her mother's anniversary two days later. So the three brothers learnt very early in life and promised eachother, that they would be the mother to their young sister, and treat her like a princess. They have always then protected her from any kind of attack from the family members and relatives.

Even now, they knew that even though she acted all excited and abnormally enthusiastic about her birthday- wanting to celebrate it when it was only 4 days after her father's death, she was just putting up a facade so that her brothers wont feel bad.

Arnav had instructed them all not to tell her anything until her birthday, not to give her more reasons to brood. Already she had been feeling dreadful that her birthday was the most unlucky day of the year, and she lost her father too now just five days before the day.

"Are you going to tell me or not?" She asked finally tired of waiting for him to answer

"No- I cant tell you now- It was your mistake- you missed the meeting"

Anjali looked at her brother with a wicked smile.

"I am going right down and tell dadi that you made some one pregnant back in Australia and came running here and thats why you dont want to get back there"

"What? I didnt make anyone pregnant" He looked horrified.

"You were speaking about Pregnancy on phone to a girl"

"How do you know it is a girl?"

"because a boy cant make a boy pregnant"

"It was a dog"

"What ?" she asked breaking into laughter

"Shutup! My friend's dog is pregnant"

 "because of you? - oh my god- " she started laughing again

"Shutup Anjali" NK charged at her as she started to laugh like a maniac...

"Now if you dont tell me about the meeting, I am going to tell everyone about this - and I have skills to make it sound like it happened for real" she threatened him...

"Alright, but promise me not to feel sad about it- this - this is not related to your belief in your birthday luck" NK agreed finally

trying to save him from embarassment

"Ok" Anjali said as she squat on NK's bed, ready to listen to him.


"What is this Arnav? I cant accept this" Akaash dashed into his brother's home office in the first floor clutching a file

"What is that?" Arnav asked looking up from the bunch of papers that he had been going through

"The UK venture- You asked Mr.Roy to prepare this doc to change the propreitor ship from your name to mine- His assistant just and just delivered this now"

"Its not about your acceptance- its about my acceptance - and NK's and Anjali's as well to an extent - as I have pulled in family money into the venture"

"I cant let you all do this - I cant be selfish"

"Where are you being selfish in this Akaash" Arnav asked as he moved around his desk and leaned back on the front of the desk supporting himself.

"You are doing this for me and Payal's sake isnt it? To enable her parents agree for her hand in marraige with me"

"Good heavens- No" Arnav laughed "Do you really think that this will change Mrs.Sharma's mind?"

"No" Akaash told a little confused "then why are you doing this? I thought this was your plan to bring us together"

"We dont have to do anything as far as you and Payal are concerned- Not atleast for now, We have a willing Payal on our side."

"But - her parents -"

"Akaash, Last time I checked there was no law which mandates that the parents of a major girl should agree for her wedding with her darling"

"Arnav" Akaash grimaced

"Dont worry Akaash, we can afford to wait until the Sharmas make their next move- We dont really have to bother much until Payal succumbs to her parents pressure and consents to get married to someone else. "

"Do you expect her to?"

Arnav smiled at his brother

"Man, really? you are the one who is in love with her- You should know better"

"But your judgements have always been right - I - " Akaash stopped not knowing what to say

"I dont see someone with the likes of Payal giving in to threats anytime soon"

"So then why did you do this?" Akaash asked showing his brother the legal papers that he was holding

"Oh that, it was simply to ease you to take decisions for the venture- freely and prove your mettle"

"But why cant you register it in name of all of us and make me the power of attorney?"

"because we are starting this in UK- and all of us are majors and not UK nationals- and entitled to Income tax payment for the

venture- which means we would be paying 4 times the tax if I did that - this way we can save money"

"You can still the proprietorship yourself and give me the power of attorney"

"I can, But this way, I can make you take responsibility for your decisions and action"

"but Arnav-"

"And it is simply called trust- I do trust you with this- and I mean it- Take this  as a simple gesture to show you that"

"Bhai" Akaash called out in a hoarse voice as he came forward to hug his brother. Arnav knew none of his siblings called him Bhai unless they were really worried or when they were really feeling overwhelmed. He returned his brother's hug.

