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Tuesday Episode No 845 Hayya, October vanthachu, ithu mudinji poga porathu yeyyy

Gandhi thatha Roja vai KAppatri vittar yeyyy
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Wednesday Episode No 847...
countdown begins...what is the date, atina?
gaandhi next day kaariyam dhaana? adhukkaaga leave viduvaangaLaa? 
i hated todays episode so much so, i practically watched it in FF mode.
krishna polambufying and babu coming and consoling and they leave to supply water to some childrens home?
there, gayu is serving lunch and husband and wife meet...they start talking, highly emotional.
gayu is with sudha and vishnu and they have taken a walk. they come back to see these 2 eyeing each other with tears.
gayu remembers josiar's prediction abt bad luck if they see or talk to each other and runs off and sits in an auto.
krishna is sad too. welcome to the club krishna. we have been drowning in our own sorrow for the past 3 + years. it is high time u joined us.
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Posted: 2012-10-01T10:40:34Z
Thursday Episode No 848
Update by atina:
( I will be doing one more Thursday ...that is all...hiaaahhh...jolly...jolyyy...as it is ending on the 12th Friday)
Gayu is scared that some curse may fall upon the unborn baby as she saw Krish face to face. Vishnu and Suda console her. " As there is only 13 more days for the delivery date...akka...you should not be worrying like this" Paro comes there and Gayu crying...oh crying...Paro also consoles her after hearing the story.She guarantees that nothing will happen and also prom ises that she will send Krish to the Josiyar to do some parikaaram.
Gowry and Babu come there to see Krish. Krish is sad and disappointed that he met Gayu. Babu consoles him. K5rish teklls," innumn ten days thaan...athukkulleh ippadi...che" ( ennappa ithu...Suda tells 13 days and Krish tells pathu naal...ayo ayto damaal...damaal...) He tells about his visit to the josiyar. Josiyar tells," what is this? since there is some kolaaru in Gayu's Jaadagam only I asked you to do this parigaaram...in that also thappu nadanthuduchu..now nothing can be done...except  neenga antha kadavulai saranaa gathi adaiyungal...everything will be ok" ??????
Paro tells that if he does Anga Pradharshanam...he can get the palans...Krish says," for Gayatri I will my uyir maa"
Swetha gets up and comes to the front. The doors are wide opened...her parents are missing. She finds a letter and starts reading that. It was written by her parents that they are leaving her permanently and will not return ...they are pleading her to change as a good humanbeing. She sits down and cries and suddenly her facial expression changes...angry...and muzhichifies...
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Friday, Oct 5 updates

At pallipattu, Ranjini is advisinh Mugs and chitra. She ask them not to think about swethaa nymore and not to let her again in their life. Ranjini also happy that Mugs has accepted Kris and tells him about uruvagal importance. Swetha comes there and orders Mugs to find her parents. Mugs scolds her and chase her out from the house. Chittra talk nicely to swetha and asks about her problem. Swetha handover her parents letter to her. Nobody cares for swetha except Chitra.

Ranjini says that swetha deserve this as she torture everyone around including her parents. Pity her her parents unable to continue live with her bad attitude and left her permanently. Asking why is coming here and disturbing their life. Swetha doesn't care about anyone talking bad her, but she wants mugs to be responsible to find her parents and & return her daughter. She repeats back whatever Mugs done previously and wants him to help her this time. Ranjini gets angry and scolds her left n right and finally throw her out from the house. Swetha falls down and cries out loud...

Ranjini at her house... furious? Regret? Sad? Teriyalei... Chittra comes in...call her name... Ranjini looks at her angrily... Chirtu tells her that Ranjini is her sister the moment Mugs tied thali to her. Thats why she is concern about her life. She tells her that she sad about her bad attitude and even slapped her once, but she is sorry for that. She advices her how to deal with life... not to take emotional n harsh decision. She is responsible for her failure marriage. Everyone hates her including her parents. Swetha gets hyper and asks chitra to stop her arivurai. She looks down on chittra who are advising her. Chittra ask her to stop her hot temper and starts thinking rationally. She is willing to help her to find her parents. Chitra ask her to fall in Mugs feet and ask for apologise. She wants her change and accepts her life and they can publish in paper about her reunite with husband. Chitra believe her parents will comes back as soon as they see the adv. Swetha gets angry and scold chittra that she will not fall down to anyone and she rather throw away her parents than fall down to mugs.

