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wow, that was gr8, anjali didn't like sheetal a bit...but how can arnav can be with a total snob of a gf...she clearly is not adjustable and understanding...for a sec i thought that lawyer was shyam but now i m happy that its none other than her namesake Happy!!!Tongue
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Arnav thinking about Khushi.Good updateThumbs Up
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From the Author's desk: Ok here is the next update... thanks for all the lovely comments.
 Anji baby was pleased to know that she and NK were'nt alone and they are backed by a whole lot of ArHi supporters! Wink
Happy reading!
Chapter 5: Destined to be
Part 3: Of triumphs and setbacks


Kushi stared at the pawn shop owner incredulously.

"What do you mean? You can give me only 5000 for this bangle?"

"If you want to mortgage it that is" Motilal bhai told her

"This is freaking 2 sovereigns' and you give me only 5000?"

"It's actually 7000- I deducted the interest amount so it will be easy for you to pay back"

Kushi looked once again at the bangle that the man had been holding in his hand. It was her mother's lone bangle' the only reminiscent token of her mother with her.

"How much would you give me if I s..sell it?"


"Only that much? "

"that is too much- what about wastage'"

"what wastage?" Kushi asked him confused

"Bhai saab, even the big showrooms will give us more if we go to them" Happy told to Motilal

"Go to them then, they will first probe if this is a theft or not- before giving you' Am I asking such questions?"

"How dare you? This is my mother's bangle" Kushi shouted at Motilal.

"Kushiji, get that back and come out" Happy told her earnestly

"But happyji"

"come' come out" he told her and stood up. Kushi took back her bangle and came out.

"Kushiji, This man is greedy' "

"yeah happy ji maybe we should try out the big jewellery shops'"

"But Kushiji, Jewellery shops will readily take old jewellery for exchange offer- that is if you want to buy jewellery ther.. Do you think they would pay you money taking this bangle?"

"We could atleast try'May be some shops might offer mortgaging?" her voice trailed off.

"but Kushiji, think again if you want to do this"

"What do you mean Happy ji"

"Kushiji, at the most let's say we will get 15000 to 17000 for this bangle- or at the most 20000, what about the rest of the amount? We need 30000"

"Yes Happy ji- I think I can manage' I will try and get it fr.."

" if you we knew each other only this morning- But don't think I am crossing my limit, I consider you as a good friend" Happy interrupted her. " But this is only the bail amount' If the case is coming to trial tomorrow' we should be prepared for that also"

"What do you mean Happy ji? What prepared? You think we will lose the case? Or do you mean your fee?"

"No ' No Kushiji- As I told you before, this is my first case - I don't care about fee, I will try my best to bring your father out- But if at all we fail, you know the sentence would at most be 3 months jail or an option of penality charge-  which will always be equal to or more than the fixed bail amount."

Though Kushi had been petrified at first to find out that this was Happy's first case, she had grown to like his good heartedness. She knew editor Rajvardhan to be a very kind and considerate human being and like he had encouraged numerous other poor youngsters with jobs as much as he could, he had suggested Happy Singh as her lawyer, so as to encourage him.  Didn't he do the same thing to her when she was herself a newbie in the field of journalism?

"You will do well Happy Ji" She told him "As for the amount, yeah, I think we have to be cautious too' But isn't there any other way to bring my father out?"

"yes there is" Happy shouted excitedly "Why didn't I think of this before?"

"Think of what?" Kushi asked him, as his excitement infected her too

"Do you have any property Kushiji? That you can give them as a guarantee?"

"Property? Are you joking Happyji? If I have property why would I try and get my mother's bangle  mortgaged?" Kushi told him with a hopeless feeling settling in, then it struck her-

" No wait" she shouted "I know I have  a property that I can use for this"

"You have? How much worth is it? we need to show its worth 30000 easily"

"yes, come with me to the police station happy ji" Kushi told happily " I know it is worth more than 30000, infact its worth is in crores"

A bewildered Happy Singh followed Kushi back to the police station.


"Why don't you come in Arnie?"

"Is it a return gift kind of? Making me meet your family today?"

Arnav and Sheetal were inside his car which was parked just outside Sheetal's maternal grandparents Mansion.  Arnav was in a particularly good mood, having noticed that the elders in the family approved of his choice and even happier that Sheetal had very high opinion of his family elders. The meeting had gone very well, for an unplanned visit- that is, because he always wanted it to be like this' without any preparation, for he believed that as much as they planned on this, it would become a made up meeting, without any frankness in it, He had been wearing a contented smile for the last one hour or so.

