OS:Life's moment Series-A Morning After

Posted: 7 years ago
Hello all.. when Ideas come, it keeps flowing... another feather in the cap of Life's moment series.. and this one is very special as this is dedicated to all my friends at REDUX! I miss you all somuch Hug
Please  do read the disclaimer at the end of the story too...
For my other works in this series, here is my Index:51533738  
A Morning After
Kushi woke up to find bright sunlight pouring into the room, and quickly noticed the clock by the bed side table..

"DM! Its 7.30 already! I did not realise it could be so late...All because of this Laad governor.. he let me sleep so late" she exclaimed dramatically, trying to getup.
But she wasnt able to, thanks to her husband's possessive hands wrapped around her bare midrif, his white shirt that she was wearing gone up a little and his adamant legs crossed
across her salwar cladded legs. She tried to free herself but in vain.

"look at how he is sleeping... and he teases that I sleep in taek won do poses..." She muttered, yet again trying to release herself from his clutches.

Annoyed that she was no where near release even after trying for the past 10 mins, she turned to look at his sleeping face and caught him smirking.
"You are awake" She asked
"Good morning!" he told her still keeping his eyes shut.
"leave me..." she demanded
"I have to get ready and go down... "
"hmm.. " he murmered moving his hand that was on her hip a little up, working towards the button of her shirt.
She held his hands in time
"No.. Dont"
He opened his eyes
"Excuse me?"
"Why are you trying to open the buttons?"
"You dont know really?"
"Dont you want to go for your jog? its 7.30 already"
"hmm.. so..."
"So...get up and go...I need to go down to the kitchen too..."
"you are already late"
"another 20 minutes wont matter"
"No way"
"oh really? whose shirt are you wearing then?
"then give back my shirt"
"yes give me back... I am feeling cold" he told her pinning her down and trying to open her buttons...
"No... Arnavji.. I am not wearing anything underneath" she tried to protest, keeping him at bay
"So?" he smirked.. "I want my shirt back.. NOW"
"I will get into my salwar and then give you" she told him finally succeeding and pulling herself out of his grasp and stood up...
He got up from the bed, wearing only his night pants...
"Kushi get back here"
"No... you only asked me to wear it and then why do want it back now?"
"me? You only wanted to get into clothes after we ..." Before Arnav could complete, a blushing Kushi cut in
"No I only wanted to put on my clothes... you insisted on wearing your shirt...why should you do it if you feel cold?"
"because it is easy to remove than your stupid night kurtas" He smirked at her, getting out of bed, trying to pull her back as she moved further back, escaping from his clutches
"Chee... shameless Laad governor" She called running around the bed, the other side to pick up her night suit tops lying on the floor near his side of the bed.
Arnav closed in on her and grasped the tops that she had picked up and tugged her forward
"Lets see how you will change"
"Arnavji... please"
Their game was interuptted by a ringing tone.
"your Pone Arnavji"
Kushi used that distraction to move far away from Arnav, snatching her tops from his hands.
Arnav moved to attend the call and by the time he finished his call, Kushi had changed back into her night suit and threw his shirt on him.

"You will pay for this Kushi kumari gupta" he called out
"Singh Raizada" she shot back as she shut herself into the bathroom with a change of clothes.


By the time Arnav came back from jogging, sipping on his sipper and carrying a newspaper, he noticed Kushi had already taken bath and was standing in front of the mirror, drying
her hair, talking to herself. She seemed to have noticed the red marks on her arms, trying to cover it with her dupatta, further noticed more red marks on her neck as well..

"DM! what will I do to hide this now? How will I go out today... that too with JiJi and Di.. they will surely notice it... all because of this Laad governor...""
"what happened Kushi?"
She hadnt expected him in the room and jumped a little..
"No nothing... I have kept your towel in the bathroom" she informed him as a matter of fact and turned back to the mirror, again..
"No you were speaking to yourself about me"


"look here... what you have done... see here and here...now how will I go out.. we had planned for a ladies outing today... surely Di and JiJi are going to notice it and tease me
"hmm" Arnav came near her, holding her hands...You know Kushi.. your nose always remains red nowadays... and so is your blushing cheeks... I thought... it wont look odd if the
other places look red too.. no one will notice.. in fact there are lot of other places in your body to be made red" he smirked
"hmmph" she pushed him away unceremoniously and turned back to the mirror "My fault, what else will I expect from you.. Laad governor"
then she saw him throw the newspaper on the bed and walk out hurriedly
"What did I do now? why are you angry?" She called after him... but she got no reply
10 mins later, when kushi was about to go down she noticed Arnav coming back into the room with a bowl of Ice cubes
"What is that for?" she asked him
He simply kept the bowl on the table, took a cube and started rubbing it on her red marks on her arms...
"Arnavji... thats ok... I.." She started.. but soon started whimpering as he put one of those into his mouth and reached the neck, and started to rub the cubes of ice of her
neck.. She shivered a little but that didnt have anything to do with the coldness of Icecubes.

"where else Kushi?" He asked her huskily
"I .. I will do it myself" She told him pushing him away and grabbing the bowl from the table.
"what the.. I brought the bowl.. I will do it"  He said snatching the bowl from her
"No thanks...Its my body..my marks... I will do it..." she murmered, trying to take back the bowl...
"Oh really? " He asked her annoyed and dumped the entire bowl of ice cubes into her salwar kurta, causing her to jump and scream..
"well then do it yourself" he told her as She ran into the bathroom... getting wet and numb by the minute...