"Dont feel so overwhemled with all this - The next venture I start might be headed by Nk or even Anjali if I feel they will be good enough for it- It doesnt really matter much- As far as we are together in this- All the time."

Arnav's mobile rang at that moment, and he picked up confirming to Mr.Roy that they have recieved the document that he had requested for. He disconnected the call after giving instructions to the lawyer to prepare the sale deed for the rest of the estates- and get them the draft document by tomorrow.

"Ok then" he said looking at Akaash "go through it and say if you are Ok with the terms - the rest of us will have to give a no

objection certificate later"

"What about the estates deal?"

"That is almost finalised- We can have the registration coming week, depending on Mr.Kher's availability"

"So Anjali knows about it?"

"Oh yeah- that bugger NK told her yesterday night"

"I thought so, when she told us all this morning that she was not ready to celebrate her birthday with all that puffy eyes- thank god she was alright by evening"

"Hope you are right" Arnav muttered as Akaash turned to leave

"You havent touched your dinner- Its gone cold"

"Oh I was engaged with some work- I forgot about it"

"Shall I ask Hari Prakash to bring something for you?"

"No dont bother,  I shall go grab something from the kitchen myself"

Akaash nodded as he left the door closed after him.


As Akaash climbed the steps to his room in the second floor, he saw Anjali standing alone in the terrace balcony of the second floor.
He immediately knew that the girl was spending time brooding about her ill-luck.


She turned back and looked at him

"Hi Akaash"

"Are you upset?"

"No, I was just watching the vehicles on the road"

He went and stood near her holding her by her shoulder.

"I am not upset- really"

"I will watch vehicles with you" he said quietly as she laid her head on his tall shoulders

"Why does it always happen on my birthday Akaash- all bad things happen around my birthday isnt it?"

"This time, something good happened Anjali- we found out a lot of things- you know - We found out about the state of affairs- at a point in time where we can do something about it- all is not lost- and we also came to know who are genuinely good friends and who were all just opportunists "

"hmm, but why does it always happen on my birthday"

"What always happens?" Akaash asked her back worried

"that we always run out of icecreams and when I want to eat some, I have to wait for one of you to fetch it for me?"

"What ?" Akaash asked holding her in arms length and looking at her strangely "Are you for real"

Anjali grinned at him
"I told you I am alright, I want to eat Icecreams now"

"Look at the climate Anjali- its about to rain"

"Yeah I know, But that doesnt mean I cant have Icecreams- cant you even do this simple thing for your only little sister on her birthday?" she pouted.

"here!" another voice called out from the door entrance.
Both of them turned to look at NK standing there with a family pack on his hands

"What took you so long?" Anjali asked as he came forward giving her the pack.

"The delivery guy came just now" NK told as he tried to get a spoon out of the bucket. Anjali pushed his hand away

"You already asked him and then you asked me too" Akaash asked his sister trying to understand

"yeah, I thought I can do with two- No issues, I can manage with one"

"Give me some, I ordered for it" Nk argued, as he tried to reach the bucket.

"You should have ordered more if you wanted to taste - this is mine" Anjali told again denying him, moving to the far corner of the


Akaash turned to leave the balcony- "Ok guys- good night then"

"Woah--- Is'nt it Payal?" NK called out as Anjali also turned to look at the direction of NK's vision.

"yeah it is" Anjali called out

"Dont bluff- both of you" Akaash turned back again

"No we are serious- She is fighting with that Auto wala" NK told as Akaash came to the edge and saw it himself.