"you are brutal' is this how you would rebuke your Girlfriend' s invite to her house'"

"It's alright baby, you were the one who told me that I deserve a proper intro into your family' I would prefer to meet your parents first than your uncle's family"

"Yeah, I reckon you are right' So I take it that a visit to Mumbai is in order soon"

"Anytime you ask me '" he smiled at her

"I like that'.See you soon Arnie, I would miss you' a lot"

"Me too baby" he told her as he leaned to kiss her.


Arnav looked at Sheetal's receeding figure into the huge gates and then into the landscape beyond, and then started the car when his mobile started ringing' He noticed it was a new number.


"Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada?"



Kushi sat gloating next to Happy on the wooden bench outside the police station.


"Kushiji, Who is going to come with money now?"

"Someone who owes me something Happyji"

"But you said you have some property?"

"yeah Happyji- it's the property that's doing the talks now" She winked at him

"But this file which you are holding is'"


But soon they were distracted by an expensive car entering the police station compound.

"there he is" Kushi got up rubbing her hands gleefully

"Who?" Happy asked confused

"the one who is going to take my father out of bail"

"But I am the lawyer' did you change the lawyer Kushiji?" Happy asked sadly

"No Happyji, You are going to take him out, but that man is going to pay the amount" Kushi said even as Happy noticed a well-dressed man striding towards them, apparently looking angry.


As soon as the man came closer to them, Happy realized that he was wrong- The man did not look angry- he was livid with outrage!


"Where are the property papers?" he barked at Kushi, not even waiting for the exchange of pleasantries.

"Its here'" Kushi showed him a red file that was in her hands.

But as Arnav tried to reach for the file, Kushi promptly pulled it away from his reach.

"First things first" Kushi smiled at Arnav "Pay the bail amount first"

Arnav crunched his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes.

"I thought I am I in the position to spell out the terms"

"Apparently you are not" Kushi told him "If you don't want to pay the amount, I am ready to produce these property papers as a surety for my father's bail"

"Those are mine" Arnav hissed at her pointing to the file

"But sadly they have my father's name on it" Kushi retorted back, holding the file closer to the chest.

"I want to see the property papers first"

"What if you ran away once I give it to you? How can I trust you?"

"What if you don't give me those papers once I give you the money?"

"Don't tell me that you are not strong enough to outwit me if I try something like that' Besides you have a car, you have more chances of running away than me"


Arnav stared at her with a strange mixture of contempt and wonder.


"If you don't want to ' then I can happily give this file to happy ji to use it as surety for my father's bail"


For a while, Arnav contemplated if he should forget gentlemanliness and pull the file out of her petite hands, then decided against it. He put his hand into his pocket and pulled out three bunches of notes and extended it to Kushi.


"Take it Happy ji" Kushi instructed her lawyer "take this money and bring my father out"

Happy blinked at Arnav and then at Kushi

"But Kushiji.. you' what will you'"

"Don't worry about me Happyji" Kushi widened her eyes "take it and go"


Arnav raised his eyebrows in this weird exchange, but before he could conclude on anything, Happy took the money out of his hands and went inside the police station building.


"The file" Arnav told her, not withdrawing his extended hands.

"I haven't seen my father out yet" Kushi told him

"You are testing my patience'give those papers to me" Arnav raised his voice

"I shall give you... but there are certain things to be talked about" Kushi told seriously, tensedly looking at the entrance to the building where Happy had disappeared into.

"About what?"

"About the bet we had'"

"Oh that" Arnav smirked "You lost it- Haven't you? You called me first'you have fetched the property papers for me- you pleaded me to pay for your father's bail..."

"Wait wait ? Pleaded? When did I plead? Threaten would be the right word here!" Kushi told him "and also I didn't say I fetched the property papers' I only said I would use the property papers for the bail if you don't give me the amount"

"What do you mean" Arnav told, ignoring a sinking feeling that was settling in, He went forward and pulled the file out of her hands.

"yeh'erm..hmm" Kushi exclaimed but hastily stepped backwards, biting her lips as she saw Arnav's eyes widen in shock as he opened the file to find it empty.


Arnav looked bewildered for a moment as he looked at Kushi and then back at the empty file. Then his rage took over as he angrily threw away the file on the ground and walked towards her with anger


"You cheat!" He hissed at her

"When you use deceit to ruse others, you would get stuck in the same deceit" Kushi told with brashness that she didn't feel she possessed at the moment.

"You will learn your lesson, You don't know whom you are playing with" Arnav told her as he effectively cornered her by the tree beside the wooden bench

"Don't try anything stupid'" Kushi stammered "Don't come closer to me"

"Scared aren't you?" he mocked at her

"It wouldn't look good if the morning papers tomorrow, contain news that Arnav Singh Raizada was arrested for eve teasing last evening" Kushi stuttered nervously even as she got a whisk of his cologne even at an arm's distance.