A few minutes later, Kushi called out from the bathroom
"Arnavji...I need a change of clothes"
"Take it yourself" picking up the newpaper "and make it fast.. I am getting late for office"
"How will I come out... My dress got wet"
"Its your dress.. take it yourself..." He called back.. lazily turning the newspaper page
"Arnavji please..."
"Apologise then"
"why? after all that you did"
"then forget your clothes"
"Ok Alright... I will not stop you from helping me ever... ok?" she begged him "now please give me a fresh set of clothes"
He went to the wardrobe and picked a set
"Open the door"
"I will open.. But you shouldnt barge in ok?"
"Now that you are giving me ideas... Let me in"
"No.. give me my clothes.. its getting late for me as well as for you"
"did I hear a No?"
"Please Arnavji"
"Ok Open the door"
"promise you wont barge in"
"Ok.. open"
But when she opened the door, He did exactly that..
"ramanchi,...you promised" She argued
"When have I ever kept my promise to keep away from you" he answered her and shut the door...
Behind the closed doors.. muffled sounds were heard "what..no.. Arnavaji.. I am not bathing again..I have to change.. give that dress... let me go.. DM.. " 

Downstairs, Anjali and Nk were having an argument..
"No Di, I am also coming with you"
"No way NK bhai... this is a all girls party"
"so, I will drive for you, I am getting bored here..get to see some nice girls out there and enjoy myself"
"No way"
"Ok then. we will have a poll... for all of you ladies...if I can come or not..if majority says no then I will stay back"
"I will definetely vote NO" Anjali declared
"Me also NO" Mami declared
"but Masi.. you are not even joinng them...So you are not counted...payal bhabhi will support me.. wont you?" he asked Payal.
"let him come di.." Payal told
"you are supporting your devar.. payal ji? then that leaves only Kushiji"
they all marched to Kushi's room and barged in to find the room empty..
"where is Kushiji?"
"No idea.. maybe she is in the kitchen"
"no she didnt come down yet"
"even chotey is not here.. he came back from jogging long back na?"

Then they saw the bathroom door open and Arnav step out fresh from shower,clad in his pants and a towel drapped across his neck.
"Di? you need something?"
"No Chotey.. we came to see Kushiji"
"She..." before he could complete.. in all glory, Kushi emerged out of the bathroom, dressed and fresh from shower too, shocking and making the others in the room uncomfortable.. she herself embarassed and her face reflecting three perfect O..
"Kushiji?" NK started awkwardly then got into teasing mode
"Nannav meri bhai... what were you both doing inside the bathroom?" he asked, embarrassing Kushi further, but Arnav raised his eyebrows as if to ask "so what is your problem?"
"Shhh.. NK ji" payal quietened him
Arnav smirked at his wife's discomfort ... and tried to ease the situation
"What did you want her for di?"
"Woh.. chotey.. I hmm.. Nk.. he wanted to come with us today..so ..hmm"
"So.. yeah.. take him.. it will be lot more safer than you three going alone..." he said casually, going towards the cupboard and pulling out a shirt for himself
"Kushi.. you come down after you get ready... we will wait down" payal called out... and moved out, slowly the other two also followed her.
Kushi came out of her shocked state and murmered
"why cant he give me a clue.. I would have stayed inside only... Now they will not stop teasing me..."
"did you say something kushi" Arnav called out from near the cupboard
"Nothing" she sighed as he threw his wet towel on her...
"revenge...I am only paying back for the time you threw my shirt on me" He smirked
"Laad governor.." she sweared under her breath

The end.

Now comes the disclaimer part...

This OS is a result of some of the romantic SKDs of the reduxians... I do not own the ideas completely, most of the situations I have mentioned here... are a collective effort... I have only penned those ideas and stringed it into an OS- for all of you to enjoy.
Special thanks to Bushy(ArhiManiac)- The whole redmarks and Icecubes are her idea.. and thanks to all the reduxians who wanted a Kushi in Arnav's shirt and a bathroom scene... (there are too many in these two categories- including me... So I am not naming all of you... lest I miss any of your names. but feel free to claim it in the comments section... I shall update it later hereBig smile)
And girls, I have toned down all the SKDs a little hoping to keep this PG 13.
A little inspiration from the movie Roja has also been used here...
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Posted: 7 years ago
loved it
so cute
arnav is sooo naughtyWink
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Posted: 7 years ago
man why am i not surprised that he wouldnt let her go
once he gets in the mood there is no stopping him man
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Posted: 7 years ago
Hahahahahahahahah this was seriously epic! I loved reading it! I had a smile on my face th whole while! Firstly when arnavs sleeping ima tae kwondo pose hahahah, then when she realises he was awake sooo funny! Then when arnav wants his shirt back that's even more cute hahaha! Loved it! :) accept buddy request and pm me when ever u write something! :) thanks :)
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Posted: 7 years ago
Simply loved it... It was very cute... I adore your life's moment series.
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Posted: 7 years ago
this was really fun and cute!Embarrassed
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Posted: 7 years ago
Arnav is so naughty, but he loves Khushi so much! That was funnyand so cute! I'm blushing hehe!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Arnav is so naughty...poor Khushi!!

loved it!!
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