There was an auto standing just outside the gates in front of the terrace balcony where they were standing and Payal who was in her night shirt and pants was now entering the gates of the Mansion with the auto wala tagging behind her. The security who was not sure if he had to let the autowala in or not was coming behind them

They all dashed downstairs ...
So what is Payal upto now? run behind the lot to find out- stay tuned to this space, I shall give you all a second update today!
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From the author's desk: Rather than being one long update, I decided that it can be two short updates on the same day! just to ease you all the wait for Kushi's entry- Pakka promise - next update will have kushi in it!
But you all might have to wait for mid next week for the update- I will be travelling for the next 5 days and might get busy with the festival thingy! thanks for your patience!
Chapter 2- Lovebirds in despair
Part 4- Warning Signs
As all the three dashed down from the first floor, Akaash jumping steps, while Anjali and Nk was following him close behind, Anjali broke into laughter
"What madness is this?" NK commented as he went past her
"you mean Payal's madness or mine?" Anjali asked in between her laughter
"we are going to find out Payal's but why are you laughing now?" he asked gasping for breath
"We are going to get either of the two things tomorrow-" Anjali pondered as she ran behind her brothers clutching her Icecream bucket still in her hands "either Dadi will have a heart attack or Nani is going to do an express wedding for Akaash and Payal the first thing in the morning"
"Or Dadi is going to pronounce no entry to Payal now- and Akaash is going to stay a bachelor for this life" NK joined in as they laughed out loud with Akaash's profane words reaching them
Arnav came out of the master kitchen holding a brown paper bag with sugar doughnuts in it.  He had initially checked the kitchen counter in the first floor and having found nothing, he had come down to the master kitchen in the ground floor.
The cooks had been putting away what ever was left out and all they could manage to find decent enough to eat - after Arnav ordered them not to cook anything for him due to lateness of the hour - was the doughnuts and the chocolate cake ordered for the party in the evening. He had enough of the cake in the evening and so had settled for the doughnuts- though it was too sweetish- Anjali's choice!
He was surprised when he heard the knock on the door and gestured the approaching servant that he would get it. He was surprised to see an agitated Payal in her night dress - who was followed by an arguing automan who was followed by the security.
"Payal" Arnav exclaimed " to what do we owe this surprise?"
"Arnav- pay this fellow" Payal said as she stepped
"50 RS saab" the man announced
"What 50 RS? you told 30 when I got in... after seeing the house are you asking more?"
"Its late in the night madam"
"Late? you call 9.00 late?" she asked as Arnav gave her his brown bag to hold and reached for his wallet in his pocket. He gave the man a 100 Rs note
"I dont have change Sir"
"Its ok- keep it" he said as he took back his paper bag "Security, accompany him to the gates"
"What? why are you paying him double the amount he asked?" Payal asked him as he took her to the family lounge.
"I dont have change either Payal- besides, I am relieved that he brought you here safe- Did you run away from your house in a night dress?"
Payal didnt get to answer that as they were distracted by the sound of others reaching the room.
"Payal" Akaash called out to her as he reached the ground floor, out of breath with equally out of breath Anjali and NK on his heels
"Wait till Dadi sees you in this Payal" Anjali giggled inbetween her breaths as she clutched her stitches.
"Is this the usual visit hours for you Payal? Akaash never told us" Nk joined the gang teasing
Akaash was but not perturbed by the teasing this time. He went towards Payal.
"What happened? you look worried"
"Akaash, I cant stay there anymore" 
For the first time, the other three saw Payal taking a worried tone to Akaash, it was so different to see her not bullying him as usual that all the mood to rag the two was instantly lost.
"What happened? what did they do?" Akaash asked in whisper
"I have told you about my mother's kitty party friend? Mrs. Ganga Khatri? - Such a cow she is..Her family visited today evening- with their US returned son- Vinod- You know that guy- Vinod Khatri- you have met him also once- he is such a snub- idiot- he behaves as if he is the president of USA- I hate him Akaash- My Parents have finalised him for me"
"What?" Akaash gasped
"So What?" Arnav asked
Payal looked at Arnav bewildered
"You tell him that you are not interested! "