Without any remorse, she curses chitra saying that because of chitra her life was miserable. If Citra did not give birth at all, she will be the queen of the house. She blame chitra silently drag mugs back to her.  She chases her out from the house. Finally Chitra tells her that, her thimiru and anger will bring her down one day and that time its too late to retrieve back her life.

Swetha sitying on the oonjal, while remembering Mugs and her parents flashback . Suddenly Mugs comes there and chase her from the house. Swetha refuse to go out and challenge him that she will reportr to court about his torture. Mugs doesn't care about her words, throw her out from the house and also throw her bags. Second time she is in nadutheru today. Neighbours comes out and do their parts. Cursing her loudly.

Mugs brings out the cash back and throw on her, saying that she can die with money ... she will never have any happiness due to her bad character and hot temper. Mugs locks the house and leaves the place, telling Swetha to go anywhere and die as an orphan. Swetha sits down and thinking hard... next step enna pannelamne???? thodarum


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Tuesday  9 / 10 / 12 Episode No  851

Gayu is happily sleeping  inside - veliye ore azhugachi - the doctor was probably paid a pittance - usual dialog "can not say any thing now " - some more azhugachi. Agalya is crying PILS grad and Mugs are trying to find a reason for that crying - PILS grad says that Agalya misses her mom and Mugs says that she is used to an outing when she cries . PILS does the favor - finally picks up the crying baby and takes her outside. The thugs engaged by Swetha for "Operation kidnap Agalya " are waiting outside.

A veggie vendor comes - obviously sent by the thugs - to cut a long story short, the thugs kidnap the baby after pulling wool over the eyes of PILS grad. Chitta paranthuttanga - Mugs as usual Nilra Nilra nnu sollikittu pinnadi Oda... ( Odanum nnu Odaravani Nilra Nilra ngra Goram eppO mudiyum , Tamizh serials le??) The thugs promptly call Mahjathma Krish and demand 10 lakhs - Mugs can not do squat nnu even they know !!! Of course they double cross - Swetha kudutha money pocket expenses kku !!! Mahathma agrees to pay - Gayathri enna aana avarukku enna?? Ulaga samrakshanam thaan important.

Mahathma calls Mugs - muted talks - plan hatched. Amma kitte kooda sOllame hospital le irunthu vidu joot . Mahathma reaches the spot, shows the money to the hiding thugs , leaves the brief case and leaves. One thug collects it and goes to his bike. A helmeted Mugs is privy to this movement - follows...


Ithani Kaalam Roja updates ai padicha elaarukkum nemba nemba dangs - ithO Roja vitta joottt

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idho vandhen with wednesday Oct10 th udt

Swetha comes to get her baby. The guy who was ogling her says she has to satisfy all 3 of them and then only baby. If not, one of them takes the baby near a giant well and pretends to drop her. Swetha goes inside a dilapidated building there and when the first guy goes in, he gets hit in the head by a big kattai. She comes out, gets her kids and starts running, with others chasing.

Meanwhile Mugs is following Main guy on bike and Krishna is following Mugs from afar. Mugs missed the guy who turns into a side road. A running Swetha sees the Main guy and complains to him and looks like he has ulterior motives too. She runs away from all of them. Mugs spots her and starts chasing. Krishna missed Mugs but finally stops the car and runs around in the forest, leaving the cell phone in the car. 

At the hospital, doc comes out and says she can save only one uyir and to get Krishna to sign a form. All cry and Vishnu tries to call Krishnan but the phone is in the car. Finally a crying Paro signs the form saying she is all to her DIL.


Bye folks...from uravugaL...
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