Arnav raised his eyebrows again. He stared at her, his anger that this girl had outwitted him, still prevailing; he was surprised that he was amused by her cheekiness


"Remember, it's convenient for me, We are at the police station compound, All I have to do is to yell" Kushi told again, desperately wanting him to move away, He was only at a respectful arm's distance, but still, she wanted him to step back, if she had to control some feminine corner of her mind, which had suddenly woken up, alerting her to the fact that it was growing crazy of that particular masculine smell.


Arnav looked at her flustered face, and for unknown reasons he took pleasure in seeing her flustered and red.


He slowly stepped back.

"That was a clever move" He told her "But not a smart move"

Happy that he had finally put a distance between him and her, Kushi sighed relieved.

"What do you mean?"

"You have wasted the opportunity on bailing him out- you could have asked me to take back the complaint'" Arnav smirked at her "This bail is only going to hold good until tomorrow morning- Let me see how you will manage to prove him innocent in tomorrow's trail"

"I can manage that- don't worry about me" Kushi told him "I have an able lawyer to help me" she pointed at the entrance to the building where Happy was finally walking out with Shashi after finishing the bail formalities.

"He?" Arnav said a he took a look at the short fellow "Has he even finished Law school?" he mocked at Kushi, making her angry.

"you'" Kushi started to say, but Arnav had already started to move towards his car.

"I owe you one Kushi Gupta!" Arnav called out coolly "I will get even on this with you! You won't know what hit you!"

"There is a kumari in the middle' that's Kushi Kumari Gupta" Kushi called out equally calmer "and I am waiting to see if anything will hit me"




"Who is he? Happy ji told that he was the one who paid for my bail" Shashi asked as he saw the receding figure of Arnav

"That's the man who had you arrested father ' yeah, I made him payback!"

"Why should he get me arrested? I don't have any enemity with him- I don't even remember meeting him"

"What do you mean? You haven't met him? That's Arnav Singh Raizada' the other day when you were drunk.." Kushi stopped speaking as she saw her father's eyes growing wide

"Is that Arnav? Ajay Raizada's son?"

"Yeah' don't you know?" Kushi asked confused "Oh yeah, you said you didn't remember anything from that night"

"Oh my god, Arnav is back at India.." Shashi was speaking to himself "Stop.. stop him.. I need to speak to him.."

Kushi looked all the more confused as she saw Shashi running towards the car which was already being reversed.

Then it was like everything happened in slow motion, she saw Shashi clutch his heart and fall down, Kushi screamed as she ran to her father and slumped next to him.


A little crowd gathered around them as Kushi desperately shouted for help

"He has got an attack, for heaven's sake leave some air" she cried, as she pumped her father's chest,

"Somebody please help"

"Call for ambulance"

"what happened?"

"He collapsed.. he was running somewhere' I saw him fall down"

"Is he your father?"

Numerous useless questions were flying around, but no one seemed to do the needful.


Happy ran towards Arnav's car, which had been caught due to unavailability of space to move, because of the gathered crowd.


Arnav didn't know what the crowd had gathered for, and had been pressing the horn, when he saw Happy running towards him

"Sir, please help your friend, her father has collapsed"

"My friend?"

"Yes, I mean Kushiji' Shashiji got a heart attack- he needs to be taken to the hospital"


Arnav stared at Happy and then back at the crowd, while it would have been devious at this situation to think if this was also a staged drama, but the humanity in him kicked itself to the front, as he nodded to Happy, and stepped out to help the man whom he believed had probably deceived his father and go to the aid of girl who had outsmarted him only minutes before.



So there ends this update... Let me know if you liked it... and stay tuned to find out where this path is leading to LOL




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This is one great twist dear :)
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Oh... wow update... Big smile
haha.. Arnav surely didn't expect someone to fool him... LOLLOLLOL
yayyy Khushi... proud of u... Big smileBig smile
yeah bt he is right it wasn't a smart move, bt a clever move.. she could hav forced him to take away back d complaint... Wink
m so loving dis track... Big smile i just hope Shashi will be OK... Ouch
looking forward to more.. Smile
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such a Terrific Writing... I eagerly wait for ur next update...
U r a gem...
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I like this spunky n gutsy Kushi. Looking forward to more fiery encounter between Kushi n ASR
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Superb superb and you made my girl win the bet


He he that was smart move indeed poor arnav


So something is really fishy and eager to know what gonna happen and what shashi wanted to talk


May be ajit entrusted or gave power attorney to shashi as he was fearing some one


He might be expecting the return of arnav


Then boy that would be cute

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