"No use Arnav" Payal told him dejectedly " I told him that I love someone else and he says that he knows it and he is ok with it"
"Payal, cool down, you dont have to be worried so much about this- they cant get you married to that guy without your consent"
"I know that- But"
"Payal, just few minutes back I was telling Akaash that would take a lot to break your resolve- Dont prove me wrong" Arnav smiled at her
"You told him that?" Payal asked Arnav looking wide at him as Arnav nodded his affirmation.
"Thanks for that- but you dont know the real problem yet- My parents asked me take him around and show the garden - Thats when I told him about Akaash and he said he didnt care- then that - rascal misbehaved with me and and"
"What did he do?" Akaash asked tensed
"The question should be what did you do I suppose" Arnav remarked.
"I cant believe your brother understands me better than you Akaash!" Payal glared at him
"No dont mistake him- when a man is in love, he tends to get overprotective of his girl, often leading him to forget that the girl would be able to take care of herself" Arnav told her as Akaash looked at him thanking silently but it soon changed into apologetic one as Payal replied back to Arnav
"Personal experience Arnav? Do you feel the same about Sheetal too?" Payal asked as Anjali and NK bit back smiles and Arnav stared at Akaash for telling Payal about Sheetal
"Hey leave that- thats another big topic- we will do justice to it someother time- tell us what you did" Nk prompted her again
Payal smiled wickedly
"I kicked him on his groin" Payal admitted proudly
"Wow! Payal I am so proud of you" Anjali came forward hugging her as the other three men stood staring at her with shocked smirks
"Hey Happy birthday sweet heart- I couldnt call you- My parents have taken away my mobile from me- how did the party go?"
"leave that- tell us what was the real problem is now" Arnav asked Payal again - "you seem to have managed the issue quiet well"
"My parents reprimanded me for hurting him- can you believe that? They were perfectly ok with him groping me or trying to kiss me forcefully - but they told me off in front of that cow and her useless husband that what I did was wrong- after they left- I had a huge argument with my mother and - she locked me in my room"
"That is really serious! But how did you come here?" Nk asked her
"I removed the bathroom window panes and jumped out... "
But before anyone could comment on her escapade, a resounding voice echo the hall
Everyone turned to look at Dadi who was looking at Payal with murderous glare
"How dare you come here again? "
"Dadiji-I-" Payal started to say but Dadi put her hand up to stop her
"Why have you come here again? in that dress? coming here at odd times in inappropriate seducing clothes- Dont you know when you are not welcome anymore- you are supposed to stay out?
"Dadi, calm down She just came to wish Anjali" Arnav told suddenly
"yeah, Happy birthday Anjali dear" Payal told instantly picking up the clue
"Thanks Payal " Anjali jelled along "Dadi, I only told her that if she doesnt come and wish me, I wont talk to her at all- "
"Enough of this Bakwas- your relationship with this house is already broken- get out of here this instant"
"How is my relationship broken? How is it my fault if my parents behaved like that- I am still in love with Akaash and he is too" Payal told Dadi is a quiet voice
But Dadi was adamant- she behaved as if Payal's point was not uttered at all. They all knew it was not wise to argue with Dadi when she was in rage-
"This is not the time to argue Payal- Come I will drop you home" Arnav told her quickly
"But I-"
"I need to talk to you " Arnav told her quickly "come along"
"Why should you drop her? if she came here on her own, she can go back on her own as well"
"Dadi its very late now- besides its raining outside, Its only prudent that I drop her" Arnav told her not waiting for her answer turned towards the door.
"Arnav is right" Nani called out from behind them, she had come to check what the commotion was all about. "Its not safe to send her alone at this hour"
"I will come with you both" Akaash told them as Payal took his hand and walked behind Arnav.
They saw their head servant Ramu Kaaka by the door, he had been doing his routine checks to lock the doors before he retired for the day.
"Leave the door open Ramu Kaaka, we are going out for a while " Arnav called out as he checked if he had his car keys in his pocket.
They all stopped abruptly by the main door as they heard weird shouting noises from the other side of the door.
"Who is that? It seems like our security is arguing with some one" Akaash commented as Ramu Kaaka ventured to open the door.
Who is it by the door? You all know dont you? practice patience!
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